Use: When in use for a long time, the drain in the kitchen and the toilet in restaurants, hotels

and families are often blocked due to grease, food scraps clinging to the drain. With powerful performance, the SP will clear out the clog (paper, rags, garbage, vegetables, fats, rice, or hair) stuck in the drain of the kitchen sink, or the tub without damaging the pipes and sanitary equipment. Direction: cut the packet, mix the powder and a half-liter of water into the bucket, pour the contents down the blockage, and wait 1-3 hours before discharging water (it's better to pour the contents at night and to discharge water or to use a retractable rubber to clean the drain the next morning). Two packets can be used in case of severe congestion or of a large drain. Contains: hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, sodium sificat water. Caution: keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with the eye. In such case, rinse the eye with clean water.

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