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The auther is one or the most humble disciples or tbe

late Samarlh Satguru Mahatma Sri Ramchandraji or Patehgarb,

who had good rortune or personal contact with the SATGURU
during the years 1925-1931 and also with seers or the syltem
such a. Param Sant Mahatma Abdul Ghani Khan Sahib or
Bbogaun, Param Sant Mahatma Raghubar Dayal Sahib or
Kanpur. Param Sant Mahatma Dr. Krishna Swarup Sahib or
La n

Jaipur. Param Sant Mahatma Brij Mohanlal Sahib or LuckDow.

Param Saot Or. Sri Krisbanalal Sattib or Sikanderabad. Param
Sant Dr. Shyamlal Sahib of Ghaziabad. and many other Saiots
or the system explains in this book.





Published by :­
Sakseoa Brothers
Devnagar. JALPUR - 302015

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PuhlllJUrI :
Sabena Brothers
8-60, On NaJer.

Fint Edition, 1000

Marc~. 1986

@ All Rishts Reserved

Prlet R.. 10.00

DtllIJC ... l1.!O


Prlnl,4 by ; OF FATEHGARH
2-2-18731014- 8-1931
Oriental PrinteR & Pa1l~"



or Flltchgorh
Who vrry kindly accepted me under
his esteemed protection in
March. 1928.



• 1. Foreword 1-6
The author is sincerely grateful to Mahatma Narednr. 2. Pre race 7-:11
Moban (JAtPUR), Mahatma Basant Kumar (Roorkce), 3. Chapltr I-The Siages of AlCCtlt 22- 2'
Mahatma Oinesh KUmar (FATEHGARH) rOt the valuable 4. Chapler II...The flfst ,i. Cb"kras of the Pinda
help rendered by tbem ill compiling the material. revising (The Phy,icol Body) 26- 42
aDd cxaminiol the manulCriptl, proof. etc. and also to the (1) The QudaCbakr. ~-30
Pfttl-where it could be printed in a record time of lOme two (2) The Indriya Chakt' 30 - 31
weeka for releue on the occasion of Fatcbgarb Bhand.ra­ (3) The Nabhl Cbakra 31- 32
Mareb. 1986 and several otber friends. wbo usistcd him (") The Urad.ya Chakra 32- 33
in (airioa out the manuscript .everal times. (S) The Kaoth. Cbakra 34 - 3S

(6) The MaYa Cbak'a 3S - 42
S. Cbapter-lll- The Chakr•• or And• .t Bratunand 43- S3
(7) Tho Sahura Del Kamal 43-44
(I) The Trlkuti 44 - 48
(9) The Sboonya -49
(10) Tbe Mabuhooya 49 - 51

(II) The Bban....r Gur. "1-'2
(12) The Satlok or Sacbkbaod "2-53
6. Chapter -IV - Thel.,t six UISes of BrabmaDd
Ind Paar Brabm. ~4- S5
(13) Tbe Alakb Lok. S4
(14) The Agam Lob
(15) The Ak.ha Loka S5


I Uodcs;ribable S~


7. Chapter - V - The speed of Alcent 66-68

8. Chapter - V 1- The Conclusion 09-7:1

9. Appeodllt-l- The Shabda (VCl'$cs) or
Saint Kabir with liS literal 73 - 8l
translation in English
10: Appcndi~ 11··GloSl>ary~ Technical 82-94
word. cJ(plaincd

11. Ap~ndi~ - 111_ Diblio~raph)' 9S


Man ~hould thinl. III some lime of his lire, what should
be his Ullimulc: soal of life. 1 he $ooner lhe betler.
V:uiou'l n:ligion~ of the world. which are being (ollo",cd
h~' lhr pcul'lt" or (liffeTent countries, do point OUI, the dutieJ
of m~In.I\ 11;llhl:l', hi' family. relatives. (,iends, neigh­
botH~ ami ;lIl'll IOwltrds the human s(K'icl\'. 1 hey have a'~o
laid (lown rCi.!ulaljolls, accordlll~ 10 the rt'quirCmC"I~ of I"e
lociety of Ihe place, at the lIme-on personal hVj.lil.'nl", ethics,
~ndal and Ic:li,ciNIS dutil's. They emphatically roint out the
c:xi~tcnc(' ofaon and illS creation,>, and perscnbe some kind
of rule! and W;ly$ to worship 111M.
Even Iho\c who do not helic:...e in GOO do believe in
some invi\ihlc power, which governs the whole ullwer'c: and
kt' '11' e\it:r,thin~ in a specific and regular order. They orten
call it ~All ItF
lle~il.!e!l the!~e religions, there have ~t:n ~aints in various
p:trt, of the world. who preached the love! of GOD. irre~pecl_
ivr of the reh/tlou. beliefs followed by lhe people. They have
been aho"c reli~ious belief. and rree from limitation:. of caste.
creeet. nllionalily. Illngua!!e etc. 1hcv have gone far ahead of
the reli~ioul belief. and preaehinR' and have influe!nced direct_
Iv the liVing method and 'ylltem, of worsbip of tbe man­
kim,! as a whult:
India h.. , hod the prtvilege of producing most of these
~ .. iI11!\ for lhe whole worM. Some or them have actually travell­
ed uno,\ the border. of India to the various parts of the
world, North, Sl)Uth, last &; West. In the recent past, they
2 The St'CTCI of Realisation f'orc\\ord 3

ha~ convinctd llit ptC'rle of olh, ('otlnlrit'(. lhal lI'ut' is dire the soul. ~ATMA). ",hi!.:h is the ran of the Supreme Soul.
need for their rising abo\'c Iheir pre<;cnl modes of hi8hll malt"­ (PARAMA 1 MA) and lhat 'hrough thIS ph).!tital lody o.lly.
i.Ii~lic A mrcl!anica!fli"inp.! & lnolo; lOW3,d$ Iht advll1lCed ~jlle n man can hil\'C hll direcl arpro,!ch 10 merger In Ihe Supreme
of spiriluallife as well. They "avc lOUCtc:!oi(ully Irit'lI10 rcvnlu~ Sout, The Uni\'efnl GOD, wher.: ctl:'rn;ll peace and bibS
tioni,e the thinking of the world Pcoflfc" 110 I l .. c: eXISls.
bc("ome "ned "jib ,lll: hirh:' .1' rhu;liC:Rle~ il.r.d maltri,;,!'il ~ II i'i orcount impos!ihl.o to ,ay, which of thc,e 'sint!
side of life, hvt now bcpun to Ihin},; that !lfe he}ond IhlS rea, het! Ihe h'rh' ~I ~t iNC. hcau~e we in thIs .... orld. ha",c 110
pre,,:n! life of their", i, worth in\'c:~ti;:,aling and unJtr"tandili'. m 'ill:. Ii' measure ll,tlr aSCCllr. Out from lhe rccur,J .. ldt be-­
VariOus 3.11nl, have dC5C1 ibed lhe :!olllgC~ of It-c tltlot'kp­ hind I'Iv ll'em we CIn, howl'ver, rOll~hly ~timatc their limit
ment of ~('lul Ilnd iI' a~cenl()n lhe patn of the love of GOD. DScent. All of t"rm hu\c de'cril'cd the sll!Q.e~ of 1I,cr:nt in th.:ir
111t sainu, "'ho have aUlhoritallvdy IndicJ.lC'd the pJlb t)f ofo....n words and In Iheir own manner. !"rom Ihe nv; illlble
uphfll1lct\t of dlt soul. have al50 b<:en I umen U~. and Iheir recmd~ and their comp:nalivc siudy, it uprcar, UrU tile dt:S·
bCj:l.inninl! may be tra<:td back to Ibe vedic age, when the Yed", criltioll pi\'Cll I1v ~aint Kuhir h complete. and his a.c.:nt IS the
and 1111: llrnl~hllds originalcd. Sainls, from lime 10 time. ha ... c: !lights!. Fr(lm II clu"l "Itldy ilr Iheir Icaching, it i~ also found
lll'J'e.lrul ,Iud dmwn the aUention of Ihe human society Ihal all suI ~l'(lllrnl sllil1h. wl:o arc supl10sed 10 be of the
c;l!ll1re, hll'o'''.: ~i\cl1 ltimilar c!c5cripiorls in their own words, at
lowanh their leachings and directed men 10 the path of the
difft'rent lime.. , IOdepondaol of Whlf.l the Great ((abir, has
I..,\'e 01 GOU.
dc"\·rlbrd. It h ro\'ihle thai borne of them would haH tried
T" the recenl pasl there have been sainu in India like
lind ndlMlIy ro.:al·hed hirhcr. tut a, nlready Sialed b) !lain1
Kllhlf, 1 ulli. Jat'jcewnn, Gh:tnb 0:11. Paltu, Nanak, Dadu.
Ka",u. Ihey howe also admitted. cOnfirmed &. corroborated his
'I uhidas, NabhO!jl. lIaridu, Soorda(, Raida.\, Sannlld, Sheikh
stlla'mellt th:at Ihe .lflSes beyond. arc Iteeret and thai their
Ahmed MujaJd;ld Ahfsani, Roim Kri~hna. Vivd:anlnd. Setli
~lt\,riplitln (";lnnol l-e m;tdc av:ulllble fur expression ill ..... ords
ShiV Dayal Singh, etc. lhcJC' have tnen sainls in Smd like
Tht ,k~lIlIHion b) saint Kabir has, thcrdort', becn lalen a~ a
Qalandar,Lal Shehhal Sarhmdl, Shah Ina~af. Oalpal, QUlub
Shah. Shah Llllif ele. fhere havt been ,..inls ill other put'; of t",·i\ rtlr our rurro~cl." t1.e fla(Des given by 111m. have been
A'jia like :ih8m~ labra Maulana R0i1m, Ihft'z I tc. LaiC in ullnf'leli hi explain lhe a"ecnu.
the 11111\ Century there has been a great ssinl in "onhern India An ullempl hO\, 11Il.... evo.:r. bern made ill Ihl\ hookle1 to
);.oo,vn a~ M:\hatmo Ram Chandraji. Il(IiCUhr Ihnc 51'llles ill a, l111ch ddail as t,;oulll be ;l\'ailable
1 hey ha...e Illi .rreaehed the love of GOD, and haye 1.lid h.lm Iho ,h:lcripllun by the various t<aints. They 1I:\'o'e been
dllwn definite iOli,lfUcllons 10 be followed by IhoK. who "'(.lnt ,'H.II ,,11'11 IIf Iho lime. Not only did Ihey preach it for Ih.:
10 tn.ud the di\'ine path. They have very c1~arly ".:mphasI7~d mllll'~IlI,1 n. II ,.. hille, Inn actuulty Iiftcd men from their pre­

