Election laws COMELEC
Art. IX-Consti, Sec. 52, OEC





Casting Sec. 190-210
RA 9369 Postponement Failure of elections





Election Offense

Election Contest

Qualifications Sec. 117, OEC; Sec. 9 Disqualifications Sec. 118, OEC RA 8189

RA 8189 -Sec. 8 -Sec. 34 -Sec. 35 -Sec. 39 Overseas Absentee Voting Act of 2003

Qualifications Disqualifications OEC Sec. 12, 68 LGC Sec. 39,40 Effects of Filing COC Sec. 65 Sec. 14 RA 9006 Death, Disqualification, Withdrawal Sec. 77 OEC Nuisance Sec. 69 OEC Petition to Deny Due course Sec. 78 OEC

RA 9006 Campaign Expenditures and Contributions

Sec. 211 OEC Idem sonans Neighborhood rule

Composition of BOC

COMELEC Jurisdiction Sec. 241 OEC Sec. 243 OEC

In the absence of an appeal, BOC shall proclaim the winner

Sec. 261, 262 OEC Sec. 45 RA 9189 Sec. 27 RA 6646 Sec. 13 RA 9006 Sec. 34 RA 9369 Electoral Sabotage Jurisdiction of Comelec & RTC Prescription: 5 years from date of commission If in election contest, 5 years from when judgment becomes final and executory

Jurisdiction: PET SET HRET Provincial COMELEC City COMELEC RTC MTC

Election Protest

• Must be filed by a candidate only • grounds: fraud, terrorism, irregularities or illegal acts committed before, during, after casting and counting of votes • within 10 days from proclamation • filed by a registered voter • grounds: ineligibility or disloyalty • within 10 days from proclamation

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