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Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting

The discovery that human intelligence can lear to function with awareness at the alpha and theta brain frequencies will go down in history as the greatest discovery of man. This discovery has already started to change our concepts of the mind, psychology, psychiatry, psychoanalysis, hypnoanalysis and of the subconscious. Jose Silva

Welcome to Silva Manifesting!

This course contains manifesting techniques to help you create and live a life of your own design. This course takes you through a step-by-step process to creating an extraordinary life. This powerful and practical Silva process is designed to make the most of your busy life with easy to use tools and life changing meditations. Silva Method and this Silva Manifesting program is the key to your limitless potential in spirit, mind, body, and emotions. Silva has always been about creating more control in your brain and mind, but NOW you are about to learn something that really will take you to new heights in your practice. These techniques are designed to be easy to use and to make sure that you are in charge of your thoughts - not your thoughts in charge of you. Many people walk away from manifesting programs with the impression that all they have to do is to imagine great things and poof they will appear - but then they never really do what it takes to get what they want out of life. Although changing your thinking is a very important ingredient for successful Manifesting to occur, it alone is not enough. The Silva Method, founded by Jose Silva has withstood the test of time simply because is geared towards serving others, it is scientifically proven, andit works! Now, you are privy to special Silva family secrets to manifesting what you want. You will not only learn how to think differently - you will learn how to change your limiting beliefs, connect to your life's purpose and your spirit, and learn to expect real results in your life.


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Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting

You will be learning to manifest with a four - step process unique to the Silva Method: Desire, Believe, Connect, Expect.

Silvas Rich History

The Silva Method started back in 1966 with Jose Silva, a visionary and a man way ahead of his time, with a message way ahead of its time. His genius lied in that he was able to mindfully tap into the subjective dimension and use it to achieve greatness. His discoveries led to one of the greatest contributions to humanity. He was able to put his findings into such a simple, effective and practical format that everyone could learn and gain from. His whole life purpose was to serve humanity by sharing what he had discovered. He knew that what he had learned after 24 years of research, research that actually continued the rest of his life, would change the face of humanity. In the process, he studied hypnosis, yoga, different forms of meditation, the great psychologists of his time, the secret to The Rosicrucian Order, brainwave function and Electroencephalography. He would often say that the greatest discovery one could ever make was the potential of his or her mind. This home-study program divulges Silva strategies for manifestation. Follow the CD's and Modules the way that they are outlined to maximize the natural process of creating the life you want. The process begins with redefining meditation in a way that you can meditate several times a day with practical open-eyed zap meditations and stoplight meditations. Then, you will then discover your PCS, Personal Code to Success by decoding your actualization process, and then you will discover your true life's purpose. You will learn tools that help you stay on track with your life's purpose and manifest your dream life. You will learn to tame the monkey in your mind and engage all of who you are spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically in everything you do in order to secure success. You will learn to deal with critical decisions that present themselves throughout your life and make every choice a good one. We will discuss how universal laws plays a role in your coming success and how to make you a money magnet.

Desire: learn how to channel your desire to live the life you want. Believe: learn how to eliminate the beliefs holding you back and how to start
believing in yourself like never before.

the energy around you to accelerate your Manifesting.

Connect: learn how to connect with your own emotions, other people, and Expect: learn how to get rid of self-sabotaging behavior and get real results.
In this program you are going to learn more than manifestation. You are going to create the life of your design with the best of the core Silva methodologies and leading edge research in the brain and mind.

Four Key technologies for Manifesting

First, Meditations for your daily life - redefine meditation with Second - Core Programming on the go Zap Meditations. These meditations will have to pack a big punch into a short amount of time.

you will learn to use core Silva Methodology to program your subconscious and start living the life you want with new understanding of techniques like the Mirror of the mind and Glass of water techniques code for success by applying the tools you need to figure out what your own personal code is and how to live it. and studies on the brain and mind.

Third - Live life in the zone - be aligned with your own personal

Fourth - History and research - Silva is backed with real research

In The Silva Method, we approach positive change from many levels and depths in order to assure real and lasting change. It's no wonder so many people say that after learning The Silva Method they finally learned the secrets to true manifestation. The Silva Method has been around for nearly 50 years
and today, we are changing the lives of more people than ever.

Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting

To get the very most out of this program you will need the following things: You will need a good way to listen to the audios - some of the audios can be listened to while driving in the car, or going for a walk. You don't have to have a fancy MP3 player or IPod to do the program. You will have access to the audio on the computer at any time and if you bought the physical cd's you just need a place to play them. Other audios with meditations are better listened to in a safe environment where you set aside quite time just for you. I know life is busy, but you deserve this time and it is crucial for your success. Remember, I am going to be teaching you zap meditations that you can do anywhere anytime so won't have any excuses for not doing them.

Ideal Conditions for Manifesting

The first ideal condition is to have a clearly defined outcome.
Here are four steps to help you define your goals clearly. Decide what you want in the most precise manner. The more specific you are, the easier it's going to be for your subconscious mind to serve up what you desire. If, for example, you want a new job, decide exactly what you want to be doing, how much you will earn, and where you will work. Of course, you will always leave the details open to change, but this exercise convinces your subconscious that you are at least serious about your desires. Write down your goal in detail. Elaborate as much as you need to in order to crystallize the goal in your mind. The act of writing down your goal serves to clarify exactly what you want. It has been proven time and time again that people with written goals are far more successful in reaching them. So why aren't you writing your goals? If you know it works you would be writing them down wouldn't you? So get that piece of paper and start writing. Create a short statement of your goal, even a power word that you can imprint onto your mind every time you think of your goal. Simply begin with the phrase I am now enjoying whatever it is and add your goal to the end. Or try I am living with and add whatever you desire. Note: don't just think it; mentally experience it fully and completely. Mentally experience this goal several times throughout the day. Simply internalize your focus and think of your goal achieved whenever you have a spare moment and wait for the real magic to begin. Repeat the following statement any time during your meditations or throughout the day. Feel the truth of these words: I know that with clearly defined goals I will succeed. I will focus on greatness and I will arrive. I will live the life of my own design by evaluating, adjusting and improving.

You must have dedication. You are making this investment in yourself. So be sure to take the time and energy to give back to yourself with the dedication to complete the program in its entirety. You don't have to be a Silva Practitioner to use this program. But knowing and practicing the core methods will definitely be helpful to your success. For that reason, we have included a CD with information taken from the Silva Life System home-study program that explains the Mirror of the Mind technique and the Three Fingers technique for accessing resources. Listen to these techniques before you begin Silva Manifesting. This program is for those who will do what it takes to make great things happen in their lives, to make real magic happen by understanding their internal experience and discerning it, then applying what they've discovered for making positive changes in their living experience. Make the most of this home-study course and truly manifest the life of your design. Start off on the right foot by downloading The Secret Code to Abundant Software, created by, Paul Bauer, Founder of, this download is a helpful reminder on your computer to tune into your goals. To guarantee success with your Silva techniques, we recommend that you take The Silva Method Life Training. For more information, or for course schedules and locations, log on to or call 1-888-597-8384, or 956722-6391 within the Continental United States, and be sure to download Silva Meditation apps that may be compatible with your Smart Phone.

Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting

Denis Waitley One of America's most respected author, keynote lecturer and productivity consultant on high performance and human achievement once said: The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don't define them, or ever seriously consider them as believable or achievable. Winners, on the other hand, can tell you where they are going, what they plan to do along the way, and who will be sharing th e adventure with them.

The fifth ideal condition

is to be mindful of valuable lessons learned from the past and the opportunities the present brings. Every bit of information you learned throughout your life that led to your successes and failures; all the knowledge you have gathered, the hard work, the struggles and opportunities; every tool and technique and concept in The Silva Method; every thing you know about Universal Laws and Universal Truths, are all facets of what it takes to be successful in manifesting.

The second ideal condition is to be extremely mindful of

the process. People who are really good at manifesting have made it a part of their life to practice certain universal truths that have through time led to positive results. They are mindful of what it took, internally and externally, to get those results and repeated their actions until those actions became a true part of their being they literally came to own those actions. Once you identify your personal process or strategy for manifesting what you desire, follow through; then you fine-tune it until you begin to witness the evidence of success. And when you are certain that the process works by the obvious evidence that you are experiencing - memorize it by allowing your body, brain and mind to re-experience the process over and over and over again until you come to know it well.

The sixth ideal condition

screen is always on.

is to be mindful that your mental

That's the area that is past your eyelids and slightly above the horizontal level of sight where you project images known as the mental screen, it is perpetually on and imagery is ongoing. Imagery must be mindfully done, targeted and penetrating. It must carry with it deep emotions charged with desire, belief and expectancy. The image of your goal is to be projected onto the Mental Screen, with your eyes open or your eyes closed.

The seventh ideal condition is to have a relationship with your higher self or a power greater than you often referred to as Source Energy.
Have or create a clear understanding of what Source Energy means to you? It could be Universal Energy, life force, God or an imaginary super computer. It is that energy from where all things come; from where all things originated, going way back to the big bang that responds to your thoughts, images, feelings and emotions; good and bad.

The third ideal condition is be connected with your purpose in life.

Do what you love to do to the point that it is a true reflection of your being and everything you have is a reward of doing what you love to do, what you are passionate about.

The eighth ideal condition is to meditate daily.

It is in meditation where the magic lies. Mediation is important for establishing your points of reference for how you feel when you are in deep meditation and have used your techniques with great success. In recalling your points of reference you are more likely to repeat success and able to recreate that same state of mind with eyes open or eyes close.

The fourth ideal condition is to Be Vigilant

Be vigilant of what obstacles deter you from your goal once it is set such as worrying, procrastination, a lack of discipline, bad habits, or apathy? All of these are symptoms and they are more than likely due to you not being connected to your life's purpose; to what you feel passionate about and you love to do. Make discovering your passion; your life's purpose the first place to start.

As you meditate, internalize your focus and go within, become very, very sensitive to both your internal and external experience for it is in understanding how you function that you will become consciously competent with your manifestation strategy or process.


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting


Meditation allows you to understand your internal process and learn how to discern and make effective use of the information you perceive. Information that comes to you from pondering on your future, fears, anything that stirs you in any way; information in the form of sounds, feelings, visions and dreams. While meditating you are able to become familiar with and control that internal voice that excites you, belittles you, humiliates, angers or encourages you. You come to recognize whether it's even your voice that you're hearing. Maybe it's a parent's, or bosses or lover's voice and not even your own. By becoming well acquainted with your internal experience and managing it, you begin to mange more effectively your external experience. All forms of meditation follow a specific four-step format: Entering meditation Deepen your internal state Programming or the purpose of the exercise Exiting the meditation

Creating a Passive Moment

To create passive moments several times during the day simply do the following: Close your eyes in order to eliminate 85% of the external stimulus that comes in through your focused sense of sight. Take a deep breath and notice your breathing as you inhale and you exhale. Breathe deeply, slowly and rhythmically. Become aware of your heartbeat. Connect with your core self, your spirit self, deep within. Feel your aliveness. Connect with all else that is.

If you do this several times a day, you will allow yourself to stay clear in mind, more relaxed, in control, manage your emotions more easily and be able to think through problematic situations.