Ihal only the physicul body is not the man. He has an elher­ IIenl 81.1'.'1' III mnlellul life 10 Ihe highest .tage of spiritual hfa
cal hody alloo, and in it thtre IS sti\( minute Bud subtle power.. und mIllie Ihem,lble of helping dcscrving human heinl'
to llllliln tlto.~e high Slagel, 1 hey wcrc bestowed Willi speciol
4 The Secret of Rrati~aljon
Forc\\'ord ~
powers to lin men to thrse high stage'l, and also to grant
similar powers to descrving penollS, (0 help people in raising The terms, u,ed in almost all the hooks on meditation
them to higher levels by their own powers. tontain wU1ds, origin lting from ~anskrit, the old sacred langu_
This has bt-Cil tbe speciality of tbese uints, or which a 1I.~eof India. Althou;;h tlleir tran..lation in Engh~h has been
parallel example cannot be found ID this mat"'rlol!ilJlic world. altemp":d to depil:t the mc:tnm,; uf thc!oc words, as .lecuratcly
As the legend goes, PAA RAS ((fT77J) fhe touch Slone can .5 possible, yet in some ca~es, coqu;valent wonti in English
COoven IRON inlo GOLD. but cannol covert IRON, GOLD could not be found 10 convey the C'lt;lct meaninl!. flut in case. of
or Ilny olher ",clal inlo PAARAS. But a S81j;l.uru can and does pronunciation, it hIlS to he admitled that it C;lnnot be COJTa:t1y
con "crt hj, dC'\tr"in{! di,ciple into a SATGURU, who is cltpresstd in any olhcr lanalla~e or script In the circumstances,
capahle of htlring people ann he blls kfl his physical body
the SANSKRIT wonts have al<;o L~l.'n mentioned in brocket!
and .II.lso crea(e a SATGURU to follow up his .... or....
alongwilh their venion in english I\lrhahcts.
It may also be poinlcd out here, that a SATGURU UlX;;Iuse the sound of the wordli, meant for recilation.1t
livinR in human bod}' can initiate and ~neril a penon nOI Of,ly
ever)' slage, should be pronounced correctly, it is recommend
dUrlllp; his life, but continues to benefit him CVCl'I \I hen he"
c:d to the readers 10 acquaint themsehes with the Sanskrit or
nO! phy'Sic.1.11y present. But he cnnnot initiate Or benefil any
new person afrer he has left this world. His authorised disci~ Hindi alphabets-IJ vowels and 33 consonents, with the elc­
pIc or any person functioning M a SATGURU at the time, menlary knowledge of joining them. Hindi alphabets are tbe
shall hnvC' to be approached by Ihe new enlrants. ThIS point same.s San6krit and I Hindi primer will be sufficient for our
ha'S 10 the noted carefully. readers oversea'S, which can be had from the Hindi language
inslitutions or the Indian Embassy in their country.
Saints of Ihis calibre i.e., 5al!'urn have been available for
the \)enefit of the human Sllciety at all times and are availahle In original set of verse!! Sllkhis (ROO) as they are call­
even nOw. In case tbe search is sincere and the seekcrs of truth ed composed by the greal Kabir in Hindi, alongwith its literal
try to find lhem oul, lhey can be of real help to these seeker'S, translation in English, hu been given in Appendilt I in the
This book is ba,cd on the wrilings of fhe old saints of
Jndia, as interpletcd by the saints of this century, on the balis ent1. The readers will be able to estimate from it and realise,
of their practical eltperieLce-because only theory h83 Httlc how high was the a!:cent of this Saint of the time, and how
valuc wilh Ihe sainls. Thcy obse,ve everything with their accurately he has l'oeen able to dcscribe each and every stage,
hirh1y develored minds, in a practical manner, and lbl"n inspile of his being abwlulely illiter.lle.
tramcrihc their observations inlo words-~o far as the language
of today helps them in eltpressiug themselves. Yet there arc The Appcndilt II has been added-to eltplain in English,
higher slages, which cannot be described, the meaning or tbe t echoica\ terms of Sanskrit and Pen ian,
r ­
6 The Scact of Realisation

along with their oriSinai version. In Appen 'ix. II r. a bibliogra­

phy has ~en 3ddd fvr the convenicn..:e of our read:-fS. If ttJcY
like. they moy refer 10 th.:se books for more details and the PREFACE
e~acl t"plllnations ,illto by their authors.
ACCOTdln@ to lhe Ilhugw.l.l Pur.:1n ('-rJ1I"'1" 1Tfnr) one
The author. re~JX~tfully Icqu<::>B th~ lIble reaJers of thi of the vealt'~t Er;cs of the Aryan\, the C REATI N conti­
hooklet. KI'Dl.Y 10 in(in1.1' e. where':ver they find some nllts in \:ydes of,he four VII!!:" (~ ... ttlf), viI. the Satyuga
discrerancy in (acts or Ihe r:-..preS~I('ln~. All attempt will be (~ll,lf), thcTrtt:l. (,,,,.,), lhc nv.apara (i:r17) ..t the Ka/li­
made 10 sci ill i~11l in lhe nexi \.dilioll. yUj:!3. ('1ifintl), nil the r'lllr lopdl1 r 100\\11 4" tht.: 'CHAl UR
YllGI (""ilil), of which the {""rind ;lltl\I"f\fhcr runll ilUo
4 ],~(}.(j(}O}<,·arl of ollr planet till" I AR'lll Sadl one Thou....:lnd
rounds· of Chat\lryul;i form a KAl.I'A {~), which means
a day f\)( Lord nRAHMA (1lOIJ-heharge of creation. A time
cflual 10 thrt1 or II Kulpa r~pre,cnts the night of the Lord 8ra­
hnu, during whIch all lhe creatIOn is said to stay in a dor­
munt or el;.tinct stilte, or say :lbsorbcd ill the Lord Brahma.
When thh nHlt is ov~r. the cycle of the fo)ur yugas begins and
repeats". IlescTlbcd ahov~. All thi" period, day.\ night is consi
dered to h~ one day nf Lord Brahma His lear conjist.. of ,ueh­
360 days and hi. lise has b:cn fIxed as one hu:tdred sucb

The Supreme Power, which W~ may call the GOD AL­

M1GIlTY has crealcd Lord Dulnna rnd simultaneously many
olher Lords, who have been l\ni~ned varIous duties, which we
call powers of Natu~. Thev function PI: conti oilers of these
powen such as tht' Vishnu (fi{I!i~) for maintcnance, the Shiva
(m) for destruction &. di'pos.lI, the lndra (A) for Electri·
city, rain & thunder, the Vayu, 1I{'1) for Almospher~, Ibe
Varuna (ifm) for water, \Cus nnd oceanS, Ii'll: Agni (.m-.r) for
fi~, 'he Sun for heat and light etc. etc. They are named as
Dcvatas (~aT) or say Deities.
8 The Secret of ReaJj'lltiOn Pr~face 9

The lives of these deilies arl.l fj;,ed alonj!with their (l) Getting shape from elemenls.
(unctions and limited 10 one or mor.: K:llpa~ and it is Mt (2) Stay in the integrated form With gradual chanaes, and
neces'ar~ thai Ihe samt' ,0uJ may be appointed to til.; !'amc (3) 1 heir disinlegr.lltion in to elements.

;,h nc\l lime <\11 th..: ~ouls afe said to be paris MIke Supreme This i<; the nor11\31 prote's or nalure.

