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SymCom 777 Protection Relay

SymCom's Model 777 is a fully programmable electronic overload relay. It is designed to monitor and protect any 3-phase, 200-480VAC motor drawing 2-800 full load amps (external CTs are required above 90 amps). It provides unsurpassed protection from faulty voltage, underload and overload conditions. The Model 777 incorporates a 3-digit LED display that is used for programming, providing real-time operational information and displaying diagnostic codes to aid in troubleshooting a fault condition.

SymCom 777 Protection Relay Information.

The Symcom 777 is a fully programmable electronic overload relay designed to monitor three phase systems. It can be used as a standalone product or the communication port can be used to form a network and monitor the motors from a laptop or desktop computer. The Model 777 includes three built-in current transformers (CTs) which will handle applications from 290 FLA. External current transformers can be implemented to handle applications up to 800 FLA. More features of the Model 777 include:

Network Programmable Programmable with 9-volt battery prior to installation Automatic reset with 3 separate restart delay timers RS-485 communications port 3-digit LED diagnostic display

The SymCom 777 Protection Relay is built to protect 3-phase motors from hazards, such as:

High Voltage Low Voltage Reverse-phase Unbalance (Voltage & Current) Ground fault, Class II Rapid Cycling

Model 777 Wiring Diagram.

The following image is a typical wiring diagram of the SymCom 777 Protection Relay using external Current Transformers (CTs):

For more information on the SymCom 777 Series Protection Relay, visit Galco Industrial Electronics