Open Eye Meditations

Now, when meditating with your eyes open, internalize your focus by defocusing your vision and for a fraction of time, focus your attention to the image of the goal. Every time whatever it is you want to manifest comes to mind, take a few seconds to internalize and picture outcomes and benefits. This is your best example of dynamic, energetic meditation. For Open Eyed Meditations, do the following: Close your eyes and picture on your Mental Screen your goal. Picture it as clearly as possible in the same way you that you would recall a photograph, a favorite movie or a clip on YouTube. Focus on the goal image you are picturing with your mind. Sense the image on your Mental Screen, out and away from your body, past your eyelids and slightly above the horizontal level of sight. Describe it in detail and color if it helps to create a clearer image. Now, desire it intensely; believe intensely that you are worthy of it and capable of manifesting it and feel an intense expectation that it will manifest.

As good as long meditations are to understand your internal process, goal setting, role-playing, health and healing and enhanced spirituality, there are many benefits to short meditations and even shorter meditations I call zap meditations. This is a great time for us to consider a different perspective on what meditation is. Because you're probably meditating more often than you think. More often than you give yourself credit for or realize. The Silva Method uses both dynamic meditation and passive meditation. Dynamic meditation is easy to learn and involves alpha functioning. In the beginning you simply need to close your eyes, relax your body and mind, and internalize your focus. Learn to recognize the mental state that you know leads to successful outcomes regardless of the brain frequency. Anytime you internalize your focus with a purpose in mind, even if it for just ten seconds, thirty seconds, one minute or two, you are meditating. Deep passive meditation requires slow theta frequencies and requires a bit more effort to maintain consciousness.


Silva Manifesting Now still focusing your mind on the image of the goal, coupled with the subjective energies of desire, belief and expectancy, open your eyes. Allow your eyesight or vision to remain defocused as if daydreaming. Continue to picture the image on your Mental Screen but now with your eyes open and defocused vision. Make a point of reference with this experience. Remember how this feels. Blink, focus and out again.

Silva Manifesting


Actualization Process Your Personal Code to Success (PCS)

It is important for you to discover your process for successful Manifesting and be consistent, persistent and congruent with your practice of the tools you have learned. This process is your own recipe for success. And although you may have been somewhat unconscious of it, it seems to have always been somewhat the same. You repeated the same pattern the same steps to achieve outcomes. It doesn't matter if it's something you really, really want or really, really fear. It's the actualization process of the strong, constant, emotionally charged thoughts that need to be very clear in your mind. In other words, your personal code to success. To help discover your Personal Code to Success bring to mind the following: A time that you wanted something really, really badly such as a secret love, an increase in your pay or a job promotion. Connect with it. A time when you had a persistent thought that materialized, in other words, what you thought about, came about. A time when you really believed in something so strongly, so deeply, that it seems that your belief alone made it happen. A time when you had a feeling of Something is going to happen, an expectancy of sorts, and it does happen. From all of these prior experiences where you apparently were successful at manifesting your thoughts or your dreams and desires and even your fears How were those thoughts different than the usual thoughts? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

10 second Zap Meditation

Zap meditations are similar to Open Eye Meditations but done in short periods of time. Once you practice your Open Eye Meditations a few times, you are capable of doing Zap Meditations. To do a Zap Meditation, do the following: Defocus Picture goal Desire it Believe it Expect it Blink, focus and out again

Stoplight Meditations
Stoplight meditations are done as you are approaching a stoplight. The moment you see that yellow light, bring the goal to mind, stop at the red light and program, program, program, program and continue to program focusing on goals, outcomes and benefits. The moment the light turns green you blink, you come back out, focus and go and this is what we call the stoplight meditation. Meditating with your eyes open will allow you to energize your goals frequently throughout the day. Mindful, opened-eyed meditation is effective and will help keep you on your path to successful manifestation. Every time you think of your goal you are to internalize your focus and zap your image with the subjective energies of desire, belief and expectancy because those


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting


Were they always present in you mind? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Did they seem to pop up every little while? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Did you ever find yourself daydreaming about it, even somewhat unconsciously? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Were you thinking about it the moment you awoke? Went to sleep? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Were there any images, emotions or feelings associated with those thoughts? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________

Did you suddenly find yourself internalizing your focus the moment you thought of what you desired? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ When you think about something you really, really want and you're alone, what happens to you? Do you go within and ponder on these things, on these thoughts, and on these goals, on these ideas? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ How long do you think you spend in that internal mode of thinking - a minute, two minutes, five, more than five minutes? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ In your mind, replay what you experience when you initiate and go through the process that eventually leads to your desired outcome. Memorize it!

Living Your Lifes Purpose

One of the most valuable goals that you could hope to achieve in life is to find your purpose or mission. To live your life knowing that you are a unique individual with talents and gifts that must be satisfied, that must be discovered. To be able to satisfy the question, why am I here? What am I meant to do? What is my value and my worth and then to live a purpose driven life?


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting How would you feel when you woke up in the morning?


Because when you do, you find that you are able to live your life with deep meaning, with a reason to exist. And that adds great worth and value to how you perceive yourself and it enriches your living experience as well. Living your purpose is gratifying; it's satisfying to the soul and adds meaning to every waking moment. How wonderful to know, deep in the core of who you are, deep in your spirit, that what you're doing is what you came here to do. When you work from purpose you have the ability to lift the spirits of those who come near you. What better goal can you set and manifest than to live a life of purpose where your spirit shines through. And it doesn't matter what it is that you do. What matters is that it was what you were meant to do. Because when you begin to live life with purpose and you do it with passion and love, everything else will fall into place. You will always have an abundance of joy, self-worth, and confidence and you will never, ever, ever lack for any of the material things that many of us enjoy.

_____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ What would be the purpose of your life? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ What kind of goals would you have?

Answer the following questions:

What it would be like to be living on a daily basis, the work you were born to do? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ What do you expect it would feel like? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ What experience would it involve? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ How would you measure your success? _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________

Being, Doing and Having

Success for some has to do with having. For others, it has more to do with doing. We often lose ourselves in busily going about life DOING, wanting, acquiring or HAVING things that we misplace sight of who we really are and what we are here for. In other words, we lose sight of BEING.


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting


How wonderful to be able to do what you love to do? Where what you are doing is a direct reflection of your unique gifts, talents, purpose for living and being. And because you love what you do, you do it skillfully, with precision and passion, making you a very sought after person by those who are in need of your talents, gifts or services. Too often, we forget what the nature of our BEING is. It is in recognizing our true BEING that we are able to discover and fulfill our life's mission by living a life driven by purpose. Typically, in order to experience love, you need to be more loving with others and live a loving and love filled life; to experience joy, acknowledge the things that bring joy into your life, big and small; to experience creativity, use your imagination in everything you do; but to experience deep fulfillment, follow your heart and make great use of the gifts that are inside you.

Do you love who you are with or at least like who you spend a great deal of time with? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ If you do, great, but if you don't, then what are you going to do about it? What are you going to do to change this? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ What if, what if you had more money than you could spend? What if you inherited ten million dollars, would you continue to do the work you already do? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Where is your joy? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

Questions of Purpose
Here are some questions whose answers may help you discover more about yourself: Do you love or even like what you do? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Do you like where you are? Where you live? The environments where you spend most of your time be it at home or work? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

____________________________________________________________________ Where is your passion and motivation? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting What about when you were a teenager?


What makes you feel most energized? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ What experiences, throughout the whole of your working life, have you found most rewarding, inspiring, touching and meaningful? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ What work would you love to do if you had all the money and time you needed already, or if all the work paid the same? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ How much time do you spend thinking about what you don't like about your existing work situation? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Think about when you were a child. Remember what you were told you were good at, or what you remember doing easily and effortlessly. ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ And what do you find easy now? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ What would you call work you truly loved creative expression, permission to play, Joy? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Recall four occasions as a child where you experienced real joy? 1. __________________________________________________________________ 2. __________________________________________________________________ 3. __________________________________________________________________ 4. __________________________________________________________________ When was the last time you actually did experienced real joy and what were the circumstances? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting


What ideas come to mind when you think of how you could create more joy in your work life? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Who are three people that you know who are happiest in their work? 1. __________________________________________________________________ 2.__________________________________________________________________ 3.__________________________________________________________________ Who are your role models for enjoying and loving their work? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ What did it take for them to get there? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ What do I sense is my true purpose in life? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

Know in your heart with total certainty that there is a special place in the world that only you can fill. You must be determined to create or find this place. To find your life's purpose Your primary intention needs to be to discover what you love, are inspired and excited by; to use your talents and strengths to be the fullest and be the most joyful that you can possibly be. Discovering your purpose is the easy part. The hard part is keeping it with you on a daily basis and working on yourself to the point where you become that purpose. Be committed to discovering your bliss and following where your heart leads.

Where Attention Goes, Energy Flows Be Focused

No Monkey Mind
The Monkey Mind is a Zen Buddhist term describing a mind that jumps from thought to thought like a monkey jumps from tree to tree. The monkey mind is not satisfied with being in the present; it gets easily distracted with thoughts of the past or future and just about any thought that passes through. Author Lynn Scheurell says, The monkey mind is your servant. That is, you have the power to consciously direct its activities through focus and address whatever it is working on in the moment. The chatter of the monkey mind is similar to that created in a room full of people having individual conversations. All together, it just makes noise. However, if you handle each conversation individually, they begin to make sense. The ability to handle each conversation individually requires you to pay attention and be present to your monkey mind. When you allow for information processing you can then tame the monkey in your mind. Taming the monkey mind simply means you must give the monkey in your mind a task, a direction to focus on and focusing on goals and outcomes is a great task for the monkey mind. You must keep your attention on your goals always. Taking your attention off the goal will only reveal obstacles and roadblocks.


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting


Everything Needs Attention

Your goals need attention in order for you to achieve them successfully. There's a saying that says, Where attention goes, energy flows. And it takes focused energy to manifest. When we are distracted by the monkey mind we do things mindlessly. We do things without really putting proper attention to them. Attention is a very desirable skill that you must cultivate.

effects of hardships, fear and anger. Mindfulness allows us to understand how to stop recreating what we don't want in life and what it takes to make great things happen instead. It is amazing how many people are oblivious to their internal experience and how it influences their every waking moment. Meditating on a daily basis and being mindful of your internal and external experience will be your best mode for becoming more attentive. Once you are satisfied that you have developed your power of attention, then it's time to take it to the next level and put a lot of attention on what you desire to create and/or manifest. As you can see, it is important to understand what the monkey mind is trying to tell you and how it's trying to tell it to you requires you to pay attention to your internal process.

Cultivate Attention
You are not born knowing how to tend effectively to your thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. You developed the skill throughout your lifetime. In all actuality and quite unconsciously, everything that you have done in your entire life has helped you to pay attention. But to what are you paying attention? Where is your focus? What kinds of experiences did you have that led you to focus on either the good, the bad, the beautiful or the ugly? If your focus is always on the bad, ugly, doom and gloom, you will have a tendency to attract more of that into your life in the same way that focusing on the good, beautiful, optimistic qualities of life and on hope will attract more goodness into your life. The choice is yours to make and it truly is a choice.

