Song 1 “Bless Jehovah, O My Soul” (Psalm 103) 1. All my soul will bless Jehovah —My lips sing praise to his holy name— Him who is forgiving error, Taking away all sorrow and shame. Slow to anger, merciful, gracious, All his dealings prove him to be. All the ones who fear Jehovah, His loving-kindness they will see. 2. As a father, God shows mercy, For he well knows of dust we are made. Like the blossom of the field is, That is the way we quickly will fade. But Jehovah’s great loving-kindness Is t’ward all who heed his command. If his orders we remember, God’s righteousness will make us stand. 3. For Jehovah has established, In heav’n above, his glorious throne. Over all he has dominion; T’ward all his works his pow’r he has shown. Bless Jehovah, O you his angels; With all your heart his name extol. Bless Jehovah, all his armies. Bless God Jehovah, O my soul.

Song 2 Obeying God Rather Than Men (Acts 5:29) 1. All things we do to please our God; The world we’ve left behind. The unbelievers think we’re odd, But this we do not mind. And rather God than men obey, That is our firm resolve. Our lives and all we do each day Around him now revolve. 2. To “Caesar” we pay back his things, Give rulers all their due. To God such conduct honor brings And shows that he is true. But since we were bought with a price And no more are our own, We take to heart our Lord’s advice And serve our God alone. 3. If we would bring Jehovah praise And lead a peaceful life, We may not walk in lawless ways Or join in worldly strife. We pay our dues to God Most High, Serve his Theocracy, Thus fearlessly e’er testify To his true Sov’reignty. 4. Our sacred service must come first. We will not be deterred, For many are the ones that thirst; They need to taste God’s Word. Though men may seek to interfere, We know what course to take: Obey our God, to him adhere; He ne’er will us forsake!

Song 3 Gaining Victory Over the World (John 16:33) 1. As we move ahead triumphant In Jehovah’s strength and might, Many vict’ries he does grant us In the warfare that is right. We incur the nations’ hatred With the preaching of God’s Word. Filled with confidence in vict’ry, We will march on undeterred. 2. In this world we will have trouble. Of this fact we’re well aware. But “Take courage!” said Christ Jesus. ‘I will keep you in my care.’ Yes, we can attain to vict’ry, For the battle is not ours. God Jehovah does the fighting; Fire from him his foes devours. 3. O’er the world we are victorious Through our faith in Christ our Lord. With his Kingdom now established, It is he who wields the sword. Just as he the world once conquered, We can surely do the same. Trusting in our God, Jehovah, Glorious vict’ry we shall claim.

Song 4 God’s Promise of Paradise (Luke 23:43) 1. A paradise our God has promised, By means of Christ’s Millennial Reign, When he’ll blot out all sin and error, Removing death and tears and pain. (Chorus) 2. Soon here on earth, for God so purposed, His Son will cause the dead to rise. It was the promise of Christ Jesus: ‘You’ll be with me in Paradise.’ (Chorus) 3. O joy of joys! What grand reunion When billions dead return to life! ’Twill be a time of fine instruction, Completely free from hateful strife. (Chorus) 4. Yes, Paradise our Lord did promise. And he is now earth’s rightful King. So let us thank our God, Jehovah. Do leap for joy; his praises sing. (CHORUS) A paradise the earth will be. With eyes of faith this we can see. This promise Christ shall soon fulfill, For he delights to do God’s will.

Song 5 All Creation, Praise Jehovah! (Psalm 148) 1. All creation, praise Jehovah; Bless his matchless, precious name. Day and night his holy angels Joyously do him acclaim. 2. Sun and moon and starry heavens God’s grand qualities display. They obey his regulations; Never will these pass away. 3. From the earth is praise ascending. Other sheep now make their choice. To serve God, their Grand Creator, In his courtyards they rejoice. 4. Let a great crowd from all nations To Jehovah’s temple stream. He is worthy to be worshiped. He alone is God Supreme.

Song 6 Declare the Everlasting Good News (Revelation 14:6-8) 1. Around the earth with urgency God’s angel flies With everlasting good news, high amid the skies. He says: ‘Give glory and fear him upon the throne. Yes, worship God Jehovah and serve him alone. For now has come the Most High’s awesome judgment hour; Soon all the wicked ones will feel his mighty pow’r.’ Accordingly, God’s Kingdom preachers must not fear But speak out boldly this good news both far and near. 2. And then what does a second angel loud declare That we, Jehovah’s Witnesses, therein may share? He tells about the fall of Babylon the Great, That soon destruction by our God will be her fate. And so Jehovah God commands that we proclaim His vengeance and the vindication of his name. The field in which we preach and teach is great indeed; But God’s own angel in midheaven takes the lead. 3. The Son of man with all his angels in array Begins his work of judging nations in this day. Hate what is bad. Apply the good, you faithful sheep. Fear God alone, and his commandments fully keep. The obligation laid upon us by our Lord Is, ‘Preach the good news, teach the whole truth of God’s Word.’ As ministers, we do exhort courageously, “Come, worship God Jehovah; serve him joyfully.”

Song 7 The Hope of Mankind’s Jubilee (Leviticus 25:10) 1. Creation groans, weighed down in sin. It seems a hopeless plight. A sabbath day is soon to dawn. Relief is now in sight. 2. A Jubilee of peace and rest, To set creation free, Christ Jesus is to usher in; This is by God’s decree. 3. By means of Christ’s Millennial Reign, Man’s lot God will amend. The glorious Jubilee will bring All bondage to an end. 4. Jehovah’s people sound aloud This joyous hope of theirs. With beaming eyes they look ahead For answers to their pray’rs.

Song 8 Loyally Submitting to Theocratic Order (1 Corinthians 14:33) 1. As Jehovah’s people sound throughout the earth Truths about the Kingdom, of such priceless worth, Theocratic order they must all obey And remain united, loyalty display. (Chorus) 2. Jesus Christ, our Leader, is in full control; He equips the soldiers that he does enroll. ’Tis a spir’tual warfare, so we have to act As a group, united, close-knit, and compact. (Chorus) 3. Then we have God’s steward and His active force. These will ever guide us in our Christian course. So may we be steadfast, seeking God to please, Loyally proclaiming all his wise decrees! (CHORUS) Loyal submission in recognition, This to our God we owe. He gives protection, tender affection. Loyalty to him we show.

Song 9 Jehovah’s Blessing Makes Rich (Proverbs 10:22) 1. Bounteous blessings Jehovah does grant As we unitedly serve. Great is our joy when in hearts we implant Words that the wise will observe. 2. Though persecution and hatred abound, And of these we bear the brunt, Since our God’s mercies we see all around, Boldly all trials we confront. 3. If we perform what our hands find to do, Working in things that are right, Our God, Jehovah, who’s loyal and true, In us will find keen delight. 4. Hence, as God’s worshipers, may we show zeal. Blessings there are to be had! His loving-kindnesses he will reveal; With them no pain will he add.

Song 10 Be Steadfast, Unmovable! (1 Corinthians 15:58) 1. As the last days move along to the end, Wisely in service ourselves we expend. Firm and unmovable we want to be, Serving our God faithfully. (Chorus) 2. Pleasures from Satan’s old system abound. Great is the need for our mind to keep sound. If we keep steadfast, to God ever true, Safely he’ll carry us through. (Chorus) 3. Let us serve God with real vigor and vim. Care let us take lest our vision grow dim. To the good news may we always hold fast. Soon these last days will have passed. (CHORUS) Steadfast we all need to be; far from this world we keep free, As we feed on God’s truth and keep integrity.

Song 11 The Shulammite Remnant (Song of Solomon 6:13) 1. ‘Dear Shulammite maiden, so lovely and fair, Your spiritual virtues are many and rare. Your speaking is pleasant, your charms a delight. Your fellowship holds me, beloved Shulammite.’ 2. Thus speaks her Fine Shepherd, Christ Jesus her Lord. He wants her to share his eternal reward. And how does the fair one, so firm as a wall, Reply to her Lord, as a model for all? 3. ‘Exclusive devotion is not up for hire, Since blazings of love are like blazings of fire. Unyielding as Sheol all true love will be. Like flame of Jehovah is your love for me.’ 4. Fair Shulammite remnant, temptations resist. Stay clean for your Bridegroom; on virtue insist. Your virgin companions that walk in your train Rejoice at your course and the prize you will gain.

Song 12 “God Loves a Cheerful Giver” (2 Corinthians 9:7) 1. As we serve our dear Father, we should ever keep in mind That he’s happy and gen’rous, yes, loving and kind. As a Giver, he’s matchless; e’en his Son for us he gave, For all sorts of mankind he most truly wants to save. 2. His example in giving we do well to imitate. When our giving is cheerful, goodwill we create. All our time and resources, to Jehovah they belong. If to him we do give them, we never will go wrong. 3. Yes, the giving that’s cheerful, to Jehovah brings delight. It adorns all his teaching, to love does incite. Great indeed is its value when it wells up from the heart; Happiness and great joy to us then it will impart. 4. So to God and Christ Jesus we are grateful for this joy. While advancing true worship, our pow’rs we employ. May our heart ever move us to be cheerful as we give And to please God Jehovah as long as we will live.

Song 13 Christian Dedication (Exodus 39:30) 1. Because Jehovah created The universe so grand, To him belong the earth and sky, The works of his own hand. The breath of life he has given And to his creatures shown That worthy is he to have the praise, The worship of all his own. 2. The ancient nation of Israel, At Sinai they did say: ‘The Law Jehovah’s given us We gladly will obey.’ He was their husbandly owner; He bought them from the sea. A nation of dedicated ones They always should prove to be. 3. In water Jesus was baptized To righteousness fulfill, And humbly he did there present Himself to do God’s will. When he came up from the Jordan As God’s anointed Son, Obedient and loyal he would serve As God’s consecrated One. 4. We come before you, Jehovah, To praise your name so great. Disowning self, with humble hearts, Our lives we dedicate. You gave your only-begotten, Who paid the price so high. No longer as living for ourselves, For you we shall live or die.

Song 14 “Be Glad, You Nations”! (Romans 15:10) 1. Be glad, you nations, with his people! God’s Kingdom is at hand. Christ Jesus reigns upon Mount Zion; Rejoice in ev’ry land! The seven Gentile Times have ended; Their kings have had their day. Be glad, you nations, with his people! Jehovah’s King holds sway. 2. Be glad, you nations, with his people! This system nears the brink Of Armageddon’s coming battle; It’s nearer than they think. While men praise their disgusting image And spurn the Prince of Peace, We hail that One with jubilation; His rule will e’er increase. 3. Be glad, you nations, with his people! Go tell from door to door The good news of Jehovah’s Kingdom; Proclaim from shore to shore That Christ as King will rule in wisdom, In love and righteousness. Be glad, you nations, with his people! Serve God in faithfulness.

Song 15 Life Without End—At Last! (John 3:16) 1. Can you see, with your mind’s eye, Peoples dwelling together? Sorrow has passed. Peace at last! Life without tears and pain. (Chorus) 2. Man and beast, living in peace, Cause no harm to each other. Food will be there. All will share In what our God provides. (Chorus) 3. In those days old will grow young, Flesh revived as in childhood. Troubles are gone, from now on No need to weep or fear. (Chorus) 4. Paradise all will enjoy As they sing of God’s glory. Yes, ev’ry day we will say To God our Maker, “Thanks!” (CHORUS) Sing out with joy of heart. You too can have a part. Live for the day when you’ll say: ‘Life without end—at last!’

Song 16 Be Joyful for the Kingdom Hope! (Romans 15:10-13) 1. Be joyful! Be joyful! Take up the glorious Kingdom hope! Be joyful! Be joyful! God’s Kingdom is at hand! Uphold his reign with all your might. Be people full of zeal. Hold fast the Kingdom hope so bright. Let men know how you feel. Be joyful! Be joyful! Make known your glorious Kingdom hope! Be joyful! Be joyful! God’s Kingdom is at hand! 2. Be happy! Be happy! Hold fast the hope that God provides! Be happy! Be happy! Find rest in God who cares! Be strong in your well-founded hope. Be ne’er of it ashamed. In darkness you no longer grope; From death you were reclaimed. Be happy! Be happy! On God Jehovah base your hope! Be happy! Be happy! Keep free from Satan’s snares! 3. Sing praises! Sing praises! The Kingdom hope now spurs us on! Sing praises! Sing praises! And serve God zealously! Lift up your eyes, and view the fields! The harvesttime is here, And great indeed the fruit it yields As sheeplike ones draw near. Sing praises! Sing praises! To our great God, who gives us strength! Sing praises! Sing praises! Hold fast integrity!

Song 17 Jehovah’s “Dewdrops” Among Many Peoples (Psalm 110:3) 1. Beauteous like the dew at morning Is the remnant of Christ’s bride. In his eyes they are so precious As they gather to his side. 2. In the midst of many peoples, God’s true servants are like dew. They are gentle and refreshing. With all men they peace pursue. 3. Fine companions aid the remnant In this day of Kingdom might. Other sheep, who are like dewdrops, Serve with them in sheer delight. 4. Many are those volunteering, Fighting for Jehovah’s fame. May we all be just like dewdrops As the Kingdom we proclaim.

Song 18 Bless Our Christian Brotherhood (1 Peter 2:17) 1. Christ Jesus with kindness And patience ever taught, Instructing disciples To whom God’s peace he brought. He showed love in real brotherhood, With zeal for righteousness, Set patterns of humility, Of love and faithfulness. (Chorus) 2. How happy are Christians, Who listen to God’s Word! How blest are these meek ones, Who act on what they’ve heard! Disciples of Christ Jesus, known For loving brotherhood, Proclaim God’s Kingdom rule with joy And do their brothers good. (Chorus) 3. Let’s take to all lovers Of truth the Kingdom news, Help them see their priv’lege The side of God to choose. Yes, help them e’er to search for God, While yet he may be found, And join with our dear brotherhood, That their joy may abound. (CHORUS) We praise you, Jehovah; You truly are so good. Lord Jehovah, heav’nly Father, Do bless our Christian brotherhood.

Song 19 Joyful All Day Long (Psalm 32:11) 1. Come rejoice! Leap for joy! In God’s favor we do bask. Joyful be, all day long, As we take on ev’ry task. There is nothing lacking. We have God’s backing. What more from him do we now need to ask? We have peace, inner calm, And contentment that are deep. Self-sufficient we are; Close to God we strive to keep. Full of exultation, no deviation, With heartfelt joy much fruitage we now reap. 2. Kingdom truth set us free. For this reason we rejoice. God’s own Son gives command, And we listen to his voice. With his blood he bought us. Indeed, he taught us. Our God, through him, did fix on us his choice. Now his Kingdom is here, Bringing joy beyond compare. He has raised up a steward And placed us in his care. We are now enlightened; our hope is brightened. This hope with all mankind we seek to share. 3. It’s a source of great joy To be preaching to mankind. O the joy that we have When the sheeplike ones we find! As we love our brothers and welcome others, We have the peace of being of one mind. All day long, great our joy As the Kingdom we make known. A great crowd has appeared. Look and see how it has grown! May Jehovah lead us and ever feed us. To him we render praise, as God alone.

Song 20 Sing the Song of Kingdom Cheer (Psalm 96:1, 10) 1. Come, sing the song of Kingdom cheer, You people of the earth. Sing out the new song loud and clear; Make known the Kingdom’s birth. How comely are the feet of those That with good news are shod! Among the nations they disclose, ‘Salvation is by God.’ 2. In this our song of Kingdom cheer, Jehovah we acclaim. We worship him with all due fear And bless his holy name. The idol gods that people serve Are valueless to them. But from God’s worship we’ll not swerve; From him all truths do stem. 3. Join in the song of Kingdom cheer: ‘Jehovah now is King.’ His reigning by his Son is here; With joy the heavens ring. Jehovah comes to judge the earth, And with his righteousness, He’ll bless all those who prove their worth Through all their faithfulness.

Song 21 Hail Jehovah’s Kingdom! (Revelation 11:17) 1. Come, you Christians, hail God’s Kingdom, Now established with his Son In the heavens where, as Michael, He o’er Satan vict’ry won. Soon the Devil, Dragon, Serpent, With his demons will be bound. Then the Christ will make God’s praises Ev’rywhere on earth resound. 2. In the forefront let the remnant Of the faithful little flock Hail Jehovah’s glorious Kingdom, Which they’ll share with Christ the Rock. Let all those whose earthly hope is To inhabit Paradise Help the remnant to bear witness, Yes, God’s Kingdom advertise. 3. Hail with joy Jehovah’s Kingdom! Preach with zeal, and teach with skill; Help the meek and honesthearted To become men of goodwill. Hail Jehovah’s wondrous Kingdom; Its grand virtues now proclaim. It will bring eternal blessings, Vindicate Jehovah’s name.

Song 22 Heeding Jude’s Message (Jude 21) 1. Deeply stirred we surely feel As we read Jude’s appeal. It was written for us all So that we ne’er might fall. From its fine, abiding counsel, Strength and courage we derive. It will keep our precious faith alive. 2. Warnings that are clear and strong Help us see what is wrong. Satan wants us to deflect, But his wiles we detect. He would have us spurn God’s orders; And with sly, deceptive speech, How he tries hard us to overreach! 3. With enticements men of sin Subtly our hearts would win. In God’s love we choose to stay, From his ways never stray. How Jude’s message does equip us, Helps us all to keep alert! Thus apostasy we will avert. 4. Yes, we must put up a fight For the faith with our might. Mercy, love, and godly peace, To us may they increase. To Jehovah God, our Savior, Through Christ Jesus, who’s our Lord, Let us honor give with one accord.

Song 23 The Bible’s Hope for Mankind (Romans 12:12) 1. Dark days are here; man lives in fear, With dire expectation as to all creation. Having no hope, blindly they grope As the system nears its end. But the Bible gives us a reason for cheer, Due to all the proofs that the Kingdom is near. From the eyes of men God will wipe ev’ry tear. Raise yourselves erect; you have nothing to fear. 2. Life’s darksome night, filled with much fright, None can be denying, for all men are dying. None from the grave his life can save; All man’s work is vanity. But the Bible holds out a hope for the dead, That a resurrection for these lies ahead. To refreshing fountains of life they’ll be led. This is the good news that Jehovah has said. 3. Puffed up with pride, men God deride With blasphemous slander, in sin’s ways meander. Satan holds sway o’er earth today; Wickedness is all around. But the Bible tells us that soon there will be Judgment from Jehovah, and then all will see Blotting out of wicked ones eternally And the meek ones filling the earth joyously.

Song 24 “No Part of the World” (John 17:16) 1. Because our God set us apart, It is to him we give our heart. No part of Satan’s world are we; Like Christ, our Lord, we choose to be. 2. All worldly trends we must avoid, In God’s own work to keep employed. From fleshly things we must abstain If we forever would remain. 3. Those who God’s friendship cultivate, This wicked world will surely hate. Yes, persecution we expect, But God, through Christ, will us protect. 4. So we take courage, undismayed. For us, our Lord to God once prayed: ‘Watch over them for your name’s sake.’ Hence of his care may we partake.

Song 25 God’s Pretty Things (Ecclesiastes 3:11) 1. Each pretty thing God made In its appointed time. To eat and drink and work, This is a gift sublime. And time indefinite Deep in our hearts he placed. So hope of endless life We rightly all embraced. 2. Jehovah’s will it is Upon mankind to pour Rich blessings so that they May love him all the more. With his delightful things, Men will be occupied; And for eternity God will with them reside. 3. An occupation grand That we have come to learn Is that of witnessing; It is our high concern. This is a gift of God And brings us happiness. It is a pretty thing That we today possess. 4. With wisdom let us all Live each day as we should And make God’s purpose known And seek to do what’s good. This is our precious lot That we so gladly take, And all these things we do For God Jehovah’s sake.

Song 26 Meeting God’s Requirements (Revelation 12:17) 1. Faithful to God O let us be, And hold fast our integrity. From house to house with joy proclaim The glories of Jehovah’s name. As Witnesses, we comfort bring To mourning ones, cause them to sing; Mark in the foreheads those who sigh, That God may spare them from on high. 2. If we our eye just simple keep, Truth in our body will prove deep. If ’bove all else we guard the heart, Eternal life will be our part. If we’re alert to preach the Word, The truth by many will be heard. If we make straight paths for our feet, With Kingdom joys we’ll be replete. 3. O let us help our brothers true, Help as ourselves our neighbors too, And dwell in peace and unity With all who serve God faithfully. We keenly do appreciate, As ministers, our happy state. O may we keep it free from blame And thus exalt Jehovah’s name.

Song 27 Fear Them Not! (Matthew 10:28) 1. Ever onward, O my people, Let the Kingdom tidings go. Tremble not before your foe. Let all lovers of truth know That my reigning Son, Christ Jesus, From the heav’ns has cast the foe, Soon will bind the Devil, Satan, Letting all his victims go. (Chorus) 2. Though your foes be strong and many, Though they threaten and revile, Though they use fair speech and smile, The unwary to beguile, Fear them not, my faithful warriors. Fight! Let not your heart grow faint; For I will preserve the faithful, Keep them free from all restraint. (Chorus) 3. Never fear you are forgotten; I am still your strength and shield. Though you die upon the field, Even death to me will yield. Fear them not, my Christian warriors; Though men’s boasting threats may fly, I will keep all who are faithful As the apple of my eye. (CHORUS) Fear not those who kill the body But cannot destroy the soul. Faithful to the end continue; I will help you reach your goal.

Song 28 Bless Our Meeting Together (Hebrews 10:24, 25) 1. Bless us as we meet together, Great Jehovah, we now pray. For our meetings we do thank you; May your spirit with us stay. 2. Of our spir’tual need we’re conscious; With your Word, please, do us fill. Train our minds and tongues to witness, Love within our hearts instill. 3. Yes, this meeting is for worship; Holiness is what we seek. We desire to know you better And keep ever humble, meek. 4. So, dear Father, bless our meetings; Grant us peace and unity. For our part we want to serve you, Magnify your Sov’reignty.

Song 29 Forward, You Witnesses! (Luke 16:16) 1. Firm and determined in this time of the end, Prepared are God’s servants the good news to defend. Though Satan against them has vaunted, In God’s strength they keep on undaunted. (Chorus) 2. Justice and truth have been pushed aside by man. The name of Jehovah the wicked seek to ban. These must be restored to their places By Christians with bold, beaming faces. (Chorus) 3. Soldiers of Jah do not seek a life of ease. The world and its rulers they do not try to please, Unspotted at all times remaining, Integrity always maintaining. (CHORUS) Then, forward, you Witnesses, ever strong of heart! Rejoice that in God’s work you too may have a part! Go tell far and wide God’s new order is near, That e’er long its rich blessings will be here!

Song 30 “Zealous for Fine Works” (Titus 2:14) 1. For fine works we ever must be zealous As we preach the Kingdom news worldwide. Well we know Jehovah’s name is Jealous. In his house we ever will abide. 2. May our love reflect a deep sincereness As our Christian brothers we now serve. In the face of Armageddon’s nearness, From such service may we never swerve. 3. Zeal for God should mark our ev’ry action. Faith, hope, love, these truly play their part. Such wholeheartedness brings satisfaction, Just like fire that burns within the heart. 4. Steadfast e’er through trial and tribulation, Let us keep our love from growing cold. Burning zeal for God’s own vindication Spurs us onward, serving him whole-souled.

