Part 1: TNM v/s Fixed bid a) Our initial proposal for Fixed Bid engagement wasn't strong enoug h, following

which we turned to TNM. b) IBM was involved while designing a project, perhaps in analysis o f requirements. 1. I would like to know about what are the contents of this proposal ? How and which associates craft it? 2. Please elaborate on why was it indispensable to involve IBM? 3. What factors other than changing requirements, extended project l ife span and other Agile (model) features influenced a project to inherit TNM st ructure. 4. Of the two, does leadership choose one for easy operation or base d on more revenue generation? Part 2: Project Agreement Documents 1. There must be some legal agreement between TCS and PNC for a pro ject. I would request you to please provide me with it. 2. Which associates play key role in designing of that agreement? S ince a project has agile features, how often does this agreement keep changing? Is it with each cut/versions we deliver? 3. While analyzing the need for a new technology, was it TCS or PNC that asked/proposed for the revamp? Part 3: Billing I would request you to please explain the following a) Is billing different for associates with different skillsets and e xperiences? b) Does billing depend both on designation and role? c) How is this value $X calculated and which leadership of service pr ovider and business owner calculates it? d) Is this value fixed for a project's entire life span? Part 4: Revenue I would request you to please address the following 1. How is a project's revenue generation calculated? Is only billing res ponsible or there are other parameters too. 2. Is there some sort of target (revenue) already fixed for each project , like Rs. Y should be the minimum revenue for a project for each week/month/qua rter/year. 3. Are PMR health checks, revenue and billing of a project anyway connec ted to each other?

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