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MARKET SURVEY REPORT ON Yamaha motor India pvt.




Chapter No. Title Declaration Guide Certificate Acknowledgement Executive Summary Objectives Introduction Background of the survey Product-An overview Objectives of the survey RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research Design Types Data Primary Data Secondary Data Sources of Data Sample Plan Universe Sample Size Method of Data collection Questionnaire Formation of Questionnaire Field Work Data Analysis Limitation Presentation of the Report Data Processing and Analysis Major Findings Suggestions and Recommendations Annexure A:Questionnair

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_____________ SIGNATURE BICKY SHAH DATE:PLACE:- 4 .DECLARATION I hereby declare that this Market Survey Report “YAMAHA MOTOR INDIA” submitted towards fulfilment of BBA Degree of Pune University is and original work done by me.

Bicky Shah of BBA -2nd yr of Sinhgad College of Science toward fulfilment of BBA degree of university.CERTIFICATE This is to certify that Project report titled “YAMAHA MOTOR INDIA” is a bonafied work carried out by Mr. He has worked under our guidance and direction. SAMPADA JOSHI (PRINCIPAL) Date: Place: - Prof.D Karlekar (Project guide) Date:Place:- 5 . Signature Signature Dr.S.

____________ BICKY SHAH Date:Place:- 6 . I express my sincere thanks and gratitude to both of them for helping me and also those who helped me directly or indirectly.ACNOWLEDGEMENT This Project Report would not have been completed without the guidance of our principal Dr. S.Karlekar. Sampada Joshi and Project Guide Prof.D.

BICKY SHAH. 7 . Pune. West Zone Marketing Office.EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The company Yamaha Motor Pvt. which give true value of money in the terms of superior mileage. Ltd. Is an internationally acclaimed company in the field of two wheeler? Segment of automobile industry? Yamaha Motor India Pvt.Mr. Is a 100% subsidiary of Yamaha Company Ltd JAPAN? Its project range includes Crux in the Basic Segment. the company has gained the reputation of a reliable 4-stroke Motorcycle manufacturer. With the launch of various 4 – stroke motorcycles. Libero in the standard segment.Yamaha Motor India Pvt. Ltd. Project Leader: . Fazer in the deluxe segment and Enticer and R15 on the pleasure segment. The details of the project are as follows: Project Title: - YAMAHA MOTOR INDIA Organisation: . Ltd. performance and durability.

OBJECTIVE:1. To screen the market presence of Yamaha Motor India Pvt. Ltd. 2. To assess the level of satisfaction among the customers. 3. To find out the perception of the customer and the users about Yamaha Bikes. 4. To find out the exceptions of the customer with regards to quality and service. 5. To find out the effectiveness of marketing activities undertaken by Yamaha Motor India Pvt. Ltd.

Methodology:This is a Quantitative Research with inputs from customers of Yamaha Motor India Pvt. Ltd. In areas of Pune City. The consumers are with the help of questionnaires and personal interviews.

Sampling Plan:The Sampling frame consists of 50 users of Yamaha Bikes.





The Indian two-wheeler sector is the largest in terms of volumes among the entire segment in Automobiles Industry. The Indian two-wheeler market has a size of over Rs 100 billion with sales of more than 3.7 million units in 20002001 and has been growing at 7% rate over 1887-2001. Five players mainly dominate the two-wheeler segment. All these companies have foreign collaboration mainly with well known Japanese firms. All these players have been expanding capacity and widening their product base which confirm to Euro Environment norms. Indian is one of the lowest cost production bases for two-wheelers. In the last four to five yrs, the two wheeler market has witnessed a marked shift towards motorcycles at the expense of scoters. In the process the share of motorcycle segment has grown from 48% to 58%. The urban customers are aspiring to possess the latest in terms of looks, technology, energy efficient and sleeker looking models that replaced the staid ones in the market. In rural areas, consumers have come to prefer sturdier bikes to withstand the bad road conditions. Marketing is a dynamic field. In past few years, many important and dynamic changes have taken place in marketing field as a result of rapid technological changes, globalization as well as unemployment and stagnation, etc. The marketing executives have been forced to assume wide range of responsibilities. The companies have been more market driven in their strategic decision-making. To cater this need of decision-making, a formalized means of acquiring information is necessary. This is need is by “Market Research”. The American Marketing Association Defines Market Research as “The systematic gathering,