Song 31 Zeal for Jehovah’s House (John 2:17) 1. For Jehovah’s house Christ Jesus Showed a zeal beyond compare. Like a fire it burned within him As wrongdoing he laid bare. And he came to preach salvation, Kingdom truths to men reveal. For his Father’s reputation He was eaten up with zeal. 2. The apostles and disciples For fine works were zealous too. With the help of holy spirit, How their congregations grew! They did not hold back from preaching, And from house to house they went. Ev’rywhere they preached salvation, Telling men they should repent. 3. And today we see a people With a zeal for righteousness. Nothing dampens their fine spirit In this world of lawlessness. They are spurred on by Jehovah; It’s for him they work whole-souled. They advance with Kingdom preaching, Ever zealous, ever bold.

Song 32 “From House to House” (Acts 20:20) 1. From house to house, from door to door, Jehovah’s Word we spread. From town to town, from farm to farm, Jehovah’s sheep are fed. This good news that God’s Kingdom rules, As Jesus Christ foretold, Is being preached throughout the earth By Christians young and old. 2. From house to house, from door to door, Salvation we proclaim. It comes to those who choose to call Upon Jehovah’s name. But how can they call on the name Of One they do not know? So to their houses and their doors The sacred name must go. 3. Of course, it’s not at ev’ry door We find a hearing ear; At times there is a scolding tongue And those who will not hear. ’Twas just the same in Jesus’ day; Not all would hear his word. He said his sheep would hear his voice; Hence, we are not deterred. 4. Then let us go from door to door To spread the Kingdom news. And to be sheep or to be goats, We’ll let the people choose. At least we’ll name Jehovah’s name, His glorious truth declare. And as we go from door to door, We’ll find his sheep are there.

Song 33 “Jehovah Himself Has Become King!” (Psalm 97:1) 1. Give thanks, you people, to Jehovah. Make his deeds known among all the nations. Gladly sing to our God, melodies make to him, And concern yourselves with his great acts. (Chorus) 2. Tell out his glory ’mong the nations. The salvation he gives, tell from day to day. For Jehovah is great, very much to be praised, To be feared more than all other gods. (Chorus) 3. Renown and strength to God attribute. Give him thanks for his Son, Jesus Christ the King. And in holy adornment, bow down to our God; Speak exultingly Jehovah’s praise. (CHORUS) Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth joyful be, For Jehovah God has become the King! Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth joyful be, For Jehovah God has become the King!

Song 34 Living Up to Our Name (Isaiah 43:10-12) 1. Glorious Jehovah, almighty, eternal, Perfect in justice and matchless in love, Source of all truth and of infinite wisdom, You rule as Sov’reign in heaven above. Myriads of angels delight in your service; Creation’s wonders your glories proclaim. Your favored Witnesses is what you’ve named us; O may we ever live up to our name! 2. Help us, Jehovah, to use each occasion Your name to honor and your sheep to feed, Following closely in Christ Jesus’ footsteps As his instructions we faithfully heed. We would be careful of our daily conduct, Lest some reproach should detract from your fame. Being your Witnesses, great is our priv’lege; O may we ever live up to our name! 3. As we continue in your precious service, Working together in love and in peace, Godly contentment is our daily portion; Joy fills our hearts as your praises increase. Up to our name may we ever be living; Life-giving truth to all men we would bring; And best of all, thereby we would bring gladness, Joy to your heart, O Jehovah, our King!

Song 35 Love’s Excelling Way (1 Corinthians 13) 1. God is love and therefore bids us Walk in love’s excelling way, Letting love of God and neighbor Prompt all things we do and say. E’en though we had faith and knowledge, Gifts of tongues and prophecy, Yet if love itself were lacking, We would simply nothing be. 2. We may spend much time in preaching, Persecution too endure; Yet what profit would it bring us If our motives were not pure? Love is gentle, kind, long-suff’ring; Not ill-mannered does it act, Does not brag and is not jealous, Uses theocratic tact. 3. Love is never hard, resentful, In what’s bad takes no delight. It is strong, all things enduring, And takes joy in what is right. Faith and hope and love continue As we serve our God above; But the way that’s most excelling Is the godlike way of love.

Song 36 “Happy Are the Mild-Tempered” (Matthew 5:5) 1. God blesses those who are mild-tempered; Their happiness is truly great. Though they may suffer, they’re not chafing; But patiently on God they wait. The wicked do not make them fret, Who proudly set themselves on high. They know such won’t get life eternal But will, like green grass, fade and die. 2. ‘There was a time when I was youthful, But now I’m old,’ King David said. ‘Yet never have I seen the righteous Forsaken or his seed beg bread.’ Hence, walk uprightly, trust in God, And deal with men in faithfulness. If you take pleasure in Jehovah, Your service he will greatly bless. 3. From earth the wicked soon will vanish; There’ll be no place for them to stand, While peace meek ones will be enjoying And evermore possess the land. Until that time may we maintain That God’s Word is inspired and true And prove ourselves both meek and lowly In all we think and say and do.

Song 37 Making a Good Name With God (Ecclesiastes 7:1) 1. For God’s approval With all our hearts we yearn. Always to please him Will be our main concern. To him a name that’s good, As we have understood, We can be making; And this we should. 2. Through words and actions, A name we will acquire. And this we’re making, For it’s our heart’s desire. If we to God incline, We’ll make a name that’s fine, And for his blessings, We’ll be in line. 3. A name we’re making By giving God due heed. Yes, while we’re living, This is our vital need. If we his Word defend And all our efforts bend To glorify him, He’ll be our Friend. 4. The days are wicked, And steps we all must take A very good name With Jah, our God, to make. May we do what is right, Walk ever in the light, And preach the Kingdom With all our might.

Song 38 Displaying Loyalty (Psalm 18:25) 1. God Jehovah has a people Who delight to bear his name As a loyal congregation Dedicated to his fame. At its bounteous spir’tual table, Thankfully they daily feed, For to him they would be pleasing In each thought and word and deed. 2. To God’s loyal congregation, We too will show loyalty, Give it our steadfast allegiance, Even in adversity. Faithfully we’ll guard its int’rests, Never let them suffer harm; Should we see that they are threatened, We will quickly sound alarm. 3. Loyally we’ll help our brothers, Whether new ones or the weak, Both in study and in service, With assistance kind and meek. And as in a fam’ly circle, We will never rouse distrust But show that in each relation Loyalty will be a must. 4. In this world that’s so disloyal, Loyalty we will display T’ward all those to whom it’s owing As we walk the Christian way. Satan we thus prove a liar, But Jehovah we prove right. Loyalty wins us his favor, And to him it gives delight.

Song 39 God’s Warriors Are Advancing (1 Timothy 6:12) 1. God’s warriors are advancing; Their ev’ry pow’r they bend To honor him, Jehovah, And his great name defend. What though the great red dragon Assails God’s army small? The shadow of his own hand Securely guards them all. 2. Aggressive is our warfare In this Jehovah’s day. We speak God’s Word with boldness. Why should we feel dismay? His Son, as our Commander, Now battles for the right. He takes the grand offensive; Let’s join him in the fight. 3. With God we are advancing; He surely will prevail. So, till his vindication, O may our zeal ne’er fail! Since victory is certain, His promised full reward Awaits the tried and faithful, Who lay not down the sword.

Song 40 Making Our Way Successful (Joshua 1:8) 1. God Jehovah told Joshua: ‘From my Law do not stray. Read each day in an undertone, Then take care to obey. Let it guide you in all you do, From your mouth not depart. Then successful will be your way As the truth guides your heart. Then successful will be your way As the truth guides your heart.’ 2. When the kings ruled in Israel And obeyed God’s command: ‘Ev’ry king for himself must write God’s Law in his own hand And must read in it all his days That he humble might be.’ Then Jehovah would bless his realm; Lengthened days he would see. Then Jehovah would bless his realm; Lengthened days he would see. 3. In the Bible we find the way God would have us to live. Since we cannot direct our step, Help to us he must give. If we’re feeding on his own thoughts, We’ll come to know his will. When our thinking is trained by God, His commands we’ll fulfill. When our thinking is trained by God, His commands we’ll fulfill.

Song 41 Praise Jehovah, the Rock (Deuteronomy 32:4) 1. ‘Give ear, O you heav’ns; O earth, let me speak. To all of my words give ear, all you meek. My teachings will trickle like dew on the plain, My copious showers of truth like the rain.’ 2. O let us declare Jehovah’s great name And let all men know of his mighty fame. Let all whom he shepherds give praise to our Rock. His perfect activity laud, all his flock. 3. He’s faithful and just; to him we give praise. So loving, so wise, are all of his ways. Personification of truth, righteousness, Jehovah, our Rock, manifests faithfulness. 4. Let’s fear the true God and do what is right; His righteous commands let’s make our delight. May we not act ruinously on our part But ever serve Jah with a pure, steadfast heart.

Song 42 “This Is the Way” (Isaiah 30:20, 21) 1. God’s voice keeps on calling; O walk in the way, The way that Jehovah has shown us today. He has a fine channel that’s surely unique, And through it he chooses to warn and to speak. This is the way in which to walk. O do not wait! O do not balk! With our own ears, we hear the call so crystal clear. About it we should ever talk. God’s spirit will help us to walk straight ahead. In tracks of uprightness we do well to tread. 2. The word from behind us, how pleasant its tone, For our Grand Instructor has made his way known. We hear with discernment and listen with care. Of taking false steps we now want to beware. Walk in God’s way of truth and light, The way of holiness so bright. Our eyes of faith do see that soon true peace there’ll be, For Christ now reigns with Kingdom might. No right or left turning we dare ever take, But walking in God’s way, advancement we’ll make. 3. The way of Jehovah we need to expound To those who will listen the wide world around. Like doves to their dovecotes, those hearing now flock And come to the true God, their Refuge, their Rock. Jehovah’s way is one of peace. From Satan’s world He gives release. In paths of righteousness and ways of pleasantness, He leads to life that will not cease. We lift up our heads, then, and quicken the pace, With eyes on the Kingdom, our true resting-place.

Song 43 Forward, You Ministers of the Kingdom! (2 Timothy 4:5) 1. Go forward in preaching the Kingdom To people of ev’ry land. With love in our hearts for our neighbor, Help meek ones to take their stand. To glorify our sacred service, We must consider how we dress. Our ministry is very precious; Jehovah we e’er seek to bless. (Chorus) 2. New ministers, keep stretching forward, With God’s prize of life in view. Forgetting the things you’ve abandoned, From God’s Word your strength renew. And as clean bearers of God’s message, From this world diff’rent may you be. Befitting it is for God’s servants From ways of the old world to flee. (Chorus) 3. Together we press ever forward, God’s remnant and other sheep. The old and the young, men and women, In step with the truth do keep. We have a ministry so sacred That we desire to dignify. To lovers of truth, it brings comfort And honors our God, the Most High. (CHORUS) Forward going, Preach the Kingdom message ever far and wide. Forward moving, Keeping ever loyal on Jehovah’s side.

Song 44 Jehovah Really Cares (1 Peter 5:7) 1. God’s loving care is heartwarming. It comforts us when we’re upset. And e’en the hairs of our head he’s numbered. Why should we worry or fret? 2. Though tests and trials befall us, We’ll never have cause to despair. If God takes note of a fallen sparrow, Surely for us he will care. 3. Now various kinds of affliction Do come upon Christians earth wide. Through these Jehovah refines and trains us; Help he will always provide. 4. God’s care, so loving and certain, He loyally will us afford. As we press on in his sacred service, Sure we are of his reward.

Song 45 A Prayer of Thanksgiving (Psalm 65:2) 1. Gracious Jehovah, deserving of praise, To you, O Sov’reign, our voices we raise And come to you, O great Hearer of prayer, Placing ourselves under your tender care. Daily our errors reveal we are weak; For our transgressions forgiveness we seek. Look! with the blood of your Son we were bought. Now our desire is by you to be taught. 2. Happy are those whom you choose to invite Into your courts of instruction and light. Your house is holy; your Word is our guide. And with your goodness, we’ll be satisfied. How fear-inspiring is your righteous pow’r, Stilling earth’s turmoil in your judgment hour! God of salvation, your Kingdom we hail. Preach it we must, for it never will fail. 3. May your attention cause joy to abound; O’er all the earth let your worship be found. Crowned with your goodness, your Kingdom appears, Wiping out sickness, death, sorrow, and tears. All that is wicked your Son will destroy. Blessed creation will cry out for joy. Shouting in triumph, O thanks let us sing: ‘Praise to Jehovah, our glorious King!’

Song 46 The Scriptures—Inspired and Beneficial (2 Timothy 3:16, 17) 1. God’s Word is a shining light, Guides our feet through earth’s dark night. It’s the torch of liberty; Yes, its truth will set us free. 2. By these Scriptures from above, We have come to know God’s love. Faith in them will make us wise, Show us how to gain life’s prize. 3. That divine Word is inspired, Teaches us what is required. It helps us to set things straight, For God’s discipline to wait. 4. It is beneficial, true, Gives reproof, instruction too, That the man of God may be Well equipped, yes, perfectly.

Song 47 Jehovah, Our Strength and Our Might (Isaiah 12:2) 1. Gracious Jehovah, our strength and our might, You are our Savior; in you we delight. We are your Witnesses bearing your news, Whether men hear or they proudly refuse. (Chorus) 2. Through Christ your Son we now seek joy and peace; Once blinded eyes behold truth e’er increase. Searching the Scriptures, we hear your command; Making our choice, with Jehovah we stand. (Chorus) 3. Gladly, O God, we keep doing your will. Though Satan slaps us, we’re trusting you still. Though he may slay us, O help us to be Witnesses holding fast integrity. (CHORUS) Jehovah our Rock, our strength and our might, Your name we make known both day and night. Glorious Jehovah, almighty in pow’r, You are our hiding place; you are our tow’r.

Song 48 Give Jehovah the Praise (1 Corinthians 3:7) 1. Give praise to Jehovah. By his love divine, You have this commission His truth to let shine. You have nothing worthwhile You did not receive From God, your Provider; To him honor give. 2. Set him e’er before you; Keep self out of sight. Thus for him you can shine With heav’n’s radiant light. Walk e’er in his presence; Keep seeking his face And always assigning His work the first place. 3. Go forth with rejoicing God’s service to do; Give thanks for each priv’lege He offers to you. Give praise to Jehovah, His Kingdom proclaim, Till all on earth living Will honor his name.

Song 49 Great God, Jehovah! (Psalm 95:3) 1. Great God, Jehovah, Most High, Eternal, We so gladly sing your praise, humbly tread your righteous ways. You are our Father, Judge, King, Lawgiver. We’re accountable to you through all our days. O God, you are good; yes, you truly are good. Help us to serve you the way that we should. Your name we would honor, your sheeplike ones feed, And serve with contentment wherever the need. You are our Maker, our Life-Sustainer. All good things do come from you. 2. Great God, Jehovah, Holy, Almighty, In your service joy we find as we work where we’re assigned. You are our Tower, Source of our power. And we do confide in you with heart and mind. O God, you are strong, yes, both loving and strong. With your helping hand, we will ne’er go wrong. Your cause we must cleave to, your purpose make known, And render our service to you, you alone. You are our Stronghold, our Shield and Helper. We can always trust in you. 3. Great God, Jehovah, Shepherd, Instructor, Since you are a God who cares, you’re concerned with our affairs. You are our Savior, Rock, and Redeemer. We can always come to you with heartfelt pray’rs. O God, you are gracious, so gen’rous and kind. To you we draw close and comfort do find. Your name we hold precious, and soon may we see How you will become what you purpose to be. O Lord Jehovah, lofty Divine One, There’s no other God but you.

Song 50 Responding to God’s Love (1 John 4:11) 1. Great God, there’s none above you; wholeheartedly we love you, Jehovah, so deserving of praise. We hail your name so famous, your Word by which you let us Now learn the things about all your ways. You show such tender feeling, yet just you prove in dealing; You manifest such wisdom and pow’r. By Scripture we can be sure that if we keep our hearts pure, You’ll pour out blessings on us—a show’r. 2. You were the first to love us; your love through Christ does move us To love you in return from our hearts. To sanctify your name and reveal your love, Christ came; And eternal life he thereby imparts. No greater love had any than he who gave for many His life, a gift at great sacrifice. That we may never perish, his shepherding we cherish And heed his counsel and his advice. 3. From faithful Kingdom service this world will never swerve us; We’ll keep on telling out what is true. In service free and willing, we would be e’er fulfilling A love that gives to all what is due. As we thus serve together, our love for one another Discloses those who follow your Son. His Kingdom values we take and of them proper use make; We long to hear his promised “Well done.”

Song 51 Making Jehovah’s Heart Glad (Proverbs 27:11) 1. Great God, we’ve vowed to do your will; In wisdom your work we’ll fulfill. For then we know we’ll have a part In making glad your loving heart. 2. May we from your side never move; A liar the Tempter we would prove. Your principles and laws so right We would make daily our delight. 3. Your slave, so faithful and discreet, Helps us know what is wise and meet, Feeds us with nourishment when due, Thus strengthens us your will to do. 4. Impart to us your active force That we may keep a faithful course And bring forth fruitage to your praise And thus make glad your heart always.

Song 52 Our Father’s Name (Matthew 6:9) 1. Great Jehovah, heav’nly Father, Let your name be sanctified. Thus fulfill your sacred purpose, Never more to be defied. Soon will come the vindication, By your own victorious deed. Magnify your reputation; To it may all men give heed. (Chorus) 2. We seek ways that we may also Sanctify your matchless name; With all boldness we keep speaking Of your purpose, of your fame. Exercising faith and courage, We will honor to you give. Holy Father, for your name’s sake, May we faithfully e’er live. (Chorus) 3. O Divine One, Lord Jehovah, You alone are the Most High. There is nothing more important Than your name to glorify. In your name we lift our banners; We desire to manifest That you are a God of purpose And forever will be blest. (CHORUS) Sov’reign Lord, you are our Maker; All creation comes from you, For you are a God of purpose, Making all your thoughts come true. O Jehovah, God Almighty, You who gave your firstborn Son, True to him, now, through your Kingdom, Let your will on earth be done.

Song 53 Theocracy’s Increase (Isaiah 9:6, 7) 1. Hail the Theocracy, ever increasing! Wondrous expansion is now taking place. Praise to Jehovah is sung without ceasing By those who walk in the light of his face. Long years ago saw the humble beginning As our Redeemer a lowly way trod. Now a great crowd join the remnant in bringing Praises to him at the right hand of God. 2. Christ on his judgment throne sits and is reigning; Nations and peoples before him appear. God’s sov’reignty he will soon be maintaining, Crushing his enemies both far and near. Wonderful Couns’lor and Father Supernal, Yes, Mighty God is he and Prince of Peace. Zeal of Jehovah will bring peace eternal And make his princely rule ever increase. 3. O what a favor we now have in living! Does not this increase bring joy to your heart? Share in the joy that gets greater by giving, And in the witness work gladly take part. Boldly warn those who are God’s name defaming; Tell all such men Armageddon is nigh. And all the while zealously keep proclaiming Kingdom good news to the meek ones who sigh.

Song 54 We Must Be Holy (1 Peter 1:15, 16) 1. God has commanded that we must be holy, Since through Christ Jesus we have been made clean. As a cleansed people, humble and lowly, By all observers may we thus be seen. 2. We’re set apart as Jehovah’s possession, His holy nation and his other sheep. By all our conduct, we make confession That his right laws we are anxious to keep. 3. As we move forward, it’s truly impressive How by our God we are being refined. He gives his people truth that’s progressive, So there’s no need to be looking behind. 4. All opportunities let us be seizing, Growing in holiness, walking in light, Praising Jehovah, him always pleasing. He is the Holy One, faithful, upright.

Song 55 Daily Walking With Jehovah (Micah 6:8) 1. Hand in hand with God Jehovah, We would humbly walk each day. O how undeserved this kindness That he grants to men of clay! Since it’s only by appointment That we thus can take God’s hand, We begin with dedication; On God’s side we take our stand. 2. Walking with our heav’nly Father Is the safe course, truly wise. We’re beset by adversaries, Who would rob us of the prize. There are Satan and his demons And the snares of fallen flesh And this world’s materialism; How they would our feet enmesh! 3. Help to us God has provided Through his spirit and his Word, Through his Christian congregation, And through prayers that are heard. As we walk with God Jehovah, May we justly do what’s right. May we love sincerely kindness And be modest in his sight.

Song 56 Bravely Press On (1 Timothy 1:12) 1. He that is faithful, he that is loyal, Never will give way to fear But gives the witness of truth with all boldness, Showing the Kingdom is here. (Chorus) 2. Faith is the force that moves us to action; Love prompts to faithfulness now. Zeal for our King keeps us active in service; Selfish ambition must bow. (Chorus) 3. Daily Jehovah, mighty in battle, Exhorts us faithful to be Till Armageddon destroys this old system And he has gained victory. (CHORUS) Then let’s go forth, bravely press on. Advancing truth be our light. Thus says Jehovah: ‘I’ll strengthen and help you; Battle for truth and for right.’

Song 57 Jehovah’s Happy People (Psalm 89:15) 1. Happy are all those who the joyful shouting know, To whom the truth you show, to whom your blessings flow. For they will ever walk in the brightness of your face; Happiness they find as each serves in his place. (Chorus) 2. Satan and his legions are pressing all around, So let our works abound. Make earth with praise resound. Jehovah has provided a refuge for the meek; He will all those shield who his righteousness seek. (Chorus) 3. May we not lose courage, though many turn away, Though they the truth gainsay. We’ll watch and fight and pray, For we must stand the test and keep our integrity; Since our God is pleased, we can serve faithfully. (CHORUS) Your loving-kindness, O God, you express To all who publicly your name now confess. With your Word and spirit, the truth they discern, Show faith by works and act on what they learn.

Song 58 Jehovah, “the God of All Comfort” (2 Corinthians 1:3-7) 1. Great indeed the comfort God supplies; For us he has affection. We must comfort others with his Word, Under his Son’s direction. 2. Suff’ring and affliction now abound; Of them we all are sharers. But Jehovah God will warm our hearts, Since we’re his witness bearers. 3. Blessed be the God who comfort gives; We find it so assuring. Yes, he will sustain and nourish us If we keep on enduring. 4. Strength and peace of mind we all can have As hardships we keep facing. Christ our Lord and King taught us the truth: God’s love is all-embracing.

Song 59 Appreciating God’s Reminders (Psalm 119) 1. Happy are those heeding God’s reminders, Who search for him with all the heart, Who his statutes carry out so promptly And from his laws do not depart. God’s commandments they appreciate, And his loving-kindness they relate. For his laws they manifest a fondness, For on him they have learned to wait. 2. Wondrous is Jehovah’s loving-kindness; It reaches far beyond the skies! His judicial rulings do preserve us, Though all the proud smear us with lies. Those who love God’s law have perfect peace; Never will their blessedness decrease. Just as one exults when finding great spoil, Our joy in God’s Word will increase. 3. May our pleadings come before Jehovah That we his Word may understand. May he hear our pray’r and grant us favor And rescue us with his strong hand. May our hearts to God keep ever true, That what he says we may always do. Loyal, righteous is our God, Jehovah. Daily, our strength he does renew.