Engage Your Entire Being Multiply the Power

You Need to Participate Fully
Your manifestation process will require you to engage all of who you are. You must be fully present.

Effective Attention
For the power of attention to be useful, you need to be mindfully and deliberately paying attention to monkey in your mind and the thoughts that lower your confidence, create stress, fear and anger. Then give the monkey the task of focusing on building confidence instead, managing stress, turning fear into personal power and dissipating your anger.

Spiritually, you can attune to information beyond what you perceive with your physical senses with no limitations. The spiritual dimension is the environment where thought thrives. That's the world of feelings, emotions, images and intentions as well because they are all invisible, intangible, and non-physical in nature. Your spirit is the greatest part of who you are and cannot be disregarded nor can it be taken lightly.
When you know you are connected, you then project an intense feeling of the subjective, spiritual energies of desire, belief and expectation That's faith! Faith has to do with having a tremendous desire to achieve something, a knowing that whatever it is you desire will without a doubt happen and the expectation of it happening.

Add Mindfulness to Everything You Do

When you add mindfulness to everything you do, you are strengthening the power of attention. Mindfulness while showering, eating, conversing with others, even walking will enhance your power of attention. Mindfulness is a way of relating to and understanding ones internal and external experience and has long been used to effectively deal with and overcome the

Mentally, you need to meditate frequently, deliberately, persistently and use your mental faculties to connect you to and experience holographically the image of what you desire to create. Your intelligence lies within the spiritual realm and it uses mind and the mental senses to maneuver itself in the unfathomable spiritual domain. Mind is a focusing faculty of


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting


intelligence that allows it to attune itself to any point in time, past, present or future; or space, from the microcosm to the macrocosm. So mind is a focusing faculty of intelligence much like the eyes ability to see far or near in a fraction of a second.

Do yourself a favor and take a few moments to write down your goals in the area of health, abundance, career, relationships, love, happiness and your overall future. Write down as many as come to mind.

Emotionally, you must stay grounded and connect to those feelings that have to do with hope, faith, forgiveness, appreciation and gratitude. The emotional you or your emotional body needs to be supporting you along the way. It needs to be strong and healthy. This means that you need to take care of loose emotional strings that may be sapping your energy such as unresolved issues in your relationships, following through with an important phone call, doing your job to the best of your ability or overcoming procrastination issues that have made you fall behind in what you are expected to do.
In order to manifest the life of your own design; in order to manifest your goals; in order to achieve the kind of success you want to achieve, you must have energy available for you to do so. And if you have issues sapping your energy away, then you don't have energy to invest on manifestation. Settle unresolved issues Mend relationships Ask for forgiveness to those you've offended Forgive yourself for things of the past. Free your emotional space and allow yourself to feel deserving of what you want.

Goals to Manifest
1. _________________________________________________________________ 2. _________________________________________________________________ 3. _________________________________________________________________ 4. _________________________________________________________________ 5. _________________________________________________________________ 6. _________________________________________________________________ 7. _________________________________________________________________ 8. _________________________________________________________________ 9. _________________________________________________________________ 10. ________________________________________________________________ 11. ________________________________________________________________ 12. ________________________________________________________________ 13. ________________________________________________________________ 14. ________________________________________________________________ 15. ________________________________________________________________ 16. ________________________________________________________________

Physically, you must do the necessary legwork, get into action and do the do. Write down a list, in order of importance of what you really want to manifest. Do not skimp at all or be afraid of wanting too much. There's no such thing. Work with your list until you resonate with it perfectly. Go over the list before and during every meditation, morning, noon and night. Imagine outcomes and benefits. Make copies of the list and tape it to your mirror, carry another one with you in your pocket or purse and have it accessibly visible. You must also take care of yourself physically.
Eat nutritiously, exercise, sleep as much as your body needs in order to feel rested and be able to think clearly and problem solve more efficiently; be disciplined enough to find a balance that works for you when it comes to health, having fun, work, family and finances. Anything to an extreme that you are not equipped to handle will work against you.


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting


17. ________________________________________________________________ 18. ________________________________________________________________ 19. ________________________________________________________________ 20. ________________________________________________________________ 21. ________________________________________________________________ 22. ________________________________________________________________ 23. ________________________________________________________________ 24. ________________________________________________________________ 25. ________________________________________________________________ 26. ________________________________________________________________ 27. ________________________________________________________________ 28. ________________________________________________________________ 29. ________________________________________________________________ 30. ________________________________________________________________ 31. ________________________________________________________________ 32. ________________________________________________________________ 33. ________________________________________________________________ 34. ________________________________________________________________ 35. ________________________________________________________________ 36. ________________________________________________________________

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Make Affirmations and Proclamations

Your affirmations need to be carefully structured in the present tense; they must be positive; they must be personal; they must be specific. You can condense affirmations to a power word that symbolizes the entire meaning of the affirmation that you can repeat over and over both mentally and out loud. As you think of that goal, write down a description of your goal in detail by answering the following: What you want to achieve? Describe it. ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ What benefits are you going to enjoy because you have achieved that goal? Describe it. ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting Do you feel motivated, passionate, excited? Describe it.


What are you going to notice around you as feedback that let's you know that you have already achieved that goal or that you are very close to achieving it? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ How is it going to make your life different and better? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ What are some of the things you hear people say to you about your progression towards that goal, that outcome? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ How do you feel emotionally? Physically? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Describe the energy that fills you because you are moving in a direction that is very appealing to you? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Now that your goal is fully and completely clear, condense your description into an affirmation or a proclamation such as, I am enjoying this, that or the other. I am a fulfilled person who has achieved greatness. I have arrived. Meaning that you have already arrived at your outcome.

Affirmation for Your Goal or Future You:

____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Condense the affirmation into a power word. A power word that encompasses the entire paragraph that describes your goal achieved.

Power Word:
____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting


Other Questions to Add Clarity to Your Outcome

When do you want to achieve this goal? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Where will you be when it does manifest? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Who's going to be there? Who's going to be there to validate that you have already arrived? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Why is this important to you? ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

Who else gets to benefit? Remember that success never happens alone. It always happens in relationship to others. ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

The Power of Allowing Give Yourself Permission

The Law of Allowance
There are several ways to interpret this law. One way is to allow others to be as they are. This involves acceptance of other people's freedom to be who and how they are in just the same way you are free to be. Another interpretation of this law is to allow yourself to receive everything and anything from the Universe. In addition to allowing yourself to receive, you also need to allow yourself to do, be or have as in giving yourself permission.

The Universe of Plenty

The Universe is bountiful. There's no lack of anything. You must allow yourself to receive everything and anything from the Universe. Do not resist and don't judge. Instead, observe, think, take it in and respond. Give yourself permission. Allow yourself to enjoy. Simply say to yourself: I allow myself to be happy. I allow myself to be prosperous. I allow myself to triple my income. I allow myself to find my perfect love. I allow myself to exist in a perfect state of health.


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting


Allowance is Positive
The most effective way to allow something to manifest from the Universe is to maintain a positive mental and emotional state. When we are feeling negative emotions, we are literally blocking creation from coming into manifestation. It is our negative emotions that hold us from manifesting goodness and the very things we desire. When you release your resistance and negativity, you are back in the state of allowing and all the abundance, freedom, joy, success, prosperity, wealth, happiness, whatever you desire, can flow your way. The fact is, nothing can stop you or hold you back from manifesting what you desire when you are in the state of allowing.

The Value of Mental Housecleaning

Mental Housecleaning is what we teach in The Silva Method to acknowledge in our mind a negative thought, belief or emotion. It is a practice of being mindful of your internal dialogue and any time you catch yourself thinking, believing or saying something negative, you are to bring it to your awareness, cancel it out or delete it and substitute it with a more positive or resourceful thought, belief or statement.

Cause - Effect in Action

Whether or not you are conscious of it, what you do while your focus is internalized will directly reflect on your physical living experience. Mind, Spirit and Emotions are all aspects of you while your focus is within. What are you doing with your mind? Because your mind affects everything you do. What are you doing with your spirit? Because that's your lifeline; without spirit you are dead. What are you doing with your emotions? Because emotions have been proven to influence your body and your environment. Only mindful and aware people can understand reality for what it really is.

Your External Experience Reflects Your Internal Experience As Within - So Without: The Law of Correspondence
Law of Correspondence
The law of Correspondence tells us that everything is a reflection of itself only at a different level or depth.By studying our experience of our outside world we can learn many aspects of ourselves within. It also implies that there are two worlds, the world within - the spiritual, subjective world and the world without - the physical, objective world. It is the world within that creates the world without.

Do Not Sabotage Your Outcome The Hidden Message of Unworthiness, Perfectionism and Procrastination
Fear of Success and Failure
It is a surprise to most that there are about as many people with a fear of success, as there are with the fear of failure. All the things you could have had, done and been, are now missed opportunities because of undeserving feelings, lack of self-worth, a perfectionist nature, living in the NO and worse yet, procrastination! You must get rid of those ugly monsters once and for all!

Know Yourself
You must learn and understand the world within you in order to use that understanding to create and manage the world without. When taking into consideration the law of Cause and Effect or the whole concept of cause and effect where one thing leads to another. The world within is where the cause is formed and the world without is where the effect is experienced. Elements of the world within such as your beliefs, govern the world without - making your worldly experience a reflection of what is going on within you and we have said time and time again, that beliefs govern your living experience.

How Do You Sabotage Success?

There are many reasons why people fear being successful. The most important thing is to identify your reasons for not achieving or for fearing success. Once you are able to identify your reasons then you can study them mindfully and override them.


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting


This will allow you to transform your fear into action and begin breaking new grounds confidently. Feeling that you are unworthy or undeserving of success Waiting for things to be perfect Living in the NO Procrastination Begin your breakthrough by taking one small step at a time. Transform unrealistic goals into believable ones. Break down your long-term goals into a series of steps that you can take oneat a time. Compartmentalize huge projects into smaller, doable Manifesting. Give yourself a standard to work by that allows for very, very good, not wasting time on the impossible perfect. And acknowledge your success so as to build your self-worth. And always, keep your eyes on the goal. Every day and in every way take some kind of action that will move you towards realizing your success!

Be mindful of your thoughts establishing a practice of stopping whatever it is you are doing to actually notice what is going on within you, in your thoughts, in your consciousness. Stay connected and focused to your goals by going within, visualizing them and then zapping them. Keep a constant connection to your goals until you manifest them. You have already created your Manifesting in your mind, consciousness and awareness. They are very, very real at the spiritual level. The only thing you now need to do is allow them to move their presence into the physical world; into physical manifestation by keeping that thought doorway open with your positive thoughts, intentions, actions, beliefs and a focus on opportunities.

You must be ever mindful and considerate of the cause/effect relationship between thoughts and outcomes. This implies that you must intentionally craft your thoughts as if they were the very material needed for constructing a masterpiece because indeed they are. For any construction there must be a blue print. Your thoughts lay out the blue print that you are to follow in creating your masterpiece - your manifestation.