Haryana with employee strengthof more than 3000 people.YMIS is located at Surajpur. Japan. The company has opened “Yahama One”.a branded dealership at Delhi and plansto open more in the future. YAMAHA MOTOR Yamaha Motor India Pvt. of Japan. sales force problems. Ltd. outside Delhi with an emplyee strength of 120. Is a 100% owned subsidiary of Yamaha Motor Company Ltd. Since then it has been in the process of redefining business processes and extending the awe and power associated with the legacy of the Yamaha Group. Having operated in India as technology provider for almost two decades YMI was incorporated in August 2001 as a 100% subsidiary of YMC . Adhering to its Corporate Mission – “Creating Kendo – Touching Your Heart” it is striving to touch every heart across the length and breath of India. (YMIS) that deals with the sales and sales and after sales services for Yamaha brand of bikes. distribution channel. Ltd. advertising and other problems broader than marketing such as Business and short-term for YAMAHA MOTOR INDIA (YMI) Holding the true spirit of commitment to customer satisfaction – Yamaha Motor India is enriching lives of the people with the same ingenuity and enthusiasm as its parent company – Yamaha Motor Corporation. Japan.recording and analyzing of data about problem relating to marketing of goods and services. Yamaha Motor is located at Faridabad. products.” The subjects to which companies apply their marketing research are markets. Yamaha MotorCompany. 11 . Jpan has aslo set up another subsidary-Yamaha Motors India Sales Pvt.

” YAMAHA's Human Technology involves studying the form of the motorcycle actually in motion with the rider on it. 3) The glamorous tail treatment that takes into account the management of airflow behind the rider. This spirit has been directly inherited by the YZF-R15.1. These are not cowls for simply enclosing the engine. and 12 . 2) An easy to ride seating area that gives riders the freedom of movement and allows them to steer effectively. The R series is the embodiment of 1) A wide frontal space that protects the rider. but forms composed of blade surfaces that actively control airflow. to give them the best form for aero-management. “Harmony between rider and machine.2 PRODUCT – OVERVIEW Yamaha R15 The R Concept: The YZF-R1 and YZF-R6 are equipped with under cowls that are based on the image of a diffuser.

the model also incorporates a multitude of adjustments for the Indian market including seat shape that allows for tandem riding (integrated with the main seat).C. the designs were developed in the same modelling room where YZF-R1 designers worked. ensuring that the R lineage would be transmitted.I 13 .7mm 10.8cc 57×58. SOHC.Additionally. In addition. Engine type Liquid-cooled. 4-stroke. Information was shared.4) A sensual racing form that brings all 3 of these elements together in a harmonious package. These characteristics have been splendidly reproduced in the YZF-R15.0 litres 12 litres Electronic fuel injection T.500rpm Electric Start wet sump 1.500rpm 15 N. 4valve Cylinder arrangement Displacement Bore x Stroke Compression ratio Maximum power Maximum torque Starting system Lubrication Engine oil capacity Fuel tank capacity Fuel supply system Ignition system Single cylinder 149 .4:1 17PS / 8.m / 7.

000 ratio Clutch type Transmission type Gear ratios Constant-mesh wet multi-plate Return type 6-speed 1st=2.875. 6th=0. 4th=1.84 Frame type Caster / Trail Tire size (Front / Rear) Brake type (Front / Rear) Delta box Frame 26° / 100mm 80/90-17 / 100/80-17 Hydraulic.070mm Seat height Wheelbase Minimum ground clearance Dry weight / Curb weight 790mm 1.995mm x 670mm x 1. single disc (Front / Rear) Suspension type (Front / Rear) Telescopic / Linked type Motocross Headlight 12V35W / 35W+35W Overall length x width x height 1.143. 2nd=1.042 / 3.290mm 160mm 120kg / 131kg 14 . 3rd:=1.833.364.957. 5th=0.Primary / Secondary reduction 3.

It is found in different colours:  Red  Black  Silver Specifications Engine / Transmission 15 . Its smooth and comfortable riding suspensions are the adjustable shockers. Its 130 diameter drum brake gives the proper support of riding.Yamaha Crux Crux providing outstanding pick up comes with advanced air-colled 4 stroke engine. Its light fitting is among other feature who gives the complete assurance of night riding. This arrangement includes multi. If going for a long ride. Its elegant body graphics and excellent structure seem really mind captivating features to the classy bikers.reflector headlight and multireflector tail lamp. Its chrome plated fender is the best supporter of the supportive wheel. then long comfortable seat of Crux will provide pleasure of happy journey.

