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How to import "Live Feeds" to F Charts through excel.

How to import live intraday data in F Charts from Excel, 1. Open an excel workbook. Name it Live Data. 2. Go to Data tab Import External Data New Web Query 3. A query window will open Type in address bar click on Nifty Stock Watch in right column Click on Hide Icons button to display black arrows in yellow box for each table on the web page select the Nifty Stock Watch table arrow Click on Import. 4. The table will be copied to the excel sheet. 5. Go to sheet2 in the cell A1 type formula =left(select first company name in sheet1,9) drag the formula down till the last company. 6. In cell B1 type formula =last traded price cell Drag down till last price. 7. Do similar thing for volume in cell C1. 8. Use =today() formula for date and =now() formula for time in columns D and E Drag down till last price. (Note: Use hh:mm:ss format for time.) Save the sheet. 9. Now go to sheet1 Data tab Data Range Properties Refresh Control Set Refresh Every 1 Min Click Ok. Save the sheet. (Note: Keep the sheet open all the time.) 10. Now open F Charts Import/Export Other Copy all the company names in excel sheet2 to the Add Multiple Tickers Space Add Tickers Exit. 11. Go to Intraday Source Excel Refill list Select Live Data and Sheet2. 12. 1st Data Row = Row of the first company Put appropriate column names eg: A, B, C, etc for Ticker, Date, Time, etc Select Subtract Volume Open Feed At Startup. 13. Go to Filter Select Monday Friday Set time From 0955 to 1530. 14. Press Start. 15. Check for intraday prices updating for the tickers in the excel sheet in Intraday Data Option. 16. You have to keep the Excel Sheet F Charts Live Data open all the time as well as the Internet connection. 17. Enjoy free Intraday Feed for Nifty Stocks, similar process can be applied for F&O, Commodities etc.