Song 60 God’s Kingdom of a Thousand Years (Revelation 20:4-6) 1. God has decreed a thousand years of justice. The time has come for his dear Son to rule mankind. With him enthroned will reign twelve times twelve thousand. To serve as kings and priests with Christ, they’ll be assigned. 2. Kindly disposed t’ward all imperfect humans, In sin-removing work with Christ they will rejoice. All earth will be a paradise of pleasure. In praise to God all ransomed men will lift the voice. 3. One thousand years, the Kingdom by Christ Jesus! With eyes of faith, we now behold the wondrous scene: Dead ones arise and learn of God’s requirements. A judgment day in righteousness, yes, it will mean. 4. So let us all put forth our best endeavor; Keep on the watch, for soon will dawn the glorious day. Strong and courageous, may we act most wisely, Inviting all to call on God without delay.

Song 61 “I Am Jehovah”! (Isaiah 42:8) 1. Hear now, the kings of pagan empires Ignore Jehovah, God Most High. They choose not to recognize his sov’reignty, And his mighty power they defy. But who was the One that overthrew their hosts, That they perished ignominiously? Yes, whose was the arm that silenced all their boasts And gave his chosen people victory? (Chorus) 2. See now the pow’rs of earth combining In counsel ’gainst Jehovah’s Son! Yet fear seizes hold upon their mighty men, While the poor of earth in anguish groan. Ah! Who will destroy the proud oppressor’s yoke And deliver all the meek of the earth? And who will establish them in righteousness And turn their sorrow into songs of mirth? (CHORUS) I am the Lord; there is no other. I am the Lord; Jehovah is my name. I’ve set my King upon my holy mountain; Bow to his rule! My Son begins his reign.

Song 62 Happy, the Merciful! (Matthew 5:7) 1. How happy are the merciful! In God’s eyes they are beautiful. They tell to all who love the right That God in mercy takes delight. At Calv’ry mercy God displayed, Provision for our ransom made. He offers mercy to the meek Because he knows our frame is weak. 2. Those merciful like God are blest; Through sins forgiven they have rest. They benefit by mercy shown Since Christ appeared before God’s throne. This mercy they would gladly share By preaching God’s Word ev’rywhere, By telling men: Be of good cheer Because the Kingdom now is here. 3. The merciful need have no dread When up before God’s judgment led; For mercy he’ll cause them to know, Since they, like him, do mercy show. O merciful may we e’er be And show that tender quality By using each occasion giv’n To imitate our God in heav’n. (POSTLUDE) How happy are the merciful! In God’s eyes truly beautiful.

Song 63 Let the Light Shine (Matthew 5:16) 1. God has now commanded That there should be light Banishing the darkness Of mankind’s long night. From God’s holy temple, Lightnings flash and shine That we may be guided By his light divine. 2. With the Kingdom message, We go forth to spread Comfort for the mourners, Hope for e’en their dead. All our strength to witness Comes from God alone. He makes our commission To us clearly known. 3. Faithful in his service God helps us to be, Keeping firm, unbroken, Our integrity. We, his favored people, Joyfully proclaim Glory, praise, and honor To his holy name.

Song 64 Faith Like That of Abraham (Genesis 22:1-18) 1. How happy is the man that seeks God’s Word to comprehend; For God, the great Omniscient One, Knows from the start the end. Thus, for our comfort and strong hope, By faithful men of old He made prophetic dramas grand; Their meanings now unfold. 2. O see now Abraham of old, With Isaac by his side, Ascending Mount Moriah’s height; His faith is being tried. Jehovah asked of Abraham To offer his dear son In loving sacrifice to God That God’s will might be done. 3. Yet Abraham met that great test And by obedience made A picture of how, through God’s love, His Son our ransom paid. Would you gain life from that grand gift? Submissive you must be And have a faith like Abraham And act obediently.

Song 65 Meeting in Unity (Psalm 133) 1. How pleasant to see brothers All dwell in unity, Who truly love each other And work in harmony! Jehovah’s blessing on it rests; It’s like Mount Hermon’s dew That fell upon Mount Zion’s slopes And made them fresh and new. 2. Let’s meet with one another; To fine works let’s incite, Make public declaration Of our hope, true and bright. To that end let’s be diligent For meetings to prepare So that we may be well equipped With others truth to share. 3. Jehovah God is faithful; His Word is ever sure. Let’s study it together To make our hope secure. And ne’er forsake assembling with Our brotherhood so dear, But do so all the more as we See God’s day drawing near.

Song 66 The Power of Kindness (Romans 2:4) 1. How thankful we to God should be, Who loving-kindness shows To undeserving fallen men, As ev’ry Christian knows! Though he’s so great and powerful, He shows exceeding thoughtfulness. His kindness both draws us to him And moves to faithfulness. 2. As Jesus daily taught the truth, He was both calm and meek, With kindness taught the lowly ones, Was mindful of the weak. His teaching gently, lovingly, Refreshed and blessed the weary soul, Caused sinful men to turn to God With hearts and minds made whole. 3. Such kindness God’s Word shows to be A fruit that we must bear If we would be like God and Christ And Kingdom blessings share. When faced with problems that perplex, Quite likely we will often find That their solution simply lies In being mild and kind. 4. What good we ministers can do If we appreciate That Christian kindness has a force That lasting is and great! Not only are receivers blessed But even more are those who give. Through kindness we bring praise to God, By whom we move and live.

Song 67 Store Up Treasures in Heaven (Matthew 6:20) 1. How we ought to love Jehovah, Father of celestial lights! All good gifts, all perfect presents, Come from him, all pure delights. He gives clothing, food, and shelter, Soil and seed and sun and rain. Let’s give thanks to our Provider That our lives he does sustain. 2. O what folly to be spending All our time in selfish strife, Heaping up mere transient treasures, Which can never give us life! Rather, let us be contented With the things we really need, And by good deeds, let’s take firm hold On the life that’s life indeed. 3. So let’s use our time and riches And our strength to feed the poor, Giving hungry ones the good news Of the Kingdom hope so sure. For by kind, unselfish service, Friends of God and Christ we’ll be, Thereby storing up in heaven Treasures for eternity.

Song 68 Godly Compassion (Colossians 3:12) 1. If we truly would be Christians, Real compassion we must show Both to loved ones and to strangers, Yes, to those we do not know. Jesus, our Great Teacher, Forcefully made this so clear With an illustration. Happy are the ears that hear! 2. A Samaritan was trav’ling Down to Jericho one day. On the road a Jew lay helpless; Robbed he had been on the way. Helping that poor victim, He prejudice set aside. Love came to the rescue. God’s commandments were applied. 3. This makes clear who is our neighbor. He is one that needs our aid. God is good t’ward men of all kinds, Gives them rain and sun and shade. Great is God’s compassion! He surely is our best Friend. Bounteous is his kindness. On this fact we can depend. 4. There are times when food and clothing To our neighbor we might give. But a need there is more urgent That for all time they might live. Knowledge of God’s Kingdom, God’s truth, and his righteousness We will bring to neighbors That, in turn, they may God bless.

Song 69 Godly Devotion With Contentment (1 Timothy 6:6) 1. If we would have God’s blessing, Contentment be possessing, We surely need God’s Word to heed And godliness be stressing. Great gain is godly devotion, Protects us from sin’s promotion. From day to day in God’s right way, It keeps our zeal in motion. 2. Content with God’s provision, We make this our decision: Serve God alone, his truth make known, And hold the Kingdom vision. We heed our Lord’s invitation To walk the way of salvation. With joy so great, we contemplate God’s coming vindication. 3. To God we’re truly grateful, Although the world is hateful, For he does bless our godliness In these last days so fateful. Give God’s truth our full attention, Dismissing all apprehension. Let’s be intent to be content, With Christian comprehension.

Song 70 Be Like Jeremiah (Jeremiah 1:7, 18) 1. In service of God’s Kingdom, There is joy beyond compare. While rendering such service, We have God’s own loving care. But as the Bible warns us —And the Bible’s words are true— Besides the joys of serving God, We will have some perils too. 2. Remember Jeremiah, Who was called when young in years To take up sacred service, How Jehovah stilled his fears? ‘Though they will fight against you, Using all their wicked pow’r, They’ll not prevail against you, for You will be a mighty tow’r.’ 3. For years then Jeremiah Proved Jehovah to be true. He had success in service, Though he had some perils too. Let’s be like Jeremiah, Trust in God implicitly. Do bold and fearless witnessing To Jehovah’s sov’reignty.

Song 71 Hold Fast the Good News! (1 Corinthians 15:2) 1. In service we must keep steadfast As nears the final hour. Like brothers let us labor on, Depending on God’s pow’r. The light of truth, how bright it shines, And there is much to do. Our work, indeed, is not in vain —To us will joy accrue. 2. The resurrection hope for man Can saddened hearts revive, Helps them to faith unmovable. From it they joy derive. Believers in God’s promises We ever want to be. Stand firm, be strong, with steadfastness; Press on to victory. 3. As we work hard, exert ourselves, And strive to reach our goal, May we seek good associates That will upbuild the soul. The good news fortifies our hope Of Paradise restored. Hence, to our God we do give thanks Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Song 72 The Joys and Fruits of Kingdom Service (Matthew 5:12) 1. In the service of our God, Jehovah, We have joys that are beyond compare, For unselfishly we preach the good news So that others may our comfort share. It is just as Jesus Christ assured us: Giving reaps the greater happiness. And what better thing could we be giving Than the truth that leads to life and righteousness. 2. Even when from house to house we’re preaching We meet ridicule or apathy, We maintain our strong determination And hold fast to our integrity. Should we meet with bitter persecution For upholding God Jehovah’s name, Jesus said for joy we should be leaping, For the ancient prophets suffered just the same. 3. O what joys there are in sacred service As we take the path our Master trod: Preach God’s day of vengeance, warn the wicked, And bring honor to Jehovah God! Also, we bring hope to all those yearning For a world that’s free from sin and strife. This gives us both joy and satisfaction, Yes, our blessed hope of everlasting life.

Song 73 “Wisdom Is With the Modest Ones” (Proverbs 11:2) 1. If we would walk with our one God, We need to show true modesty, Appreciate how great God is And how so very small are we! 2. What good-for-nothing slaves we are! As sinful men this we admit. If we will but show modesty, How much we then will benefit! 3. ‘Conduct yourselves as lesser ones,’ So taught our Lord by word and deed. But should we brag or get puffed up, Christ’s counsel we do fail to heed. 4. With fear and trembling, we should serve Because Jehovah God we love. To walk with him in modesty Shows wisdom that is from above.

Song 74 Jehovah, Provider of Escape (Psalm 18:1, 2) 1. In this our day, the prophecy is now fulfilled. The Devil was hurled down; it’s woe for earth and sea. Our God enthroned Christ Jesus as Lord and King. So we sing: ‘Jah will provide escape.’ (Chorus) 2. Now each day pressures come to test our loyalty; The spirit of this world attacks us tauntingly. Our thinking and our conduct we must keep pure to endure And, in the end, escape. (Chorus) 3. Soon Christ will crush the Devil in the final war, And mourning, outcry, pain, and death will be no more. As God renews the heavens and earth below, all will know By Jah we have escaped. (CHORUS) Jehovah provides escape for the loyal. Our enemies will see what a mighty Crag is he. So, with courage, as servants of God, we give acclaim To Jehovah, our Source of escape, and praise his name.

Song 75 Joyful Praise to Jehovah (Psalm 63:5) 1. It is with lips of joyful cries Praises we offer with pleasure Because Jehovah God supplies All that we need in full measure. With happy hearts and cheerful song, We to God lift up our voices. To him our thanksgiving does e’er belong; Our soul in him now rejoices. 2. He gave his Son most lovingly, Op’ning the way to salvation. We raise our palms in his great name, Praying for his vindication. Our fellowship with him we prize, Yes, as a precious possession. Our love for him never fades, never dies; We give love heartfelt expression. 3. His strength and glory we behold. How we delight in his guidance! We gladly worship God whole-souled, Placing on him full reliance. And in the shadow of his wings, How we find loving protection! Our heart in appreciation now sings; For him we have deep affection.

Song 76 Jehovah, Our Best Friend (Isaiah 41:8) 1. Jehovah God, the Loyal One, Is truly our best Friend. He made the earth a home for us, Gave life that would not end. Though our first parents did forsake Jehovah’s righteous way, He still befriends the faithful ones, Who wait to see his day. 2. A faithful man through all his days Was Abraham, God’s friend. For when Jehovah tested him, He kept true to the end. He reckoned God could raise his son If he’d obedient be. So God was fond of Abraham, Who kept integrity. 3. Years later, God’s Son came to earth Because of love for men. He gave his life to bring us back To God on high again. Though Satan tried to lead him off From serving God in love, Christ Jesus, as a loyal Son, Proved true to God above. 4. No greater friends could we now have Than God and his dear Son. They’ve shown true love, that lasting life By us now might be won. We know that friendship with this world Will mean God’s enmity. So we must prove ourselves his friends, Steadfast in loyalty.

Song 77 “Jehovah Is My Shepherd” (Psalm 23) 1. Jehovah God is my Shepherd, So why should I fear or fret? For he who cares for his sheep so much Will none of his own forget. By quiet waters he leads me, My soul does restore and bless. He guides my steps for his own name’s sake In pathways of righteousness. He guides my steps for his own name’s sake In pathways of righteousness. 2. Though in the vale of deep shadow I walk, I need fear no harm, For my Great Shepherd is always near; His staff keeps me from alarm. My head with oil he refreshes; My cup he has filled up well. His loving-kindness will follow me, And e’er in his house I’ll dwell. His loving-kindness will follow me, And e’er in his house I’ll dwell. 3. How wise and loving my Shepherd! His praises with joy I sing. The cheering news of his tender care To sheeplike ones I will bring. His Word I’ll faithfully follow, Walk carefully in his way. My glorious treasure of serving him I’ll gratefully use each day. My glorious treasure of serving him I’ll gratefully use each day.

Song 78 Speaking the “Pure Language” (Zephaniah 3:9) 1. God’s people are speaking a language so pure, A language that truly unites. Its words are delightful, bring joy to the heart. To love and right works they incite. 2. The change to this language Jehovah does give To those who are humble and meek. For such ones are willing to go forth and teach Still others this language to speak. 3. Wrong thoughts and bad habits are now put aside By those who this language do learn. They clean up their lives and adhere to God’s ways. The ways of the world they now spurn. 4. So shoulder to shoulder we serve our great God. His people he guides and equips. And with the pure language, the Kingdom we preach; Its message we bear on our lips.

Song 79 Creation Reveals Jehovah’s Glory (Psalm 19) 1. Jehovah God, my soul is well aware, The brilliant heav’ns your glory do declare. From day to day and night to night they speak And without words bring knowledge to the meek. From day to day and night to night they speak And without words bring knowledge to the meek. 2. For you have made the sun and moon and stars, And for the oceans you have set their bars. Man can but look and see what you have done And give you praise as the Deserving One. Man can but look and see what you have done And give you praise as the Deserving One. 3. Your laws are perfect; your commands are true. Reminders, orders, also come from you. They make us wise, are better than fine gold. O may we keep them, always to them hold! They make us wise, are better than fine gold. O may we keep them, always to them hold!

Song 80 Walking in the Name of Our God (Micah 4:5) 1. Great Sov’reign in heav’n, Jehovah our God, For all of your love, you we want to laud. You pardon our sins; you show us life’s way. Lord, here in your service we choose to stay. 2. Our foes now abound. They make up a host. And in their false gods they make loud their boast. We loathe their false gods; the truth we proclaim And worship Jehovah, walk in his name. 3. From small Bethlehem comes God’s Ruler grand, The Shepherd who saves with strength from God’s hand. And now, with great joy, your remnant restored Exalts your true worship, O Sov’reign Lord. 4. Come worship Jehovah. Serve him as one. Do learn of his ways; his will let be done. All swords and all spears we yield up for peace. With joy we will serve him, never to cease.

Song 81 Gratitude for Divine Patience (2 Peter 3:15) 1. Jehovah God, your pow’r sublime Made all things beauteous in their time. To this fact all things testify, Throughout the earth and in the sky. Though from such beauty springs delight For all who love the truth and right, Yet still more beauty they will see In triumph of your sov’reignty. 2. Great God, your zeal for righteousness Could end at once all wickedness; But that salvation may be ours, You have held back destructive pow’rs. Now all who gladly your name bear, Your praises sing, give thanks in pray’r For patience shown, and long to see The triumph of your sov’reignty. 3. Your patience we would not abuse But use the time to preach good news, Show men your attributes divine, Which in your Word so clearly shine. Help us to make the way so plain That they salvation too may gain And then with us the beauty see Of your triumphant sov’reignty.

Song 82 The Women Are a Large Army (Psalm 68:11) 1. Jehovah himself gives the saying. The women who go out to preach All form a large army to witness; Humanity they want to reach. It means getting started right early, To look to one’s household with care. By planning and diligent forethought, In service they have a fine share. 2. On these fellow workers, our sisters, Jehovah’s rich blessing we pray. For much they accomplish in preaching, The menfolk with pride justly say. But many are widows, old-timers, And all have their problems to face. From meetings they seldom are absent; Endurance they show in life’s race. 3. We must give them all due attention As mothers and daughters and wives. They share in the joys of the harvest, Attempting to save precious lives. This army of women is worthy. Their efforts result in great gain. Look after these with fellow feeling. God’s saying was not said in vain.

Song 83 Zion’s Reason for Rejoicing (Isaiah 66:8) 1. Jehovah has a nation; In our day it was born. A land was also brought forth Where we need never mourn. Jehovah’s heav’nly Zion —She suddenly gave birth To many sons, who sounded God’s name throughout the earth. (Chorus) 2. The birth of this new nation Brought joy beyond compare. It serves the Kingdom int’rests And of God’s flock takes care. Yes, Zion’s faithful children Are trembling at God’s word. They preach and teach with boldness. By nothing they’re deterred. (Chorus) 3. It is Jehovah’s purpose The nations now to rock. The choice ones of such nations To Zion’s height do flock. They deem it a rare priv’lege To elevate God’s fame, And bowing down before him, They call upon his name. (CHORUS) Rejoice, exult with Zion high above! How great for her is God Jehovah’s love! Her sons on earth are serving as a sign, And at Jehovah’s table they recline.

Song 84 God’s Great and Wondrous Works (Revelation 15:3) 1. Jehovah God, Almighty One, How great and wondrous your works are! Earth, moon, and stars and shining sun Your glories tell, both near and far. 2. How righteous, true, are all your ways, Our Judge and our eternal King! Since all creation sings your praise, Why should not we thanksgiving bring? 3. Who will not fear and honor you And magnify your holy name? You are the Loyal One and true, The God Most High of endless fame. 4. Your wise decrees, how vast their sum! How they show forth your righteousness! Let all the nations to you come And worship you, your name confess.

Song 85 Jehovah Is Our Refuge (Psalm 91:1, 2) 1. Jehovah is our refuge, Our God in whom we trust. His shadow is our shelter; Abide in it we must. For he himself will rescue you From pestilence and trappers too. Jehovah is a stronghold, A haven for all the just. 2. Though thousands will be falling, Yes, at your very side, Ten thousand at your right hand, No harm will you betide. You will not need to quake with fear, As though great harm to you were near. Your eyes will merely see it, As ’neath God’s wings you’ll abide. 3. No plague will e’er befall you, No dire calamity. But God will by his angels Provide security. The maned young lion you’ll not dread; Upon the cobra you will tread. No stone will make you stumble While you serve God faithfully. 4. Praise Jah for such assurance; His righteousness proclaim. While making known his virtues, Ourselves we’ll keep from blame. Whole-souled devotion let us show; Then we’ll salvation by God know. Jehovah is our refuge; A fortress is his great name.

Song 86 Cultivating the Fruit of Love (1 Corinthians 13:8) 1. Jehovah lovingly does bestow On all his ministers here below The gifts they need that they may do His sacred will and thus keep true. His spirit they appreciate; Its many fruits they cultivate; But one they give their greatest care —The fruit of love, beyond compare. 2. All qualities for the ministry We strive to exercise patiently; Yet special effort we direct The most important to perfect. It’s not enough to use the mind In feeding sheeplike ones we find; But we must give with all our heart To share in blessings we’d impart. 3. And as we labor for rich increase, Let’s earnestly guard the bond of peace. Be patient though we suffer wrong; Bear weak ones’ loads if we are strong. And feel in even little things The joy unselfish int’rest brings, Thus perfecting the fruit of love And being like our God above.

Song 87 The Lord’s Evening Meal (1 Corinthians 11:23-26) 1. Jehovah, our Father in heaven, O this is a most sacred night! ’Twas Nisan fourteen when your glory was seen, Your justice, love, wisdom, and might. The Passover lamb was then eaten, And Israel’s twelve tribes went forth free. Cent’ries later our Lord his own lifeblood outpoured To fulfill this divine prophecy. 2. We’re gathered together before you, As sheep of your pasture we came, To praise the great love that brought Christ from above And honor your most holy name. Before us there stands a spread table Of wine and of unleavened bread. They are symbols, we know; as reminders they show With what nourishment we must be fed. 3. The bread stands for Jesus Christ’s body He gave on behalf of us all. The cup of red wine is a symbol divine, His blood which redeems from man’s fall. Let’s keep this Memorial occasion Fixed firmly in heart and in mind. Thus we’ll walk ev’ry day as Christ showed us the way, And so life everlasting we’ll find.

Song 88 The Prayer of God’s Servant (James 3:17) 1. Heav’nly Father, Sov’reign Lord, Be your glorious name adored; For your mercies will endure, Ever faithful, ever sure. Ever faithful, ever sure, Yes, your mercies will endure. 2. As our service we pursue, Teach us, God, your will to do. Your commands we want to keep, Staying close to your dear sheep. Staying close to your dear sheep, Your commands we want to keep. 3. Give us wisdom from above, Pure and gentle, full of love. Help us merciful to be As we serve impartially. As we serve impartially, Help us merciful to be. 4. May the joy to have a part In your service fill our heart. Never may our prayers cease That your Kingdom may increase. That your Kingdom may increase, Never may our prayers cease.

Song 89 The Divine Pattern of Love (1 John 4:19) 1. Jehovah, our God, has wisely provided For us all, One and all, A pattern divine, that we may be guided, Lest we should fall, Lest we should fall. That excellent way by which he keeps ever, To which he invites our constant endeavor, From which we may part, no, never, no, never, Is that of love, For God’s way is love. 2. By walking God’s way, our love for our brother Will be true, Warm and true, Will make us alert to help one another In all we do, In all we do. O let us e’er show that true warm affection, Help others to guard ’gainst any deflection, Lest finally some should suffer rejection, Thus show our love, Our brotherly love. 3. Jehovah is love. His organization Will always, Yes, always, Unselfishly serve to his vindication, Singing his praise, Singing his praise. So let us proclaim his name to each hearer, Help other sheep see the truth ever clearer. Let his service grow still dearer and dearer, For that is love; Yes, that is true love.

Song 90 Worshiping Jehovah, the Sovereign Lord (Isaiah 2:3) 1. Jehovah God, our Sov’reign Lord, Your truth to us has been restored. Down from your throne, your light does beam, So millions to your worship stream. 2. Your time has come to give increase To those that serve with you in peace. These honor you as God alone And worship you before your throne. 3. A people that learns war no more Puts sacred service to the fore; They bow down low in godly fear And to your righteous laws adhere. 4. How we rejoice in this your day, When Kingdom rule has come to stay! Your Royal Son now rules as King; Because of this, we gladly sing.