Power Max.80 Kg-m @6000 rpm 4 Speed constant mesh 1997x735x1055mm 1247 mm 105.6PR 11 Litres 130 mm Dia Drum 130 mm Dia Drum 16 . Air cooled.5 Ah 12V – 35 / 35 W 12V – 5 / 21 W Telescopic Fork. 2.Type Displacement Max. SOHC 105. Torque Transmission Dimensions (L x W x H) Wheelbase Dry Weight Electrical Battery Head Light Tail Light Suspension Front Rear Tyre Front Rear Fuel Tank Capacity Brake Front Rear 4-stroke.5 Kg 12V.50 x 18 . oil damped Coil Spring. oil damped 2.6 Bhp @ 7500 rpm 0.74 x 18 .4PR 2.6 cc 7.

which is still Rs. Fat rear tyre. 17 . Torque of 1.25.000/.64.06 KgM at 6500 rpm is identical to the YBX. costing Rs. Motive power comes from the same square. the 11 bhp (PS) of power in the Enticer engine comes at a slower 8000 rpm while in the YBX it comes at a higher 8500 rpm. 54 mm x 54 mm bore x stroke. Raised handlebar.Yamaha Enticer The bike on test with me is the base version without disc brakes or self start. Compression ratio of the Enticer is 10:1.7cc pot that powers the Yamaha YBX. While max. Single pod instruct. Easy rider seating geometry. And currently available in three colours: Gold (light yellow).000/-.9. Foot boards instead of foot pegs. what is it like? Looks it has in plenty.55.less than the Eliminator which comes with self start and disc as standard. the Eliminator eliminates most aspirants with its price. Chromed RV mirrors. Long wheel-base. Burgundy (reddish) and Black. 123. it for disc brake and self start. it still is only Rs. If you add Rs. 185/-.000/. While the Enticer entices aspirants with its price.

top up quantity is a convenient one litre.5 Ah lead acid battery. While total quantity of engine oil is 1. model CR7HSA with ideal plug gap being 0. Electricity is produced by a 12 volt flywheel magneto with a 12v-2. Engine oil specified is Yam lube 4-stroke motor oil (20W40 type SF) or equivalent. Yamaha also warns NOT to use oils that contain anti-friction modifiers or car oils (often referred to as Energy conserving oils) that contain anti-friction additives.75 x 18 (Zapper FS pattern). Front tyre is a 4-ply rating 2. The VM20SS. since this will cause clutch slippage and will in turn reduce life of components and cause drop in engine performance. Ignition is CDI. It is found in different colors:  Black  Burgundy  Gold 18 . Headlight power is 12v-35w.2 litres. Ucal / Mikuni carburettor breathes thru a wet type air cleaner.Wheelbase is 1375 mm with a claimed ground clearance of 140 mm.65 mm. Fuel tank capacity is 13 litres with a reserve of 2.4 litres. Y-pattern Zapper. while at the rear is a 6-ply rating 120/80 x 16. Fuel is ignited by an NGK spark plug. Kerb weight (with oil and full petrol tank) is 125 kg while dry weight is 116 kg.

Its lighting arrangement include 35W/35W multi-reflector head light. supporting and easily grabbing die-cast aluminium grab-bar etc.It is further equipped with many features like graphics and volume . Comforts of the passengers are highly maintained due to the presence of specially designed seat with enough front and rear space. Its front brakes include 240 mm disc brake with eco-friendly brake pads and 150 mm drum brake with large capacity. Its masculine body structure supported by light weight diamond type frame is the assurance of stable riding. newly designed shroud highlighting down force line etc. 19 . durable 130 mm drum brake and non-asbestos brake shoe to lessen environmental impact.Yamaha Gladiator Gladiator‟s single cylinder air cooled 4 strokes to deliver maximum power of 8. combustion tail light etc.0 kW @ 7500-6500 rpm. position indicator and combustion indicators. jerk free biking. Its riding suspension ensures the smooth. Rear brakes of this motorcycle include dust resistant. new design side cover .

5 spared transmission .500 rpm 0.5/21 W 12V . Torque(Nm) Max. Advantech Engine. YTPS equipped BS carburettor. 106 cc 49 * 56 mm 7.5 AH 12V .35/35W 12V . SOHC.6PS @ 7. non-asbestos type cults friction plate.BHP Max.8 Kgm @ 6000 rpm 110 kmph(Solo) 4 Speed 12V . newly designed sporty muffler etc.Other striking features available in this bike are DC-CDI ignition system . Speed Transmission Electricals Battery Head Light Tail Light Turn Flasher Chassis 20 4 Stroke. It is found in two different models:  Gladiator Std  Gladiator DX Technical Specifications Engine Type Displacement Bore xStroke Performance Max.2.10W (x4) . low noise (silent) cam chain. air induction system and hair pin type catalytic converter. Air Cooled.