Soul & lhe deitl\:lIi or Do:Yata~, arc aha among lhe~c souls. All While cxisling in (iod's creation. we-stty our SO,,15­

thc'c souls Me immortal. 1 he Sunil} cl,ange ,heIr rhv~ical. al(1ng\\uh our dceds, good or bad, 10 thc shape or San~kar!
mental and 11111<1.1 hJlhcs to otllllin neN onc~ accordillC 10 their
('1~j''''' j }go in the yery cycle of buth .. nnd deaths. The kind ..
past drcd! 3.'1 per lhe rigid 1.1\\5 of n,lture. This chllnge of holly
is called death un Our carth. d species or the lI/iog bein~,-cilllcd yonies (Jf'lf.T'ri) :trc ij4
The :'RC of man i' limited 10 an avcr3J;c of la)" one lIur.
1,11.11'1 ac!.:urding to the Aryar. !'ur;ulu and the Sl>uls g" into
dred yc·lrs. but the ag..:, of til.; deitieS arc much mure. llli, Ihcm as rcr lhcir Snn!>bras. I he souls stllY in comfort or
j. one !.J1Hercnr<: bel\\-c-en thenl and the ordinary ,oul'. 1 he mMr~ In IIleM: YOlli.:s accordin. to their S.lmkur:u and clt;mge
second IS tlut of the powers b;slowcd on them. rhey hllye all frnn .)ne I,) anuther till th..: c:y.:lo is uverlnJ the snnit....HS
lhclr well·dellned jUrJ)Jictlon~ and limitations, beyond which ror staying in lower yoni~ arc co,nplcted. Theu only tile
they Cannot go, rllO~C WllO wors'lip Ih~m may get all the turn for getting the human body ('1~l;'l If,i~) comcs. ThIS
mctertilll be:ncfm from them 'Which lie: wIlhin iheir jurisdicliun rclurn 10 hunun body may take lIny time-may be ,",ycn
hut they can little help in the hbc;r.uiOIl of the soul Irom the hundreds or thousands of years,
honduge of the May", (JfJll'T) so strongly entrapping them The kind of misery a!l.d depend,lllC.l in the Ii!'..: of beasts,
(Ih! souls) nnd I~J 10 the parl of eternity, 'Where ellist b.rds, insecl~ etc. can well be estimaud by us. It is mCht
boundles.\ illtlnOrt.. 1 horrineu and bliss aDd whidl had htell truubh:-sllmc. illS gl~en as a, whkh call neyer be
the Inllllal home of Ihe 50ul. or taste to the soul. Rut il has to be borne borne bt.:':l:IulIe it is
Th~ ~ife of:t m,ln is limited. We also .ec thll slmil3r is tl:e law of nature - which i!l RIGID, and canTlut ,e \'iolah:u or
lhe case wilh every liVing oelng- bea'ots. bIrds. in\tCls. rt'rHilcJ !UJ'lru·l\ded.
and so many sreCIC\ of G;:d',S cre:uion in existence, Similar IS If you h:lppen to sec any liying hcin~ ",hcn it i, dying,
the case of 1'1111115 - big or small. We :1150 rcad in history that and the :>OJI is leavi'lg the body, you will feci convinced that
a cermin city, rIver or a mOuntain exisled some hundre(h, or it is perhaps Ihe wonl or the l(('uhles the creature has ever
thousand'll of ye:tr" ll~ll, but it dtlCS TID! extst no"', So theIr age hcen subjected 10. It do~e not want 10 leave the boJy. resi')"
is also limited. '-Yen lhe age of the crelH!On as a whole, is to liye at il~ ulmost, but ultimately fails in all attempts and
houted, has to die. Sllch i!i the law or nature,
Mother nat'lre i. at work at eyery mnment. Thins. nrc Thi~ very condition is th,11 of human being, when dying,
hein\,! created. nOtlri'hed and maintained for some time, whioh lie tries 10 get all surlS of help' which is [fyaihlhle in the
Cln be called their agl"', and then dc.o;:tro)ed. The metelialiSlic world, but Ultimately all errurts and heir. made available at
view or crclli,;ll can JUSt be dl\,jdcd into three parIS yiz:­ the time is nOI enuugh to keep him aliye &. be die. haokcrloa
10 The Secret of Realisation Prefucc II

and craving (or life and C\lerylhing, which he llas or can Most of the time of Our lotay with the dead body, we think of
gel in the: world. The pain at the time, when Ihe soul kave!! OUr Own fut:.lre. But when we return IIft!.:r cremation, we for­
tbe body, is unbearable, but it has 10 be borne, because Ih'~re get everything of this imporlant !uhject and gct in....ohed in
is no escape from the law of nature. A 'enslble man Will Our e... cr)'day routine. E"'en the idea of death is painlul lind
shudder "'hen he Ihinks that all this is 10 happen with hlln troublc:~me to us and we are never prep;lred to enlerlllin in
also SOme day - sooner or later. our rTlmds.

Let us just look 10 another n!iptcl, which is kno..... n n~ Thu! there lite numerous QCc3,ion' for us to think of
birth. II uman mothers carry the burden of pregnancy for rull our Own fllture. bIll we IIrc <:0 ufrllid of death, that even un
ninc monlh~. which increascs with time ;Ind ultimately l.:ry idea or il rives u<; It shuddcrinv sh.'o\:\.;. "dfles not mean that
with p.lin at Ihe time of delivery. But latcr, they gct rCl.:tll1ctlcd We' l:an IX' sparel! from thot MUST III l'lIpl'ening. The rn.:3t.
when lhey sec that they have got a baby. find forget the pain e',1 wonder (\1 thIS world i'lh'lt amlin. wlH) se...-s so mlln\,
in C'lUr!C of lime. But what about tho baby 7 He IS heIple,s pc(\ple {!oing from this world and also "nowS that his turn is
while in lhe mother'. womb. He i. closed from all sides <lnd Rlso fl mll~l. yel does not wony and consider'\ himself immor·
lies wilh he-ad downward. and legs upwards - no room to move lal. This is also true with yeu and me and nooojy i~ an·
the arms and legs - and no fresh air to breathe. J( the mOlher exeeptioa.
uses $Ome hot or hard food, it troubles the womb baby most.
Durin!! the ~riod of his normal liff', a man j, continu­
This condition continues for full nine months. e.. ell when born
ollsly subje. tcd to the cycles of JOy'\ nnd sorrows gains and
he has to depend on olhers for the feed. cleanliness and olher
lo~<;('s, rejoicings and miseries. It IS also u<;ual wilh e....ery
requirements for many )'ean to come, till be begins to express
hUr~'nn beillg that his requir('mc:nts and need<; arc e....f'r increa­
the nceds and later bej!101 to ~rfonn all duties and get the sing. Some of them are fulfil/cd while othe" remain unfulfilled.
requirements himself. The trouble to the baby at the time of Yel another set of wRnts arise and thus tr,e cycle is al work
birth is again such that we will shudder iI we place ourselves throullhout his life Thus there ar... more want'; which remain
in these circumstances. t1mlllr~fied than tholle \'ollieh are satisfied ami there are more
lJesides so many other miseries in Ihis world, if only t'l."C'hioll:O of dissUli,futtion and trouble than Ihosc of suus­
these two instance' of pain, trouble and helplessness are con­ faction and rejoicing. Scarcely )'ou will flOd a human being
sidered, it sbould be cnough for a sensible human being to who does nOI want any·thing or \'ohose all wants have been
open his eyes and to understand how important and urgent satisfied. A greal ~nint poet of India. has described the posi­
it is for him to get rid of all this trouble, which is scheduled tilJn in beautiful words in the couplet below:
to be repeated again and ."ain in the routine course of time,
In his ca..e als\)o "'~ 'If ""'" r",,1 W;tnt, di~;lppcared-worriel 0110
When we accompany n funeral, we normally tbink that disappeared (With them)
we sball also die somc day, carried and ere:n&ted similarly,
~'~l Mind is carefree now.