Song 91 Being Taught by Jehovah (Isaiah 54:13) 1. Jehovah sends out light and truth; He is our Grand Instructor. He leads his sheep so patiently As their Divine Conductor. His time has come for all to learn That he is the Supreme One, Who lovingly provides instruction That the meek ones does bestir. His Master Worker, Jesus Christ, Was greatest of earth’s teachers. He spoke the things his Father taught, Explaining Kingdom features. As chicks are gathered by a hen, He seeks in love to help all men. Today he teaches, just as then, The sheeplike ones within his pen. 2. Jehovah gives us shepherds too, Who strive to teach with insight. Their educated tongue reflects That in their heart they’re upright. The weary ones they seek to help. Unruly ones they counsel By teaching what is true and right; In this Jehovah takes delight. Taught by Jehovah now we are; His Son directs the teaching. A priv’lege we indeed do have As truth our hearts is reaching. If fondness in our hearts will burn For those who for the truth do yearn, It’s by proclaiming all we learn, They may to God in worship turn.

3. “Come, learn about Jehovah God,” That is our invitation. A teaching work is under way That promises salvation. By printed page and word of mouth, The good news of God’s Kingdom Is being preached throughout the earth To ev’ry tribe and nation. As fellow workers, we have need In faith to be progressing And keep in step with present truth, His Kingdom to be stressing. And soon through Christ’s Millennial Reign, The resurrected ones will gain Instruction so they may attain To perfect life in earth’s domain.

Song 92 Preach With Boldness (Acts 4:13) 1. Jehovah’s servants need to be strong, Due to the pressures from Satan’s throng. We get this courage from God’s own Word, Also from sharing the things we have heard. God’s Word gives power, the will to stick, And keeps us loyal through thin and thick. Like the apostles and men of old, Let us be steadfast, rejoicing, and bold. 2. Since we’re believing with all our hearts God’s Word is truthful in all its parts, We’re not afraid of what men can do But have strong faith, even though we are few. Let’s fix attention on work at hand And spread God’s message through all the land. By preaching boldly right to the end, We’ll have Jehovah forever as Friend. 3. Give kind assistance to all the weak So that with boldness they too can speak. Never neglect those of tender years; Help them grow strong and get rid of their fears. Bring consolation to those who sigh; Bid all take courage, on God rely. O’er all the earth, he will rule as King And cause all mankind his praises to sing.

Song 93 Jehovah’s Lovely Place of Worship (Psalm 84:1) 1. How lovely is your temple grand, With courtyards where your servants stand! My soul and heart for them do long, That there I might lift up my song, That there I might lift up my song. 2. Jehovah, when we come to you For help our powers to renew, We’re made to feast on love and truth, So we can serve with strength of youth, So we can serve with strength of youth. 3. A day within your courtyards fair Excels a thousand spent elsewhere. We’d rather at your house be found Than with the wicked move around, Than with the wicked move around. 4. Jehovah is a sun and shield To all who righteous fruitage yield. There’s no good thing he does withhold From faultless ones within his fold, From faultless ones within his fold.

Song 94 King of Eternity, Sanctify Your Name! (Ezekiel 38:23) 1. Jehovah, you are God alone, To time indefinite the same. Great love and patience you have shown, Until you sanctify your name. Eternal is your purpose grand; Great wisdom all your dealings show. Your longed-for Kingdom is at hand, And so all wickedness must go. 2. Creator of the universe, You are the One from long ago! You’ve seen men go from bad to worse, Right on your footstool here below. To us your Son has now been giv’n; His princely rule is here to stay. Before him see his en’mies driv’n; For their destruction we now pray. 3. Your holy prophets from of old Preached your salvation zealously. We see fulfilled what you foretold, To which we witness faithfully. Our earth, forever built to stay, Will never totter, will remain. O King, your majesty display, To bring Messiah’s glorious reign.

Song 95 The Fruit of Goodness (Galatians 5:22) 1. Jehovah, the Sov’reign of eternity, Personification of goodness is he. In mercy his Son from the heavens he sent To lead sincere men from their sins to repent. 2. The goodness of God, how it helps men get free From Babylon’s bondage of iniquity. The goodness of God gives us increasing light, That we can distinguish between wrong and right. 3. Such goodness of God we would all imitate; This fruit of his spirit we would cultivate. We need to be gen’rous, pure, noble, and just And always in God and Christ Jesus to trust. 4. To grow in this goodness, just what can we do? Engage in much study, field service, pray’r too. Nor may we neglect with our brothers to meet If we as to goodness would be made complete.

Song 96 Glorifying Our Father, Jehovah (John 17:4) 1. Jehovah, your creation sings Of honor, pow’r, and glory. You willed, so all created things Exist and tell their story. Rich blessings flow from your great hand, Good gifts, all perfect presents. You’ve made prophetic patterns grand, Fulfilled now in Christ’s presence. At birth child Jesus was adored By your angelic chorus. How good you are, through Christ our Lord, Providing ransom for us! 2. With joy we note just how your Son Fulfilled his sacred mission, How he on earth the vict’ry won And changed mankind’s condition, And how as King upon the throne, He carries out your orders. Your name and purpose he makes known To all the nations’ borders. Why, we your people find delight In crying out with gladness: ‘The Lord Jehovah, God of light, Will soon wipe out all sadness!’ 3. Should we not, then, your praises sing, E’er seek to give you pleasure, Our lives in dedication bring, And serve you in full measure? Your name we ever must uphold, Your work bring to its finish. May we ne’er let our love grow cold Nor let our zeal diminish. But with our heart and mind and soul, We choose to serve you ever. To bring great honor to your name Will e’er be our endeavor.

Song 97 Jehovah’s Attributes (Revelation 4:11) 1. Jehovah God, exalted in might, The Fountainhead of life and light, Creation speaks of your great pow’r; Still more will Armageddon’s hour. 2. Those things you’ve made—what wisdom they tell! They witness that you made them well. But turning to your Word, we see Your wisdom shine more brilliantly. 3. On justice you have founded your throne. Your righteousness you have made known. To us do give an ear to hear That we may walk with you in fear. 4. Your loving-kindness is our great boast; To it we are indebted most. Your attributes, your glorious name, Exultingly we will proclaim!

Song 98 Contending for the Faith (Jude 3) 1. Just as Jesus Christ had foretold, Wicked works earth wide abound. Cold has grown the love of many; Very little faith is found. Therefore, let us be contending For the faith that was received By the Christian congregation, Who back there God’s Word believed. 2. Never let the Devil weaken Our strong faith in things foretold; But by study, pray’r, and service, To the faith let’s firmly hold. By our steadfastly contending, Yielding not to doubt or fear, We will strengthen one another That thus all may persevere. 3. Use each avenue of service For the true faith to contend. Give a bold and faithful witness Till this system has its end. Through Jehovah’s vindication Wickedness will no more be, But to us will come salvation Under his Theocracy.

Song 99 God’s Unfolding “Eternal Purpose” (Ephesians 3:11) 1. Keep ever marching forward, Each one in his own place. For all his servants on the earth, Jehovah sets the pace. He has restored true worship And made his words come true. Great is the crowd that has appeared And seeks his will to do. 2. Our Sov’reign Lord, Jehovah, Gives us a living hope. In mental darkness, filled with fear, No longer do we grope. It’s his eternal purpose That men should live in peace. Soon by the rule of Christ, his Son, He will make wars to cease. 3. As God unfolds his purpose, We must ourselves exert And march along the road to life And keep our minds alert. Our God Jehovah’s purpose Will meet with sure success. Wisely we act and move ahead And seek his name to bless.

Song 100 Laud Jehovah Our God! (Jeremiah 33:11) 1. Laud our God! Laud Jehovah God! Make his greatness known! Make it known! Shout for joy! Sing a joyful song! For the heav’ns and earth to him belong. All things he made both seen and unseen. Pow’r and love all his works reveal. His wisdom, justice also abound; How they blend with his might and zeal! Laud our God! Laud Jehovah God! Make his greatness known! Make it known! 2. Laud our God! Laud Jehovah God! Make his goodness known! Make it known! Cry aloud! O how kind is he! Let all flesh his loving-kindness see. Though fear-inspiring, manly in war, To the meek he is gentle, kind. Those who now seek him he will protect. Loving-kindness in him they’ll find. Laud our God! Laud Jehovah God! Make his goodness known! Make it known! 3. Laud our God! Laud Jehovah God! Make his Kingdom known! Make it known! Sound his worth! Sound Jehovah’s worth To the far-flung corners of the earth! The time is here! And Christ reigns as King. To Jehovah all praise must go. So our triumphant song we can sing And to God our allegiance show. Laud our God! Laud Jehovah God! Make his Kingdom known! Make it known!

Song 101 Showing Concern for “the Flock of God” (1 Peter 5:2) 1. Jesus Christ, as God’s Fine Shepherd, For His flock showed deep concern. With his life he did us purchase. Much from him we all can learn. 2. Elders are his undershepherds; Lovingly they tend the sheep. They must set a fine example And strict vigilance e’er keep. 3. ‘Feed my lambs’ is Christ’s instruction To each one whose love is pure. Tenderly and with much patience, All must help them to mature. 4. As a flock—united, peaceful— Many blessings we do share. God Jehovah and Christ Jesus Shepherd us with loving care.

Song 102 The Resurrection Joy (Revelation 20:13) 1. Lazarus lay sleeping In a cold stone grave. How his sisters mourned him! None there him could save. If his friend Christ Jesus Had but come before, That good man would not have Passed through Hades’ door. At the grave Christ Jesus Then did give a shout, Calling to the dead one: ‘Lazarus, come out!’ Though wrapped up in graveclothes, Laz’rus did obey. O what great rejoicing Filled his friends that day! 2. Those who hoped in Jesus Thought release was nigh, So they felt dejected When he had to die. Sadly, friends of Jesus Laid him in a tomb. How their hearts and spirits Were immersed in gloom! But the gates of Hades Could not God defy. In three days God raised him, Seated him on high. With joy his disciples Him they saw and heard. Keys of death and Hades On him are conferred. 3. Adam’s sin in Eden Brought death on our race; But return of dead ones Shall through Christ take place. Those in death and Hades Will hear his own voice And come forth in due time In life to rejoice. Before God’s great white throne They’ll be judged aright By the deeds committed In the Kingdom’s light. Those whose names are written In God’s book of life Will live on his new earth Ever free from strife.

Song 103 Throw Your Burden on Jehovah (Psalm 55:22) 1. Let my prayer be heard by you, Lord; Do not hide yourself from me. Pay attention, give me answer, That concerned I may not be. (Chorus) 2. Had I wings just as a dove has, I’d fly far off to reside In a place safe from the wicked, Whose bad tongues, O God, divide. (Chorus) 3. I will call upon Jehovah, Him who thrones on high, supreme. He gives peace midst opposition, And my soul he will redeem. (CHORUS) Throw your burden on Jehovah; He himself will you sustain. He will never let you totter But will help you firm remain.

Song 104 A Song to the Most High (Psalm 47:2) 1. Let’s sing to Jehovah a song; To him praise and thanks do belong. With a glad cry to the Most High, We proclaim that he’s mighty and strong. (Chorus) 2. Rejoice with the sound of the horn: The Kingdom of God has been born. Our behavior t’ward the Savior, May it ever his teaching adorn. (Chorus) 3. We live in the time of the end; True worship we all must defend. God is glorious and victorious; Hence our praises to him now ascend. (CHORUS) Jehovah God is reigning, Grand victories attaining. By his dear Son, the Worthy One, The Kingdom has begun.

Song 105 Hail Jehovah’s Firstborn! (Hebrews 1:6) 1. Let’s hail Jehovah’s Firstborn —God’s Heir he has been made— Who since he was created, His Father’s voice obeyed. He made all things existing In heaven and on earth, And he, as God’s own Spokesman, Made known Jehovah’s worth. 2. Although he was in God’s form, He did not selfishly Endeavor to be equal To God, in rivalry. But humbly he descended And took the form of men To vindicate Jehovah And give men life again. 3. For this Christ was exalted And set by God on high To be Jehovah’s Agent, His name to sanctify. He will at Armageddon God’s worshipers defend, Destroy foes of God’s Kingdom, Bring peace that will not end. 4. So hail Jehovah’s Firstborn! Make known his Kingdom reign. From house to house keep preaching, The cause of truth maintain. With personal attention Show others what to do. And stimulate our brothers To hail God’s Firstborn too.

Song 106 Let’s Watch How We Walk (Ephesians 5:15) 1. Let’s watch how we walk and watch how we talk That thus we may be alert and wise, Buying out the opportune time, Since this world in Satan lies. Yes, watch how we walk and watch how we talk That thus we may be alert and wise. 2. Let’s watch what we preach and watch what we teach, Encourage meek ones to take their stand. By our Bible study with them, Give them all a helping hand. Yes, watch what we preach and watch what we teach And thus help meek ones to take their stand. 3. Let’s watch how we greet and watch how we treat All those we meet in our ministry. Like Christ Jesus, our Fine Shepherd, Care for his sheep lovingly. Yes, watch how we greet and watch how we treat And stumble none in our ministry.

Song 107 Sing Jehovah’s Praise With Courage! (2 Chronicles 20:21) 1. Let us sing Jehovah’s praise with courage, In whose strength we face a mighty foe. Never let the enemy dismay us. Fear them not. But forward let us go! (Chorus) 2. Let us sing Jehovah’s praise with courage And give warning loud for all to hear, For our King will soon destroy the wicked. False religion’s end is very near. (Chorus) 3. Let us sing Jehovah’s praise with courage As we teach the lowly and the true, Showing them their privilege to serve God, Helping them his will on earth to do. (CHORUS) Herald forth the good news of salvation! Help men see the need of dedication. Let us sing Jehovah’s praise with courage, Magnify his great and holy name.

Song 108 Jehovah’s Word Is Faithful (Joshua 23:14) 1. Just as the rain that falls from the heavens Causes the earth to bring forth its yield, So is the word Jehovah has spoken; It will succeed, yes, its truth be revealed. 2. Joshua told the nation of Israel How God’s great goodness to them was shown. Of all the things Jehovah had promised, None met with failure; his pow’r he made known. 3. Our God once showed to heirs of the promise How his unchangeable word is sure. ‘By my own self, I swear,’ said Jehovah. This gives us hope like an anchor secure. 4. We can be sure of what God has told us. His righteous promise will find success. In the new order he is preparing, We’ll praise Jehovah for his faithfulness.

Song 109 Life Everlasting Is Promised (Psalm 37:29) 1. Life everlasting is promised By God Almighty, supreme, Here on this earth in perfection. All this is no mere dream. (Chorus) 2. True is the promise God made us, Soon to be grandly fulfilled: ‘Meek ones the earth will inherit.’ This is what God has willed. (Chorus) 3. Our God, Jehovah, assures us That he will make all things new. Down from the heavens will trickle His rich blessings, like dew. (Chorus) 4. Jesus has fully confirmed it; Paradise will be restored. Then, in the new earth, Jehovah Will be ever adored. (CHORUS) We can live forever. It’s worth all endeavor. God’s promise is faithful. His Word will come true.

Song 110 Be Forgiving (Ephesians 4:32) 1. Lovingly our God, Jehovah, For our sins provision made, Sent his Son to be our ransom, Thus extending needed aid. When we really are repentant, His forgiveness we can claim On the basis of Christ’s ransom, Asking pardon in his name. 2. But God only grants forgiveness To those who like him would be, Who, forgiving freely others, Show true love and empathy. O since we are so imperfect, We all frequently transgress By some thoughtless word or action. Hence we all need forgiveness. 3. Surely, days of bitter sorrow Our forgiving can prevent; By it we show loving-kindness That indeed is heaven-sent. Our forgiving others freely From the heart proves us mature, Shows a depth of understanding, And helps them peace to secure. 4. True forgiveness is a virtue That we all should cultivate. It will keep us from resentment, From the bitterness of hate. When we truly are forgiving, We resemble God Most High, Who takes pleasure in forgiving, And his grace we magnify.

Song 111 The Light Gets Brighter (Proverbs 4:18) 1. Light from God’s Word keeps shining ever brighter, Is getting ever lighter as the day draws near. Truths, Kingdom truths, Jehovah is revealing; To us he is appealing: ‘Come, incline your ear.’ Gone the time when false religion Kept us in its dismal prison. Truth was revived. The Lord’s day arrived. Light has flashed forth as rays of sun at daybreak, Transmitting to the righteous ones the bright shining light, God’s bright shining light. 2. Light on the path of righteous ones increases. Jehovah it releases with such loving care. True understanding he is now unfolding; His people he is molding with his truths so fair. Sometimes due to imperfection There may seem to be deflection; But truth refines As light brighter shines. Our gracious God sends forth more light to help us. He flashes forth his glorious light, a light brighter still, A light brighter still. 3. Bright is the light that shines now on our pathway, Just like the sun at noonday in a cloudless sky. Our God is light and can but us enlighten; Our pathway he will brighten, so we need not sigh. Never should we doubt or worry, Seek to force the truth to hurry. Keep to the way, And there ever stay. Light has flashed up and will keep on increasing. The righteous are rejoicing, for so bright is the light. So bright is the light.

Song 112 Then They Will Know (Ezekiel 35:15) 1. Long have your foes your holy name reviled, With their deceit your holy place defiled. Soon will your King your righteousness make known; Satan’s dominion will be overthrown. (Chorus) 2. Your glorious pow’r, by Satan long defied, Soon will be shown and nevermore denied. His earthly host, in Armageddon’s war, Will meet destruction and oppress no more. (Chorus) 3. Proud hearts that know no pity for the meek To hold their pow’r o’er all mankind do seek. Your mighty arm will break the hateful yoke. Soon men will vanish who your wrath provoke. (CHORUS) Then they will know you only are Jehovah; Then they will know your ways are just and true. Then they will know throughout the whole creation, All you have purposed you will surely do.

Song 113 We Are Jehovah’s Witnesses! (Isaiah 43:10-12) 1. Men make gods of wood and stone, But the true God they’ve not known. He is God Almighty, As he’s often shown. Other gods just cannot see What in future days will be. For witnesses they look all in vain, Since none their godship can maintain. (Chorus) 2. ‘You’re my witnesses,’ God said. ‘Other gods you need not dread. I am God Jehovah, Sov’reign Lord and Head. I both saved and showed to you When no other gods you knew. Keep publishing my name near and far; Prove that my witnesses you are.’ (Chorus) 3. Witnessing exalts God’s name, Lifts therefrom reproach and shame. But it warns the wicked, Who God’s name defame. Pardon it holds out to men If they turn to God again. Thus bearing witness brings joy and peace And hope of life that will not cease. (CHORUS) We’re Jehovah’s Witnesses; We speak out in fearlessness. Ours is the God of true prophecy; What he foretells comes to be.

Song 114 God’s Loyal Love (Isaiah 55:1-3) 1. Loyal love! God is love. This truth cheers us from above. Love caused God to send his Son, Who for us the ransom won, That we might gain righteousness, Life eternal, happiness. (Chorus) 2. Loyal love! God is love. All his works give proof thereof. Love for us he’s further shown, Giving Christ a heav’nly throne To fulfill his cov’nant sworn. See! His Kingdom has been born. (Chorus) 3. Loyal love! God is love. Peace he sent us like a dove. Us he gave the faithful slave, Him a grand commission gave, That Jehovah’s name he bear, In its vindication share. (Chorus) 4. Loyal love! God is love. May God’s love move us to love. Loyally let’s help the meek As God’s righteousness they seek. May we preach from door to door, Comfort spread the whole world o’er. (CHORUS) Hey there, all you thirsty ones, Come and drink life’s water free. Yes, come drink, you thirsty ones; God’s loving-kindness see.

Song 115 “Have Intense Love for One Another” (1 Peter 4:8) 1. Love that is intense and pure Helps us all things to endure And God’s favor to secure, Serving him aright. Through such love our God did send Jesus Christ, our loyal Friend, Our relationship to mend And with Him unite. We who fear Jehovah God Let our feet with love be shod As we walk the way Christ trod, Showing heartfelt love. In this hateful world today, Love intense we must display. It is the surpassing way —Copies God above, copies God above. 2. Love that is no mere pretense Gives no reasons for offense, Helps us show true deference To our brothers dear. It is patient, gentle, kind, To ourselves is not confined, Puts all grievances behind T’ward those who God fear. Since the end is near at hand, How we need to understand That our love must e’er expand T’ward humanity! One another we must love With true wisdom from above. May we copy God in love For eternity, for eternity.

Song 116 “You Must Assist Those Who Are Weak” (Acts 20:35) 1. Many are the weaknesses That we all possess. But Jehovah God, indeed, Loves us nonetheless. He is so merciful, His ways commendable. May we imitate his love, Help those in distress. 2. Rather than condemn the weak, We should bear in mind That much good can be obtained By our being kind. May we be diligent, Give them encouragement. Lending them our full support, Comfort they will find. 3. ‘Who is weak and I’m not weak?’ Paul did emphasize. We should feel what others feel, With them sympathize. Those stronger we exhort: ‘Give weak ones your support.’ With Christ’s blood they all were bought, Life to realize. 4. That we should assist the weak, God’s Word makes this plain. Helping them in deed and truth, Blessings we’ll obtain. They to our God belong. Hence they should all be strong. If the weak we do assist, God will us sustain.

Song 117 Marriage—God’s Arrangement (Matthew 19:4-6) 1. Marriage is God’s arrangement. By him it was designed. It forms a bond of union, Brings blessings to mankind. Yoking a man and woman In this most sacred state Helps them serve God together —Each one with his own mate. 2. God has an ancient guidebook With counsel good and wise. It tells of godlike headship, Which husbands exercise. ‘Love her as your own body.’ This God requires of them. She who respects her husband Is like a precious gem. 3. Cords of three strands are stronger Than those of only two. When God is in a marriage, Then problems will be few. There’s greater joy in giving. This truth we all must learn. So as we serve Jehovah, To give is our concern.

Song 118 Supporting God’s House (Malachi 3:10) 1. May we of God’s household ever reflect That he has a place we dare not neglect, A house upon which he did so decide That there his grand name would come to reside. Just like Nehemiah, who with great care True worship restored in God’s house of prayer, We too may Him honor with all our tenth parts, Thus show that we love Him with all of our hearts. (Chorus) 2. God’s fam’ly today in unity lives, A household to which attention he gives. His steward, so faithful, serves him so well, And as a result, there peace does now dwell. Let’s bring to God’s house our valu’ble things; The giving of firstfruits him honor brings. He blesses his household in such a fine way, Thus making us serve him with joy ev’ry day. (CHORUS) God’s house deserves our full support. ‘Come worship there,’ we do exhort. His household is his family; He’ll dwell among them eternally.

Song 119 Holding Fast to “the Happy Hope” (Titus 2:13) 1. Men have been groping for centuries in darkness. Vain is their striving for what is merely wind. Wickedness now is exposed in its starkness. What a sad climax to men who’ve sinned! (Chorus) 2. Truly we’re glad now to learn Jehovah’s reason Why he’s permitted gross wickedness so long. It will be dealt with by Christ in due season. Those on his side will break forth in song. (Chorus) 3. In this our day can be heard a proclamation. Men need no longer to live in doubt and dread. God will set free all the groaning creation. So we do urge all to look ahead. (CHORUS) Be of good cheer, for God’s Kingdom draws near. His Son’s glorious reign will bring freedom from fear. Now, at long last, all man’s woes will have passed. To this happy hope may we ever hold fast.

