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Amantani Island is located in the majestic Lake Titicaca in the part called Maggiore Lake, north of the Taquile island, East Capachica Peninsula, is located in the Puno Region Province 42 Km . the lake port of Puno, at an altitude of 3,830 m.a.s.l.

The approximate location is 15 39'7'' south latitude and 69 43'05'' west longitude from the meridian of Greenwich. The point of maximum altitude is 4,145 m.a.s.l.

Amantani Island occupies a land area of approximately surface 9.5K M2. The way into view space is circular, and one of the profiles resembles the shape of a frog.

at present you find the island divided in 10 communities, that they are the following
1. The Town. 2. Lampayuni Rural Community. 3. Sancayuni Rural Community. 4. Occosuyu. 5. Inca Tiana. 6. Colquecachi. 7. Villa Orinojn. 8. Santa Rosa Community. 9. High Sancayuni. 10.Occopampa Community.