What You Think About - You Bring About

Thinking Affects Everything
The way you think is fundamental to success and manifestation. Thinking affects everything because it is necessary in processing your beliefs, fears, joys, loves, hopes, what you focus on...well everything! Thinking engages a set of mind skills that will get you what you want, but if you're disconnected with what's going on inside you, then your thinking process can keep you from getting it.

They are to be aimed towards your target that being your image of what you desire to manifest. Your target reminds you of where to direct your thoughts and efforts. Your goal is not near target Manifesting but right on target Manifesting. And never... ever...settle for a near miss.

When focusing on what you want to manifest, your thoughts are to flow towards the image of your goal without interruption, forming a series of subjective images, beliefs, feelings and expectations without reversals or deviations. You do this every time you think of what you desire to manifest. You can do this with your eyes open and your focus internalized. And you can do this with your eyes closed during your meditations. The idea is to do it frequently.

Thoughts Are Fundamental

Your thoughts create the atmosphere for successful manifestation. Your thoughts must be mindful, deliberate, targeted, congruent and consistent in order for you to achieve all of your goals or better than that! And you can achieve your goals rather quickly. Thoughts are the fuel of creation and we are masters of thought manifestation.


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting


Your thoughts must be in harmony, congruent and in agreement with what you desire to manifest. Don't kid yourself; it doesn't work any other way. Every time you deviate from this concept; every time you think of anything but what you desire; every time you bring doubt into your awareness, you are slowing down the speed in which your goals will manifest. Your thoughts must be aligned with your goals. They must be congruent.

the future and experience the consequences of having made that choice fully and completely. Then, experience mentally what would be the difference had you made another choice? How will your choice affect you and/or others physically, spiritually, emotionally, mentally or even financially?

Tips on How to Make Better Choices and Decisions

Confidence is the feeling of self-assurance arising from one's appreciation of one's own abilities or qualities. Build confidence by studying the area of your interest fully and completely and practicing it over and over again. In any and every field, those who have achieved success are the ones who are doing what they love, are disciplined and persistently practice their skill or talent with a passion.

And finally, your thoughts must be unchanging in what you want to achieve over a period of time. You must stay the course. You can upgrade what you desire to manifest but don't change the course of your efforts. There are many ways to achieve health, love, happiness and success but when you kick it up a level they are all pointing in a positive direction. Your thoughts construct your reality and create a blueprint of what's possible in your life. Your thoughts influence the way you think and feel about your life. Thedirection of your thoughts dramatically affects your level of success in life and influences what you achieve.

Focus on Positive Outcomes

When your focus is on your decisions resulting in something positive, you free yourself emotionally to also focus on the actual situation and enjoy its evolving success. Believing in your ability to succeed comes from experiencing success and that will develop confidence. Success breeds success and it also breeds a knowing of what elements need to be present in order to transform anything into something good and positive.

Choice Points Free Will in Decision Making

Good Choice - Bad Choice
Everything you do is based on your free will and choice. The key is in making good choices and decisions. There are often many sides to everything but you must learn to choose the very things that will bring more of what you desire into your living experience. You must choose between many alternatives presented that can potentially impact every aspect of your living reality impact your destiny.

Accumulate Successes
Develop confidence and enhance a belief in your abilities to make great things happen and accumulate successes with your techniques.

Break Through your Limiting Beliefs

Break through your self imposed limitations. Begin to understand and recognize what needs to be present internally and how to follow through congruently externally. With every success you build confidence in your ability to take charge of your living experience and create positive outcomes.

Contemplation Meditation
Because what you choose may have extremely significant consequences to you and the lives of countless others, you are to contemplate and meditate on your options. Consider the implications of making each choice. Mentally, project yourself into

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Realize that something within you is able to tap the source of all information without boundaries of time or space and you have access to exactly what you need to know


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting


in order to choose wisely and live the life of your design. This ability is your intuition at work and will lead to confidence.

Four: Great is Great - Encourage It

In your relationships you encourage the best in others, bring out their talents, acknowledge their gifts, honor their uniqueness, and be the example. For you to have this understanding means you possess greater tools than most and more than that, it means that you have a responsibility to share these tools with others. Show them the way. Guide them as to how to get from where they are to better, then to great. Train them with the necessary skills and lead them forward.

Expect Greatness - You Were Born Privileged

Dont Settle for Mediocrity
Personal growth and evolution requires a desire toward becoming better than we currently are, a belief that we will progressively get there and an expectation of great things to come into our lives. So why do so many people settle for anything but having it all! We must aim for greatness. Here are some ideas that will help you achieve greatness!

Five: Stay Connected

Take your daily dose of motivation and nurturing. Daily doses in the form of meditations may be all you need. You can also download the Silva-meditations, IPhone application and get your daily dose of positive energy as you need or when feeling low in confidence. An inspirational book, an amazing biography can all do the job. The point is to stay connected.

One: Be Ardent
Whatever you do, do it with enthusiasm and passion. Your enthusiasm and passion are transparent. You will wear your passion on your sleeve when you are completely committed to doing great things, being great and attracting greatness. This is why discovering your passion is so important.

Six: Rate Yourself

Rate yourself the moment you begin the quest for greatness on performance, expectations, knowledge, skills, and abilities as a role model to others. Use it as your baseline measure. Once a week give yourself a mini evaluation and once a month, give yourself a major evaluation. Here are some evaluation guidelines Exceptional Means that you consistently exceed your expectations to a measurable degree in knowledge, skills, abilities, as a role model and performance. Commendable Means you frequently do what you consider to be exceptional. Solid Performer means you simply meet your expectations. Needs Improvement means that you do not do what is exceptional on a consistent basis And unacceptable means you don't meet your expectations of what you consider exceptional and you only have occasional successes and your performance is on a downward spiral.

Two: Surpass Your Prior Expectations

You have set expectations for yourself about life, love, money, your career, your future and yourself. Now you must surpass all of those expectations and strive for greater. Studies have shown that when you expect something from someone, or yourself, you are likely to get it. Make yourself aware of your present expectations and search for where you can kick it up a notch. Wake up in the morning saying to yourself out loud, Today I will expect something great to happen to me! Then, seek it out during the day.

Three: No Compromising
Great is great. Expecting greatness is just that and nothing less than that. So don't settle for second best! If it is greatness you want, then expect it in yourself, and desire it for everyone and everything.


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting


Self-evaluations are valuable because now you are being accountable and responsible for your actions and behaviors and that is a quality we need to encourage in everyone.

Conceive, Believe, Achieve - The Power of Belief

1. Conceive
Before any manifestation can take place in physical reality, you must first devise a plan or idea in your mind. It's necessary to form a mental representation of the desired outcome and imagine it clearly. For some goals, it may be necessary to create a representation of the goal in some concrete manner by focusing on qualities and benefits or giving the goal sensory qualities such as size, shape and color.

Seven: Calibrate, Refine, Upgrade and Repeat

Once you're on a roll and your personal evaluations show consistent growth and excellence, it's time to calibrate your growth and adjust your technique by taking all of the external factors into account or comparing your achievements with others you model. Then, refine your technique by removing unwanted elements and/or by making small changes in an idea, approach, or method. Then, raise the bar and create for yourself a higher standard to meet; an improved upgraded version of the method you used to achieve such positive growth to begin with. Then do it again. When you think of yourself as already having achieved greatness and you create that picture of you, be specific. It may help to answer the following questions: What would greatness look like in you? What would greatness feel like to you? How would your actual behaviors be different and better? How about your beliefs? And what forces you or motivates you to rise to greatness?

2. Focusing on Qualities and Benefits

When your direction or what you desire is vague or confused, then focus on qualities and benefits. Imagine yourself happy, healthy, living with abundance, peaceful, and above all living with love. Imagine a you having all of these qualities even if you don't have a clue as to how you are going to get there.

3. Sensory Qualities
Other goals such as achieving fulfillment are quite abstract in nature and may require you to give it sensory qualities in order for you to represent it to your self in a more concrete manner that you can relate to. The following is an example of questions to answer when giving sensory qualities to an abstract goal: If fulfillment had a size, what size would it be? If fulfillment had a shape, what shape would it have? If fulfillment had a color, what color would it be? If fulfillment had a sound, what sound would it have? If fulfillment had an order, what odor would it have? If it had a texture, what would that be? A density, how dense would it be?

In your meditations, embody those qualities and behaviors and allow your body, brain and mind to come to own them. When you expect greatness for yourself, you do the following: You set the stage for you to be great. You stretch your thinking. You help yourself raise the bar on what you see as possible for yourself. You force yourself to realize that playing small is not acceptable. And you rise to the occasion. Greatness is achieved when you expect it of yourself, others, the world at large and the Universe! You deserve greatness, but don't just expect it - you also need to create it!


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting


By answering these questions, you're creating a sensory representation of your goal in order to work with it in a manner that your body, brain and mind can relate to. Once created, you can step into it and allow it to fill you completely.

What are the common denominators or qualities that were present such as focus, drive, conviction, courage, persistence and follow through. Those qualities are a perfect blending of the subjective energy of belief and the objective action that results in the power of the belief statement. Those qualities must be present while programming for any and every desire or goal to manifest.

2. Believe
There are two aspects of belief. One is a powerful subjective or spiritual energy that must be present and that only you know how much is necessary to make anything happen. The other is the statement you make to yourself that you hold to be true. When you couple these two forces and they are congruent to one another, the power that results is intense. You must genuinely and intensely believe that you can regain your health - that's the subjective energy - while also saying and thinking, I know, without a doubt, that I will regain my health. See, that's is the statement. The two must work together. Make a list of all the times in your past when you seemingly made great things happen out of the power of your belief alone. 1. _________________________________________________________________ 2. _________________________________________________________________ 3. _________________________________________________________________ 4. _________________________________________________________________ 5. _________________________________________________________________ 6. _________________________________________________________________ 7. _________________________________________________________________ 8. _________________________________________________________________ 9. __________________________________________________________________ 10. _________________________________________________________________

3. Achieve
You have thousands of achievements; many of them very, very good; some not so good; and lets face it some that are pretty bad. But they're all achievements. The point is, you have experienced these achievements of all kinds and the qualities of achieving are the same for all good and bad. Out of the thousands of achievements you have already accomplished successfully, the positive achievements to come will rely in great part to you identifying and focusing on the qualities that result in the manifestation of positive outcomes.

Crystal Clear Desires

A Burning Desire
"There are qualities which one must possess to win, and those are definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it. Napoleon Hill

Definiteness of Purpose
Definiteness of purpose describes our reason for desiring whatever it is we desire. Our motivation and direction must be clearly stated or decided. It must have exact, discernible and clear guidelines, boundaries or limits by which what you desire can manifest. This type of preciseness represents a clear and unwavering condition you set for yourself and it expresses a tremendous amount of personal power. It defines the grounds by which you will operate in manifesting your desires.


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting


The Knowledge of What One Wants

Learn as much as you can of what you desire. If you desire health, then find out everything you can about the state of health you desire to manifest through facts, education and available information. Do your research. For some Manifesting such as a job promotion or having more money you may need to acquire certain skills that will prepare you in how to manage the responsibilities or money more effectively. And acquiring more skills through time requires lifetime learning.