Song 120 Be Steadfast Like Ruth (Ruth 1:15-17) 1. Naomi encouraged Ruth to leave, Even though the parting would her grieve. But to Moab Ruth just won’t return, Since her heart for Naomi does yearn. 2. ‘No, I never will abandon you. Where you will be, there I would be too. And where you lie down, there I would lie. And where you die, there please let me die. 3. ‘For your people shall my people be, And your God my God eternally. May our God do so and add thereto Should aught separate my soul from you.’ 4. O what faith and love fair Ruth displayed! She a noble pattern for us made. May we ever show like steadfastness. Firmly cleave to God and righteousness.

Song 121 The Truth That Sets Men Free (John 8:32) 1. Mosaic Law and prophecies of cent’ries long ago Were pointing to a precious truth that we have come to know. It is the truth that sets men free, the truth about God’s Seed —How through Christ Jesus men can gain the life that’s life indeed. 2. ‘I am the way, the truth, the life,’ Christ Jesus rightly said. He came to earth our sins to bear, for men his blood to shed, To vindicate his Father’s name and prove that God is true And, now in this time of the end, God’s enemies subdue. 3. It is through God Jehovah’s Son that truth has come to be. And it assures us that all sin will end eternally. He is the Seed, the Promised One, who magnifies God’s name. As King and Priest, he’s reigning now; this fact we all proclaim. 4. With faith-inspiring truth, we preach about the Son of God. We are equipped to tell good news; our feet with peace are shod. God’s Messianic Kingdom is the truth we must uphold. Let’s raise it high for all to see and work for it whole-souled.

Song 122 Conducting Ourselves as “a Lesser One” (Luke 9:48) 1. Most favored are those who today Will heed divine instruction. The work of those who look to God Is blessed with fine production. But since we are afflicted by Inherent imperfection, We need to learn with humbleness To give our God subjection. 2. ‘Conduct yourselves as lesser ones,’ Christ Jesus recommended. It makes for peace and unity, And this, indeed, is splendid. A fine example he did set. It was his greatest pleasure To be submissive to his God And serve him in full measure. 3. We wisely then should take the lead In hon’ring one another And keep in mind that Jesus died For him who is our brother. To God our brothers all belong; To each one he gives talents. So let us act as lesser ones And keep our spir’tual balance. 4. The principle of headship is An aid to recognizing How we should keep self out of sight And love be emphasizing. God’s spirit is available To help us, lest we stumble. Our good relationship with God Will keep us ever humble.

Song 123 Move Ahead! (Hebrews 6:1) 1. Move ahead, move ahead to maturity! It’s the will of our God that we gain ability. Try your best to improve in your ministry, And then our God your work will bless. There is a place in the service for all; It is the work Jesus did, you’ll recall. Look to God that you thus at no time may fall. Keep standing firm for righteousness. 2. Move ahead, move ahead, boldly witnessing! Everlasting good news to all sorts of people bring. Joyfully praise Jehovah, our God and King, By witnessing from door to door. Though wicked foes tend to cause you to fear, Do not shrink back, but let ev’ryone hear Gladsome news that the Kingdom of God is near. Declare the truth yet more and more. 3. Move ahead, move ahead; always follow through And improve in your skills, for there’s so much work to do! Let God’s spirit keep on motivating you And make you know joy that’s divine. Love all the brothers for God’s own name’s sake; With them in weekly assemblies partake. And assist them good progress each day to make, Together letting your lights shine.

Song 124 The Fruit of Self-Control (Galatians 5:23) 1. O Christian, safeguard well your soul; Be strong for truth and right. Keep exercising self-control That you may win the fight. 2. Just as we strive to show true love And wisdom ev’ry day, So we must be like God above And self-control display. 3. The body we must keep our slave; We dare not yield to lust. If we would self and others save, Control ourselves we must. 4. We must be calm when being tried And when we’re under stress; Stand firmly on Jehovah’s side, And cleave to righteousness.

Song 125 “Jehovah Is on My Side” (Psalm 118:6) 1. My heart upon Jehovah God Is steadfast, firm, reliant. It’s my desire to walk his ways And always be compliant. Along life’s path there may appear Distressing circumstances, But God is ever on my side. His love my heart entrances! (Chorus) 2. I know that in this crucial hour My faith will yet be tested. Around me swarms the Devil’s crowd Like bees that were molested. But I can ever beat them off Beneath divine protection. On those who love to bear his name, God sets his deep affection. (Chorus) 3. Jehovah God has now enlarged His holy nation’s borders. For many flock to do his will And keep his laws and orders. He gives support to all such ones; In them he takes great pleasure. May I, with them, e’er zealous be In overflowing measure. (CHORUS) Jehovah God is on my side; I’ll praise and exalt him forever.

Song 126 Proclaiming Kingdom Truth (Matthew 10:7) 1. Kingdom truth is what we hold so dear, For to sheeplike ones it brings good cheer. Urgently, we preach it without fear, For, indeed, the Kingdom now is here. 2. Constantly, from house to house we go; It’s the Kingdom truth we want to sow. That we have God’s backing, this we know. May his spirit set us all aglow. 3. With a fine commission we are blessed. May we ever seek to do our best, Bringing hope to those who are distressed. Surely, Kingdom truth will bring them rest. 4. So in all the earth we must proclaim That earth’s promised Ruler Christ became. Soon his Kingdom will make known the fame Of the Sov’reign Lord Jehovah’s name.

Song 127 Myriads of Brothers (Revelation 7:9) 1. Myriads on myriads of brothers Stand at my side to be, Each one a faithful witness, Keeping integrity. Myriads there are on myriads, Truly a mighty crowd. In all the nations of the earth, They sing God’s praise aloud. 2. Myriads on myriads of brothers, All clad in raiment white, Stand in Jehovah’s temple, Serving him day and night. Myriads there are on myriads. Gladly they let men know That to Jehovah and his Lamb They their salvation owe. 3. Myriads on myriads of brothers —They preach both far and near God’s everlasting good news, Letting all peoples hear. And as they keep on preaching, Though sometimes they’re oppressed, Christ to the pastures green leads them, Where they find peace and rest.

Song 128 Do More—As the Nazirites Did (Numbers 6:8) 1. Nazirites—O can we be like them? Can we act like them today? Singled out, they could serve Jehovah In a unique, special way. Analyze! Let’s give it attention. Time indeed fast is running out. Can we do more in the service, Raising a mighty shout? 2. Nazirites—their life-style was simple. Self-denial was their role. Close to God it surely did bring them. Could we too have such a goal? They accepted certain restrictions; That was part of their sacred vow. Many of our Christian brothers Lead such a life right now. 3. Nazirites—they truly were diff’rent. Why, they had a crowning sign. They did more by being submissive; Closer to God they’d incline. So today, as God’s fellow workers, By submission our faith we show. May Jehovah bless our efforts, Setting our hearts aglow. 4. Nazirites—they set an example. Care they took with holiness. Undefiled, then, let us be like them; Their life our God e’er did bless. Count the cost, and trust in Jehovah. Those he cares for he will sustain. Doing more, right in the forefront, Deep-seated joy we’ll gain.

Song 129 Now’s the Time! (Mark 13:10) 1. Now’s the time to preach God’s Word, Time to let the truth be heard. Never be by threats deterred; Show why God’s rule is to be preferred. Let’s warn men before it is too late. Help them flee from Babylon the Great And escape in sharing in her fate. Zeal for God’s house let them demonstrate. Now’s the time our zeal to demonstrate! 2. Now’s the time to prove we’re true, Showing love in all we do, Helping brothers old and new, Whether we be many or be few. Yes, we must serve God unselfishly, Daily love the truth that makes us free If his smile of favor we would see And maintain our full integrity. Now’s the time to keep integrity! 3. Soon will come the final fight, Victory for truth and right. Then will end earth’s darksome night. Till then each must be a shining light. In due time we’ll welcome back the dead, Help them feed on Christ, the Living Bread. No more evils will there be to dread. Yes, all these things are what God has said. Now’s the time to preach what God has said!

Song 130 Joyful Service (Psalm 32:11) 1. Let us serve with joyfulness our God and King As our gifts and talents to his work we bring. Though but small our service, yet thereby we prove Our heart’s full devotion and express our love. 2. In Jehovah’s service there is work for all, Since for harvest workers there’s a constant call. Sacred the commission we’ve received from heav’n; Yes, to us rich blessings through the work are giv’n. 3. Even though deceitful men the truth deny, We know it’s impossible for God to lie. Therefore, let us preach the Word with diligence, For in it we have the utmost confidence. 4. While we share with gladness in his service sweet And we try to witness to all those we meet, For our God, who grants us favor here below, Making us his servants, our high praises flow.

Song 131 Cleaving to Jehovah Our God (Joshua 23:8) 1. Now we of God’s household Jehovah God are serving; Exclusive devotion t’ward him we are preserving. The gods of the nations, of these we’ve had our fill. We cleave to Jehovah; we want to do his will. His truth in our hearts may he lovingly instill. 2. The things he has promised, the words that he has spoken, They’re all coming true—soon oppression will be broken! His incoming Kingdom will cause all wars to cease. To him we are cleaving; his fame may we increase. For he is our God; he alone can give men peace. 3. The book of God’s truth let us day and night keep reading. We cleave to Jehovah and so his Word keep heeding. To love him and serve him we really need to learn. His will and his purpose with faith we must discern And make his true worship our daily chief concern.

Song 132 Guard Your Heart (Proverbs 4:23) 1. O guard your hearts, you sons of God, If you would win life’s prize. Keep taking counsel from his Word, And always realize That wholesome acts performed by us Preceded are by thoughts. So guard your thinking process well, Your mind, as Christians ought. 2. A pow’rful help to guard your heart God gives to us in pray’r. Come oft to him with praise and thanks; Come with each need and care. Likewise, the study of God’s Word Helps keep the mind aright, And so will fellowship with those Who walk on in the light. 3. Yes, always strive to keep your mind On serious things and true, On things both chaste and lovable, On things praiseworthy too. And if you keep considering These things, you will have peace, A heart well guarded, and the hope Of life that will not cease.

Song 133 Sowing Kingdom Seed (Matthew 13:4-8, 19-23) 1. O come, all you slaves of Jehovah Most High, Who’ve given your heart to your God. Come out to the work he’s entrusted to you; Walk pathways your Master has trod. The seed of God’s truth you’ve been given to spread On soil that is able to yield Fine fruit to God’s praise if you faithfully work And you do your full share in the field. 2. True, some of your seed by the wayside may fall, Which Satan’s birds likely will eat, While other seed often on rocky soil lands, To wither from enemy heat. Both worries and greed are like thorns that can choke Your seedlings before they mature. However, some seed is quite likely to fall On the soil that is good, fine, and pure. 3. How much of your seed falls on soil that is fine May often depend much on you. With patience and love you can thwart Satan’s birds, Reduce persecution’s heat too. By being alert you may ward off the thorns, By measures some gentle, some bold. And thus with rejoicing you can hope to reap At least thirty if not hundredfold.

Song 134 “Carry On as Men” (1 Corinthians 16:13) 1. “Look! The man!” said Pilate of Christ Jesus. Very truly Christ is one to imitate! With unflinching manliness he conquered Satan’s wicked world of bitterness and hate. 2. Jesus set for us a fine example. Surely, we have need to be as he was then. As we face God’s war of Armageddon, May we be courageous, carry on as men. 3. Manly courage is a sure requirement Of Jehovah’s loyal people, young and old. As the foretold end draws ever closer, In the Kingdom service we must e’er be bold. 4. Men and women, all Jehovah’s servants, Ever look to Jesus Christ, the reigning King. Unafraid, be always strong and mighty. Soon the song of vict’ry manly ones will sing.

Song 135 Jehovah, Our Place of Dwelling (Psalm 90:1) 1. O Jah, you’ve been our place of dwelling In all our generations past. Before you made the hills and mountains, Your awesome majesty stood fast. You are the God to time indef’nite; To endless years you are the same. And though you turned man to crushed matter, Your boundless love did us reclaim. 2. A thousand years, so long in passing, To you seem but as yesterday. But man is like the grass that blossoms In morning dew, then fades away. Our years are seventy or eighty If we have special mightiness; Yet their insistence is on trouble, And filled they are with hurtfulness. 3. O teach us how our days to number, That we may evermore rejoice. As we apply our hearts to wisdom, Our lips praise you with thankful voice. O may your pleasantness, Jehovah, Upon your servants prove to be. Establish all the work our hands do; Establish our activity.

Song 136 Loyal Worshipers Bless Jehovah (Psalm 18:25) 1. Loyal ones bless you, Lord, praising in full accord; So may you, please, afford prosperity. You’re worthy of our praise; righteous are all your ways. With works we’ll fill our days in loyalty. 2. We seek to honor you—may our thanks ne’er be few— Careful in all we do, with chastity. Please help us all to know how best in faith to grow. Lord, each day may we show integrity. 3. Grant us to understand your Kingdom purpose grand In which you take a hand so gloriously. Keep showing good to all that none may ever fall. Do hear us when we call, unceasingly. 4. Help us, our Father dear, to overcome all fear As we spread Kingdom cheer and praise your name. To us may peace abound as we your praises sound In all the world around, to your great fame.

Song 137 The Appointed Time Nears (Habakkuk 2:3) 1. O Jehovah, Holy One, The Rock from long ago, Out of Zion soon you’ll roar; Your judgment is not slow. Even if it should delay, We know it won’t be late. See! Panting on, the end draws near; Hence patiently we wait. 2. Not much longer will it be Until you draw your sword. Here on earth we see, at last, True worship now restored. Wicked men may rant and rave And seek to cause us harm, but Your appointed time is here To bare your mighty arm. 3. God Almighty, Sov’reign Lord, Jehovah is your name. Silence let all people keep And learn of your great fame. Through your Son you rule as King In such a mighty way. Yes, Seated on the throne, O God, You over earth hold sway. 4. Joyfully, we raise our voice; To you, our God, we sing. Forth you go with Christ our Lord Salvation now to bring. O Majestic One above, It’s your appointed time. So, We await expectantly Your victory sublime.

Song 138 O Walk With God! (Micah 6:8) 1. O walk with God in modesty; Love kindness, and be true. With God keep your integrity; Let him your strength renew. If you would keep his truth so grand, By men be not beguiled; But let God lead you by the hand, Just as a little child. 2. O walk with God in purity; Relapse not into sin. Advance to full maturity And his approval win. And on whatever things are pure And lovely, true and just, On these things think; and to endure, In God put all your trust. 3. O walk with God in faithfulness, For then you will attain Contentment true and godliness, Which are the greatest gain. O walk with God; be ever glad His glorious praise to sing. The greatest joy that can be had His Kingdom work will bring.

Song 139 Listen to the News of the Kingdom (Isaiah 55:7) 1. O listen to the news of the Kingdom today And hear Jesus say: ‘O’er earth I hold sway. Your Adversary soon will be taken away; So flee from his old system and do not delay.’ (Chorus) 2. Jehovah, through his Witnesses, calls men today: ‘You meek ones who pray, rejoice now you may. Soon Christ, who is enthroned, will his power display And cause want, pain, and sorrow to vanish for aye.’ (Chorus) 3. O happy are all men who will listen today And joyfully say: ‘My God I’ll obey.’ For God preserves the faithful; they feel no dismay. But they seek first his Kingdom and ne’er from it stray. (CHORUS) Let the wicked forsake their evil way, And let those harmful forsake their harmful thoughts. Let them return to God, who mercy shows And who forgives in his own large way.

Song 140 Waiting on Jehovah (Lamentations 3:22-27) 1. O God, your loving-kindnesses Have spared us to this day! O may your goodness never end T’ward us who tread your way! 2. Your mercies, O Jehovah God, Are made each morning new. Abundant is your faithfulness T’ward all who trust in you. 3. It’s good for able-bodied man To bear the yoke in youth, To wait in silence on his God While serving him in truth. 4. Jehovah God, you are our share. O may we ever show A teachable, meek attitude While learning you to know!

Song 141 Jehovah’s Holy Nation (Isaiah 66:8) 1. On a newborn land was a nation Born to Jehovah in this our day. There it stands in holy adornment, Letting pure worship hold full sway. (Chorus) 2. Joyfully, this new holy nation Makes known Jehovah’s most worthy name. As a sign among all the peoples, His glorious Kingdom they proclaim. (Chorus) 3. Jubilant is God’s chosen nation As other sheep now flock to its side. Loyally, they serve all together And in God’s favor now reside. (CHORUS) Highly exalted, ne’er to be halted, Is God’s worship on Zion’s height. There his nation and the great crowd Now to Jehovah bring great delight.

Song 142 Creation’s Hope of Liberation (Romans 8:21) 1. Now all creation has tribulation; Mankind is reaping what it’s sown. God is rejected; men are subjected To hurtful things that make them groan. 2. In expectation of true salvation, Men must now look to God Most High. He is befriending, help he is sending To all those who now groan and sigh. 3. To liberation and restoration The human fam’ly will attain. God’s Son, anointed, has been appointed To help men God’s kind favor gain. 4. Association with God’s new nation Brings blessings to those who are meek. They are awaiting, anticipating, The Kingdom joys of which they speak.

Song 143 Take Sides With Jehovah! (Exodus 32:26) 1. Once with confusion our sad hearts were filled, Drinking the cup false religion distilled; But with what happiness our hearts were thrilled When of God’s Kingdom we heard (we first heard). (Chorus) 2. Now with our whole hearts we will serve our God And share in spreading his truth all abroad, Helping our brothers God’s virtues to laud, Praising his great worthy name (his great name). (Chorus) 3. We will not fear what the Devil can do, For God Jehovah will carry us through. Though they be many and though we be few, God is our strength and our might (and our might). (CHORUS) Take sides with Jehovah; Make him your delight. He’ll never forsake you; Walk e’er in his light. Tell, tell the glad tidings Of freedom and peace. His rule by Christ Jesus Will ever increase.

Song 144 We Must Have the Faith (Hebrews 10:39) 1. On many occasions God spoke long ago By means of his prophets on earth here below. But lastly he spoke by his heavenly Son; By paying attention our safety is won. (Chorus) 2. Let’s not throw away our great freeness of speech, For we need such boldness to preach and to teach. If we by faith follow the steps of our Lord, Jehovah will give us a fine, rich reward. (Chorus) 3. We are not the shrinking sort God will destroy, But we are the trusting sort he will employ. Though ever so many foes ’gainst us arise, Our faith in Jehovah we’ll still exercise. (CHORUS) We must have the faith that the Bible does revive. We must build such faith if God’s war we would survive. Do we have a faith accompanied by works? This kind of faith preserves our souls alive.

Song 145 Be Long-Suffering (1 Thessalonians 5:14) 1. O what example Jehovah our King Has by his long-suff’ring shown! Though he’s endured much reproach, murmuring, He has never weary grown. He was so patient with Israel of old, E’en as with all humankind. So, too, the sheep who now rest in his fold, God to be long-suff’ring find. 2. If God Jehovah of eternal fame T’ward us can long-suff’ring be, Surely we pardoned ones should do the same And show this fine quality. His spirit’s fruitage we need in the field, Lest we should unkindly speak. May we to thoughtless impulses not yield But give proof that we are meek. 3. Long-suff’ring helps us to keep unity And edify ev’ryone In congregation and in family That we may hear God’s “Well done!” Both godlike love and the wisdom that’s pure Help us long-suff’ring display. These virtues we need if we would endure Till we reach the perfect day.

Song 146 Flee to God’s Kingdom! (Zephaniah 2:3) 1. O seek Jehovah, you meek ones and lowly; Seek righteousness and seek meekness today. Thus, it may be in the day of his anger That you may be hidden away. (Chorus) 2. Come, you who hunger for truth and for justice; Why longer sorrow and cry out in pain? Seek now God’s way to escape the oppressor, Submitting yourself to Christ’s reign. (Chorus) 3. Look up, yes, lift up your heads with rejoicing. See all the proof that the Kingdom is here! Welcome the light that Jehovah is sending, And let him alone be your fear! (CHORUS) Flee to God’s Kingdom, the hope of mankind; Firm for his rule take your stand (take your stand). There you will find God’s protection and blessing; Hasten to heed his command (his command).

Song 147 Never-Failing Treasures (Matthew 6:20) 1. O heavenly Father, how grateful we are That truth we do now understand! How grand is the priv’lege your Kingdom to preach And know that it’s really at hand! 2. Your wisdom and justice, your power and love Warm feelings create in our hearts. To have as our Savior Christ Jesus, your Son, Great joy to us truly imparts. 3. Our friendship with you is a blessing indeed. What more could we ever desire? Your undeserved kindness that gives peace of mind Is what we from you do acquire. 4. Good reasons we have to be thankful to you; We know that your word will prevail. Rich favors you shower on those whom you love. They’re treasures that never will fail.

Song 148 Exalting Our God the King (Psalm 145:1) 1. O sing to Jehovah a song! Exalt him, our God, all day long. His name let us bring to the fore And draw near to him more and more. He opens his hand to us all, Is ready to help lest we fall. Be loyal to him we all should; Jehovah is gracious and good. 2. So may we be loyal and true And say ev’ry day: ‘I bless you.’ For righteous is God in his ways; His greatness deserves all our praise. All those loving him he will guard; The going will not be too hard. He helps us to bear all the stress. Our Great King, Jehovah, we bless. 3. God’s Kingdom is now close at hand To bring what is right, what is grand. His Kingdom proclaim far and wide, O you who have been satisfied. Jehovah has set up on high The King whom no man dare defy. The wicked will soon be removed. God’s sov’reignty then will be proved.

Song 149 “It Is Impossible for God to Lie” (Hebrews 6:18) 1. Our God promised Abraham he would be blest, For Abraham proved himself true under test. This blessing he long foresaw by his faith’s eye; He knew it’s impossible for God to lie. 2. Since God, to show his word’s unchangeableness, Stepped in with an oath when he Abraham blest, We have a strong hope and can God glorify, For it is impossible for Him to lie. 3. To anchor our faith in a hope that’s secure, Our God by an oath made his promise more sure. So we all attacks on our faith can defy; We know it’s impossible for God to lie. 4. Jehovah, the Most High, is faithful and true; He never fails those who give him his just due. On two things, his word and oath, we can rely —Yes, it is impossible for God to lie.

Song 150 The Bread From Heaven (John 6:51) 1. Our Father in the heavens, To time indefinite the same, We gladly sing your praises And sanctify your holy name. Once, as a loving Shepherd, How faithfully you led Your ancient sheeplike people, Sent manna as their bread. You quenched their thirst with water, Which issued forth from flinty rock. To Canaan’s land you brought them, A well-fed and a happy flock. 2. The manna that you fed them Foreshadowed your beloved Son, Who left his heav’nly glory To save mankind that was undone. He is the bread from heaven; His flesh he freely gave In sacrifice for all men That thus he them might save. By faith let’s be partaking Of bread that only God can give; Yes, daily let us eat it, That we in purity may live. 3. This news of bread from heaven From starving men we dare not keep, But as we have occasion, Use it to feed Christ’s hungry sheep. Help others in their efforts To seek God’s righteousness, Help them to gain salvation That thus God them might bless. Then after the great battle Of Armageddon has been fought, We’ll sing God’s praise forever, Rejoice in all that he has wrought.