130 mm Dia. 130 mmDia. 5 step.70 Lts. Reserve 1.. 21 .75 X 18" Ribbed 3.00 X 18" . Oil Damped Adjustable. Oil damped Coil Spring Rear Tyres Front Rear Fuel Tank Tank Capacity Brakes Front Rear 2.6PR Universal 13 Lts.Frame Dimension (l x w x h) Wheelbase Ground Clearance Kerb Weight Suspension Front Double Cradle 2025 x 730 x 1050 mm 1290 mm 173 mm 109 kg Telescopic Forks.

85 Nm / 8 kg-m @ 6000 rpm 800 mm / 850 mm Kick Start 4 Speed CDI (Digitally Timing Advanced) Variable Venturi Type .Yamaha Libero G5 Specification Engine / Transmission Type Cubic Capacity Cylinder Arrangement Bore x stroke Compression Ratio Maximum Power Max.0 mm 9.59 kW @ 7500 rpm 7.0 mm x 56. Single Cylinder.0:1 7. Torque Seat height Rider/ Pillion Rider) Start Gear Box Ignition Carburettor type 22 4 Stroke. Air Cooled SOHC 106 CC Forward Inclined Single Cylinder 49.6 PS / 5.

25W / 35W(Halogen-HS1) Compulsive pressure Wet Sump Indicates Fuel Level Telescopic fork suspension Swing arm suspension Drum Brakes Drum Brakes 2.00" x 18" 6 PR 1050 mm 2000 mm 23 .200(24 / 20). 2nd: Gear ratio 1. 2.722 (67 / 18) / 3. Multiple-disc 12V. 875(21 / 24) Clutch type Electrical Battery Headlight Lubrication System Fuel Meter Suspensions Front Rear Brakes Front Rear Tyres Front Rear Dimension Overall height Overall length Wet.5 Ah 12V.000(33 / 11).214(45 / 14) 1st: 3.75" x 18" 4 PR 3. 3rd: 1.688(27 / 16). 4th:0.Transmission type Primary/Secondary reduction ratio Four steps of regular engagement formula advance 3.

Overall Width Wheelbase Ground Clearance Kerb weight Dry Weight Frame Type Fuel Fuel Tank Capacity 730 mm 1290 mm 173 mm 119 kg 109 kg Double Cradle Type 13 Litres It comes equipped with various striking features like 13 litres of newly introduced techno graphics large fuel tank with side covers. It is found in different colours:  Red  Blue  Black 24 . fuel guage. Its excellent body lining with new graphic cover tail and new stylish air coops are catching the eyes of many finicky bikers.etc.

with its awesome spaced gear ratio which enables it to drive smoothly even in congested 25 . India which has been incorporated with advent grade technological inputs. it offers optimum comfort to the rider. Salient features of this amazing bike which makes it apt for rider‟s correct posture are:  Aerodynamic cowl  Sturdy tank  Broad seat  Ergonomic seat  Handlebar  Knee recess on the petrol tank Other Features Yamaha Alba 106 is appropriate for Indian driving conditions. Features beneficial in imparting these qualities to the bike are its brawny muscled tank. enough to lure the buyers.Yamaha Alba 106 Yamaha Alba 106 is the gem unveiled by the Yamaha Motors. well built side and rear panel. Beautifully blending the youthful style with decency the new launch exhibits robustness and solidity. Economic & demanding low maintenance.

85 Nm at 6.6 PS at 7.500rpm  Maximum torque of 7.000rpm  Enhanced air induction system  Breathing engine reduces exhaust emissions Available Colours:  Black  Blue  Red  Silver 26 .conditions without repeated gear changing. Some of the attributes are listed below:  106cc engine  Good combo of torque and mileage  Long lasting life  Innovative designed indicators  Tail light  Four stroke bike  Powered by single cylinder  Two-valve  Air cooled engine  Peak power of 7.

However. The first was the RXG 135. This is finally a bike that Yamaha lovers love to call their own. There is a considerable difference in performance due to changed gear ratio and tuning. The styling has also been adapted to reflect a more contemporary ethos. Yamaha decided to launch upgraded models after the earlier model could not conform to the emission standards. Then came the YEIS 135. It made up for the power loss due to improvement in the engine to tackle emission norms. The present models of Yamaha are cashing in on the popularity gained by the Yamaha RX100. it could not match the performance and the expectation that people had developed about Yamaha because of the RX 100. 27 .Yamaha RXG 135 Note: Company does not manufacture this model.