Cause, Effect and Feedback - Owning Your Success

Cause is a thought, belief or behavior that gives rise to an action, phenomenon, condition or outcome. This is why we spend so much concentrated effort in reminding you to be mindful of your thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. Those are the causes to many of the effects you experience in life. Your thoughts must be positive, your beliefs resourceful and your behaviors healthy.

A Burning Desire to Possess It

Desire is a motivating force that crystallizes intention. All goals begin with a clear desire and strong intention, but is it a burning desire that will lead to Manifesting? The stronger the desire the more energy focused into the manifestation of what you desire, and the more you involve your whole being in this process. To keep a lamp burning we have to keep putting oil in it. Mother Teresa You have had many burning desires in your past. It is important that you bring as many of them to mind. Remember those times when you made something happen because you desired it with all of your heart and soul. You desired it more than anything you had ever desired in your life. The qualities of that kind of desire are the very qualities you want to bring to mind and have fill your soul anytime you meditate or think of what you desire manifest. Successful Manifesting will occur only when you focus the full power of all you are in spirit, mind, body and emotions, on what you have a burning desire to achieve.

Effect is a change that is a result or consequence of how you think, belief, behave and program. Thinking positively to a higher quality of life. It allows you to shift your focus towards optimism and attract more of what you desire into your living experience. Resourceful beliefs leads to a more fulfilling life, open doors to opportunities and upgrade every aspect of your being. Healthy behaviors, lead to a healthier life and allows you to have greater energy for living.

When an outcome is part of a relationship of cause-and-effect that forms a circuit or loop, then the outcome is said to feed back into itself. When you engage the ingredients for successful manifestation of desire,belief, expectancy, visualization, imagination, persistent action and coherent emotions as instructed; and opportunities present themselves that result in the desired manifestation; those opportunities are feedback that tell you to continue programming in the same manner for future Manifesting.


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting


Polarity of Feedback
Feedback has no polarity. It just is. It is to be considered as information that will help guide your next move. Silva Method practitioners observe some kind of feedback within three days following the programming. It is as if there is a time factor involved for your desires to move Source energy from the spiritual realm to the physical realm. The real magic in manifestation is in you being mindful of how you generate many causes that lead to many effects and above all the feedback that will guide your next move towards manifesting all of your desires or better than that.

Positive and Negative Creations

Coincidences and synchronicities can be both positive and negative depending on your personal focus and state of mind. They are belief based. If you believe in them, then you will focus more of your attention on them and more of your awareness on being sensitive to them. They will seem to appear more often in your living experience but if your mental disposition is a negative or dysfunctional one, then so too will your coincidences and synchronicities be of a negative, dysfunctional nature.

Tricky Synchronicities
Even when synchronicities appear as uplifting happenings, they don't always result in happy endings. Be observant and responsive. Use your intuition and ask yourself questions that will allow deep-rooted information to surface. Question your eagerness to pursue a coincidence. This will allow you to evaluate the coincidences and synchronicities occurring in your life more objectively and not rush into making what can potentially be a life changing decision. If you are healthy, whole and complete, the coincidences will tend to be healthy, whole and complete as well.

There are No CoincidencesSynchronicities

Coincidence is a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection. A synchronicity is the simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection.

What are Coincidences?

A numbers game Something we take deeper notice of when they happen and so they stand out more evidently in our minds An expression of some cosmic happening The results of a change in how we think and believe differently Due to our greater awareness of our internal subjective experience Something we attract with our mind

Patterns in Your Living Experience

A lot of what happens in your life is the result of deeply rooted patterns; how you react or respond; your way of thinking; your problem solving strategy. Patterns are also influence by cycles by which your life flows; your ups and downs; the happy and sad times; times of abundance and times of scarcity. Search for the meaning in the patterns and cycles more than in the actual coincident or synchronicity. It is in noticing and studying the patterns and cycles in your living experience that you can come to restructure the patterns and ride the cycles of your life. This may be what is referred to as living in flow. It's All up to you. There has never been any definitive scientific evidence to prove or disprove coincidences and synchronicities but does it really matter what science says when it come to the role they play in your life? Is your understanding of them, the pattern to their occurrence, how they influence you and your living experience and what they represent more important? You decide. You are at a point that you can decide what coincidences and synchronicities mean to you and how to use them wisely. The greatest power you still have is that power that lies in the beliefs that you hold to be true.

Are coincidental and synchronistic occurrences physical or spiritual? Are they real or just imagined? Is it our interpretation to what repeatedly happens in our living experience what stands out the most?


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting


The Mirror of the Mind - Revisiting Real Magic

M.O.M and Universal Laws
The Mirror of the Mind is an extremely effective technique for manifesting. It incorporates a formula, ingredients for successful manifestation, the Four Areas of Success such and fundamental aspects of many Universal Laws that lead to manifestation. The Mirror of the Mind is a technique that is formed by a series of steps that were programmed at alpha, a very receptive state of mind, and for that reason works best when practiced exactly as programmed. You must follow the formula to get the results in the same way you follow a recipe to make a chocolate cake.

Ingredients for Successful Manifestations

Desire Belief Expectancy Visualization In a somewhat disassociated manner with little color or action Imagination create images that are full of color, bigger than life and dynamic in nature and you are to be fully engaged and associated with the outcome image Persistent action - in both the subjective and objective dimensions; you must do the alpha work and the B.S. as well - the beta stuff. Feedback - will guide your next move and clue you into what changes need to be made in your programming.

First of All
You do the following to use the Mirror of the Mind: Enter your alpha level Project onto and study the problem image in the blue framed mirror Move the frame to the left, erase the image, change the color of the frame to white and project a solution image onto the white-framed mirror Enhance and then project out from the area of your heart and onto the solution image intense desire, belief and expectancy Step into the solution image and become one with it Project out from the area of your heart coherent emotions of gratitude, appreciation, love, compassion and forgiveness Lock it in for later use with the Three Fingers Technique

Whats the Difference that makes the Difference?

In whatever you do, notice what is the difference that makes the difference in your success. Be very mindful of the process. Notice what you did right when the technique works well versus when it doesn't seem to work so well. Don't evaluate the feedback as good or bad. Only view it as information that will guide your next move.

Problem Solving Strategy

You also employ the following problem solving strategy: Study the problem Think of as many solutions as possible Pick the best one Use the Mirror of the Mind technique Action at both dimensions Feedback


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting


Four Areas of Success

You will notice that the four areas of success are woven into the process: The first area of success is to manage stress effectively. Well of course you are going to do that. You are at alpha to begin with when you're practicing the Mirror of the Mind technique. You can't possibly be at level and be stressed at the same time. The second one is to think of what you want and only that. Well certainly, that is the whole goal of the Mirror of the Mind, to focus on solutions on the white-framed mirror. Then third is to beyond limiting beliefs. Well with the Mirror of the Mind you definitely so that. You are working to overcome all of your challenges and manifest all of your goals And lastly is to use more of brain and mind. Well you absolutely do that with the Mirror of the Mind. You have learned to slow down your brain frequency into alpha and theta

As you can see, the Mirror of the Mind Technique is quite inclusive of everything we teach in the Silva Method. It stands to reason being that the Silva Method is all about manifestation as is the Mirror of the Mind technique.

Engaging Heartfelt Emotions - The Power Push

When using the Mirror of the Mind, there are two types of spiritual energies used for manifestation. One such energy engages desire, belief and expectancy, and the other is more emotional in nature and involves feelings of gratitude, appreciation, love, compassion and forgiveness.

Energies for Manifestation

The energies of desire, belief and expectancy are enhanced experientially and projected outward towards the image of what is desired that has been projected onto the Mental Screen or white-framed Mirror of the Mind. The emotional energies of gratitude, appreciation, love, compassion and forgiveness are radiated outward from deep within after having stepped into the image of you already having manifested your goal. While in a meditation, quiet your mind; shift your awareness to the heart area and focus on your emotions. By focusing on these positive emotions you build or enhance them and then push them out into the electromagnetic field created by your heart. You do this after you have created and projected an image that represents exactly what you desire to manifest onto your Mental Screen or white-framed mirror.

Universal Laws
There are also many universal laws woven into the Mirror of the Mind technique. For example: Law of Allowance - Allowing things to happen with little action and no resistance. Law of Mentalism - One Universal mind or consciousness Law of Correspondence - As above, so below; no separation between the physical, mental and spiritual realms The Law of Vibration - Everything vibrates; thought and emotions are vibrations that influence matter The Law of Polarity - Everything is dual, everything has poles; black/ white, yin/yang, up/down Law of Cause and Effect - Every thought, belief and behavior results in specific effects

The Language of Manifestation

What is important for us to understand is that we need to function in the spiritual realm, often referred to as the field, from where all things come and while there, communicate our needs or desires clearly. This means that we must communicate with the appropriate language. So what is the language of the spiritual domain or realm? It is a language you already know. It has no words, although you can compliment it with your thoughts and words. It doesn't use body language or hand gestures, although you can engage your body.


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting


Dualistic Reality - The Merging of the Spiritual and Physical Domains

You Are Dualistic in Nature
You are both physical (Objective) and spiritual (Subjective). In fact most of who you are is spiritual in nature. Your spirit, mind and emotions are all part of the spiritual domain. They cannot be detected by the physical senses nor can they be detected by physical instrumentation. Your intelligence is also spiritual and subjective in nature and although you cannot see, hear, taste, touch and smell your subjective self, you know without a doubt it is a very real part of who you are. The spiritual you is connected to information of all kinds; past, present and future; from the microcosm to the macrocosm. It is through your intelligence's desire and it's ability to attune using mind, that you can access needed information. Intelligence, through mind, can project outwardly or inwardly and sense or become one with needed information. And the very foundation of your physical existence is spiritual in nature in that is it pure energy that cannot be measured in any way by physical instrumentation, yet, gives rise to the sub atomic, atomic, molecular, cellular, and organic dimensions of your very being. This is what constitutes you as a human body.

In the physical dimension, you can only see within a certain frequency of light; hear within a certain frequency of sound; smell what is in the near environment, taste what is in your mouth and to taste you need to touch.

Touch and Feel

In the physical dimension, the sense of touch is a primary sense and your connection to survival. Feel, an aspect of the sense of touch has strong spiritual elements to it and can be either spiritual or physical. Feeling is the inter-phase of the sense of touch between the spiritual and physical worlds and overlaps the two dimensions. Feeling and sensing information with your mind or spiritual senses involves sensations of texture and temperature; visions; images of color that are indicative of something of value; a sense of knowing and even sounds, words or phrases that appear or come to mind.

Practice Sensing Information

Your physical senses allow you to connect with, explore and move about your physical world freely, as freely as you can move about your spiritual world with your spiritual senses. By taking advantage of the information sensed of both worlds, your ability to create, manifest and solve problems is not just twofold; it is multifold.

This concept of being mindful of your existence in both dimensions and having the ability to sense information through both types of sensing mechanisms is what we call TeleMind. In the physical world we speak of time as if moving in the direction we walk, as if the past is behind us, the present is where we stand and the future in front of us. We say things like, Don't worry about the past it's all behind you. Look ahead to the future. My father was an electrician by profession. He learned that if you passed an electrical current through a coil, it would create a magnetic flux at right angles to the left. He took the electrical current to be the energy of life, the coil to be your life line from beginning to end, and the magnetic flux to be our ability to mentally project ourselves outward at right angles to the left from the physical timeline and then turn and look at the physical timeline from a subjective perspective and perceive physical time from a subjective point of view.