Song 151 This Good News of the Kingdom Let Us Preach (Matthew 24:14) 1. Preach the good news of the Kingdom rule that Jesus Christ foretold. This good news of the Kingdom let us preach! And in preaching this good news, let’s be courageous, firm, and bold. This good news of the Kingdom let us preach! Preach the good news of the Kingdom on the streets, from door to door; Preach this good news with the printed page all nations o’er. Preach with skill and preach with kindness, with more zeal than e’er before. This good news of the Kingdom let us preach! 2. Preach the good news of the sumptuous feast Jehovah will prepare. This good news of the Kingdom let us preach! That there soon will be great banqueting in which the meek will share. This good news of the Kingdom let us preach! Preach the good news of the festive board that flows with choicest wine, And that all the hungry ones on finest food will dine. Preach the good news that salvation soon will make all faces shine. This good news of the Kingdom let us preach! 3. Preach the good news of the Kingdom joy that now is to be had. This good news of the Kingdom let us preach! That no lover of Jehovah God has reason to be sad. This good news of the Kingdom let us preach! Preach the good news that there’s help for all who want to do what’s right. Preach the good news that there’s peace for all who trust God’s might. Preach the good news that in serving God there truly is delight. This good news of the Kingdom let us preach!

Song 152 Appreciating God’s Compassions (Romans 11:33-35) 1. O what riches, knowledge, wisdom, Do reside in God the Lord! How unsearchable his judgments, Nor has man his ways explored! Who of us has given counsel Or to him has rendered aid, That to us he’d be indebted Or that we should be repaid? 2. For Jehovah’s great compassion, Let us gratitude express And devote our living bodies To the God of righteousness. Having made a dedication, Let us e’er to it be true, With the power of our reason, Doing all that we can do. 3. Not to worldly ways conforming, May we have our minds renewed By the truth’s transforming power And with faith be e’er imbued. Ever praying for God’s blessing, Let us serve with lowly mind And show love for one another; Thus true peace and joy we’ll find.

Song 153 Jehovah, the God of Our Salvation (Psalm 85:7) 1. Our Lord Jehovah, God above, Our sins forgive in your great love. We were in error all conceived, And of God’s truth we were bereaved. Please save us with your helping hand. Lead us, O Lord, to your own land. Into your favor do us bring. Of your salvation we shall sing. Of your salvation we shall sing. 2. Gathered we are, Lord, to your fold, As sheeplike ones whom Christ foretold. Now your salvation can be found For straying mankind earth around. We know the peace that you impart To ev’ry humble, grateful heart. How wise are those that do you fear. For them salvation now is near. For them salvation now is near. 3. Your truth and kindness, how they sprout! Reason we have with joy to shout. Wonderful things we see today, Since o’er the earth your Son holds sway. This is the time of Kingdom pow’r, When truth and peace among us flow’r. May we proclaim it far and wide. Our grand salvation you provide. Our grand salvation you provide.

Song 154 Jehovah, Our Creator (Isaiah 42:5) 1. Our Sov’reign Lord, Jehovah, designed the earth well. To man he did give it for him there to dwell. Vast myriads of angels cried out in delight At God’s finished product; it was a grand sight. 2. A paradise of beauty the earth must yet be. Jehovah so purposed by his own decree. Sin started with rebellion, bad use of free choice. This soon will be ended; for this we rejoice. 3. The coming of God’s Kingdom will set matters straight. With great expectation that time we await. We joyfully go forth to make known this good news, To lighten men’s darkness and truth to diffuse. 4. With eyes toward Jehovah we lovingly gaze, For he’s our Creator, so worthy of praise. How wisely he made ev’rything for all mankind! We laud him and serve him with heart, soul, and mind.

Song 155 “Welcome One Another”! (Romans 15:7) 1. O welcome one another as Christ Jesus welcomed you! Since Christ died for your brother, surely he is welcome too. So let those who are strong, mature, support those who are weak, Help them to make their hope secure as righteousness they seek. For things aforetime written by God’s prophets long ago Can through our firm endurance cause our comfort, hope to grow. Then let us always try to please not just ourselves alone But view our brother’s interests as though they were our own. 2. Jehovah God is gath’ring men who will learn war no more. The time has come for his dear Son peace earth wide to restore. From ev’ry nation, tribe, and tongue, all sorts of men he draws, And in their hearts and minds, he plants delight to keep his laws. With glory to our God in view, a welcome we extend To all, without distinction, and all sorts of men befriend. To copy God’s largeheartedness it is our priv’lege grand. As imitators of his Son, we should our hearts expand. 3. So let us urge all peoples that they too laud Jah our King, Rejoicing with his nation and, as one, his praises sing. To that end we must e’er proclaim, in homes and on the street, The good news of Jehovah’s fame to all whom we may meet. This honor thus to sing God’s praise will never come again. These truly are the final days for all unrighteous men. So let us love our brothers, always letting God be true; Yes, welcome one another, as God’s Word tells us to do.

Song 156 “I Want To” (Luke 5:13) 1. O what love God’s Son for us showed, For he left his heav’nly abode That with men he might live, to whom truth he could give. Yes, God’s truth from his lips ever flowed. Greatly he did comfort mankind, Healed the sick, the lame, and the blind. To his royal commission, he proved true And so lovingly said: “I want to.” 2. O what help Jehovah God gave When he sent the faithful, wise slave, With whom we serve with joy, as our pow’rs we employ That the needy and weak we might save! Truly these most surely can tell When we love them ever so well. So when widows and orphans would ask you, Will you readily say: “I want to”? 3. Love for God impels us to preach, To call back and patiently teach Those who sigh and who mourn and who feel so forlorn; All such seekers of truth we must reach. O what joy when these understand Bible truths and promises grand, When God’s service they earnestly will do! All this, since we have said: “I want to.”

Song 157 Worship Jehovah During Youth (Ecclesiastes 12:1) 1. Out of the mouth of babes, God once brought praise; They, to hail Jesus, their voices did raise. Yes, even babes can their God magnify, Join with their elders and him sanctify. 2. To Christian parents who love what is true, Godly fear is by their own children due. Standing for God, they to teach have the right. Children, obey them and bring them delight. 3. O Christian youths, strive to keep your way clean; Learn while you’re young on Jehovah to lean. But to be popular never do toil, For bad companions good habits will spoil. 4. If you remember your God in your youth And serve Jehovah in spirit and truth, As you grow older, more joy you will know And make God’s own heart with gladness to glow.

Song 158 Our Christian Unity (Ephesians 4:13) 1. O who’s like our Father, Jehovah, The center of true unity! He sent forth his Son to teach us the truth And give his life, setting us free. The basis of Christian oneness God laid in Christ Jesus our Lord. To bind in a family union as one All those who adhere to God’s Word. 2. What rests on us now as a duty, Who with Jesus have been made one? Our thinking, our conduct—all must agree, That by us God’s will may be done. Though works of the flesh spread sorrow, The fruit of God’s spirit brings joy. We know greater happiness giving can bring When we God’s example employ. 3. See! God’s theocratic arrangement Serves as our protection and guide. Accepting his truth and molding our lives, In unity we will abide. What, then, is our God requiring? What qualities must we display? That we practice justice, his kindness express, Walk modestly in his right way.

Song 159 Our Possession of Peace (John 14:27) 1. Peace have not the godless kind, None of Satan’s crowd; Neither those who have his mind, Who are bad and proud. Peace through Christ comes from above, From a source divine, To all men of faith and love Who t’ward God incline. 2. Praise Jehovah, God of peace, God of equity. He will make all wars to cease, Bring in harmony. Prince of Peace is Christ his Son, Friend of all the meek. When the fight for right he’s won, Peace to them he’ll speak. 3. We have left off bitter words, Left off selfish fears. We have made from spears and swords Plows and pruning shears. So that this peace we may keep, Quickly let’s forgive. Lovingly, as Jesus’ sheep, May we work and live. 4. As a fruit of righteousness, Peace we all must bear, Proof of wisdom from above, Which we gain through pray’r. We would recommend our way By our peacefulness, Till the light of perfect day Brings full happiness.

Song 160 Walking in Integrity (Psalm 26:1) 1. Please, judge me, Lord, my Lord Jehovah God. In you I trust, and in integrity I’ve trod. Examine me, and put me to the test; My mind and heart refine that my soul might be blest. (Chorus) 2. I do not sit with wicked men of lies. I hate the company of those who truth despise. With evil men take not away my life, My soul, with those whose hands are full of bribes and strife. (Chorus) 3. For I have loved the dwelling of your house. Your worship, O so pure, I daily will espouse. And I will march around your altar grand To make thanksgiving heard aloud throughout the land. (CHORUS) But as for me, determined I shall be To walk eternally in my integrity.

Song 161 Pray to Jehovah Each Day (1 Thessalonians 5:17) 1. Pray to Jehovah, the Hearer of pray’r. This is our priv’lege, for his name we bear. T’ward him we exercise freeness of speech; He is our Father whom we can beseech. Pray to Jehovah each day. 2. Pray to Jehovah each day that we live, Asking forgiveness as we do forgive. In all temptations we look for his aid; With his protection we’ll ne’er be afraid. Pray to Jehovah each day. 3. Pray to Jehovah when things appear grim. We can unburden our hearts, yes, to him, All our anxiety on him unload; This is a blessing on us now bestowed. Pray to Jehovah each day. 4. Pray to Jehovah; express gratitude. Praise and thanksgiving be sure to include. Talk to Jehovah with sincerity; Thus of his goodness, we will come to see. Pray to Jehovah each day.

Song 162 “Preach the Word”! (2 Timothy 4:2) 1. “Preach the word,” the God of heaven Has commanded for this day. Now to us the time is given That divine charge to obey. “Preach the word” along with teaching; Help the meek to understand. Fear not men, but keep on preaching On the streets throughout the land. 2. “Preach the word” in ev’ry season, Always ready to impart To each one who asks a reason For the hope within your heart. “Preach the word,” though opposition Makes it out of season seem. Faithful be to your commission; Trust in God, who is supreme. 3. “Preach the word” in work unceasing. O how vital that all hear! Wickedness is fast increasing, And this system’s end draws near. “Preach the word” and bring salvation To yourself and others too. “Preach the word,” for vindication Of Jehovah’s name is due.

Song 163 The Fruitage of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22, 23) 1. The fruitage of God’s holy spirit We all must produce and retain, That thus we may bring to him honor And life in his new order gain. So let us at all times be showing The love that is godlike and pure And try to be always rejoicing, For joy gives us strength to endure. 2. God’s peace we must make our possession To prosper and have unity. Important is also long-suff’ring, That patient with all we may be. O what fine effects come from kindness! It makes men more willing to hear, While goodness moves us to be active In sharing with all Kingdom cheer. 3. The fine fruit of faith gives us courage And strengthens our purpose in life. And what a good asset is mildness! It mitigates friction and strife. Firm self-control also is needed If disapproved we would not be. Since bearing these fruits wins God’s favor, Let’s cultivate them constantly.

Song 164 Children—Precious Gifts From God (Psalm 127:3, 4) 1. Precious gifts from God our children are, A possession to train and to teach. Like the arrows of a mighty man, We must aim them the target to reach. They are gifts from God; He says: ‘Use the rod.’ Yet with tenderness and loving care, Make their training a matter of prayer. 2. The real feelings in a youthful heart To draw up will require all our skill. But by starting at an early age, Kingdom truth we can deeply instill. We can reach the heart If we early start. Look to God for help, on him rely, As his words we sincerely apply. 3. By communicating ev’ry day, Then our children will always feel free To express themselves without restraint; Their true friends and companions we’ll be. Do not them berate. Just communicate. We ourselves must strive to keep from blame As these arrows we carefully aim. 4. An inheritance our children are, But to God they do truly belong. They’re a fruitage that brings rich rewards If we teach them the right from the wrong. How we hope and yearn That they’ll really learn. Trust in God child-rearing to repay. With our children let’s praise him each day.

Song 165 Praise Jah With Me! (Psalm 145:21) 1. Praise Jah with me, our God and King. Let all who have breath to him honor bring. From morn’ till night, his name we’ll bless, Tell all mankind of his almightiness. Yes, tell to men of his almightiness. 2. Praise Jah with me. He’s loving, kind, And slow to anger to all humankind. Wondrous is he and truly great; His mighty acts it’s a joy to relate. Yes, his great acts it’s a joy to relate. 3. Praise Jah with me. He satisfies All who to him look for daily supplies. He gives support to all the weak. Why should not all men of his goodness speak? Yes, let all mankind of his goodness speak. 4. Praise Jah with me, for he is near; Our calls for succor he quickly will hear. All wicked ones he will destroy, But he preserves all who love him with joy. Yes, he preserves all who love him with joy.

Song 166 See Jehovah’s Army! (Joel 2:7) 1. See Jehovah’s army, Loosed from Bab’lon’s chains, Heralding the Kingdom In which Jesus reigns. Boldly they press forward, Each a volunteer; Flintlike are their faces, With no hint of fear. They trust God Jehovah, Follow Christ his Son, Joyfully proclaiming: “God’s rule has begun.” 2. See Jehovah’s servants Searching for the sheep, Whom in Bab’lon’s bondage The false shepherds keep. These they try to rescue With repeated calls; These they keep inviting To their Kingdom Halls. When a sheep they get free, How they follow through And persist in teaching Truths both old and new. 3. See the great crowd marching Under Christ’s command, With the faithful remnant, A courageous band. Cautious just like serpents, Dovelike, free from guile, They brave persecution, Keep true under trial. They delight to honor God their Lord and King; So in their pure worship, They are prospering.

Song 167 Thanks to the Giver of Life (Psalm 36:9) 1. Thank you, Jehovah, our heav’nly Father. What can we do but give you heartfelt praise? Following closely Christ Jesus’ footsteps, Our dedicated, earnest hands we raise. 2. Happy are we, great Sov’reign eternal; Heaven and earth serve all your just demands. All that we now have we do surrender, In loyal worship, to your wise commands. 3. Promptly you set up your promised Kingdom; Peaceful relations we now have with you. Daily we look to you for true wisdom That we may give you homage that is due. 4. Gratefully we would serve you, Jehovah, Make known your virtues and your Word of truth. We look to you to bless all our efforts, And may your spirit give us strength of youth.

Song 168 Recognizing Earth’s New King (Psalm 2:12) 1. See yonder through the breadth of earth The sight my heart entrances —Jehovah’s band of warriors In unity advances. Their helmets, bright against the sky, Bid ignorance and error fly. They shout aloud their battle cry: “Christ reigns! O earth, receive him.” (Chorus) 2. The King, Christ Jesus, leads the way; His leadership they follow. He speaks the word, and they obey And thus expect no sorrow. They wield their sword, the Word of God. Their feet are with the good news shod. They walk the way their Master trod; Clear to the death they follow. (Chorus) 3. For, see, the time has come at last For Christ to reign in power. Soon all his foes shall lick the dust; Before him they must cower. His God, Jehovah, bares his arm. His trumpet sounds a loud alarm. Be wise, you rulers, do no harm; You judges, own Christ’s power. (CHORUS) Kiss the Son, lest God be angry And you perish in the way. Happy are all they that put Their trust in him today!

Song 169 The New Song (Psalm 98:1) 1. Sing to God the Lord a song of gladness that is new; Tell of all the great things he’s done and yet will do. Praise his holy arm and his right hand for victory. In the sight of all men, he has judged righteously. (Chorus) 2. Make a joyous shout to God Jehovah, all the earth; Sing to God your praises with jubilance and mirth. Praise Jehovah God, yes, sing aloud before the Lord. Harp and horn and trumpet sound praise in full accord. (Chorus) 3. Let the mighty sea and all that therein is roar praise. Let those on the earth now exulting voices raise. Let the floods rejoice, and let the rivers clap their hands. Hills and mountains also sing praises in all lands. (CHORUS) Sing! Sing! Sing! Loud let the new song ring. Sing! Sing! Sing! Jehovah now is King.

Song 170 “Let God Be Found True” (Romans 3:4) 1. The God of truth Jehovah is; He never tells a lie. On him we always can depend; Himself he can’t deny. He’ll true be found, though ev’ry man A liar proves to be. His truth is pure and will endure Throughout eternity. 2. When God his Firstborn sent to earth His Father’s will to do, Then Jesus, by his words and deeds, Let God be e’er found true. Jehovah’s will was law for him; His precepts he did keep. He took delight in what is right And led his Father’s sheep. 3. Though men God’s Word have ridiculed And falsehoods have preferred, We, like our Lord, let God be true; We stand firm on his Word. For us who preach that truthful Word, It has the final say. Its truth we seek, since we are meek, And God’s Word we obey.

Song 171 A Victory Song (Exodus 15:1) 1. ‘Sing to Jehovah, for he has become highly exalted. The horse and its rider he has pitched into the sea. My strength and my might is Jah, since he serves for my salvation. This is my God; I shall raise him on high. Pharaoh’s chariots and his military forces He has cast into the sea. Your right hand, O Jehovah, is proving pow’rful in ability.’ 2. Thus sang all Israel. Jehovah their God gave them a vict’ry. And vict’ries we witness in this time in which we live. Christ Jesus now rules as King, and Satan’s old system totters. How we rejoice, for deliv’rance is near! The great dragon, Satan, and his wicked angels—down to earth they have been cast. The Lamb of God to vict’ry is riding. Earth’s long darkness now is past. 3. Praise Jah, you people. To God does belong power and glory. His Kingdom stands ready, soon to strike the final blow. We lift up our voice in praise. To God and his Lamb we’re grateful. Happy are we to be living today. To our God, Jehovah, and to his Messiah, thanks we render all day long. To them alone we look for salvation. Grand will be our vict’ry song!

Song 172 Keep On Seeking First the Kingdom (Matthew 6:33) 1. Something dear to God Jehovah, Bringing him such keen delight, Is his Kingdom by Christ Jesus, Which will set all matters right. Prophets saw by faith that Kingdom And to hope of it held true. And today our Leader, Jesus, Urges us the same to do. (Chorus) 2. What a favor have God’s servants In that Kingdom work to share! Since we’re granted that fine service, Let us give it greatest care. Why be anxious for tomorrow Lest we hunger, lest we thirst? For our God will make provision If we seek his Kingdom first. (Chorus) 3. Soon this system will be ending; Then God’s new one will arise. And all men will praise Jehovah; Earth will be a paradise. Let’s proclaim the Kingdom good news, Help the sheeplike ones to see That their hope is in Jehovah And in his Theocracy. (CHORUS) Keep on seeking first the Kingdom And Jehovah’s righteousness. Put first his own vindication, And serve him in faithfulness.

Song 173 Love—A Perfect Bond of Union (Colossians 3:14) 1. The love of many has grown cold In this time of the end. But let us keep our first true love And thus avoid that trend. If we our God would imitate, To all we will impart The love our God himself displayed That wells up from the heart. 2. A love without hypocrisy, A love that is intense, We really need to cultivate And freely it dispense. Let’s broaden out to reach the hearts Of all our brothers true. Thus love the ones that God does love, And render them their due. 3. As this old system falls apart, Our love must us unite. The bond of union that we have We must keep holding tight. Affection, warm with tenderness, Is vital for each one. As brothers it will keep us close, Until our work is done. 4. A fine relationship with God Will help us to succeed In loving others as ourselves In this dire time of need. So let our love be deep and strong In all sincerity. A perfect bond of union now Love proves itself to be.

Song 174 Stay Awake, Stand Firm, Grow Mighty (1 Corinthians 16:13) 1. Stay awake, stand firm, grow mighty, In the warfare that is right. Carry on as men undaunted, For the vict’ry is in sight. Under Christ, the Greater Gideon, We’re around the camp of Midian. Soon the battle cry will be given, Putting enemies to flight. 2. Stay awake and keep your senses, Always ready to obey. In his place each one be heeding What Christ Jesus has to say. From his fine example, we discern How Jehovah’s favor all can earn. So, as one, we serve as an army, Ever loyal to God’s way. 3. Stay awake, always be patient; On Jehovah learn to wait. For his hand controls all matters; He will never act too late. As with Gideon’s three hundred men, Our Commander soon will tell us when. So obey his rules for the battle. It will God’s name vindicate. 4. Stay awake, remain united As the good news we defend. And to theocratic order It is vital to attend. Let us shout with all God’s loyal ones: ‘Look! Jehovah’s sword and Gideon’s!’ Stay awake, stand firm, and grow mighty! Carry on right to the end!

Song 175 The Heavens Declare God’s Glory (Psalm 19:1) 1. The heav’ns declare the glory of Jehovah; The workings of his hands in skies above we see. Yes, day to day pours forth his praise; Night tells to night of knowledge, might, and majesty. 2. Jehovah’s law is perfect, life restoring, And his reminders make the inexperienced wise. His orders make the heart rejoice; His clean command, which firm will stand, makes shine our eyes. 3. Jehovah’s fear is pure and stands forever. Our God’s judicial rulings righteous are and true And more desired than much fine gold, A joy to eat, like honey sweet, forever new. 4. We thank you for your laws, reminders, orders; By keeping them, we’re sure to reap a large reward. O may our works and inmost thoughts Prove upright, true, and thus please you, our Sov’reign Lord.

Song 176 Welcome the Incoming King! (Psalm 24:7) 1. The due time has come to extend a grand welcome To Almighty God, to whom all things belong. For he and his Son now assemble all nations, And the heavens are resounding with a stirring battle song. So ‘lift up your heads, O you gates,’ with rejoicing; The grand King of glory the vict’ry will gain. The time has drawn close for Jehovah of armies To bring to all mankind Christ’s Thousand Year Reign. His pow’r he’ll display through his incoming Kingdom, O’er earth his wide dominion extending once again. 2. The great Sov’reign Lord, the Supreme One, Jehovah, Has brought forth a Kingdom that never will end. Deserving is he of a real heartfelt welcome; Let our great incoming King know that his cause we do defend. O be lifted up, lofty gates! We bring good news. Hence, great is our joy as together we sing: ‘Jehovah is strong and is mighty in battle.’ We do well to listen and gifts to him bring, For his time has come to bless those whom he favors. So may we cry out “Welcome!” to this incoming King.

Song 177 What Sort of Persons Ought We to Be? (2 Peter 3:11) 1. The great day of Jehovah God we keep close in mind. To him and to his reigning Son, our hearts are inclined. The night is well along, and the day’s drawn near; All things of Satan’s world will soon disappear. To our great need of praying may we e’er be alert. In pray’r the need is great, indeed, ourselves to exert. By praying to our God with all our soul and heart, We will find the peace of mind that only he can impart. 2. Our joy and peace unnoticed by the world does not go. A spectacle we’ve come to be that all men may know. What sort of persons, then, ought we all to be? What holy acts of conduct for all to see? With confidence we seek to tell of the Kingdom’s birth And talk about God’s promise of new heav’ns and new earth And how in these his righteousness will come to dwell. In the telling forth of this good news may we e’er excel. 3. Our actions and our course of life we strive to maintain In harmony with principles that bring greatest gain. Christ Jesus washed us clean from the stain of sin, And peace of God we joyously now take in. Unspotted and unblemished we would e’er want to be; As servants of Jehovah God, we have been set free. If we stay close to him and let him be our Friend, He will help us and provide for us right down to the end.