wide tyres. engine guard and fuel tank has enhanced the sale and the look of the bike. 10bhp engine with ecolube and alfine cylinder for better cooling and longer engine life-ideal for tropical climate. better ground clearance and bigger brake drums make it a safe bike for the Indian roads. 28 . achieved with the help of the side panel. This is an entirely new look Yamaha. A product of contemporary technology. Yamaha RXZ Note: Company does not manufacture this model. Its aerodynamic.Escorts Ace Note: Company does not manufacture this model. which improves the styling. An addition is the headlight. To go with the new style is the 135cc engine that the Yamaha introduced with the RX 135. Its longer wheel base. matching headlight cover. The engine along with its styling changes brought the spirit of the RX 100 back into the Yamaha RXZ. and also the aerodynamics of the vehicle. The addition of a tachometer to the Speedo consloe looks a bit incomplete but has made up for the lack of instrumentation in the earlier models. modern styling reflects right from the front fairing to the rear trims with integrated lights. it has a happy blend of hi-power hi-pick up 175cc.

8cc 173cc 123.7cc 173cc 123.7cc 29 .7 106cc Capacity 173cc 106cc 149.Yamaha Motorcycles Model Rajdoot Excel Yamaha Crux Yamaha R15 Rajdoot Standard Yamaha Enticer Yamaha Escorts Ace Yamaha Gladiator  Gladiator Std  Gladiator DX Yamaha Libero G5 Yamaha RXZ Yamaha RX 135 Yamaha YBX 125 Yamaha Gladiator Type JA Yamaha Alba 106 106cc 132cc 132cc 125cc 123.7cc Yamaha Scooters and Mopeds Model Toro Rosa Toro Jazz Capacity 100cc 109.

Ltd  To assess the level of satisfaction among the customers.  To screen the market presence of the Yamaha Motor India Pvt.  To assess the overall performance of Yamaha Bikes.  To find out the exception of the customers with regards to the quality and services.  To find out customers awareness about the Yamaha bikes and familiarises user about Yamaha bikes.Ltd.  To find out the competitive strength of Yamaha Motor India Pvt. 30 .  To find out the perception of the customers and users about Yamaha Bikes.Objective of Survey The research was conducted with following objectives. Ltd.  To find out the effectiveness of marketing activities undertaken by Yamaha Motor India Pvt.

2 2.6 2.1 2.5 2.1 2.9 Research Design Types of Data Primary Data Secondary Data Sources of Data Sample Plan Universe Sample Size Method of Data Collection Questionnaire Formation of Questionnaire Filed Work Data Analysis Technique Limitations Presentation of the Report 31 .2 2.7 2.2 2.CHAPTER NO.2 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY 2.4.8 2.2 2.4.4 2.1 2.

The project provides some general information about Insurance industry of Pune city and about customer’s preferences among the alternatives. measurement and analysis of data. It constitutes the main body of the research design. As such the design includes an outline of what the researcher will do from writing the Hypothesis and its operational implications to the final analysis of data.1 Research Design: Research Design is a arrangement of conditions and analysis of data in a manner that companies relevance of data to be collected. 32 . The research design is the conceptual structure within which research is conducted.Research Methodology: 2. The sample to be selected in a manner in which the data so collected is to be organized. So these can be general information but not any specific result. it constitutes the blueprint for the collection. The research deign used for this project was exploratory in nature as there was no hypothesis to test. It provides information about the actual facts related to the target segment. The present study conducted through a survey method using a well-formed and framed questionnaire.

2. 33 . 2.2.2 Types of Data: 2.1 Primary Data: Primary Data were collected by survey of customers in pune. on the other hand.2.2 Secondary Data: The Secondary Data are. So the observation and the survey of the people are the primary sources of data from this project. Secondary Data were collected through Internet and Library. So the primary source of data collection can only give the real and detailed information required for the project. are those which have already been collected by someone else and which have already been passed through statistical process.3 Sources of Data: The primary source was used in the research. 2. Personal interview method was most suitable for the market survey. In all the methods. As such there is no secondary data available for the information required for a particular matter. Primary Data were collected through personal interview with structure questionnaire. The information gathered for this project is differing from person to person as there is differences in each human being.

4 Sample Plan: Sample Plan may be defined as the selection of some part of an aggregate or totality on the basis of which a judgment or inference about the aggregate or totality is made. Large sample size gives more reliable results than small one.4. In other words.2 Sample Size: Sample Size means how many people should be surveyed.4. For the purpose of this study the universe has been defined as “The set consisting of all the customer of Insurance in Pune city (Sinhgad institute and sinhgad road) 2. we selected 50 people for survey.2. 34 . it is the process of obtaining information about an entire population by examining only a part of it. As here. Sampling is the method and selecting sample for studying the position of universe in total.1 Universe: From a statistical point of view. 2. the term „universe‟ refers to the total of the items or units in any field of inquiry or to the total of items about which information is desired.