Making Sense of Information

Information that is available can surface naturally during a meditation or come to you as a flash of insight as well. But it comes best when you are mindful of your dualistic nature and you shift your focus as needed from the physical to the spiritual. What is necessary for you to do is discern the information you are sensing in order to be able to apply it to problem solving, decision making, creating, manifesting and making your life better. One thing is to sense information and the other is to make sense of the information. Whereas you can sense information beyond the barriers of time and space with your spiritual senses, you can sense information within the barriers of time and space with your physical senses.


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting


By doing this the past would be to the right, the present in front of us, and the future to your left.

Qualities of Intelligence
Your intelligence has access to all knowledge through mind. Mind is a focusing faculty that belongs to Intelligence and mind has faculties of its own. Your mind can do the following: Picture Smell Touch Hear Taste

Take a Step Forward

As you view time from a subjective perspective, imagine taking a step forward where physical time and subjective time cross and meet. By doing this you are able to experience your dualistic nature anytime you need or desire to do so and gather information that will allow you to create and manifest more of what you desire.

Your Connection to All - Dimensional Attunement

Intelligence - One Mind
Once you gather information, you can discern it with your intelligence, and intelligence uses its sensing faculty called mind to do so. With your intelligence and mind you are able to attune to the One Universal Mind also referred to as the Universal Higher Consciousness, Source Energy, Subjective Mind, Source of Being or God. You are able to more fully experience the dance you are in with everyone and everything else that exists. It is up to you to dance and manifest or not dance and experience something less than pleasant.

Much as your body does with its physical senses but the mind can do so without the boundaries of time and space. This fact essentially gives your intelligence the same qualities of the One Universal Mind we are all a part of.

Your Relationship to Everything Else

In addition, you have a direct relationship, connection and rapport with everything else that exists. Your body's makeup consists of: Organ systems Tissues Molecules Sub-atomic particles Organs Cells Atoms Pure energy

Your Relationship to Animals

And the makeup of most animals is very similar to our own makeup. We, at many levels and depths, share many things in common and are in rapport with animal life of all kinds. Most animals have the following: Organ systems Tissues Molecules Sub-atomic particles Organs Cells Atoms Pure energy

Qualities of the One Mind

The qualities of the Universal Mind are the following: Omniscience (all knowing) Omnipotence (all powerful) Omnificence (all creative) Omnipresence (always present) Infinite and eternal (timeless)

Your Relationship to Other Life Forms

We are also in rapport with many smaller animal forms and all plant life because we all have cells.

Your intelligence has these qualities.


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting


Your Relationship to Other Life Forms

We are also in rapport with many smaller animal forms and all plant life because we all have cells. Cells Atoms Pure energy Molecules Sub-atomic particles

Every time you get positive results, you become mindful of how those successes have made your life different and better and you attune to gratitude.

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful and experiencing it internally such as in a feeling or emotion - or expressing it externally such as in a gesture or verbal comment. It is a positive subjective experience or attitude that acknowledges a benefit received or will be received. The focus of being grateful became popularized with the onset of a renewed interest in Positive Psychology attributed mostly to Martin Seligman, considered to be the father of the modern positive psychology movement. Its main thrust is to promote mental health rather than merely treat it.

Your Relationship to Inanimate Matter

We are also in rapport with all matter forms that have no cell life. And although this type of matter is often referred to as inanimate matter, it is very dynamic and in constant motion. It's composed of: Molecules Sub-atomic particles Atoms Pure energy

Positive Psychology
Positive Psychology is the scientific study of the strengths and virtues that enable individuals and communities to thrive. This field is founded on the belief that people want to lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, to cultivate what is best within them, and to enhance their experience of love, work, and play.

Your Relationship to Everything

Regardless of size, shape or location, we are in rapport with all matter be it atoms, subatomic particles or pure energy simply because it is a part of us and we are a part of it. At some level or depth we are connected to everything that exists - we are all one. You have a direct relationship, connection and rapport with everything that exists. Build and strengthen those relationships and they will work in assisting you in your Manifesting. You are a spiritual being having a human experience and the quality of your human experience depends on you.

Three Wings of Positive Psychology

There are three Wings of Positive Psychology: Positive emotions, which entails the study of contentment with the past, happiness in the present, and hope for the future. Positive individual traits which consists of the study of the strengths and virtues, such as the capacity for love and work, courage, compassion, resilience, creativity, curiosity, integrity, self-knowledge, moderation, selfcontrol, and wisdom. Positive institutions which entails the study of the strengths that foster better communities, such as justice, responsibility, civility, parenting, nurturance, work ethics, leadership, teamwork, purpose, and tolerance.

Gratitude and Appreciation - The Key to a Thriving Life

Attuning to Gratitude
Once you begin to apply the Silva tools and techniques, you then begin to experience results and evidence of the effects of thinking, believing and behaving in a different, more resourceful manner.


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting


Religion, Philosophy and Gratitude

Initially, it was considered the obligation of religion to encourage gratitude and the job of philosophy to understand it. Thanks to religion, philosophy and the resurgence of positive psychology we are able to focus on many positive attributes such as gratitude that not only contribute to emotional wellbeing but to a better more fulfilling life as well.

Other studies suggest that gratitude may have a unique relationship with well-being, and can explain aspects of well-being that other personality traits cannot.

Who are you Grateful To?

As you think of the special people in your life who gave you breaks big and small; taught you valuable life lessons; forced you to grow up; guided you through tough times; taught you discipline; taught you how to work, be accountable, be responsible and mentored you to succeed. Who comes to mind? Special Person #1: Special Person #3: Special Person #5: Special Person #2: Special Person #4:

Degrees of Gratitude
Not everyone experiences gratitude in the same way or to the same degree. If your sense of gratitude is dependent on value, cost or intention of the help received, then it is based on external factors and can vary in intensity. Yet, studies have found that spirituality is capable of enhancing a person's ability to be grateful and therefore, those who regularly engage in spiritual practices such as prayer and meditation are more likely to have a greater sense of gratitude in all areas of life. Gratitude based on spirituality appears to be all encompassing. It is prized as a valuable human experience by most religious traditions. And although the Silva Method is not a religion by any definition, we do teach and encourage meditating and expressing gratitude to Source Energy for all of the goodness in our lives. Gratitude is one of the key emotions to be encouraged for it is believed to enhance the electromagnetic field of the heart and influence your body and matter in a positive way.

What are you Grateful For?

As you think of your life what are the things you are grateful for. Big and small, it all counts and is valuable, such as being able to have food on the table, a bed to sleep in, a car to drive, a roof over your head, clothes to wear, even shoes to wear. We take for granted the very things millions of people throughout the world are literally dying to have. What about the fact that you woke up this morning to a new day in a civil country that honors peace; have the ability to work, to create and act on opportunities, to heal your body, solve problems and make your life better? Have you expressed gratitude for that or are you taking all of these things for granted. Gratitude is an attitude...You can choose it and thrive...You can ignore it and wane. List 10 things you are grateful for: 1. __________________________________________________________________ 2. __________________________________________________________________

Benefits of Being Grateful

Studies have suggested that highly grateful people have elevated levels of overall well-being. They are happier, less depressed, less stressed, more positive and more satisfied with their lives and relationships. They also have higher levels of control over their lives and personal growth. They seem to have a greater purpose for living and a higher self esteem and are better equipped for coping with whatever comes their way. Grateful people have better sleeping habits too; they tend to be problem solvers, and think of more positive thoughts and solutions just before going to sleep.

Gratitude is Unique
Many emotions are important to well-being. Yet, studies have shown, time and time again, that gratitude is quite unique. One study showed that people who were more grateful coped better with a life transition; they were less stressed, less depressed, and more satisfied with their relationships three months after the transition.

3. __________________________________________________________________ 4. __________________________________________________________________


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting


5. _________________________________________________________________ 6. _________________________________________________________________ 7. _________________________________________________________________ 8. _________________________________________________________________ 9. _________________________________________________________________ 10. ________________________________________________________________

The expression Pay it forward is used to describe a concept of asking for a good action or favor be repaid by having it done to others instead.

Ancient Concept
Historically this is not a new concept. This idea was used in a play in ancient Athens in 317 BC and later rediscovered by Benjamin Franklin in 1784 when he wrote in a letter, I do not pretend to give such a sum, I only lend it to you. When you meet another honest man in similar distress, you must pay me by lending this sum to him, enjoining him to discharge the debt by a like operation." When he shall be able and shall meet with another opportunity, I hope it may thus go through many hands before it meets with a knave that will stop its progress. This is a trick of mine for doing a deal of good with a little money.

Paying it forward - The Law of Reciprocity

Give of Yourself
To give to the world around you something precious, something valuable enhances your living experience in many profound ways. It need not necessarily be material or monetary. You can give of your time, your love, your learned tools and techniques or simply extend a helping hand to someone in need. Give others a little something of what you have come to enjoy and share your joy with them.

Law of Reciprocity
In 1841, Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote in his essay compensation: In the order of nature we cannot render benefits to those from whom we receive them or only seldom, but the benefits we receive must be rendered again, line for line, deed for deed, cent for cent, to somebody. This concept of paying it forward is much in line with the Universal Law of Reciprocity. This law states that what you give to the Universe is what you will get back. Think about this a bit. What can you do to give to the Universe others, maybe a simple hello, a smile to someone in need of a smile. I always like when people open doors for me. I can walk in freely and it's uplifting. How about picking up trash that is not yours or letting someone else have the better parking space when there's a choice. If someone drops something, pick it up for them with a smile. Nice compliments are always welcomed and phoning a friend in need can be life saving. Learn to listen to someone else's challenges in life and be a good sounding board for them. All of these are ways to pay forward something good.

Good Deeds
Some years back there was a movie called Pay it Forward about a young troubled boy who is caught up by an intriguing assignment from his new social studies teacher. The assignment is simple, think of something to change the world and put it into action. So the young boy comes up with an idea of paying a favor, not back, but forward. Repaying good deeds not with a paycheck, not with money but with new good deeds done to three new people.

Helping Others
This boy's efforts to make good on this idea bring a whole revolution not only to himself but also to so many others who are completely unknown to him.


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting


Charity work is also a way to pay it forward and is something in great demand. Just about anything can be something that you can do to pay it forward. You can give donations. Many people help the homeless by working and contributing to the food banks. There are a lot of things that you can do to help somebody else do better, put a smile on someone's face, or bring him or her out of a hardship.

To the Power of 22
If you pay it forward to three people and they pay it forward to three people and those to three more, by the time this good deed is done 22 times over, it will be enough to go to every single human being on this planet with enough goodness left over. You can truly change the world for the better by doing this, by paying it forward. List three people you can help today: 1.__________________________________________________________________ 2.__________________________________________________________________ 3.__________________________________________________________________ When you consider the Universal Law of Reciprocity; when you help somebody else; when you extend a helping hand; when you do charitable work; when you tithe and contribute generously to serving others; even share your Silva tools, all of it is part of the same concept of paying it forward. In fact, one of the best ways to pay forward your success and good fortune is to treat someone you care for to one of the Silva Products or better yet, a Silva Live Seminar. They will thank you for a lifetime.