Song 178 The Excelling “Peace of God” (Philippians 4:7) 1. The peace of God excels. It so pow’rfully dispels Apprehension and all tension, So within us calm now dwells. God’s peace protects the mind, Keeps the heart to him inclined, Holds us steady, always ready —With his Kingdom we’re aligned. 2. Anxiety and stress All humanity oppress. They’re abounding and confounding, Moving men to bitterness. But we are not upset, For our God we’ll ne’er forget. His affection and protection Give us peace; we need not fret. 3. On God we can rely. All our needs he will supply. Ne’er fallacious, ever gracious, He will guide us till we die. His peace is like the dew, Bringing joys that are not few. With God’s blessing we’re progressing As we seek God’s will to do.

Song 179 On Jehovah We Must Wait (Romans 8:19) 1. There’s a faithful little flock. On Jehovah it must wait. And its heav’nly kings will reign; This their hope is truly great. Christ Jesus is reigning; His right he’s maintaining. He will give a grand reward To all who are his own, Who make the Kingdom known. 2. As companions they now have A great crowd of other sheep. And with them their one desire Is integrity to keep. As light keeps increasing, They wait without ceasing The revealing of God’s sons, Which will bring lasting peace, Yes, will bring lasting peace. 3. God has promised to mankind A new heaven and new earth. In these righteousness will dwell, Following the Kingdom’s birth. For this we are yearning, As truth we are learning. In Jehovah we do trust; On him we all must wait. Yes, on him we must wait.

Song 180 God’s Own Book—A Treasure (Proverbs 2:1) 1. There is a book that, by its many pages, Brings peace and joy and hope to humankind. Its wondrous thoughts are charged with such great power; It brings life to the “dead,” sight to the “blind.” That precious book is God’s own Holy Bible. ’Twas written long ago by men inspired, By men who truly loved their God, Jehovah; And by his holy spirit they were fired. 2. They wrote a record true of God’s creations, How by his might this universe appeared. They also tell how man at first was perfect But how his Paradise then disappeared. They further tell about a certain angel Who challenged God Jehovah’s sov’reignty. That challenge led to sin and man’s great sorrow, But soon will come Jehovah’s victory. 3. Today we live in times of joy unbounded. God’s Kingdom has been born with Christ as Lord. This is the day Jehovah grants salvation To all who come with him in full accord. Within his book are found these cheerful tidings; It’s not to be compared with finest gold. It offers hope beyond all human thinking; It is the grandest story ever told.

Song 181 Join in the Kingdom Song! (Psalm 98:1) 1. There is a song, a happy song of vict’ry; It magnifies the One who is supreme. The words give hope and prompt all to be loyal. Come sing with us; enjoy its Kingdom theme: ‘Jehovah reigns; let earth rejoice. You heav’ns above, lift up your voice.’ This song is new; it tells of Christ’s enthronement And calls on all his kingship to esteem. 2. With this new song, we advertise the Kingdom. Christ Jesus rules; the earth is his domain. And as foretold there is a newborn nation, A land o’er which Jehovah’s Son does reign. ‘Bow down, all flesh, before God’s throne. His Son is King. Let’s make it known! Come learn this song, this song about the Kingdom; Bow down to God, and his rich blessings gain.’ 3. This Kingdom song all humble ones can master. The words are clear, their message warm and bright. In all the earth, vast multitudes have learned it, And they, in turn, still others now invite: ‘Come worship God. Give him the praise, For he from death mankind will raise.’ So join with us, and sing Jehovah’s praises. Our Kingdom song to him is a delight.

Song 182 “Balsam in Gilead” (Jeremiah 8:22) 1. There’s balsam in fair Gilead; This from God’s Word we hear. It comfort brings to troubled hearts And helps grief disappear. It soothes us when we’re sorely tried Or deeply are distressed, Or we have lost some loved dear one, Who in death’s sleep does rest. 2. Just call to mind that God is love, Is wise, almighty, true. Whate’er his providence now sends Can work out well for you. So on this God of comfort call In frequent, earnest pray’r. Pour out your soul; hold nothing back; Tell him your ev’ry care. 3. And call to mind that many things, Which long ago occurred, Were written for our comfort, hope, In God’s own holy Word. And humbly, too, accept the aid That brothers, wise, mature, Would gladly, lovingly extend To help you to endure. 4. And have you thought that others, too, Depress’d like you might be? That many more are likewise tried As to integrity? Seek out such ones, and comfort them, And make their hearts to glow. In all such ways, the healing pow’r Of Gilead’s balm you’ll know.

Song 183 Youth’s Place in God’s Arrangement (Psalm 148:12, 13) 1. There’s a place for ev’ryone in God’s arrangement. He invites the young and old to praise his name. The response of all the young ones is impressive As earth wide the Kingdom message they proclaim. How effective is the witness they are giving! They are neat and well prepared and so polite! To Jehovah they are precious as they serve him; To the older ones, they also bring delight. 2. So all youngsters who have come to know Jehovah, What a happy, joyful day it then will be! Just imagine what awaits them in the future —Life in Paradise for all eternity! In the meantime we are living under pressure From this system that is soon to lick the dust. We must fight with all our might to overcome it; Kingdom loyalty maintain—it is a must. 3. They can find good friends among Jehovah’s people. Why should they seek friendship with the wicked world? Let them get involved with things that are upbuilding, That on God’s own sacred pages lie unfurled. When in trouble let youths seek out those that love them, Tell these all the things that weigh upon their mind. Yet their greatest Friend of all is God Jehovah; Understanding, merciful, him they will find. 4. We are members of the Christian congregation, Where Christ Jesus now supplies our ev’ry need. So in loyalty let’s take our place beside him; All the counsel that he offers let us heed. Never let the world into its mold now squeeze us; Let Jehovah, through his Word, our minds keep clean. And together, young and old, may we be faithful, Praising him, for life eternal this will mean.

Song 184 Loving Shepherds Tend God’s “Sheep” (1 Peter 5:2) 1. Sov’reign Lord, we are so grateful, O great Shepherd of your sheep. Us you lovingly keep guarding. Safe your one flock you do keep. 2. Christ gave gifts in men as shepherds, Who for us show real concern. They expend themselves in service, Helping all God’s truth to learn. 3. Shepherds of Jehovah’s sheepfold, Seek its welfare, not your own. Aid it in its growth to stature So that it may be full-grown. 4. As we preach good news together, What encouragement we feel! We’ll serve God in this way ever, With his loyal ones show zeal.

Song 185 The Resurrection—God’s Loving Provision (John 11:25) 1. The resurrection of mankind Spells mercy from above, Made certain by Christ’s sacrifice In proof of God’s great love. First will be raised the little flock; A crown of life they’ll gain. For faithfulness until their death, A thousand years they’ll reign. 2. Upon the cloud of witnesses, Life too will be conferred. A better resurrection grand They’re promised in God’s Word. And we can hope that other sheep Who now may chance to die Will waken early from the tomb Their God to magnify. 3. All those in dark memorial tombs Will hear Christ Jesus’ voice And, like the thief with Christ impaled, In Paradise rejoice. With close of Christ’s Millennial Rule, There’ll be the final test; Then all avoiding Satan’s snare Will be forever blest. 4. O remnant of the little flock And other sheep ’mong men, Tell those who lost dear ones in death They’ll see them once again. So keep abounding in good works Commanded by our Lord, For well you know death can’t prevent Your reaping your reward.

Song 186 Our Godly Joy (Philippians 4:4) 1. The spirit’s fruit of godly joy We need if we’d endure. To have this joy in full, it takes A faith that’s strong and sure. This joy is no mere passing mood; It always is required. That’s why we read, “Rejoice!” “Rejoice!” In words by God inspired. 2. We’ve many reasons for our joy: We know God and his Son; We’re honored as their Witnesses; With them we are at one. There’s joy in knowing that some day All men our God will praise, That even those in Hades will Return and walk God’s ways. 3. This joy to deepen we must serve Our God contentedly, Must carefully safeguard our hearts And keep from malice free. We also want to be alert To praise God all day long, Keep thinking on upbuilding things, Avoiding all that’s wrong. 4. Though cramped and lowly be our lot While walking in his light, This godly joy is our reward For serving him aright. It marks us as Jehovah’s slaves As we his Word declare. To overflow with it, we must This joy with others share.

Song 187 All Things Made New (Revelation 21:4) 1. The signs of the times prove God’s rule has begun. In glory enthroned sits Jehovah’s Son. The battle in heaven he’s fought and won, And soon on the earth shall God’s will be done. (Chorus) 2. Let all men the chaste New Jerusalem see, The bride of God’s Lamb, shining radiantly. Adorned now with most precious gems is she, And only Jehovah her light will be. (Chorus) 3. This city so fair will be all men’s delight. Its gates will be open both day and night. All nations will walk in her glory bright. O servants of God, now reflect that light. (CHORUS) Rejoice, for God’s tent is with men And he himself resides with them. No more will there be pain or crying, No sorrowing nor any dying; For God has said: ‘I’m making all things new. These words faithful are and true.’

Song 188 The Gift of Prayer (1 Timothy 2:8) 1. Pray’rs to God are truly heard From all those who keep his Word. And through Jesus Christ alone, We can reach God’s holy throne. 2. Pray’rs that reach Jehovah’s ear Earnest need to be, sincere. Being heartfelt, they reflect To our God all due respect. 3. But in praying to our God, We have need ourselves to prod Lest our words become mere rote. Rather, may they warmth denote. 4. Yes, we must find time to pray As we walk the narrow way. Pray’r consoles and does uplift; Truly it’s God’s gracious gift.

Song 189 Proclaiming Jehovah’s Day of Vengeance (Isaiah 61:2) 1. The trumpets now are sounding; The call is loud and clear. Jehovah’s day of vengeance Is drawing ever near. We tell it out with boldness, Though men may frown and scorn. The warning must be given; God’s Kingdom has been born. 2. The battle is Jehovah’s. His Son directs the fight. Victorious is the finish, Exalting truth and right. All strategy of Satan Will surely come to naught. To carry out our warfare, Our hands by God are taught. 3. God’s watchmen must give warning. As one, they raise their voice. Each stands in his position According to God’s choice. Jehovah times all matters; The time is getting short For us to preach God’s Kingdom And make a good report.

Song 190 A Song to Jehovah (Psalm 92:1, 2) 1. This song with joy we sing today To God, who leads us on our way. Our thanks to him we do convey And praise him with our song. In loving-kindness great is he. So close to him we’ve come to be. His truth has really set us free. To him we now belong. 2. We thank God for his splendid light That guides us through this world’s dark night. O how it shines so clear and bright With rays that comfort bring! We thank him for the Kingdom hope; No more in darkness need we grope. With each day’s cares we now can cope. Our hearts rejoice and sing. 3. We sing with our melodious tone And worship God upon his throne And through Christ Jesus now make known Our humble, heartfelt pray’r: “Jehovah God, so loving, true, Accept our thanks for all you do. Hear our entreaties, praises too, For all your loving care.”

Song 191 Make the Truth Your Own (2 Corinthians 4:2) 1. The way of the truth is the best way of living. No better way can there be found. Christ Jesus has taught us the value of giving, That happiness spreads all around. Make the truth your own. May your faith to all be shown. By the way you do conduct yourself, You make known that the truth is your own. 2. By putting God first and him actively praising, The world and its friendship you’ll lose. To those without faith, it is truly amazing That God’s righteous way you did choose. Make the truth your own. Shun the world; leave it alone. As to God Jehovah you draw near, You make known that the truth is your own. 3. The Devil will ever resort to deception, But him you can firmly oppose. The large shield of faith will provide sure protection, And with it you’ll ward off his blows. Make the truth your own. Satan’s wiles are not unknown. Putting on the armor God supplies, You make known that the truth is your own. 4. The flesh is so weak, and the heart too is desp’rate. With this sinful state you contend. But please be assured that you can overcome it, For God is your Helper and Friend. Make the truth your own. To bad ways do not be prone. If your body members you control, You make known that the truth is your own.

Song 192 Making Known the Kingdom Truth (Acts 20:20, 21) 1. There was a time we did not know The way a Christian ought to go. But then Jehovah sent the light, His Kingdom truth so clear and bright. 2. Our privilege we then did see To serve the grand Theocracy, To make well-known Jehovah’s fame, Thus glorifying his great name. 3. We witness now to all we meet, From door to door and on the street. With Bible studies, patiently We teach the truth that sets men free. 4. And as we strive in ev’ry land True worship widely to expand, May we serve faithfully as one, Until God says the work is done.

Song 193 Preach “This Good News of the Kingdom”! (Matthew 24:14) 1. This good news of the Kingdom must now be proclaimed In witness to each land and nation. And Jehovah’s good name must become widely famed Before its complete vindication. (Chorus) 2. Since so bad are the days, let us buy out the time From selfish and mere mundane pleasures. Let God’s Kingdom come first and his service sublime That thus we may gain lasting treasures. (Chorus) 3. As you tell the good news, never once be dismayed, Although you meet stiff opposition. But with kindness and tact, persevere unafraid; Be true to your preaching commission. (CHORUS) Then, preach this good news far and wide. Help the meek take their stand on God’s side. And thus help great and small on God’s grand name to call And work for its sanctification.

Song 194 Enter Jehovah’s Temple Courtyards! (Psalm 100:4) 1. Throughout the land Jehovah’s Witnesses are preaching: ‘God and his Son have now begun to reign!’ This is the time to come and worship God Almighty, Learn of his ways and in his house remain. 2. Open the gates, and let the humble ones now enter. Come right inside, into God’s courtyards grand. Do bring a gift, and come up to his holy mountain. Joyful become, and let your heart expand. 3. This is the day the little one becomes a thousand. From far away Christ’s other sheep draw near. Flocking like doves, they come into the temple courtyards, Where they can bless Jehovah’s name so dear. 4. Enter the gates, and praise the Sov’reign Lord Jehovah. This is the call that can be heard earth wide. Come congregate within the courtyards of true worship. Make this the realm where you will e’er reside.

Song 195 This Is Jehovah’s Day (Psalm 118:24) 1. This is Jehovah’s day. His rule is here to stay. He’s laid in Zion his Chief Cornerstone. Let all lift up the voice and thank God and rejoice, For in Jehovah’s Kingdom we put faith alone. (Chorus) 2. Christ now in pow’r is here, and Armageddon’s near. Satan’s old order will soon pass away. Fearlessly preach the Word; God’s message let be heard. Help all the meek ones God’s commandments to obey. (Chorus) 3. God’s reigning King we prize; he’s wondrous in our eyes. He comes in God’s name; his rule we accept. Enter the temple gate! God’s favor supplicate, That we may ever in his ministry be kept. (CHORUS) What will you bring, Jehovah’s Kingdom? Triumph of truth and righteousness. And bring what else, Jehovah’s Kingdom? Eternal life and happiness. Praise the Universal Sov’reign For his love and faithfulness.

Song 196 Jehovah’s Dedicated Ones (John 10:16) 1. There’s a nation set apart, Dedicated in the heart. Living by Jehovah’s law, Sheeplike ones to him they draw. 2. A great crowd does now appear. To the Shepherd they are dear. Dedicated and baptized, They by him are greatly prized. 3. Forth they go to preach the Word, Bold and fearless, undeterred. Serving with God’s remnant few, They resemble drops of dew. 4. Little flock and other sheep Bounteous blessings now do reap. Imitating Christ their King, Joy to God’s own heart they bring.

Song 197 Make Melody to Jehovah! (Psalm 47:6) 1. This melody we make to God, Acting with due discretion. His worthy Son by His decree Of earth now takes possession. We shout in triumph, clap our hands. So much has God done for us! Our voices swell in joyful praise In a united chorus. Since Christ, as Lord, God has enthroned, Nations his pow’r must feel. His righteous rule has now begun. We make this known with zeal. 2. We live in times of great distress, Sorrow, and tribulation; Compared these are to wintertime, Marked by much desolation. But Christ’s Millennial Reign draws near; Soon will be gone all badness. A paradise will clothe the earth. Then all will sing with gladness. Thus, we await the blessed day When God makes all things new. To realize this glorious hope, Righteousness we pursue. 3. Jehovah mighty acts performs. Nations with fear are viewing How well our God takes care of those Who witness work are doing. For God is King of all the earth, Blessings to us he’s bringing. So melody to him we make. Yes, from our hearts we’re singing. Dear brothers, let us, one and all, Keep praising God with songs. He sits upon his great white throne; Honor to him belongs.

Song 198 Getting to Know Our God (John 17:3) 1. Truly we can tell, for we know well, How God now feels. He so graciously has set us free And with us deals. 2. He is merciful and lovable; This we do find. In him we can trust; we are mere dust, But he is kind. 3. Much we have to learn, we do discern, About our God. So we strive each day to walk the way Christ Jesus trod. 4. May we imitate his love, so great, In all we do. And Jehovah’s name we must acclaim, For he is true.

Song 199 “The Scene of This World Is Changing” (1 Corinthians 7:31) 1. Though men now cause ruination To earth, God’s lovely creation, Still we live in expectation That God such evils will cure. (Chorus) 2. Our foes, like dogs, keep on snapping. Our strength they want to keep sapping. But hands with joy we are clapping; We know our vict’ry is sure. (Chorus) 3. Though foes may put in appearance And try to cause interference, To God’s Word we give adherence And seek to keep our hearts pure. (Chorus) 4. The Devil’s system is ending; Restraint for him is impending. Such good news we are defending —Our God helps us to endure. (CHORUS) Though the scene of this world is now changing, Our God is kindly arranging All things to keep us secure.

Song 200 Proof of Discipleship (John 13:34, 35) 1. Through the love that must be shown, All true Christians can be known. Christ displayed love perfectly, Proved to all his loyalty. Where else can such love be found, Which among these does abound? Each his very life would give That another one may live. 2. Love to principle is true, Is for many, not just few. Rich it is in wholesomeness, Others always seeks to bless. Love is Jesus’ new command; Hence, love lends a helping hand, Never looks for selfish gain But helps others life attain. 3. Love has eyes to see the good. Love builds up the brotherhood. Love to erring ones is kind, Seeks their better side to find. By such love the world will know Why God’s mercies to us flow Through his Son sent from above. O how true that God is love!

Song 201 Rejoicing With God’s Nation (Psalm 106:5) 1. Through our work of Kingdom preaching, All mankind we are beseeching: ‘Come and hear the Bible’s teaching, And for present Kingdom truth be reaching.’ God all men is calling, From a fate that is appalling To a prospect so enthralling, To a grand new world that he’s installing. (Chorus) 2. See! There is a holy nation That Jehovah God did station In his fold through dedication, To declare his message of salvation. God will show his favor If we act with right behavior, Imitating Christ our Savior; From this godly course may we ne’er waver. (Chorus) 3. In a land so good and spacious, Free from strife and things vexatious, Look! a happy crowd, vivacious In God’s service that is efficacious. They’re no longer sighing. Truth from God they are now buying, In their lives his Word applying, And his name they keep on glorifying. (CHORUS) So come, you peoples, rejoice! With God’s nation give voice To this life-giving message so grand. Bow down to God on his throne. Make his worship your own. On the side of his Kingdom take your stand.

Song 202 To God We Are Dedicated! (Exodus 39:30) 1. To Christ, by our God, Jehovah, we have been drawn. He sent us his truth like beams of dawn. Down from his heav’nly throne, His light has clearly shone. Our faith in him has grown, And now we ourselves do disown. To God we are dedicated. We’ve made the choice. In him and his Son, we do rejoice. 2. All those who make this decision are duly trained; As God’s ministers they are ordained. They join their voices strong To sing the Kingdom song, In one united throng, Since now to their God they belong. By water immersion they’ve supported their vow And preach God’s own Kingdom message now. 3. Through our dedication may God grant our request To have a good conscience and be blest. A joy beyond compare Is what we now can share —Jehovah’s name to bear. To him we have access in pray’r. To God we are dedicated; may we be wise And this favored standing always prize.

Song 203 Jehovah Leads His People (Psalm 31:3) 1. True knowledge God abundantly provides. His people he instructs and O so patiently guides! He graciously endowed us with free will. He kindly seeks into our hearts his truth to instill. 2. And step by step, in his own way and time, By means of holy spirit, he reveals things sublime. His faithful steward keeps us well-informed, And by such loving care and guidance, our hearts are warmed. 3. Instructive guidance clarifies wrong views, And righteoushearted ones with strength and pow’r it imbues. If we adjustments in obedience make, Jehovah God will lead us for his own dear name’s sake. 4. We gratefully accept his helping hand That his advancing light of truth we may understand. Jehovah God, he is our greatest Friend; Assuredly he’ll guide us in this time of the end.

Song 204 “Here I Am! Send Me” (Isaiah 6:8) 1. Today men heap reproach and shame In many ways on God’s fair name. Some show God weak; some paint him cruel. “There is no God!” so shouts the fool. Who’ll go the name of God to clear? Who’ll sing his praise for all to hear? “Lord, here I am! Send me, send me. I’ll sing your praises faithfully; (Chorus) 2. Men make the taunt that God is slow; The fear of God they do not know. Some worship idols made of stone; Some would put Caesar on God’s throne. Who’ll tell the wicked what’s in store? Who’ll warn of God’s great final war? “Lord, here I am! Send me, send me. I’ll sound the warning fearlessly; (Chorus) 3. Today the meek ones mourn and sigh Because the evils multiply. With honest hearts they seek to find The truth that gives real peace of mind. Who’ll go with comfort to these meek? Who’ll help them righteousness to seek? “Lord, here I am! Send me, send me. I’ll teach such meek ones patiently; (CHORUS) No greater honor could there be. Lord, here I am! Send me, send me.”

Song 205 Christ Our Exemplar (1 Peter 2:21) 1. What love Jehovah showed, what goodness from him flowed, When to this earth he sent his Son! Christ came as heav’nly Bread, that mankind might be fed And life eternal might be won. 2. Christ Jesus told the way that we to God should pray: ‘O let your name be sanctified. Your heav’nly Kingdom come. Your will on earth be done. May daily our bread be supplied.’ 3. God’s truth with zeal he taught and Kingdom comfort brought To all those who his message heard. He died upon a tree to set all mankind free And that he might fulfill God’s Word. 4. If we appreciate his sacrifice so great, We’ll prove ourselves his faithful sheep. Like him, we’ll let God’s praise be filling all our days, And then, with him, fruit we shall reap.

Song 206 “Rejoice in the Hope” (Romans 12:12) 1. To God O let us thanks e’er give Because in joyful hope we live. For hope serves as an anchor sure, It helps us steadfast to endure. Our hope is like a helmet too, Keeps Satan’s sword from cutting through; It helps us ward off wickedness And strengthens us for righteousness. 2. How we enjoy our hope ahead That even those who now are dead Will duly from their tombs arise And help make earth a paradise! Ah, then to time indefinite, All men on earth will benefit From God’s provision, rich and kind, And thus in him full joy they’ll find. 3. To keep our hope e’er bright and strong, Our hearts we must keep free from wrong, But daily feed upon God’s Word And let our pray’rs by him be heard. That others may have joy as we, This hope let’s not keep selfishly But make it known both far and wide, Help yearning ones come on God’s side.

Song 207 To Whom Do We Belong? (1 Corinthians 6:20) 1. To whom do you belong? Which God do you obey? For just the one to whom you bow Your master is; you serve him now. You cannot serve two gods; Both masters cannot share The love of your heart in its ev’ry part. To neither you’d be fair. 2. To whom do you belong? Which God will you obey? For one is false and one is true, So make your choice; it’s up to you. Shall Caesar of this world Claim your allegiance still? Or will you obey the true God today And vow to do his will? 3. To whom do I belong? Jehovah I’ll obey. This God of truth I’ll gladly serve; From paying my vow I’ll not swerve. He bought me at great cost; I’ve ceased from serving men. The death of his Son my ransom has won; I’ll not turn back again. 4. To God we do belong! There’s no uncertainty. The unity that he foretold We now experience in his fold. Just like the fragrant oil Upon the high priest’s head, We find it so sweet together to meet And with his truth be fed.

