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Business License

DOR Public Records <> to me 4:34 PM (16 hours ago)

Dear Mr. Salmon: In your email of August 9, 2013, you state that when searching for the business license for Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., UBI # 602 929 654 the search response from the business license search came back as no matches found and would like direction to where you can find information of this license. The reason you received the no matches found is because this UBI number is and was not registered for business license purposes. This UBI number was assigned by the Secretary of State, Corporations Division when the corporation was set up with that agency but no application for a business license was received by the Business Licensing Service. Therefore, no business license was issued by the Department for the entity. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please write again. Taxpayer Services DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE August 13, 2013 Reference No. 2851