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Vincent Talerico

Vincent Talerico, as Vice President and Human Resources Officer at Centel Media, is responsible for managing all affairs for the staff and employees of Centel Media. He guarantees that each employee is working cohesively with the rest of the team, benefiting themselves and the company. Its necessary that Human Resources Officers, and the department as a whole, have a clear and detailed understanding of all employees and their relationship and contribution to the company.

Talerico spent his childhood and adolescence in the Arthur Avenue section of the Bronx, known as the Real Little Italy of New York. In this small section of the world, generations of Italian families have given the area a special small-town character, unique for an urban setting, while at the same time establishing traditions that permeate the neighborhood. This way of living is evident in Talerico, a unique character with a deep sense of tradition and family, perfect qualities to fulfill the demanding requirements and delicate nature of a Human Resources position. Talerico completed his high school education at Cardinal Hayes High School, a Catholic school for boys. He then went on to receive a four-year degree in Human Resources. Talerico currently lives in New York, commuting to the Centel Media downtown office, located in the Empire State building.

Prior to his employment with Centel Media, Talerico worked for the Coca-Cola Corporation, a company with an extensive Human Resources department, while the company employed over 140,000. It is here that Talerico witnessed a multitude of management and Human Resource strategies that can be implemented in any business model.

My Contribution to the Centel Media Community:

Talerico has a vast professional knowledge of diverse areas in management, including labor laws and conflict resolution. In his current position, Talerico is an advocate strictly for the employees of Centel Media. His most important task is contributing to the growth and achievement of Centel Media through his knowledge and encouragement of people, implementation and execution of successful change strategies and staffing and development of employees. The Human Resources department of Centel Media is a fast-paced, upbeat, virtual environment in which Talerico provides a solid foundation. Talerico oversees staff recruitment, reviews resumes and manages interviews for potential employees and interns. With such a vital role, Talerico exemplifies the strength and dedication of the Centel Media team.