Do Unto Others...
Do unto others, as you would like for others to do unto you by helping others, extending a hand, serving humanity. This is all part of the same concept of goodness, of helping others and it goes right along with what we say at the end of every Silva exercise. You will consider the whole of humanity depending on their ages as fathers or mothers, brothers or sisters, sons or daughters. We are one big family.

Tipping Point
How many small acts of kindness will it take for the accumulated positive energy to acquire enough pressure or importance to cause a larger, more significant change of goodness in the world? The numbers are in and it starts with the person you see in the mirror. So from now on, every morning as you wash your face or brush your teeth and you see yourself in the mirror, ask yourself, What good deed am I going to do today? Who am I going to help today? List three good deeds you will do today: 1.__________________________________________________________________ 2.__________________________________________________________________ 3.__________________________________________________________________

You are a Money Magnet

In today's economic climate where the persistent message being blasted by media and people alike is one of doom and gloom it is of utmost importance to stay focused on your financial goals. And with the Silva Method techniques you've been learning, you can and will be a money magnet once you understand some of the key elements and Universal Laws at play. With so much abundance of all kinds in the world, it should be surprising to everyone why it is that every single human being doesn't have everything he or she needs and wants. By now, we have come to understand that attracting money involves many factors and one of those factors is a specific mindset that includes a belief that the universe is abundant and that there is more than plenty to go around for you to enjoy freely and help you achieve everything, everything you desire to achieve.


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting


This specific mindset weaves in and out of everything else you do as well and when you truly lock into and come to own the mindset that attracts money, you may be pleasantly surprised that you will also be attracting more love, ideas, time and joy.

The Right Mindset - Abundance Mindset

On the other hand, an abundance mentality tells you that there are always new chances and opportunities and allows you to see life in a more long-term perspective. It can help you improve your performance since with it you're creating a lot less pressure and anxieties within your own mind. To create an abundance mentality, start by giving what you've got. Be willing to give. You can't live being afraid to spend money. Holding onto your money doesn't bring more of it to you. It does just the opposite.Holding onto or hoarding your money, in fear, is evidence enough that you don't think there is enough.And when you don't think you have enough, you're projecting the scarcity mindset. This mindset is based in fear. And because it is a mindset that weaves in and out in everything you do, you need to observe how it operates in other areas of life as well. Some people are always running out of time.They're always in a panic to get stuff done. They're time vampires.They literally devour their time and suck the life out of themselves until there is no time left. These time vampires live in the ocean of lack. They don't give away their time because they don't think there is enough time to give. And when you don't think there is enough, you're coming from scarcity or lack.

Scarcity Mindset
But what is the right mindset? Most people, when they have something of value, they hold on to it instead of sharing it or giving it away. Their first reaction is to hide it or keep it in the dark and protect it.They keep it to themselves in fear that someone else might take it and run with it.
This type of behavior has to do with your thinking and beliefs. Thinking and believing that there is a limit to what you have and can do is scarcity thinking. That if you give what you have away you won't produce more of the same or even better than that. And that fear has you stuck in a mindset of lack and limitations.

Scarcity mentality can be quite painful. It creates a lot of unnecessary fear, anxiety and desperation. If you have a scarcity mentality then you will probably take things too seriously. You may think to yourself: If I fail, the sky will fall. It won't, though. But you think it will, you become overly nervous and end up creating a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure because your inner, self-created negativity puts obstacles on your path to success. For example: If it's a game, then you may fumble with the ball. If it's an exam, then you may not have been able to sleep and will perform poorly on the test. If it's a date, then you may come off as too needy and nervous and not as your usual more relaxed self. If it's a business deal, then you may say or do something stupid that will totally break rapport with the other person.

The way you do anything is the way you do everything.

If there is lack in one area, then there is lack in all areas of your life.It really comes down to your mindset. So, how do you break the pattern? You've got to be willing to give from where you are. Give what you've got because giving signals the morethan-enough mindset.It signals abundance. When you're in a state of giving, and giving willingly you're telling others and yourself that there is plenty; that there is more than enough for everyone. That you're not scared and that you trust all will be fine financially. And this message is contagious. You receive through the same doorway through which you give. The way to receive freely is to give freely. Quality is more important than quantity, since the universe amplifies thought into circumstance. Begin giving, and let God perfect your giving. Brad Jensen


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting


Here are six ways to create the abundance mindset and give more of yourself:

1. Are you short of time? If that's the case, give away some of your time.
Take time to give to others. You don't have to dedicate 90% of your day to serving others. Just find that balance between giving and receiving. Find an organization or a person that you really love and volunteer some of your time. Give your time away.

You may be saving a life or creating a whole new direction for someone to do great deeds. Q: Whose self-confidence and self-belief can you boost today?

6. Are you short on ideas?

Q: To whom or what can you give more of your time to?

If you're short on creative ideas, then, give the ones you have away! Give others creative ways to increase business, find a new stimulating career or improve their health. Give ideas away and ideas will flood right back to you.

2. You dont feel loved? You've got to give some before you get some.

Give away some hugs. Go out right now and give 5 people you know a big hug. I guarantee right after you do this, you'll feel great. You'll feel like a million bucks! Why? Because you feel loved. And you can only feel loved when you give that love to others.

Make a list of some of ideas you can share with others and then think of people you can share these ideas with. It will make you feel great. 1. __________________________________________________________________ 2. __________________________________________________________________ 3. __________________________________________________________________ 4. __________________________________________________________________ 5. __________________________________________________________________ 6. __________________________________________________________________ 7. __________________________________________________________________

Q: Whom can you tell, I love you more frequently?

3. Are you short on Cash? Give some away. Yes! You don't' need to sell

the farm, but you may consider giving money to a charity, giving money to a friend who needs it, or even giving money to a panhandler in the street. Givers gain. They get back over and over again.

Q: So, where can you give more of your money?

4. Are you feeling stuck and want to get unstuck?

Well, help others first. Think of someone you know that is having a similar problem. And think of a way that you could help them based on what you know. Write down what you plan to do to help this person and then do it. When you help others wholeheartedly, help will always come back to you and can certainly get you out of feeling stuck.

Q: Who can you help and what are you going to do to help them?

5. Lacking self-belief? You've got to give it away by finding someone you

Other Tips
Focus on the abundance, not on the lack
So obviously, what you focus on, you will see in your world. Your mind will bring into forth what you focus your thoughts on. For instance, if you have a lack of money, then don't focus on your lack. Focus and think about the abundance of possibilities in the world to attract and earn money. Focus your mind on that and soon ideas and opportunities to make that happen will start to pop up in your world.

know is lacking in self-confidence or in self-belief and give them a boost. Spend some time with this person and feed their mind. Tell them how much you believe in them. Tell them how successful you see them becoming; how you have always known they could make it. Tell them how proud you are of them. Fill their mind with positive ideas. Instill belief in others and belief will come flowing abundantly to you.


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting


Something else to keep on the surface and have easily accessible is appreciation. Appreciate your food, life, the roof over your head, your friends, family and so on. This can not only turn a sour mood into a more positive one within minutes but also help you notice possibilities you have missed or forgotten. Make the act of appreciating something or anything positive, for a few minutes each day, a habit. Even if it feels like you have a scarcity existence right now, you can turn that around by reminding yourself of all the things to appreciate in your life. Or you may remember previous times when you had abundance. Maybe you had several business or job opportunities lined up. Remind yourself of such times and realize that you can recreate similar circumstances once again. And above all appreciate your money. Look in your pocket, wallet or purse and notice how you store your money. Is it all crumbled up in a wad or toss in like an unwanted bill or even totally out of order? You need to appreciate your money. Put it in order by its denominational value, separate the coins from the paper money. Show a little respect and it will respect you back.

Remind yourself on a daily basis

In addition, when you are striving to shift your mindset to attract more abundance, some people find it useful to use external reminders like written notes posted at places you'll see easily several times each day such as your workspace, refrigerator and mirrors. Seeing words or quotes that reminds you of your new abundance mentality can help your mind snap back into the right headspace once again. With all of these ideas and tips, you have to start with where you are. You can't give what you don't have. But be willing to give what you got from where you are and abundance will flow into your life. You will be actively creating the abundance mindset.

Answer questions on Subjective Energies

1. How much desire do you have to live abundantly and with financial freedom? _____________________________________________________________ 2. Do you believe you are worthy of having financial abundance? _____________________________________________________________ 3. Do you believe it is possible for you to live with financial freedom? _____________________________________________________________ 4. Do you expect financial freedom in your lifetime? _____________________________________________________________ 5. When do you expect it to happen? _____________________________________________________________ 6. What signs do you expect will appear that will indicate you are achieving financial freedom? _____________________________________________________________

Get an abundance vibe from others

Since you may get a scarcity mentality from advertisements and media then it may be a good idea for you to change your input to change your mentality. Cut down on watching the news. Record your favorite shows instead, and skip the commercials. Or just cut down on your TV and media consumption, period. They don't always make for good watching anyway. Replace the scarcity vibe your get from that input by socializing with people that have an abundance mentality over a scarcity mentality. Read, listen to and watch personal development material from people like Brian Tracy, Sean Stephenson, Lisa Nichols and Wayne Dyer. Read success stories in books and magazines. Have a positive attitude to the abundance and success of your friends, family and coworkers because jealousy and envy of others financial success is a deterrent in reaching your own financial goals. Notice where people, regular people just like you and me have been able to shift their beliefs and make great things happen, and achieve high levels of success. In fact, many millionaires and multi-millionaires and even billionaires never even finished college. So be selective with what you put into your mind and create your own environment of abundance.


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting


Beliefs You Hold to be True

1. Abundance: _____________________________________________________________ Reframed: _____________________________________________________________ 2. Money: _____________________________________________________________ Reframed: _____________________________________________________________ 3. Love: _____________________________________________________________

Answer the Following Questions on Clearly Stated Outcome

1. What do you want to achieve with the abundance of money in your possession? _____________________________________________________________ 2. How is financial freedom going to make your life different and better? _____________________________________________________________ 3. When do you expect to achieve financial freedom? _____________________________________________________________ 4. Who will be enjoying your financial freedom with you? _____________________________________________________________ 5. Why is financial freedom important to you? _____________________________________________________________

Answer the following Questions on Staying on Purpose

Reframed: _____________________________________________________________ 4. Time: _____________________________________________________________ Reframed: _____________________________________________________________ 1. What are you doing or going to do in order to create financial freedom? _____________________________________________________________ 2. How are you going to do it? _____________________________________________________________ 3. Realizing that people don't buy what you do, people buy why you do itWHY do you do what you do? This is your worth from inside out. ____________________________________________________________

The goal is not doing business with people who need what you dodo business with people who believe in what you believe. - Simon Sinek


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting


Describe your life by the summer of 2011.