12 Prcface
The Secret of Realisation 13

f;;r'f1f'T IfilJ .". "frf{if Those who do not W3nl anythina knowleJgc, collected from hooks and literature of the So1ints
1 hey du not Know anything beyond the lheory and are un.
a ~ ~ 'ITf II (They) are the king of the k!ngs.
aware of the method of a.:lual a~eent to hiShcJ level of con'ci­
Naturally, the question arises. wht'ther there is It way
OusnSS5. We have toJ be cautious 01 !luch guru. and th~ir
10 gel nd of this wnsla"r and permanent rcpilitlon of the
cydc oflroublu and worrics. The Bnswer is YLS. touts. who help them in trappmg innocent people in their net
and snatt:hing lheir wealth and property. C\uch guru! nre never
There are leachers in thi" world. who tench lan~ual!lc~.
aole to lead people 10 Ihe palh of Ihe Jovt. of God, because
arts, ielcnec! etc. CIC. and Impart lraming for every kind of
they themse ves are unaware of it. They do all thil farce for
job or pro:i:s~ion. Similarly, tbere arc teacherll for the uplift.
their own worldly benefits ollly.
ment of.he soul anJ its rele.1Sc from lhe cycle of binll' an.1
death, in lhe universe, which only is the n13in C;lU\e of Ih~ Brottdly. wc nuy mention the qualities of the SATGURU
lrouble. Teachers of worldly and materie.l ",ubjects lIrc .1\".111. which may help our It&ders to distillgui," between a Irue
able easllv lllloChooh. colleges. universitie~ lInti other ph",:clI. and It false ,)at-Guru. Out the foremost condition i~ that your
Out teachers for the upi.rlment of the soul ure not aViulable ~o search should be true and sincere, and lhat you hlve finally
easily, The subject is different and 'htle wanted. nnd iu deddcd 10 tread on the palh of the lo\'e ufGod, fur which
leachers tire also d'ffcrent and scarce, lOll will have to search )'OU lleed a gUide. You should primarily ~eek the help of the
Ihem out with zeal nnd determination, if you realley want,them Almighty God to gi ..e you a true Sst·Guru and should regular­
1 hey nrc the sainu, who descend from the highcSlstage~ of ly. pray fOr it. Have full faith in HIM And Ill:" Illrt' of geltlng
ipirttuality, merely for the upliftmeot of the .ouls. groping His kind help, and if }lOU do so you will reach the nght perSOn
in the dark for right direction. 1bey sre deputed for tnlS very very ~on
purpose. They stay a, human being,; like you and me, but are QUALITIES OF A SAINT FU:\CnONINC AS SATCURU
endowed Wi.ll /lpeclal powers to carry on with the sacred
(I) The true saint is 1I1wnys emittjn~ the curn:n! of divine
mission of '"IiI'erating peoplc·'. They are also be~towed :with HlIht and the love of rill. SUPREMI. GOn, which fives
powers to create a ,eose of search for the TRUTH in people, sohee (shanli) to those who gO and "tAy with 111m. You should
and to help them in realiSing the TRUTJI which means the feel this solace and shanti during your Stl1Y \vith him.
MASTFR OF ALL CREATION. Saints have givcn tbe name
(2) His aSSOCiation. besides ~iving you sohtee & mental
of SATGURU to such a unique teacher.
sha, will, by and by, get your mental detachment from 1111
It is, or course, very very difficult to find Irue and rcal worldly object') and your balance of nlllld \\ill gel sl.!ble. \\hile
SATGURU, hocause there are so many imposters in the field perr"ming all }our duties as • hou\eholdcr, you will \Iay
posing as SATGURUS, that it is ordinarily not pouible lor mcntally delached anll thus )our discharge of dutit'! \\-ill be
an average man to distinguish between a true and n fake saint. NISHKAAM (f-fl';ifiTJf) i.e. without atl;lehmcnl.
People in general have no yardstick to measure their height
(3) He will render you all help required in aseendinr: lhe
of ascent and can easily be mislcd by the impo~lers aDd their
spirilual hei£hts frOm time to tllne and will worl- as a whole
14 The Secret of Realisation Preface IS

time quide by his menIal stay with you. Arter .ome practice The taints say that a man can reach t11C highest level of
you will yourself bc(!in to feel his presence with yOU for all ",cent and obtain union with the Supreme soul, while staying
tbe twenty·four hours. in ~he hUmJll body, which is the best of HIS creations. Human
btl Jy i. uid to be a miniatur~ of univerlal cre;uion and every
(4) You will lind him courteous 10 every body-may be his IhinF'~' ltained in tbe universe, is a"comodated in the human
family members, a$cociatec;, relations or new-comers elc. II,; t> dy in -.l mmiature form. When tho: body c~ase) to Iiv~, the
"'ill be able to control himself (his anger CIC.) e,en in nd ..erse ~olll hao; to go to low~r yanies-species of animals, b.rd",r~ptiles
circumstances. tic etc, aceordlllg 10 the deed,_ soad or bad. His turn fllr
(5) He will ad\ist }OU to lead a pure ard simple \if(' of the human bemg comes aner a long.loog suffering in births &
au,'erity and 10 stay aW8)' from all sorts d pomp and sho'", d,: It''l~ i the various lower yonies. Once be mille. the chance,
and diplom;\cy, and to refrain from the use of intoxicants, while in the human body, his return to the human body is alta..
gamblinc, adullcry elC. el\:. pt'lher uncertain-may ta~e even thousands of yt'an or more,
lr I~, therefore, necesslUY that ho should find It Sat Guru and
((.) H~ will '3150 advise you ""1 to indulge in lo(lsC
tjorw~lly lI' per hit irhtru.:tiun, ~o llut he moty be relieved
tal"" or !J,'cu.. ,inn anti 10 Utilise all avaiLiblc tIme in In..:
rhl:" repitillon of mi.ery of births and deaths, which
remcn!)r;Wlc orGod 3ml Guru.
" esull and necessary for him, if he misses this precious
(7) lie will tr;jlh yOll 10 tread the lorer path of orporlunity.
toward. hhe Clove ~of Go~1 aId not advise involvement In The theory of sa in Is is that ATMA (&Oul) is lhe p;trt and
outwardly pooja (wonhir) so common in society vi.r. pllrcel ofPARAMATMA (the supreme lioul)·(jod Almiehty.
alh:ndance in temples, mn'4Uc'I, churche1, furudwcra<;, or an}! Due to gross and .uhtle coverings of maya over i', caused by
other place known:n hoI.... platts (1 inh), baths in huh rivers, its own ~ood and bad deeds, it has become weal.. The Ma)'a
ele. etc. These pr'lclicc. dela" your s.>ulto rise to subtler docs nOI allow it to shed these coverings and brcome one ""th
regions, being gross In every way.
the supreme 10UI. In the proce' of this struggle, it has lost
(~) lie docs not need yt,ur services,money or any l.ind of its initial st,ength. which IS immeasurable. It is only the Sat
remuneration from you. All his requirements. \\hich lire few Guru who relieves the soul of these co\'enn~s of Mala restores
and limited, are arranged b)' mother nature (MAYA), who the inirial Slrength 10 far hidden under lhe coverings, Illtd
i. al\\ays looking to the need of the true lovers (devotees) of raves a :clear way for the soul to reach Its Supreme Falher­
Its Crea'or. the rlace of origin, and ullimalcly kad the soul to 111M
where etetllal peace and IranquiJlllY exist.
(9) lie .... ill never advise you 10 shirl. from your worldly
dUlieS lind responslhd.llC) lowards )'our rarcnls, family. society It m"y, howe\er, be pointed out at Ihis ";lge Ihat the
or government and bccoml' a scclu~c SANYASI-(Hnntfr) and veda, of the Aryans do not advise worship of the semi gods
lInd deities llnd give the same difioilion of these vaJious
to exercise physical detachment from Ihe world,
Preface 17
16 The Secrd of
technical of which the technique is to be learnt. Tn ,,11 cases
powers of the supreme Gild and also the very name a' lin the of IraininR, une has 10 accept the results of experiences of
saints -of India. 11 was only sUbst.'quent development, Inuo­ olhers, who are ahead of them in the subject and who are
duccd by an influential chus of the ,oeicty for the benefits of their leachers. Similar is the case bere. SlOce our Intellect is
the Yery class that the worship of thc6C God~ in idols ",as aIM) in<;ufficienl 10 Ilr8Sp Ihe minute and subtle poinls which
itntroduced and pruched so much that it spn:aJ far and wide is the special trchnlque of this line. we have 10 depend solely
and to almost all countries of the worlJ. The Gods. semI 801.b, on our teacher, fhe Sa~·Gurll. Therefore there is nothing new
and deilies. were j.!ivcn physical shapes "oJ named aecor 1l1~ or differcnt from whnt we ure used to believe and aa:ept in
to the local conet-plion, and lan1 uag~ and wor,hiped as pcr our worldly learning.
looal custom' in the countries or the WOJ ilL 1 he intrOuUClion I do nOI mean to say that a Guru should be accepted
of Christianity and Islam and later of the Ar)'8 S,mlaj rave n "ithou\ sati~fyin[l )our~elr that lOU i really necd him and
sc\"erc blow to It and \\hen the ONE GOD theor)' was pwflO· thai a ((.'rt'lln fer!>on is capablto; of sho~·ins you th: right path.
gated, it was accepted in general. We bave alwldy discusr,ed in the forcgolll~ pMas Ihal fourficienl
The saint followed Ihie; Iheor} from Ih~ very b~!!lnnilll!', time and encr[lY need be spenl in satisfying youre,ell about
much b(fore the inlroductlon (f lhese world-religions anti It the genuincne~s of the Guru, so that you may not find later.
was 1,1 in India, Which Wd! virtually lhe Srealest lender of that you have fallen ioto wrong hands, An atlempt bas been
the world on thi~ l'llhjccl. made to define the qualilies of a Guru whieh may serve as
In Ihis book the nrlme of the dcitlc§ have been "rnmi· g.uidelines only to our readers and seekers for truth,
nent'y propa(tau~d a" Lord V,shnu. Lord Brahrr lI, Lrod Shiva, There has been a controversy ovcr the age - old system
Lord GilO~sh ele. Cle, A' c~rlalned lherdn, they tepre~ent
of givin8 Iniliation (NAME) (rrl'~r) meaning aname of God
the ...ariolls powers of th~ StJpremc H,injl-thc ('r:illor, and
by the Guru to the disciple (0 be reeit'd throughoutlhe life
aCLOrr'inl:! to tht· ;lJ:e-ord l.:llqOm, the)' were adopted by the
s~hieh i, prevalent even with some sainlS of Ihe1e days, 1 he
sailJl! of India a'l \lell, lind their dulln and po".crl definld
and 'iJ"~cifiea"y menlioned. It ~}lould rot be IUllrrrlled by fake Guru usually gives such a name:: and then bolh the Guru
the readers olhe'\lI~e_ k di<clple almost forp:el Clch o'he::r. Yet there Are Jaints who
I he inlelleclual" of roda)' are nOI p. epared to accept do nol 8ive such a name 10 the discipl~. The llufio 'lay that
the view~ of the saints that implicit f.lIh In the S,\I Guru is thc~ uflili,le the name of God wilh the beat of the heart of

necessar)'. 'fhey do not a~ccpt anylhin!! which they arc 1101 thr di'lciple, The heat or the hearl, which continues unabaltd
capable of ulUJcnfal'\din~ or which cannot be proved by reasoll. tilllhe phy"ic31 life oflhe man ends. is lupposed 10 be reci_
in~. '1 hey rcfuse 10 hc hlind followers. Yet they accept that ti"Jf the name of God all the twenty·four hours of the day,
a man qualified ll" an cngireer is not o.:apable of~crvin8 as a inspile of the:: disciple havinj!': or having no kn(lwledge orit
d(lclOr or vice-vena. '1 he subject of ascent of the '>oul from c'\.ery fl Ornl'nl. 1hr nAme of God may be 'OM' 'RAM'
Ihe lower stages of Ill0SS conditions 10 the higher leu:l. Qt" 'ALLAH', 'GOD', 'KRISHNA' or any otber. a. per choiCe of
consciousress in subtle and most !>ubtle lOllt.liti{ln. IS ab\l
18 The Secret of Rca1i~alion
I'rear,c 19
the Guru for that rarlicular di~dple When he wrlihUt8.

