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Physical Science Mr.

Stone Period 2 (8:51am 9:41am) Period 3 (9:45am 10:35am) Period 5 (12:27am 1:176pm) Room 117
Class Description
This is a class designed for students who have completed Biology. This class is most likely taken, but not limited to college bound students or those who wish to take upper level sciences.

Class Goals
After completing this class, students will be knowledgeable in the following areas: The scientific method, Newtons three laws of motion, heat, energy, the simple machines, the atom, the periodic table, chemical compounds, stoichiometry, the gas laws, sound, and the electromagnetic spectrum.

Contact Information
Philip Stone 660-562-3511 (work phone) (work e-mail) 7th hour planning period (2:15 3:05) (classroom website)

Conceptual Physical Science (Addison Wesley)

Classroom Rules

Students are to be seated in their assigned seat when bell rings and stay seated. Participate in classroom activities. Respect the teacher and fellow students. Be prepared with all necessary materials needed for class. Text Book A notebook Pen or pencil Student handbook Grading will be on all homework, class participation, group work, projects, labs, quizzes, and tests. Questions about individual grades can be brought up after class, during lunch, or before or after school. At no time will I discuss a particular grade during class time. Parents can contact me via e-mail for particular questions about a grade
95-100 90-94 87-89 83-86 80-82 77-79 73-76 70-72 67-69 63-66 60-62 <60

Materials Required


Grading Scale


All classwork assignments are due at the end of a class period unless otherwise specified. Homework is always due the day after you receive it at the beginning of the hour Answers should be in pen or pencil. Answers are to be printed legibly on the given handout or on college ruled paper for homework. Correct heading is required on every assignment in the upper left hand corner, as follows: Your Name My Name Class Date Failure to follow these guidelines will result in a lowered letter grade for that assignment. An assignment is considered late anytime after the tardy bell rings the day that assignment is due. Do not hand in assignments late. If for some reason you do, there will be a lowering of one letter grade per day. If you have an excused tardy, than that assignment is due upon your arrival If you have an excused absence, than that assignment is due at the start of the following days class. If you are absent, you have as many days to make up any daily assignments as youve been excused. I will not pursue you for any missed work. It is your responsibility to check with me for missed assignments or to check with fellow students for any missed notes.

Discipline Policy for Rule Violation

For most infractions, expect a verbal warning. If it continues, you can expect an office referral or call home. I do not tolerate bad language, this will result in a trip to the office

Other Rules and Procedures

Group work is a large part of this course. Students will be asked to take part in group discussions and activities. All students require participation. Lack of participation will result in a lowering of that students final grade. Safety in this class is another concern. You will need to pass a safety test and sign a safety agreement. The computers throughout the classroom are for schoolwork only. It will be a privilege to use the computer for personal reasons and you will have to earn that. Anybody caught using a proxy will be punished by computer privilege loss. No food or drink will be allowed at the lab stations