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Euthanasia is…  One of medical treatment  Intentionally not do something to lengthen life a patient  Deliberately do something to shortening a person life  To terminating a life someone .

Why euthanasia needed??? .

Because… Patients have terminal illness and they so desperate People has hopeless to their illness Cost of medicine is very expensive and too difficult to buy Patients haven’t opportunity to recover Patient’s family want to stopping pains patients .

Who is this??? .

Death Live safer for terminal illness patients Euthanasia practice generally 130 patients in 8 years Carbon monoxide .dr.

Euthanasia method Passive euthanasia Active euthanasia • Demand a breathing apparatus on patients coma • Turn off that engine help pump of heart in patients heart failure • Patients injected with intravenous arsenic fluid • Patients intentionally exposed to gas hydrogen cyanide (HCN) .

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