on this beat of the hearl wilh the same recitation and ('onsi·
Accnr,llna to their "V~lem or medillition. all thcse points
der. the Guru to be pre!lCnl ",j,h him. he ,cl<: direct nni~tante
develop iu"tl"ness simuhaneou"ly with the cJ,-an,in!! oflhe
from the Guru eyc:n when the Guru is not ("h)~il'ally' with hurt. The hcart heal is h~ard on all thcse points wilh differcnt
him in renon. The disciple begins 10 !lhe 1 off the plOSS
erfcch at different time" lJUt in all cuc tht' COn'ilant and
covcrinns "nd pierces iolo the subtle conJition:o. thu, purir,,­
("ontinuou, help of the MURSHID (in tI,e tcml~ of~uflC'S,
inS Ihe soul
menning SATGl'RII> is imperative and ""lthout v.ltieh no
Tne Sufies furl her ad\'anced Iht'ir rucDlch ard prOllre.." is pO""ible.
found oul four more point!! of meditation in the fronlal
This ~hould not be in1erpreled to mean that the Sufics
porlion (ehcsl' of Ih~ hum;tn hcing. They ,llo!'l~wjth the heart
1'0 not r('co"ni"e II;e f\OinU or IHccnt, ph)sical (PINDA),
and throat are named by t1'cm a, I!'ven bdow: .
n'lrat (A 'iDA) or \ublle (BI{AHMAND).Since their languagc
(I) QALB {-;r;:.} - the heart on the I,·n, wa~ Ptrsian, the name' ~I\en 10 !hem an: in rCl"$hln, as ghen
(2) ROOH (~) - just opposite 10 the heart on below. Mahalmn Sri RUnlchomlrnjl hll! d~cribcd in dctBlIthe
the right sid~. five lower chahas in Guda (iliff), lndriyu (~{'q), Nabhi
(3) SAR (m) - jUH ~omc four/five inChes nhoy\ (pur",,), Hellrt (l{~q-), nnd Throat (If;!I~), ill his book Vedant
the heart On the Itft side, Satlnr nnd Mahalma. Or, Kri~hna Swumpji has desc:ribed in
(4) KHAFI (~)) - I
ju~t fOllr five inches nbo\e
detail the nut seven points vi1 Aarya (c:rtm), Sahasr.:! dal
tbe point of Rooh.

Lamal (>lW ........). TriLuti (F.~.1) Shoonya ('!:"f).

(~) AQFA (SA"liT) - bdow thc tbroat-abo"c tleJii'

Mnha Shooo)8 (IflIT PJ'1f) Ohanwar Gura (m ~q;r), and


Sneh Khand (Jflf "q) in his book Sapt Oarshan or

(6) AQFf - AQFA- ("'••• u....) The Throat luqiran ki MIL Manzilcn (<<~ If~'f q;~1 tir JfRt lff;;ri).
Th~ mar{!inally nCltl.'d
o R'ff< ~,~ The narnC1 given by the Sufies to thesc chal.ras arc
din~ram will indicate
piHn bc.'ow:­
.o·e," the exact position of
these six. points of I. The first fivc chakl'8..5 rrom below - of PINDA arc

Q okh"'''
I - - -- -
~ L··
_. ",:-,
medlL.'tlion and
~nown as LATEF-~-SATTA (~q}-rt-{l"ff1), the First
three ALAM NA·SOOT (lTl'''flr 'fl''!,(1) The next two


____ 'I
_.• O./­ ...
I I­ (Rer: KAMAL- E­
INSANI-by Mahalma
Sri Ram Cbaodrajj of
"L"M MALKUT ("",~ .'-.;."')

i. The nnl, 61h, AGYA CHAKARA is known as

~ Falehgarh) NUKTA h-SUWEDA ('l'"'T-~~),

20 The Secret of Realisation
Preface 21
3. The nUl, 7th, SAHASRA DAL KAMAL is called.
AALAM_E_JABROOT _ (,,,.... """') The words of the great Saint Poet 'TULSIDAS' difining
4. The next. 8th, TRIKUTI hal been named as MUS· the p",hion o'Oltru, or Sttguru, are quoteJ bela..... in his own
LASI ('1...m) words :­
S. The ninth and tl:'nth-SHOONYA and MAYA .,. .,~. r.l'i ",,'Ii..-.:

~~ 11
SHOONYA are known as KHALA (wvrr)mcan1ng empty space
"",r".)f{ ...),r. "'. oR. -'I "
or nothing. and AALAM·E·LAHOOT (crn'fJJ-Q;-«T~('I')
6. The Eleventh BHANWAR GUFA is known as , bow to the Guru, who is the evertastin; Store-bouse of
MIJQUAM--C-ANAHOO <".""" ~ <A1J!). all kno.....1edae and .....ho represents the great lord SHIVA (fvR);
7. The twcllh-SACHKHAND is known as MUQUAM­ under whose sl1elter even the curvt'd moon ill rc!pected all
E.HAQ ('1wr-l(-~) Over. Vl'lkra ('~·,,)-eurved-mean, crool..ed in this context.
Inspitc of the fact that heavy lou of literature ot salnlS Further :.
and relil!ious le:ldcn of India, available in the old Univenllic::s
Dnd otiltr libraries, containing re~ults of search and research
<"d '1"" .... "f!lr«,'l 'f(->'T ~r< I
of them nnd other scholars, "ere burnt down by the fanatics qt Iflt1f~ '!oN!" i:lI"l~ 'if'A' U~ ~ 11
during Ihe Moha",m1ldan period--parlicularly by the bl10ttcd , bow to the lotus feet of the Guru. who is the ocean or
Moghul Emperor Aura0p'zeb, the root! of spiritualism stayed 'dndnes! and i, the God personifIed in the Barb of a man, Bnd
,trOnlt in Indra. The lour Vtdas, most of Ihe Urnlshadl, .. hOle word, dispel the dHkness of mind created by the great
the Mahabharala. Ihe Ramayana-both Valmiki and 1 ul~idu
enemy MOHA (l:Ilt)-Attachmcnt.just as tbe Sua·' rays dispel
elC. are .vailable. Lord Krishna's Bhagwat Oceta h available
II' us in origin.a! venion anti is said to contain everythin~ on
thi~ l'ubjeet. It has b<'cn translated in all the ,,"orld languacel, 11 lDlly thus be ohser",ed Ih3.t thi' system of surrender to
and is relpeeled in almo<t all countries of the ""orld. Lord the GURU is not oe'4', or a subsequent introduction at the
Kri~hna IIdvi~ Arjuna 10 surrender hlmsclf eomlelely to Saints, or anybody clse. or comIC, before lucb a surrender,
111M and Arjuna accepted HIM al his Guru and surrender.:d one should completely S4li'fy himself and be convinced Ihat
himself complcldy to HIM as ter HIS IOstruetions. In tbe he is lubmitting 10 the right person, wilimul which, it is like.
words of lurd Krishna :.• Iy thai he may rail illto wrona hand.. Iud inlltead of riling up,
frlitllffrt qf~-~ vn.lIT R I may fall dccp- below
Abandon all
t~ «i4T~
q-)enflf1f1rfq orr
beliefs and oome to mv
'f'i{: II
will relieve you from lhe burden of all wrona' Have no
doubts about It.
The Slall~' of A~refll




her existent-All ~nowledge-All pleasure

Saints have classiricd the siages of life and the p:lIh
Kind and Benc\olcnt
of ascent in three m:dor divisions : ­

1. THE PINDA (fqq) - PhYliica!- Gross or \. TIIESE THREE STAGES HAVE BEEN 18
STHOOL ("!"). 6 circle!> 2. Kr P I SE':RET In THE SAINTS THEY 11
(Chill-fa\) 3. ARr INDESCR BAaLt:. 16
2. THE ANNOA (Q1I~) - Seed, subtle or of ul,jycfSe 4, ANAMI (cRnf\') 7HE NAMELESS, 15
SUKSHAMA ('1'0), Subllr, <. AGAM ('f'Tlf)-IHI' UN­
3. THE BRAHMANDA (~ro1') -Universal, subtle 13
absolute or KARANA (1IlfT7lT),
Each of these three hu! been subdivided into sj.'{.
Thus the st.ages of ascent are eighteen in number. They have 1. SACHKHANDA (o"'!)-
been shown in the chart on the next page and names of the
8. BIIANWAI< GUFA ("", 'l'IIT)­
stages given according 10 the philosophy adopted by the 6 circles THE CIRCU1T:lUS ROUfE, I1
saints of India, Saint Kabir in particular. (CWE)
The soul-AATMA (QT1l'r), When descended in tbe (Ch.kra,) 9. MAliA SHOONYA ('!WT'l.'0)­
human body, first touched the verlex - the upper cClllro.l ABSOLUTE ZERO 10
of ethereal, 9
part of the head and travelled towards the frontal portion. 10. SHOONYA ('!.",)-ZERO,
Then touching the throat and the back bone (spinal cord), AANDA I I. TR1KUTI (f~)-
travelled to the lower parts of the bod)'. In the course of the THE fRIPLE CONFLUENCE, 8
descent, it eSll1blished several halls. from where it spread \2. SAHAC\TRA-Oo\L- KAMAL
around, [0 all parts of the body. These halting places have PETALS, (..~.-.r """) 7
bren named b)' the saints as CHAKRAS ('lr,Ii)--eircles, of
Centres or KAMALS (~) or Lotuses.