Song 208 A Song of Rejoicing (Revelation 11:15) 1. Trumpets are sounding. Joy is abounding. God’s royal Son is enthroned on high. Cymbals are clashing; bright garments flashing. Throughout the earth now is heard the cry: (Chorus) 2. Through Kingdom preaching and Christian teaching, Many are drawn to Jehovah’s side. These too are voicing songs of rejoicing, Sounding them out, O so far and wide! (Chorus) 3. May we keep dealing in fellow feeling With all God’s people, our brotherhood. And may our singing ever be bringing Praise to Jehovah, for he is good. (CHORUS) This is Jehovah’s day. (Come rejoice.) His Kingdom here shall stay. (Be glad.) Let ev’ry living thing (leap for joy) Praises to God now bring and sing: “To you, our God, we owe our salvation And to Christ Jesus, who’s now our King.”

Song 209 Follow the Warrior King! (Ephesians 6:16, 17) 1. We have a song to sing for Jehovah God; We have a song of his reign and glory. We have a message clear for all men to hear And a commission to tell the story. (Chorus) 2. Warriors of God, arise, join the fighting force Under the Captain of God’s free nation. Take up the shield of faith and the spirit’s sword; Put on the helmet of his salvation. (Chorus) 3. Not in our own might can we be conquerors; Not of ourselves can we be victorious. But in the strength of God can we all prevail, Making the name of Jehovah glorious. (CHORUS) Forward go! (Yes, go!) Fearlessly go! (Fearlessly go!) As an army, let us go To combat the wicked foe; Follow the Warrior King, who can never fail. Following him, we shall prevail!

Song 210 “Make Sure of the More Important Things” (Philippians 1:10) 1. We gladly serve our God, Jehovah; He’s the one we love. For love’s the all-important thing; It comes from God above. May love abound yet more and more as we all make sure Of things that are righteous and true. And may we ever be flawless, Having in God’s work much to do. 2. The things that count so much with God Are that we grateful be, Obey him with a joyful heart, And keep integrity. And with all men peaceably live as we to them give The hope of the Kingdom so grand —Working good, causing no stumbling, Giving to all a helping hand. 3. It is important that we strive God’s teaching to adorn, Conduct ourselves as lesser ones, His counsel never scorn. With righteous fruit may we be filled, with good news be thrilled In service that praise to God brings. In this way we will be making sure Of the more important things.

Song 211 Sharing Joyfully in the Harvest (Matthew 9:37, 38) 1. We live in the time of the harvest, A priv’lege beyond all compare. The angels are serving as reapers, And with them we too have a share. Christ Jesus has set things in motion By sowing the seed in the field. The crops are all ready for harvesting; Let’s joyfully bring in the yield. 2. The wheat class is now in the storehouse. The weeds have been clearly defined. These latter ones try to impede us, And weeping, their teeth they do grind. Jehovah’s clean people are busy. From sunrise to sunset they serve, For great is the harvest of sheeplike ones; From helping them may we ne’er swerve. 3. Our love for our God and our neighbor Impels us to speed up the pace. The work of ingath’ring is urgent, For now the conclusion we face. This harvesttime is one of action, Assisting all those that would learn. What joys we can have in the field each day As new ones the wheat class discern. 4. Christ Jesus, the Harvester, sees how To ripeness the grain has been brought. How white are the fields that we work in! So many there are to be taught! The joys we receive are surpassing. As God’s fellow workers we share. Keep active we must with all joyfulness; To him and the harvest be fair.

Song 212 We Thank You, Jehovah (1 Thessalonians 5:18) 1. We thank you, Jehovah, each day and each night, That you shed upon us your precious light. We thank you that we have the priv’lege of pray’r, That we can approach you with ev’ry care. 2. We thank you, Jehovah, for your faithful Son, Who o’er death and Hades the vict’ry won. We thank you for guidance in doing your will, For thus you do help us our vows fulfill. 3. We thank you, Jehovah, for our brotherhood, Where we find companions both true and good. We thank you for giving us your active force, Your spirit, which helps us to hold our course. 4. We thank you, our God, for the honor to preach About your great name and the truth to teach. We thank you that soon all earth’s woes will be past, While your Kingdom blessings forever last.

Song 213 Working Together in Unity (Ephesians 4:3) 1. We must act together as one. Independence wisely we shun. Harmony and oneness of mind Bring peace of rarest kind. Unity brings blessings. This we’ll surely find. If with talents we are endowed, There’s no reason e’er to be proud. Modestly, with genuine love, Let’s praise our God above. 2. Rivalry and envy are rife In this world of hatred and strife. Peace we seek and ever pursue. It’s like refreshing dew. Peace is so refreshing. It is like the dew. Disagreements sometimes arise; We’re imperfect, we realize! Quickly settling them is great gain. Unity we’ll maintain. 3. As we work together each day, Unity e’er may we display. It is sweet and pleasant and good. Cherish it well we should. Unity we cherish, For it is so good. Unity rewards us so well —With Jehovah God we thus dwell. Peace to us he now has restored, Under our Sov’reign Lord.

Song 214 Following God’s Way of Life (Proverbs 9:10, 11) 1. What a fine gift, a most precious possession, Is life through Christ! May we use it aright. To you, Jehovah, we make this confession: Your way, to us, brings exquisite delight. 2. Rightly, Jehovah, it’s you we are fearing. Knowledge and wisdom we thus do acquire. Into your law we find pleasure in peering; In it we walk, in pure godly attire. 3. Life has a purpose, and you are so gracious. Through your dear Son, we now learn how to live. Love not the world or its things ostentatious. Seek greater happiness, learning to give. 4. Help us apply in our lives all your teaching, Now that your Kingdom is near at the doors. May we to meek ones of earth now be preaching, As Christ our King your true worship restores.

Song 215 Extending Mercy to Others (Luke 6:36) 1. When Jehovah decreed that a deluge Should destroy wicked men long ago, Then to Noah he gave a commission: ‘Build an ark! Preach the word! Let men know!’ Now, did Noah reject that assignment, Since he never had built arks before? No, but he made good use of God’s mercy, And he built and he preached more and more. 2. Now again an old order is ending, And in mercy our God has decreed That the news of its ending be given So that whoever will may give heed. Have you said, ‘I cannot preach the good news; I am weak and untrained in my speech’? But if you have received of God’s mercy, Then his spirit can help you to preach. 3. God has brought truth and mercy together, And rejoicing is found in our land. What a foretaste of Kingdom conditions That will come from Jehovah’s own hand! So it’s ours to show mercy to others By exhorting all men, far and near: ‘Act at once! Make a full dedication; Serve the Kingdom of God that is here.’

Song 216 “Have Tender Affection” (Romans 12:10) 1. What tender affection Jehovah God is showing To those that now seek his face! His mercy and goodness bring joy that’s overflowing; In him we have a sure resting place. 2. In brotherly love we must have sincere affection As in God’s household we serve. Of him all our conduct should be a fine reflection And peaceful unity thus preserve. 3. Since we as true Christians belong to one another, Our feelings must be intense. Due honor, respect, and concern for ev’ry brother Will help us never to give offense. 4. To tender affection we wisely give attention, As Jesus taught us to do. Our goodness of heart and our loving comprehension Bring joy for many, likewise us too.

Song 217 Gaining Jehovah’s Friendship (Psalm 15:1, 2) 1. Who will, Jehovah God, your loyal friendship gain? Who in your tent as guest will you forever let remain? ’Tis he who faultlessly does serve God fearlessly, Yes, he who’s pure in heart and speaks and acts most truthfully. To whom, Jehovah God, do you your friendship give? Who will in your great holy mountain with you really live? The one whose speech reflects that he e’er checks his neighbor never to vex. (Chorus) 2. O who, Jehovah God, will with you e’er reside? Who can become your friend, the one with whom you will abide? Yes, he who keeps his word, despite all pains incurred, In love does walk uprightly, and with truth his loins will gird. We do, Jehovah God, your friendship so desire. Your Word informs and clearly states what you of us require. We must our ways now mend, your rules ne’er bend so as to keep you as Friend. (Chorus) 3. With you, Jehovah God, we ever want to dwell. Your peace surpasses ev’rything; all thought it does excel. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord, you have to us restored Your true pure worship. Hence by multitudes you’re now adored. And so, our God Most High, we lovingly will guard Your precious friendship and thus keep our very lives unmarred. As one united band, we take our stand on your high mountain so grand. (CHORUS) Jehovah, may we be your friends eternally.

Song 218 With Christ in Paradise (Luke 23:43) 1. ‘With me in Paradise you’ll be,’ Christ said to one hung on a tree. This promise to one who had erred Has caused us to be stirred To faith in God’s own Word. It gives the resurrection hope, For God with death can fully cope. His Kingdom truth we now discern. In Bible light we learn How we God’s favor earn. 2. The glorious hope of Paradise The great crowd has before their eyes. No longer do they live in fear. God’s Word is O so clear! And to it they adhere. To God our prayers we humbly raise That we may serve him all our days And praise him everlastingly, In faithful constancy, With heartfelt ecstasy. 3. These other sheep who win the prize Will be with Christ in Paradise. These now have come to understand God’s wonders O so grand, From his own gracious hand! Good news they’ll preach in all the earth And fill men’s hearts with joy and mirth. This is the course that’s truly wise; Thus, life they’ll realize, With Christ, in Paradise.

Song 219 Jehovah’s Heavenly Throne (Revelation 4) 1. You, O Jehovah, are God alone. Awesome is your glory, Lord, lofty your throne. ’Round you a rainbow shines em’rald green. You’re a God of peacefulness, tranquil, serene. 2. Twenty-four elders, all dressed in white, Serve as kings and priests with Christ. Grand is the sight! Four living creatures your ways acclaim: Justice, wisdom, pow’r, and love—they praise your name. 3. Lightnings and thunders from you proceed. To the voices speaking truth may all give heed. Your glassy sea bespeaks purity. May we all bathe in your Word and clean thus be. 4. This heav’nly vision makes us laud you, For you are Almighty God, holy and true. Jesus, our Savior, now rules as King. So through him we come to you and honor bring.

Song 220 Our Paradise: Present and Future (2 Corinthians 12:4) 1. Wondrous Jehovah, God, we praise you For our spir’tual paradise, Where we by study, pray’r, and meetings Get assistance to be wise. O let us give thanks for How greatly we’re blest And how in your service We have joy and rest! True love for you and for our neighbor Is the strongest bond of all. How it unites us in your service So that we may never fall! 2. Administration of your justice You have given Christ the King. At your right hand since his enthronement, He rules over ev’rything. We praise you, Jehovah, For having made known Your wonderful purpose To gather your own. O may our conduct e’er prove worthy Of the good news that we preach, So that at no time we will stumble Sheeplike ones we seek to teach! 3. After the battle of the great day Of Jehovah has been fought And both the Devil and his demons To the deep abyss are brought, Then your ancient servants From tombs will arise To serve you with gladness In earth’s Paradise. They will help all men reach perfection Through the priesthood of your Son; Then here on earth, to time indef’nite, Lasting joys from you will come.

Song 221 Youths! Imitate Their Faith (Hebrews 6:12) 1. Young Samuel to Shiloh when weaned had to go To serve in God’s temple, and there he did grow. A prophet in Israel is what he became, And as a true Naz’rite, he honored God’s name. The high priest called Eli had sons that were bad. Would they corrupt Samuel, who was just a lad? No, Samuel was faithful; obedience he’d learned. Away from Jehovah he would not be turned. 2. Young Timothy also from infancy grew To be a fine elder; the Scriptures he knew. He put into practice the things he was taught. To ever be faithful he constantly sought. In his congregation so good his repute, He was recommended without a dispute. He had the rare priv’lege of trav’ling with Paul; His mission’ry service brought blessings to all. 3. Young sisters, remember the Israelite girl Whose faith in Jehovah was like a fine pearl. Although taken captive, her faith stayed intact; Her zeal and devotion caused others to act. To Naaman’s wife she did come and inform: ‘Jehovah’s true prophet a cure can perform.’ The Syrian chieftain decided to heed. Rich blessings it brought him, this little maid’s deed. 4. Young brothers, young sisters, we urge all of you To imitate these grand examples so true. We have a great trust in this time of the end. Jehovah has chosen the ones he will send. So, all you dear young ones, come join in the fight With all of God’s servants, who love what is right. Let’s sound out the warning and speak of his praise And share the reward at the end of the days.

Song 222 Keep Your Eyes on the Prize! (2 Corinthians 4:18) 1. When eyes of blind ones see again And ears of deaf ones hear again, When deserts blossom as the rose And from parched ground fresh water flows, When lame ones leap just like the hart, When loved ones never have to part —Such blessed times you’ll realize If you keep your eyes on the prize. 2. When tongues of mute ones speak again, When old ones will be young again, When earth will yield her rich increase And all good things will never cease, When songs of children fill the air, When joy and peace are ev’rywhere, Then, too, you’ll see the dead arise If you keep your eyes on the prize. 3. When wolves and lambs will feed as one, When bears and calves bask in the sun, A mere young boy will lead them all, And they will heed his childish call. When tears belong to yesterday, When fears and pain have passed away, You’ll see how God these things supplies If you keep your eyes on the prize.

Song 223 Your Loyal Ones Will Bless You (Psalm 145:10) 1. Your loyal ones will all bless you, Jehovah God, our King. They gladly tell of your great deeds And of your glory sing. So high and lifted up, So deserving of our praise, Unsearchable your thoughts, Your mighty acts, your wondrous ways. Your loyal ones cry out with joy; Their hearts do overflow. The sons of men they seek to tell Of these grand things they know. 2. A generation God did choose To tell forth all his praise. That generation now exists And walks in God’s own ways. This faithful servant class Now the other sheep do feed. In passing through this world, Their Shepherd Jesus does them lead. As loyal ones, they laud your works, Make mention of your name. They bubble over as they speak Of you and your great fame. 3. Jehovah God is good to all; Of this there is no doubt. Through Jesus Christ He’ll save mankind. Let none his goodness flout. To anger he is slow; This his loyal ones know well. How grateful we should be That he desires with us to dwell! He lifts us up when we fall down And satisfies our soul. For this we bless him all day long; His goodness we extol.

Song 224 “Take My Yoke” (Matthew 11:28-30) 1. You who toil so wearily, Loaded down oppressively, Jesus calls you tenderly: ‘For relief do come to me.’ 2. ‘I am mild, of lowly heart, And of this world am no part. Learn of me the loving art, Thus escape from hatred’s dart.’ 3. ‘For my load is light, you’ll find, And my yoke is truly kind. I give rest for heart and mind To all righteously inclined.’ 4. Be to Christ, your Master, true. He will guide and strengthen you. In the yoke he’ll work with you That you thus God’s will may do.

Song 225 Drawing Close to Jehovah (Psalm 73:28) 1. Your favor, O Jehovah, Is something we hold dear. As your devoted children, We will to you keep near. It is the finest treasure To have you as our Friend. Your love is pure, makes us secure. Our thanks to you ascend. 2. Since you, as our Great Shepherd, Did kindly for us look And called us by Christ Jesus, We then the world forsook. Our sinfulness you pardoned In mercy deep and wide. You are so kind; much joy we find As with you we reside. 3. Your Son taught us to know you And give you all due praise. Your tenderness and goodness, They surely us amaze. We want to know you better, Draw closer to you still. Do us befriend clear to the end; Help us to do your will.

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“Balsam in Gilead” “Be Glad, You Nations”! “Bless Jehovah, O My Soul” “Carry On as Men” “From House to House” “God Loves a Cheerful Giver” “Happy Are the Mild-Tempered” “Have Intense Love for One Another” “Have Tender Affection” “Here I Am! Send Me” “I Am Jehovah”! “I Want To” “It Is Impossible for God to Lie” “Jehovah Himself Has Become King!” “Jehovah Is My Shepherd” “Jehovah Is on My Side” “Let God Be Found True” “Make Sure of the More Important Things” “No Part of the World” “Preach the Word”! “Rejoice in the Hope” “Take My Yoke” “The Scene of This World Is Changing” “This Is the Way” “Welcome One Another”! “Wisdom Is With the Modest Ones” “You Must Assist Those Who Are Weak” “Zealous for Fine Works” A Prayer of Thanksgiving A Song of Rejoicing A Song to Jehovah A Song to the Most High A Victory Song All Creation, Praise Jehovah! All Things Made New Appreciating God’s Compassions Appreciating God’s Reminders Be Forgiving Be Joyful for the Kingdom Hope! Be Like Jeremiah Be Long-Suffering Be Steadfast Like Ruth Be Steadfast, Unmovable! Being Taught by Jehovah

182 14 1 134 32 12 36 115 216 204 61 156 149 33 77 125 170 210 24 162 206 224 199 42 155 73 116 30 45 208 190 104 171 5 187 152 59 110 16 70 145 120 10 91

Bless Our Christian Brotherhood Bless Our Meeting Together Bravely Press On Children—Precious Gifts From God Christ Our Exemplar Christian Dedication Cleaving to Jehovah Our God Conducting Ourselves as “a Lesser One” Contending for the Faith Creation Reveals Jehovah’s Glory Creation’s Hope of Liberation Cultivating the Fruit of Love Daily Walking With Jehovah Declare the Everlasting Good News Displaying Loyalty Do More—As the Nazirites Did Drawing Close to Jehovah Enter Jehovah’s Temple Courtyards! Exalting Our God the King Extending Mercy to Others Faith Like That of Abraham Fear Them Not! Flee to God’s Kingdom! Follow the Warrior King! Following God’s Way of Life Forward, You Ministers of the Kingdom! Forward, You Witnesses! Gaining Jehovah’s Friendship Gaining Victory Over the World Getting to Know Our God Give Jehovah the Praise Glorifying Our Father, Jehovah God’s Great and Wondrous Works God’s Kingdom of a Thousand Years God’s Loyal Love God’s Own Book—A Treasure God’s Pretty Things God’s Promise of Paradise God’s Unfolding “Eternal Purpose” God’s Warriors Are Advancing Godly Compassion Godly Devotion With Contentment Gratitude for Divine Patience Great God, Jehovah! Guard Your Heart Hail Jehovah’s Firstborn! Hail Jehovah’s Kingdom! Happy, the Merciful! Heeding Jude’s Message Hold Fast the Good News! Holding Fast to “the Happy Hope”

18 28 56 164 205 13 131 122 98 79 142 86 55 6 38 128 225 194 148 215 64 27 146 209 214 43 29 217 3 198 48 96 84 60 114 180 25 4 99 39 68 69 81 49 132 105 21 62 22 71 119

Jehovah Is Our Refuge Jehovah Leads His People Jehovah Really Cares Jehovah, “the God of All Comfort” Jehovah, Our Best Friend Jehovah, Our Creator Jehovah, Our Place of Dwelling Jehovah, Our Strength and Our Might Jehovah, Provider of Escape Jehovah, the God of Our Salvation Jehovah’s “Dewdrops” Among Many Peoples Jehovah’s Attributes Jehovah’s Blessing Makes Rich Jehovah’s Dedicated Ones Jehovah’s Happy People Jehovah’s Heavenly Throne Jehovah’s Holy Nation Jehovah’s Lovely Place of Worship Jehovah’s Word Is Faithful Join in the Kingdom Song! Joyful All Day Long Joyful Praise to Jehovah Joyful Service Keep On Seeking First the Kingdom Keep Your Eyes on the Prize! King of Eternity, Sanctify Your Name! Laud Jehovah Our God! Let the Light Shine Let’s Watch How We Walk Life Everlasting Is Promised Life Without End—At Last! Listen to the News of the Kingdom Living Up to Our Name Love’s Excelling Way Love—A Perfect Bond of Union Loving Shepherds Tend God’s “Sheep” Loyal Worshipers Bless Jehovah Loyally Submitting to Theocratic Order Make Melody to Jehovah! Make the Truth Your Own Making a Good Name With God Making Jehovah’s Heart Glad Making Known the Kingdom Truth Making Our Way Successful Marriage—God’s Arrangement Meeting God’s Requirements Meeting in Unity Move Ahead! Myriads of Brothers Never-Failing Treasures Now’s the Time!

85 203 44 58 76 154 135 47 74 153 17 97 9 196 57 219 141 93 108 181 19 75 130 172 222 94 100 63 106 109 15 139 34 35 173 184 136 8 197 191 37 51 192 40 117 26 65 123 127 147 129

Obeying God Rather Than Men On Jehovah We Must Wait Our Christian Unity Our Father’s Name Our Godly Joy Our Paradise: Present and Future Our Possession of Peace Praise Jah With Me! Praise Jehovah, the Rock Pray to Jehovah Each Day Preach “This Good News of the Kingdom”! Preach With Boldness Proclaiming Jehovah’s Day of Vengeance Proclaiming Kingdom Truth Proof of Discipleship Recognizing Earth’s New King Rejoicing With God’s Nation Responding to God’s Love See Jehovah’s Army! Sharing Joyfully in the Harvest Showing Concern for “the Flock of God” Sing Jehovah’s Praise With Courage! Sing the Song of Kingdom Cheer Sowing Kingdom Seed Speaking the “Pure Language” Stay Awake, Stand Firm, Grow Mighty Store Up Treasures in Heaven Supporting God’s House Take Sides With Jehovah! Thanks to the Giver of Life The Appointed Time Nears The Bible’s Hope for Mankind The Bread From Heaven The Divine Pattern of Love The Excelling “Peace of God” The Fruit of Goodness The Fruit of Self-Control The Fruitage of the Spirit The Gift of Prayer The Heavens Declare God’s Glory The Hope of Mankind’s Jubilee The Joys and Fruits of Kingdom Service The Light Gets Brighter The Lord’s Evening Meal The New Song The Power of Kindness The Prayer of God’s Servant The Resurrection Joy The Resurrection—God’s Loving Provision The Scriptures—Inspired and Beneficial The Shulammite Remnant

2 179 158 52 186 220 159 165 41 161 193 92 189 126 200 168 201 50 166 211 101 107 20 133 78 174 67 118 143 167 137 23 150 89 178 95 124 163 188 175 7 72 111 87 169 66 88 102 185 46 11

The Truth That Sets Men Free The Women Are a Large Army Then They Will Know Theocracy’s Increase This Good News of the Kingdom Let Us Preach This Is Jehovah’s Day Throw Your Burden on Jehovah To God We Are Dedicated! To Whom Do We Belong? Waiting on Jehovah Walk With God! Walking in Integrity Walking in the Name of Our God We Are Jehovah’s Witnesses! We Must Be Holy We Must Have the Faith We Thank You, Jehovah Welcome the Incoming King! What Sort of Persons Ought We to Be? With Christ in Paradise Working Together in Unity Worship Jehovah During Youth Worshiping Jehovah, the Sovereign Lord Your Loyal Ones Will Bless You Youth’s Place in God’s Arrangement Youths! Imitate Their Faith Zeal for Jehovah’s House Zion’s Reason for Rejoicing

121 82 112 53 151 195 103 202 207 140 138 160 80 113 54 144 212 176 177 218 213 157 90 223 183 221 31 83

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