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In the event the Fukushima nuclear site in Japan ( the blue dot) is unavoidably hit by the worst disaster

ever known to man, like a total or complete collapse of all its reactor buildings, Australia the island continent must be prepared to take in an exceptionally huge number of refugees. These refugees will not be from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran, India, Sri Lanka or Pakistan but from Japan. Note the long and thick yellow arrow. The arrow could potentially indicate almost the whole population of Japan needing to flee to Australia. Therefore Australia, the island continent, must be fully prepared for such a massive influx. Start preparing now. Forget the election. Fukushima today has reached the point of no return and no soul on this earth can possibly reverse the situation now. The Japanese government waited for two years before deciding that it needed to step in and wrestle the problem. But the problem is now 1,000x Chernobyl. Freezing the ground will eventually lead to a collapse. A collapse of Fukushima will expose its fuel rods to the air and.