The Secret of Rea lisalion Chcpter - I 25
6 circles 13. AAGYA-CHAKRA_THE BROWS, 6

The theory of saints is to raise or lift the soul from

(Chakras) (m~T ~)

the lower chakras to the higber cbakras - till it reaches the

highest chakra, wbere it initially landed, and thm reach the
Body, PINDA, (ifiOO ;;r~) MASTER - THE SUPREME SOUL, from where it initially
paned. The path ofupliftment is the same as thaI of descent,
J5. HRADAYA CHAKRA-THE HEART 4 except that the movement is reverse, i. e. ascent in place
(~~;;r'JIi) of descent.
The principle may be interpreted as having reverbed
16. NABHf CHAKRA_THE NAVEL, 3 the flow of the current of life from its downwards trend to
(om1J' ,,~) an upwards trend. How is it possible \0 do so, is our theme,
which has been explained by the saints of India and
discu'>sed in this booklet. We shall now deal wilh each of
these chakras or lotuses/ in detail, seriatim in the following
(~G:T ,,~) The division between the second set of ANNDA
(~q:g') and the third set of BRAMANDA (~Q:g') is not very
rigid. Some saints interpret the higher stages of ANNDA as
those of BRAHMANDA (i'&J'111:g'). Because, it does not make
any difference in tbe way of ascent to the higher stages, it
may be ignored by our readers.
Chapter-II 27

him, gets a good start. He gets every thing desired by him in

abundance a'Jd also gets invisible powers, which stay with the
CHAPTER - II deity Ganesh. The recitation 'KLING' is recited to subjue
The First Six Chakras of Pinda ­ this chakra.

Ihc Physical Body The mode of subduing this chakra has also been given
by the saints and is Jescribed in the paras that rollow.
The fore-most requirement to control lhe mind is to
1. The Guda Chakra ­
control the five enemies. They are Kama (f.rli) lust, Krodha
("f.Ta-) Anger, Lobha (<11<1)- Grc;,:d, Moha (lCr'TQ)-Attachment
The first chakra from below is Guda Chakra (~~T;:r"f.).
and Ahankaar ('J;f~f'fin::) -- Ego.
It is located on the rectum. Its cL'lour isred. The lotus
1. KAMA ('liTlf)­
here has four petals. The r~citation to subdue this chakra
The first enernv to be conquered for the control of the
is Kling (f~'~qf") . 1 he deity is lord Ganesh (mif;n-) whose mind, is kama -LUS r. The desire for sex is to be abandoned
body is red. He is known as the deity of KARMA (:~+f) i.e. a1-together. Do not see any woman with a lu,tlul eye. A lust­
action. Its function is I limination. The clement prominent ful man can not concentrate his mind, nor he can stick firmly
he-re is earth (mud). Whatever is ejected out of it, turnS­ to lhe divine na;nc through which the lls~~nt to 11lgher leve:ls
is ros~ible. His mind is dirty. Sex carries the flow of alttntion
into mud. The de-ity Ganc~h stays here with his two cons
of the soul-SU {A r (~<::Cf) as it is Called by saints, down­
orts (wivesl Riddhi and Siddhi (~f.1i 'C!;cf ftl'f;G) .
wards to low:;:r rt,;gion-. 11 i!', then..:fore nect,;ssary to Clse above:
Lord Ganesh is considered by the Aryans- now iindus­ s~x.
as the deity to be worshisped first of all to begin any kind
of sacred work. Tn ea~e the idol or picture of Lord Ganesh is 2. KRODHA (~Ta) ­
not availavle, its symbol is prephred by putting a multi­ The next is Krodha-anger. When angry. a man loses
coloured thread round a piece of mud pointing out to the his babnce of mind and also his pow~r of discrimination, and
action of the rectum, of which the elimination is (or is turned commits even henious acts. It helps Kama in spreading the
into) mud. Riddhi means abundance & Siddhi means invisible flow of SURAT (attention) to the lower regions. already
power. By the worship of this deity, we are supposed to have pulled down by Kama (lnst).
no disturbance or obstacles in the work being commenced.
3. LOBHA (m\T)­
We al'lo entertain Riddhi, the Goddess of abundance and
The third is lobha- greed- the desire or want for worldly
SJddhi, the Goddess of invisible power to come to our aid.
objects. When one want (or set of wants) is satisfied, another
By subduing this chakra, the deity Ganesh and his conso­ set of wants arises, and the circle of multiplication of wants
rts are subdued and the Aspirant- Abhyasi (~lffift), as we cal ever goes on increasing and the man never feels satisfied, A
Chapter-II 29
28 The Secret of Realisation
inner body of the system of Neti, Dhouti & Vasti. In Neti, a
greedy man Soon earns hatred from all sides, inspite of ilis
silk thread, with one end soaked in wax, is passed through
haYing virtues also. It does not allow his mind to cor.centi ate
one nostril and taken out by another. The nostrils are thus
Over higher planes of thought and is always busy in trying to
cleaned In Dhouti, a two inches wide piece of muslin cloth.
accumulate and possess worldly objects.
Boaked in water is swallowed by mouth and pulled out after
4. MOHA (~)­ some time. The stomach is cleansed by means of it. In Vasli,
The fourth is Moha-attachment. When a certalO 01' ject \1 which is a sort of enema, water is sucked up from the rectum.
is obtained by a man, he gets att~chcd to it and never wants and discharged after some time. The bowels are thus cleaned.
to part with it. Property, family and his other belofigings and By cleansing the nose, the stomach and the bowels the aspirant
possessions attract him and he gets stuck to them. fresh in every way.
S. ARANKAR or MAOA (~~n:-l1~)­ The next step is to perform PRANA YMA-(Snvrr~)the
The fifth is Ahankar or Mada-ego. When the Surat is superior breathing control and exercise. Sit in tht> Padmasana
brought down by sex and spreads aU Over the lower region,
(q<qrnOf) pose in which the legs are folded in such a manner
this ego prevents it from rising to higher levels.
that the soles and heels face upwards and the spine is kept
Thus all these five eT'emies arc to be subd ucd, abandoned erect or straight. The three operations in Pranayama are: ­
and replaced - KAMA by SHEEL (w'T~)-pure living, KRo­ I) Pooraka ('l~",) - breathing in,
ORA by KSHAMA (~l1T)- forgiYeness, LOBHA by SANT­ 2) Kumbhaka (P\l'f)) - retent ion of breath, and
OSHA (<<aN)- contentment, MOHA - by VIV£KA (f<f~'Ii)­ 3) Rechaka (=t~",) - relea~e of breath.
discrimination and ARANKAR by DEENTA (~'T;nrr)
The timings for the three respectively are in the ratio of
one, two and four. Some experts ~Iso prescribe the retention
humility. of breath outside i. c. after RrchakH and before next Pooraka.
Stop telling lies altogether. A lier is not trusted by any The practice is increased, so as to last for hours, and time
t in each operation is increased and control of breath developed.
one and earns hatred from the people. Also abandon the use of
meat and wine. Both these items of diet increase TAMAS­ It is good for longevity.
Yogies go into Samadhi for hours. days, weeks and
darkness of mind, and carry the Surat towards passion &: months. haviug been clo8ed from all sidl:s, only by means of
wrath, which are opposed to pure living.
highly developed practice of Pranayama. The Yogies then
When these virtues are achieved, doubts and false fean concentrate their Surat (attention) on the reclum and recite
begin to crumble down and understanding to tread on the
right inner path will begin to develop. the jap- KLING (fii~~) for hundreds & thousands of times.
; Thus Ihe current of the surat, which has remained strewn at
The human body, which only is the medium for rising
various places, i!l converged on the point of rectum al,d thus
to or approaching higher circles of consciousness, has to be this chakra is controlled. This control re~ulls in the deyelOp­
cleansed both from outside and inside. Por outside cleanliness
ment of the will-power.
a bath with water is necessary. The Yogies then clean the
30 T!:le Secret of Rcali~atjon he Firs Six Chakras of Pinda The Physical Rody 31