The questionnaire is mailed to respondents who are expected to read and understand the questions and write down the reply in the space meant for the purpose in the questionnaire itself. The respondents have to answer the questions on their own.5. The type of data collection begins after a research problem has been defined and research design chalked out. Structured questionnaire are those questionnaire in which there are definite.1 Questionnaire: A questionnaire consists of a number of questions printed or typed in a definite order on a form or set of forms.5. Here the data were collected through two methods. 2.2 Formation of Questionnaire: Formation of questionnaire could be structured or un-structured questionnaire. 2) Telephone Interview Method. A questionnaire is sent to the persons concerned with request to answer the question and return the questionnaire. concrete and pre-determined questions. 2.5 Methods of Data collection: Methods by which data are collected. 1) Personal Interview Method. In this project questionnaire were given to the 50 customer and information collected form those questionnaires were used for data processing and analysis.2. The form of the question may be either closed ended questions (giving option such as yes or no) and 35 .

7 Data Analysis Technique: The data after collection has to be processed and analyzed in a accordance with the outline laid down for the purpose at the tine of developing the research plan. 36 . My Field work consists of questionnaire which I have circulated among 50 customers so that I can get information that was required for the project. In this project structured questionnaire were used with closed and open ended questions in it. By Analysis we mean the computation of certain indices or measures along with searching for patterns of relationship that exist among the data ended questions(inviting free response) but this should be stated in advance and not during questioning. 2. As this form of questionnaire reduces the difficulty of the respondent while answering the questions? 2.6 Field Work: Field work is defined as the place where you have conducted your survey and with whose help you have taken. When this characteristics are not present in a questionnaire it can be term as un-structured questionnaire. Field work for this project was performed by me without the help of any people.

Then list of table and graph has been provided which enables the reader to know the number of table and 37 . 5) Complete dependence of decision making on the outcome of the research. With the help of percentage method the data has been converted into percentage and has been represented with the help of graph.A of Sinhgad college of science for the fulfillment of BBA degree. 2.Y B. 2. 4) More time require for completing a single interview through a structured questionnaire.For this project percentage method is used for the analysis of the available data. 2) Respondents are the representatives of others but opinion of these few respondents may differ from a group of thousand people.B.9 Presentation of report: Presentation of reports starts with declaration which declares that the following survey is done by me. Then guide certificate is attached which certify that this project has been carried out by the student of S. which may include an element of bias.8 Limitations: 1) The recommendations are based on the respondents. 3) Span of time was very short.

1: Includes the introduction and objective of the project.graph used in this project. It is then followed by the acknowledgement paper and an executive summery of the project. 38 .4: Includes major finding from the survey.3: Includes data processing and analysis.5: Includes the conclusion and the recommendations about the project from the analysis of the data. Chapter no.2: Includes the various research methodology used for the preparation of this project. Chapter no. Chapter no. Chapter no. Chapter no.


OF RESPONDENTS 12 11 5 2 16 4 50 ANSWER Enticer Gladiator Libero RX Crux Others Total PERENTAGES 24% 22% 10% 4% 32% 8% 100% 8% 32% 10% 24% 22% Enticer Gladiator Libero RX Crux 4% Other Diagram No. 4% RX.1 From the above table it is clear that 24% of the respondent owned Enticer. 40 . 10% libero.1 NO. 22% Gladiator.ANALYSIS OF DATA AND PROCESSING 1. Which model of Yamaha do you own? The customers were asked which model they owned. 32% of Crux and 8% of the respondent owned model of Yamaha. The response was recorded as under: Table no.

2 From the above table it is clear that most of the respondent select Yamaha bike on the basis of pick-up & performance.OF RESPONDENTS 9 4 11 7 12 7 50 ANSWER Style Comfort Performance Price-value Pick-up Mileage Total PERCENTAGE 18% 8% 22% 14% 24% 14% 100% 14% 18% 24% 14% 22% Style 8% Comfort Performance Price Value Pick Up Milage DIAGRAM NO. On what basis do you select Yamaha bikes? The customers were asked on which basis they select Yamaha Bikes. 41 . They also see the price value & mileage of the bike. The response was recorded as under: Table no.2 NO.

3 ANSWER Much better Somewhat better Same Worse Much worse Don‟t know Total NO..? The response was recorded as under: Table no. 42 .3 From the above table it is clear the compared to other bike available in the markets Yamaha‟s bikes are somewhat better or same. would you say that Yamaha bikes are....OF RESPONDENTS 3 17 16 4 2 8 50 PERCENTAGE 6% 34% 32% 8% 4% 16% 100% 4% 8% 16% 6% Much Better 34% Somewhat better Same Worse 32% Much Worse Don't Know Diagram No.... Compared to other bikes available in the market.