____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

Morgana Rae from Financial Alchemy says to imagine money to be your partner in a relationship. If your are like many people who don't trust money because you believe it doesn't give you enough, breaks up families and causes war, then it's going to be hard to keep that relationship going and money will leave you. Morgana suggests that we think of money as a wonderful and attractive partner we want to spend time with and deepen our relationship with through time. She says that if you were in a relationship with money in the same way you would be in a relationship with someone you truly love, your would pay attention to it, thank it, and look for good ways to work with it so it will want to stay with you and make you happy in other words, you would literally make it a love relationship. She goes on to say that instead of thinking of money as something evil or bad or something that causes problems, think of and imagine money as goodness, solutions and love. You can even create a visual representation of money to look like a beautiful woman or handsome man that woos you and caters to you, then you may very well improve your relationship with money. It's clear that your beliefs about money have to be congruent to your desire to have, earn or generate money. It is also clear that imagery and positive affirmations can help attract more money towards you.

Describe your life this time next year.

____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

Describe your life in five years.

____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

Describe your in ten years.

____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________

Money Affirmations
This money is mine. I was owed this money. Wealth is a part of my life. I am aware of and use the opportunities that bring me money. I have great ideas on how to make a lot of money. My wealth improves my life and of those close to me. I use this money to improve myself and others as well. My thoughts of wealth create my real material wealth.

Describe how will you close your life.

____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting


The feel of wealth is a natural part of my every day life. Money is a great tool of which I have plenty. I use my money well. Money is coming to me more often and regularly. I am the rich child of a generous and abundant provider. I am financially independent.

What To Do?
These very capable scientists on the moon gathered to figure out what the problem might be that was causing their water supply to go bad. They brainstormed and got their computers to start computing and came up with and applied many possible solutions but to no avail. Meanwhile, their supply of drinkable water was dwindling. They exhausted every single solution and idea and quite honestly, did not know what else to do. They were at their wits end and the water supply was now dangerously low. They were desperate for help.

When All Else Fails - Asking Higher Intelligence for Assistance

You are a Problem Solving Being
You are here on this planet with the ability to solve problems of all kinds and create goodness for yourself and others. You were gifted with an amazingly capable body, brain and mind that can deal with just about anything that it's confronted with. Yet, for reasons unknown to you, after doing everything you know how to do to solve a problem, you are stuck; nothing has budged and your problem remains. It is at this very point, when you have sincerely and genuinely applied all of your tools, skills, talents and solutions to correct the problem and you have exhausted all of your ideas, that you have acquired the right of passage to request assistance from Source Energy.

Asking for Help

It was at that point that they realized they couldn't solve the problem on their own and so, having no other choice, they aimed their antenna towards earth to where the creators of the moon project lived and asked for help. With their plea for help was a list of everything they had already attempted, unsuccessfully, so that the creators of the project would know and not waste precious time. Their urgent request arrived within a short period of time and immediately the creators of the moon project gathered. They began to brainstorm, got their computers going and, as would be expected being the creators of the moon project, found the perfect solution. From Earth, the creators were able to transmit correction.

Our Relationship with Source Energy

This appears to be the kind of relationship we have with Source Energy or Higher Intelligence with God. It is almost as if we, having been sent to Earth capable of solving problems of all kinds, must first put our talents and skills to the task before we are worthy of asking for help. Who are we to think that we can order Source Energy, Higher Intelligence - God - to do our work. God take care of this. God solve that problem for me. God fix my broken life.

The Moon Story

Maybe this story will help me explain this concept. A group of scientist were gathered, the best of the best, the smartest of the smartest. They were trained in every possible way to travel to the moon and establish a colony. They did, and the colony tuned out to be a massive success. It was an incredible enclosed environment with clean air to breathe, plant nurseries to grow their own food, flowing filtered water for all their needs - everything. For the most part, all was going very well until one day, for some unknown reason, the water supply went bad. It became contaminated and was no longer potable.

Help from Source Energy

Yet, should you ever find yourself in a problematic situation where you have honestly, sincerely and genuinely done everything you know how to do to solve that problem and after doing all of that you still have no solution, then you have one more option - Ask Higher Intelligence to help you.


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting


Center of the Galaxy

This concept is called the Center of the Galaxy. Obviously, this is a concept that incorporates a great deal of imagination, but because imagination is so powerful, it has worked wonders for countless of Silva practitioners worldwide. The concept takes into account that it is at the center of our galaxy where you find the most intense amount of energy and imagines that energy to be the intelligence or Higher Intelligence that oversees our galaxy.

Congratulations and welcome to the esteemed group of Silva Manifesting graduates who are now ready to begin the real work of creating a life of their design. By now you have learned the formula for Desire, Believe, Connect, Expect and you have all the tools like Zap meditations, your Personal Code to Success, choice points, taming the monkey mind, focusing deliberately, working with subjective energies and coherent emotions, the power push and so much more. Tools that will help you continue the practice of what you learned in Silva Manifesting. You have completed this comprehensive program and have accomplished something great and while it may seem that your work is done, the fact is that your real work has just begun. Now, at this very moment, you are setting the stage for the rest of your life. Using Silva isn't a once applied thing you do in your life. It is an every day practice. It is a way of life. In just the way people you emulate and admire have worked diligently for their success and can now live the life of their design so must you. The most common mistake people make when learning the Silva Method is that they stop using the techniques and they stop practicing. They think it's a chore when in reality it's truly a new way of thinking, believing and behaving. A new way of being that works better than your previous way of being. So please come to own what you have learned and make it a big part of the new you, a you that will continue in this positive direction for the rest of your life. I know way to many people that go through the training, make amazing changes in their lives and then return to their old ways that caused failure, desperation and grief in their lives. Don't you be one of those people. What you learned might seem simple and obvious, but it's far from that and unless you put your tools into real practice, empty opinions won't be enough. You have got to apply it and live it as well. Look at your life, do you like what you see, if you do, great? You are already on the right track but if you don't, if you don't like any little bit of your life, then use what you have learned to transform your life into a life you absolutely love. The technology you learned in this program is designed to keep you on track now - and in the future. But remember, you have to do the do. You are at a choice point

How to Use the Center of the Galaxy

To use the Center of the Galaxy you are to do the following:
Enter your meditation. Program to wake up when all conditions are optimum so that you can ask Higher Intelligence to help you solve the problem you have in mind. State the problem and go to sleep. When you awaken some time during the night, again enter a meditation, bow your head slightly and imagine our galaxy high above and slightly behind you. Imagine connecting, with a beam of light from the back of your head, to Higher Intelligence at the center of our galaxy. Then explain to Higher Intelligence everything you have attempted in hopes of solving your problem. Tell Higher Intelligence that you have done everything you can and don't know what else to do. Then, release your problem to H.I. to solve.

And you end that session by expressing deep gratitude and go to sleep. From that point on you have let your problem go. There is nothing more you can do but to trust that Higher Intelligence or Source Energy will take it from here and solve your problem.


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting


where the right choice can propel you into an amazing life; yet, the wrong choice can at best keep you stuck in the same old rut. You choose. Another mistake people make it that they assume things will be handed to them on silver platter or that change and success will happen instantaneously. In this day and age of instant gratification and immediate knowledge through the wonderful technology we enjoy it's no wonder we think that way. We are often fooled to believe everything in life operates in the same manner. Be clear about the reality of what it takes to create the life of your design. Don't be fooled by false perceptions, false information and snake oil salesmen. Remember what you learned in CD 5, track 6, you have to keep an eye out for saboteurs such as procrastination, perfectionism, fear and unworthiness and conquer and overcome these saboteurs. And you must be tenacious. Stay on track and keep your focus targeted on what you want to manifest. And as you can see from all the successful stories, interviews and testimonials, consistent practice and alignment with your personal code to success and your life's purpose will deliver results time and time again and lead to a very rewarding and fulfilling way of life.


3. Use the Mirror of the Mind technique whenever you want to manifest a new outcome and then every time you think of it imagine yourself in the experience holographically, as already having arrived. You know the Mirror of the Mind is so easy, all you need to do is to think of the problem in the blue frame mirror before you or the present situation, and then think about outcomes and possibilities, then select one. And then erase that problem image, move the frame towards your left, changing the frame to white and then project within the white framed mirror the solution, outcome or goal already manifested. And always step into it becoming one with that image of manifestation, allowing your body, brain and mind to memorize it. And always project outward a feeling of gratitude and appreciation for having arrived. And then use your three fingers technique to lock it in.

These are great tools that you've learned and together with the Mirror of the Mind technique and the Three Fingers technique and the Centering Exercise that we've included, along with the interviews and the great music by wonderful musicians, the only outcome for you is success. And remember, if you ever need support, you can get support from our customer support team, or you can attend a Silva seminar. Just go to, find an instructor or find a class and you will be directed to the hundreds of instructors and Silva success coaches throughout the world. This home study program is great. Every single home study program we produce is great because everything we do in the Silva Method is to help people change their lives for the better. And we are totally committed to that outcome. And although the home study programs area really, really good, and you'll get great benefits out of it, if you really and truly want to insure success, there's nothing that compares to a live experience. Because when you are in a live experience, you get that one-on-one guidance, you share in each other's energies, you with your instructor, with other people in the group. And you learn from everyone who is that classroom with you. And you can get your family and friends involved as well. It is always great to have a buddy in any practice that you do. Share this technology with your friends and family and build your own Silva community. And join ours as well by coming to a Silva event where you get to hang out with super cool likeminded people. And, always, always have fun. Don't take life too seriously. Life is about living with love and joy and you are the one who creates that in your life.

Remember the best way to make this a daily practice is to:

1. Use your zap meditations every time you think of your goals, approach a stoplight or have a little bit of time to pause such as at a carwash, waiting in line at the grocery store or when your placed on hold during a phone call. It only takes ten seconds to do. You know you have many ten second opportunities throughout your day and besides you can meditate with your eyes open or closed. How easy is that? 2. Practice when you feel bad and practice when you feel good - keep practicing and do it several times a day. As you have learned by now, meditations can be short, sweet, targeted and highly effective. You can meditate when you are jogging, doing your chores, well just about anytime. Just do it. All it takes is a little bit of mindfulness on your part.


Silva Manifesting

Silva Manifesting


Remember that artist depiction of our galaxy that I talked about, the one with the little arrow pointing to a tiny dot that reads, You are here. Nothing is ever as bad as it appears. Keep practicing, stay optimistic, keep your focus on your outcomes, take that extra step and wait one more day because tomorrow and the day after, and the one after that will just get better and better through time. Keep the faith in you, your right to abundance and your newly learned techniques and tools. And always remember, every night as you are about to enter sleep and every time you are mindful of your breathing, let it strike a cord in you and cause you to breathe in goodness, hope, love and a knowing that greatness is within reach and breathe out doubt, fear and lack until all of it has totally left your body, mind and soul. After that, simply breathe in goodness and breath out a genuine desire for all to enjoy as wonderful a life as you have learned to manifest. Better and Better,

Laura Silva Quesada

As a single footstep will not make a path on the earth, so a single thought will not make a pathway in the mind. To make a deep physical path, we walk again and again. To make a deep mental path, we must think over and over the kind of thoughts we wish to dominate our lives. Henry David Thoreau

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