Quite a number of VOries (Sadlms as they are called in trated at'e ntioll on this chakra, results in subduIng this chakra.
Illdia) develop these powers, after which they do not Il:el the By conquering this chakra, Brahmachar:ya (ij[W'q~)-celebacy is
changes in weather conditions. You will find them with out perpetr<Jted, which is of great value in Yoga..
covers in hard sunshine in summer and without clothings in There is a nerve (NADI- i'Jr(r - in technical lanuage)
hard winters. Some invisible powers (Siddhies) arc also earned hetween Indriya and the nex.t Chakra NABHI (<JT"'l1I, which
by them and they demonstrate them, either for dislinclion and is known as 'KUj~DALlNI' (~u:sf<;;<J') It runs below from the
fame or for earning a livin!!. These powers (Siddhiero), when llpfer llack of the neck, alongwith the spinal chord, down
misu!led for such purpose, do not stay long with them and they UplO the place- between the Indriya and the Nabhi Chakaras.
have to make repeated alternpts to retain or rcobtain them. Kllndali (cga5<11) means encircled sitting pose of a serpent,
BUI tho!le who, do not use them for such worldly purposes, ard because this nerve rssembles thsi plsition, it has been
but utilise them for their own spiritual developments, make named as 'Kundalini'. Life descends through thsi very nerve
sharp progress in rising to higher stages of ascent. froll1 above in its downard trend to feed every part of the
The real seekers of the love of God do not give any body. This downward trend of life is reversed by the Yo~ies
importance to these Siddhies and mC'rely bY-rass them, with the a rd turned upwards. This process is known as SUSHAMNA
assistance of the ~:at£lllll, and [>foceed onwards to tbe ascent ij'TBr) in Sanskrit language It runs through the spinfll ehord­
for love of God, the MEDULA Of LANGATA or Brahma Randhra (~~-:'~).
2. THE INDRIYA CHAKRA When thia Kundalini is awakened (developed) by the
("~:f; if>:T 'iI?fi) Yogies more Siddhies are automatically developed in them.
The next chakra is the Indriya Chakra- also known as They can perform any kind of wonder. As a rule such powers
Sw~cl\1 Chakra. It is lhe second from below, and is located on are lost a Itomatically by misuse. I he true devotees do not
the sexual org~n. The colour of th~ lot liS here is hlack mixed worry fOI ~uch p0wers, and are always cautious not to utilise
with light white (or sny bl<lck), It has six petals. The Deity of tbem fLlr any purpose, whatsoever.
the chakra is Lord BRAHMA (;;r~TT) the deity of creation, 3. THE NABH! CHAKRA (<Jrf~ 'tf~)
who stays here with his consort Savitri (TTTr"'':fT'. The elf'ment 1 he third of the chakras from below is NABHI. Tt is
is water. The recitation to subdue this chakra is situakd on the navcl- Nabhi being its Sanskrit name. It has a
lunls 01 eight petals. Its colour is white. Some scholars also
OM (..,ils-,).
de<;cribe it as blue. The deilY of this chakra is Lord VISHNU
The Yogies me several methods to subdue this ehilkra.
fq Gl.1J). who stays here with his consort LAKSHMI (~~q1)-
Some draw (sud) water through the orran and ultimately de­ '" ­
velop the practice of drawing up even mercury. The recitatIon the Goddess of wealth and prosperity. Lord SHIV A (f!ilCf) also
of ' OM', similar to that of'KLil',G' in case ofGuda ChJKara. stays in his attendance. The element is AGNI (mt~) -the
Several hundreds of thou!>ands of timesof rerltatiol1,with c'JII!.:cn fire. The jap (~q')-recitation, is HRING (f~~).
32 The Secr::t of Realisation
Chapter-II 33
Lord VISHNU is said to be the deity, who nourishes and
maintains the creation. He rests on tbe bed of the cOiled scr~ body. Poison'jus reptiles -~n.Lkes, scorpions elc, cre~ping all
pant-Sheshnag (ij'rq'fTlT)-JcpreSenled by the coiled intcnnincs. O~et hi!> body, can do no harm to the lOld. 1 ht 'Wants anJ
Hi' consort Lakshmi directs all opuations here. The lotus is dl! ires or human hcings are ol~o pOlsonoulo like these reptiles,
dazzling with while light. but when they the WdnlS lirc conquered tt.ey do no harm 10 Ihe
In the above paras, we have dealt with the fir1l1 three man. 1 he NANDI (",rift) .Sdcrcd Dull, Lord Siuva's mOullt,
Ch:tkras of PI N DA. 1 he Ani nals, birds, insects (Ie. liye only llLlS silent aDd peaceful before Ihe lord. The Nandi is the s}'m.
on these thtu chakra\, It is the conlrol of nature that their 001 (.of the Urahmandi M.1ll3 {l'JIrqrll'rr) - the universal mmd
higher chakn.s - of physical Pinda arc not developed. They .... hil,;h hus lItopped all it, vigoluus movement~. With the extine.
have, therefore, no thinking power, or thc wisdom like men. lion 01 ..... anti and de~ir('s. Lvell then, the Lord rides over the
They spend all their lives by means of these cnakra., For exa­ Nandi (uni"usJ.l mlOlI) whenever he desires-meanlOg that he
mple, they cat to fill their stom8ch-Nabhi Chaba, enjoy sell i, thc master of the mind.
-Indriya Chakra, and lie comfortably in laziness llnd excr~lc 1 he method orconqueril\H thi~ chal-ra is also the s:lme­
reruse rnaller-Guda ehllkra So long as a man Is ~ntangkd in viz the recir"tion of the J tr Sol-,am, many a time, medieating
these thr« Chakras, he is no better than an animal. Wh~n he on this ehnira. ~hen Ihi~ chakra is subdued, all the senses
rises above them, he com~s to the D~xt Chakra HRIDAYA are aUlomaticlIlly controlled. ~'emes are the Ganas (~)_ the
(('rIJ)-the h~art, which is Ihe abode or Lord SHIVA, aod army or :lHendants or !he lord Shiva, who stay in his aUeo.
ris~ above the animal kIngdom. lord Shiva ill also Dam~d as dance al'd sinlt vietorv to the lor\1 in hi, praise, meaning tbat
P.I,SHUPATI·NATII (rrylf.:r ifft:r) m~aniDg tbe lord or the they have btln completely suhducd.
animal kingdom. l·be Sufie~ (fJ'f.T) commence meditation from this point,
4. THE IIRIOAYA CnAKRA the heart, which they call Quatb('r.n) in their laneuage. In the
(f"! .....) loune (If lheir research. they have round Ollt rour more points
The rourth orthe Chj~ras rrom below, is the HRIOAYA ur meditation. where auto· recilatlOn i' heard. and which are
CHAKRA, located on the heart on the lort side of the chest. l:!(lsely connected with the J-1ridayB Chakrd. Thc-y ar~ named
Here is a complex of nerves, known as th': Cordial Ple).us. It .IS the Ruh (~), on the right side of the chc:.t - opposite
has a lotus or twch.·e petalS, or which the colour is blue, The and rarallel 10 the heart, thc Sar (1ft), 'Orne 4 - 5 inches
element prominent here is VA YU-(~p!)the atmOl'phere, The ahove the heart, the Khan (*'f11) rarallel to lhe Sar and
dcity or this ChaJ..ra is lord SHIVA (~), who stays 1R Orne 4-5 inche~ aloH the Ruh. The next the AQFA (c:r'.lfil)
meditation a'onrwith hi" consort Gau.i (lJRt). The recita·
helow the throat. 1 hey dcvclop recitation at these five
tion or this Chakra is SQHAM (<<)~~) . i.;..~~s nnd ac:ordinp: 10 them, the ascent to all bigher stages
Lord Shiva is !iaid 10 have conquered all The deslloes h("(ome, ea'w. whl'n Ihese rive points are dcvelop~d. A detailed
burnt them down dod J"utbed theIr n1le" all hlS tlC"criplion· of lhtSe riye points of meditalion bas been
.!tcmpled in Ihe preface.
The Secrel of R~ahdtion
Chapter II 35
<- "",j npposrd tn \ re'r"Celhely, Shuddha Mava com­
N('xt above and fifth from ~Jow IS the K::.ntha mences hom the 61h cha~ra the Aajl:}a Chal-ra (~TJIT ~).
Chakra, located on Ihe throat. Kanlha (if;~) ml'ans throat.
1 he Malin MIlYIl stn\s in the kantha the and dirCCls
lhe func.:tionin(l of the three powers vil Shiva In the hettrt.
It is a lotus of sjxteen petals. Hs colour is dark bluc. The
VIshnu in the navel and Amhma in the creative organ, The~e
clemen! prominer,l hue is AKASHA (~) which means
three powcn create, nourhh, maintain, prottet and Je'troy
space. The Dejoy is A WIOYA (~) meaninl! ignorance­ the erellion of the uniyt>r<;e. The centre of origin of these
as 0PposC'd 10 VIDYA (f'ftIT), which meam howlcdtc. Her rowers is Ihe lhroal" which IS the headqu,lfters of goodesl
Other name is DURGA <1lJi) "'ho is said to be the nWllter AWlIdiyll. or \IJhn Maya.
of the three ddlics Brahma, Vishnu and Sbiva. The The yOUl'~ mt'dirlltC" over Ihis point ofthro3t witb the
flciUllioll (Jap) of this place is 'SR1NG' (m). n:citation Shrinp (l'..Jt:) to c('nqucr this (mh chakra,
TIle Iwo Gunas (lJ1!T) Rajas & Tamas (nrn.(flI'1l') Arc 6. Tllr A,\GYA CHANA
dominaling here. When "these GUllas flow towards the heart, ("'''' ..'OJ
the mind is carrid some times lowards good and sometimes Then co,"c'f the c.:hakra from below. known as the
towards bad deeds. When lhey now lawards Ibe I".... cr chakras Angya Cha~n It is located above the cyC9 betwcen (he eye­
brow~ II.hout an inch deep in the head. It has II lotus of two
i.e. Nabhi, lndriya & GUda, Ibey produce anger, deSIres for
ealing, Stll:, Ic[hargy etc. Clc. pelals and it'f colour is dark brown. H h the headquarler of
the soul. While awake, it sla)s here..... hile asleep it descends
The uni ...ersal now ofCurrent, say the force or creation,
to the throat. where., in deep sleep it descends to the heart.
ha. been divided into three major divisions viz Sat08una

