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Malabar Paratha

INGREDIENTS1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Refined flour-100g Milk-20ml Water-40ml Salt-15g Sugar-15g Oil-30ml

METHOD1. Take a basin and put refined flour in it. 2. Make a bay in the centre and add the milk, water, salt and sugar. 3. Mix all together and make soft dough. 4. Nicely apply oil on top and cover it with a thin cloth on top. 5. Keep it for resting at least for5-10mins. 6. Then cut with hands and use your hand to make small roundels (Pedas). 7. After making the pedas use rolling pin to make it in to thin sheet. 8. After rolling all the pedas, hold one sheet lift with two hands and swirl and lift it in the air and hit on the top of the table. 9. Repeat the same till the sheet expands in to bigger sheets. 10. Now sprinkle some oil on top and cut it in to two equal divisions. 11. Take one corner of the sheet and roll it round. 12. Do the same for all the sheets. 13. All these roundels are to be rolled. 14. Heat the griddle sprinkle oil on top. 15. Place the rolled paratha on the griddle. 16. Turn it and again cook it. 17. Once it is done hit it nicely with both the hands and you can see the layers in it. 18. Malabar paratha are ready to serve.