V is the most sufficient advertising method for Yamaha to promote its product.4 ANSWER T. 43 . The response was recorded ea under: Table no.V so we can say that T. From where did you hear about Yamaha bikes? The customers were asked from where you heard about Yamaha bikes.4 From the above it is clear that 74% of the respondents hear about the Yamaha bike from T.OF RESPONDENTS 37 0 3 3 2 5 50 PERCENTAGE 74 0 6 6 4 10 100 4% 6% 0% 6% 10% T.V Radio Newspaper 74% Magazine Hoarding Friends\Relatives Diagram no.V Radio Newspaper Magazine Hoarding Friends\Relatives Total NO.

5 From the above table it is clear that 36% of the respondent spend below 500. 44 . The responce was recorded as under: Table no. 4% spend 1000 to 2000 & while only 6% spend above 2000 on the maintenance of their Yamaha bikes. 44% spend 500 to 1000.5 ANSWER Below 500 500-1000 1000-2000 2000 & above Total NO. How much do you spend per month on the maintenance of your Yamaha bike? The customers were asked how much you spend on your bikes.OF RESPONDENTS 18 22 7 3 50 PERCENTAGES 36% 44% 14% 6% 100% 14% 6% 36% Below 500 500-1000 1000-2000 44% 2000&above Diagram no.

6 From the above table it is clear that 88% of the respondents are satisfied with the performance of Yamaha bike while 12% of the respondents are not satisfied.OF RESPONDENTS 44 6 50 PERCENTAGES 88% 12% 100% 12% Yes No 88% Diagram no. The response was as under: Table n. 45 . Are you satisfied with the performance of Yamaha bike? The customers were asked are you satisfied with the performance of Yamaha bike.6 ANSWER YES NO TOTAL NO.

OF RESPONDENTS 50 0 50 PERCENTAGES 100% 0% 100% 0% Yes No 100% 46 .7 ANSWER Yes No total NO. Does the look of the bike matter while purchasing a Yamaha bike? The customers were asked “Does the looks of the bike matter while purchasing of Yamaha bike?” The response was recorded as under: Table no.

 Which mode of payment do you prefer while purchasing Yamaha bike? The response was recorded as under: Table no.8 From the above it is clear that 34% of the respondent prefer cash mode. while 66% prefer mode of finance for purchasing Yamaha Bikes. 47 .8 ANSWER Cash Finance (credit) Total NO.OF RESPONDENTS 17 33 50 PERCENTAGES 34% 66% 100% 34% Cash 66% Finance(Credit) Diagram no.

9 ANSWER Yes No Total NO. The response was recorded as under: Table no.OF RESPONDENTS 22 28 50 PERCENTAGES 44 56 100 44% 56% Yes No Diagram no.9 From the above diagram we can say that Yamaha should increase it‟s after sale service to satisfy its customers. Are you satisfied with the after sale – service provided by Yamaha bike ? The customers were asked that if they were satisfied with the after sale service provided by of Yamaha bike. 48 .

 Do you always have your bike serviced at Yamaha service stations? The response was recorded as under: Table no.10 ANSWER Yes No Sometimes Total NO.OF RESPONDENTS 38 7 5 50 PERCENTAGES 76% 14% 10% 100% 10% 14% Yes No 76% Sometimes Diagram no. 10 49 .

 How many Yamaha bike you have owned until now? The customers were asked “How many Yamaha bike you have owned until now “.11 50 .OF RESPONDENTS 12 8 16 50 PERCENTAGES 24% 16% 32% 100% 24% 32% One Two Three 16% Diagram no. The response was recorded as under: Diagram no.11 ANSWER One Two Three Total NO.

They also want to see Yamaha bike in new styles and colours.12 From the above table it is clear that respondent want to add electric start.12 ANSWER Style\Looks Electric Start Disc Brakes New Colours Others Total NO. disc brakes etc. to increase in mileage. While some respondent had suggest to reduce price. Would you like to add any special features in your Yamaha bike? The response was recorded as under: Diagram no.OF RESPONDENTS 6 14 10 8 12 50 PERCENTAGES 12% 28% 20% 16% 24% 100% 24% 12% Style\Looks 28% Electric\Start Disc Brakes New Colour 20% Others 16% Diagram no. in Yamaha bikes. 51 . put comfortable seats.

Chapter 4 MAJOR FINDINGS 52 .

 The marketing efforts undertaken by Yamaha are not so aggressive as compared t competitors in the market.  66% of the customer would like to finance their bike while purchasing.  Yamaha brand is perceived as having good power and technically sound\less maintenance bikes. Ltd.Major Findings  Mostly the customers are in the age group of 20-30 years. has a market share of about 10% in the two wheeler automobile industry.  Yamaha Motor India Pvt. Many perceive its features as “just what I need”. availability of spares.  The dealer‟s network is not strong and time to get bike service need is also not satisfactory where as quality of service.  The awareness about Yamaha bikes is created through mainly broadcast media and print. service cost and treatment by dealer are satisfactory. 53 .  There is a large portion of the service class in the customer population followed by student and business class.


what I feel is that the reason of motorcycle sale not picking up in the market as compared to other brands is the lack of aggressive marketing I would like to give 40% of the reasons of not picking up sales of bike to its product and 60% to the improper marketing strategy which is the main reasons as to why the company is not able to increase its share in the market. which is the major problem the bike is facing. I would say that the customer satisfaction should be the main target and mission of the company of the company to create the brand loyalty among the customer. can increase its share in the two wheeler automobile market. Company must focus its attention on the marketing aspects of motorcycle segment because I found to that there is still lack of awareness of the product in the market which is a matter that has to be carefully looked upon strategically and move forward to strive for excellence in the market. The customers are basically complaining about the mileage. 55 . Ltd.SUGGESTIONS After looking into the finding of the survey! I would like to give some suggestion to the company. Apart from the survey. So that Yamaha India Pvt. It has been found in the survey that Yamaha bikes are facing problems due to its features of motorcycle. In the end.

 The customer satisfaction level is up to the mark.  There is need to reposition Yamaha bikes as mileage is the most attractive factor in the Indian Customer‟s mind.  The company needs aggressive marketing efforts.  The company has about 10% market share in the two-wheeler segment of automobile industry. 56 .CONCLUSION  The Yamaha bikes are perceived as power bike in the market.


................... [ ] Male..........) 1...........QUESTIONNAIRE Please tick your appropriate choice... Which model of Yamaha do you own? [ ] Enticer [ ] Gladiator [ ] Libero [ ] RX [ ] Crux [ ] Others 2.... [ [ ] Female............... From where did you hear about YAMAHA Bikes? [ ] T. ] Others...... On what basis do you select YAMAHA Bikes? [ ] Style\Looks [ ] Comfort [ ] Performance [ ] Price Value [ ] Power\Pick up [ ] Mileage 3.. ] Business...... How often do you ride YAMAHA Bikes? [ ] Daily [ ] Once a week [ ] Very rarely [ ] can‟t say (49) 58 .......V [ ] Radio [ ] Newspaper [ ] Magazine [ ] Hoarding [ ] Friends\Relatives 5........ OCCUPATION: [ [ GENDER: [ ] Service... what would you say that YAMAHA Bikes are... AGE:..... ] Student...... Compared to other bikes available in the market... NAME:....... (Please Specify :............? [ ] Much better [ ] Some what better [ ] Same [ ] Worse [ ] Much worse [ ] don‟t know 4...

Does the look of the bikes matters while purchasing YAMAHA Bikes? [ ] Yes [ ] No 10.6.Did you get influence by promotion activities like advertisements while buying your YAMAHA Bikes? [ ] Yes [ ] No 11. How many YAMAHA Bikes you have used until now? [ ] One [ ] Two [ ] Three [ ] More 7. How much do you spend per month on maintenance of your YAMAHA Bikes? [ ] below 500 [ ] 500-1000 [ ] 1000-2000 [ ] 2000-above 8.Are you satisfied with the after sale-service provided by “YAMAHA”? [ ] Yes [ ] No 14.How often do you take your YAMAHA Bike for servicing? [ ] Once a month [ ] Once in two month [ ] After more than two month 15.Which mode of payment do you prefer while purchasing YAMAHA Bikes? [ ] Yes [ ] No 12.Have you taken a loan for buying YAMAHA Bikes? [ ] Yes [ ] No 13. Are you satisfied with the performance of your YAMAHA Bikes? [ ] Yes [ ] No 9.Do you always get your bike serviced at YAMAHA service station? [ ] Yes [ ] No [ ] Sometimes 59 .

...................16.......) *****THANKS FOR YOUR VALUABLE TIME********* 60 ........Would you like to add any special features in your YAMAHA Bikes? [ ] Style [ ] Electric Start [ ] Disc brakes [ ] New colours [ ] Other (specify..



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