The currtnt of life. i'l eon"erged on this centre (rom the

(Jtl'l'l1r1l1 ), Rajoguna (l;;r~) and Tamoguna (ffq'nr-r). The
ch,,"ras above, and spreads do.... n to lower ehakars and to all
Satoguna, &ltwa ('«f<l) or Sata (lJCf) is divire, pure and
over the physical body
brii'ht. The R,\joguna or Raias (t:3r~) or Raiu (1.) is the
lht ~oul stays bere wilh the Pindi Mana (f'i1lit~) tbe
main item of creation and is always aclive The TnmoHuna
phY'ical mind. Saint Kabir has named lhe soul as Saga
Tamas of Tama (tf'ffi-a'lJ) IS salanic, dark &. Impure, slow
(.l"f)--Ihe white do\'(' nud the rhysical mind as Bhanwara
and idle.

(-qlu) the black wa~p. 1 he dove rcpreseull> the soul, which

Maya, the Nature, is of two kinds viz Shuddha is white and clean, .... htle the black wasp represent!. Pindi
Maya (~ .."') & Malin Maya (.r,," .,"').
Shudhu (~) Man8-lh(' ph)sical mind, which is black and di,ty, The high­
meaDS pure, ""hile Malin (lJf:ror) means diTty. 1 hey are est reach of the physical mind is uptO Ihis place and it doe,
also Laown I"
V.dya (knowledge) aod AWidYB (iillloraoec as not I!0 J-e~ond, \\ hen the AATMA (soul) travel. above, it is
a~companied by the DTahmandi Mana (WVf1'itmf)-tbe
univer~iIll mind, which is pure.
36 The S~crcl of Reari- allon
ChapiN II 37
Here IS an imrorlanl theory to be CXf lain~d. All thl:
fiyc ehal-ras below, arc physical and Ihc P'o~ss of clcan~illg get the hoj)' lr a hu ntt"l heing e:nilv no t every time. The
and conquering them is a part of Halha Yoga {~Zi'll')fT} soul has to itO rou IJ the eirel.: or birth~ and dl!lths in the
llalh. means insistance. The path ofsaiols i!) thaI orlne lo\-c yoniell (itf;PH)-~p.~icJ, accordint! to the past deeds, result
of God whe~ hatha or insistance has no plat'c. 1 hey simply or which hll~ to be born~ in the normal pr~s~ or n'lIUre. It
s«k the love of God & nev!:r jnsi~t or indulge in h~lha on is theferOle, uncernin, when the sC'ul will return 10 the human
an' thin!! Or point, whatsoever, rather leave fHrything 10 rhc (nrm and hOlly. The», thcrc!t)lf', adyi~e lhat one should
will of God, Ihe Supreme. They have. therefore. rult'd out seek lIlion wilh the Supreme Soul, wh;h: in the pre~ent human
the c1canll/inj:! Ihc IOIWer chakars vi;,: the hearl, the navel & the hody- hcc.u~e jf l~ nOl p.>nible in IIny other body. The)·
,wadu. 1 heir theory is Ihal On meditating on the A:l(t~a ndvise 110t to \\a~h: plC('rouS Illne or lire in toiling over in
chah., and cleansing it, all the JOy,cr cha"ra~ are c1':iIIlS~'d c'lnquerinl!: the lower c1l<1kralll. but ipare time and energy to
alld conquered, automatically. r..nch hir.her nnd higher IR the- lim: .tvdilllbic tu him dunng
Yel some of the saints, sufics in partiCUlar, have inlro­ this very life.
duccd the cleaasing of the heart. the Hradaya chak,a berore 1 hey. Ihererorc. leave the Inwer Chltkras and start from
prot~cding 10 Ihe Aa~ya chaha. Their experience is 111Ul when the si:ttlt - i\,t~)'a Chakrlf.. or rr)m fOuflh-the Ilrallya Chakra
lhi~ heart aJongwith lhe other four, in all fivf'. as delai cd in in ea~e of SUII Slunts. A~ ~tlttet.l in the Chapter of Hrada)'a
the prdace. are cleansed the ascent to the Aagya chahn and Cllakrll lhe lower chakln5 are aUlomatically contrOlled nnd
above, gets easy. The sufi saints have therdore, rre!cribed th~ir deities with their eon~orts. atlendanlS and powers arc
the bC'p:inning from the hC'art. Their theory is that the Satguru also eontrullcd. M,tny kinds or invisible mira/,.'l.Ilous powers.
MURSHIO (1!r'fi1:). as they call him, should be capallJe of technically" as Siddhis (f«f~qt) come under the
lining the disciple from any slaFe (lower) to the hi8he~t command, but the soul does not gel peace and solace. One
1e wels. And hcausc the Siddhies (invisible powers) do not whco falls a prey In these siddhis, soon duccnJs to the lower
appear by meditating on the heart, th~re is no dirli(:ult} or
chakras. and is n,'ver able to return to higher ascents.
hurdle In it-rather the lower chnkras arc also subdUed u)ily
and simultaneously. ",hicb render great help to Ihe discrple Tllio; plAce \ iz the Aagyll Chakra, is the highest, where
in ri~m~ to higher levels of conciou~ncss, the lowrr roundalion a Hatha )' ogi (tCS~llft) can reach. On reaching here, he
having he..:u strengthened. feels "atisfied a"d pc" confident that he h05 actually reached
the p.oal. 1 he religions and f.liths of the world also, have the:r
'" the present times, the ap:e of man has been limited hi ..he"t appr"'3,ch only uptO lhis plnce. Some termioale even
and he bas glOwn weaker also. He has not enough time 10 below in the lo"cr regions SIl;nlS ~g;n their ascent rrom thilll
adopt the tedious ascent or the soul from the Guda Chak ra place and their hip.hest apPloaeh is to a place-the point of
to Aagya eha!.:"., which needs quitc a lot of time and requires desirelessnen. When one has 1'0 wants anu desires. he stays
tremendous emrgy. When the present lire ends. he does Dot wholly al the will of tbe Supreme Lord and remalns contented
The SeLrct of ReaJi,ulioG
Cbaph.r - II 41
Jamp is available. Shivanclra i" ilself illumin.lted and does
nOI require the aid of any kind, The ANHAD (qifWit) a very thin nerve which is known a'J MUKTI-DWARA
limitless or correctly ANAHAT; (1f~'rJ continuous sound ('lJfffl W)-the gateway WilY of liberation. It is as thin as the
is heard h~re, just as thai of a creeping 1n5r:Ct or tbat of eye of a needle or say one tenlh of the dimension of n mustard
a ~hlstle.
St'ed. The wan's mird Ir8vcllirg up wilh the Atma-the soul­
The SOund heard at this stage is said 10 be ANHAD is as hu~e as an elephant. This elephant has to pass through
(~), which means IImitlt'!>s, but Ihe word AN HAD the eye-of-thc-ocedle point and then only the soul is
Ilppears to be a corruption of the ~n'kfll word A NAHA1
(~ffJ The meaLUllg of Ih,S word is. explained beluw : entd(d to liberation.
The Sat-Guru will help ir. cros~in:. the door by ltans­
(~I'l'J Sound produced by striking
for mini your mind illlO $0 thlll nnd small, that you will find
ANAHAT (qOJ~('f')
, Sound produced wilhout striking. lh~ door male than enough to cross to and fro aDy
The former is sudden and fades away ancr iomcllmc, nun,b.. r of limeS without dirficulty. lie will convert your
while the latter is continuous, wJlhout rcJ)ttltioll of the JllNDI MAN (f'T Ql'-'l'i'f) into BRAHMAN})l - MANA
strike. The Strike of a bell is an example of Ihe fonner­ (rolQ...1 1li'f), \\hich is mir.lItc. This is .... h)' saints sa)', that
AAHAT, while the continuity of Ils resound for Somclllnc this mtlktidwarn carnot be crossld without the kindness and
can just be explained as an incomplete example of the lutter, help of the Sat- Guru. 11 is, therefore, \cry necessary that
which is not comp/de because it fades away after some time. the Aspirant Ihnuld secure lhe love, lindness and favour of
We can however, undrrsland it with an inadequate example the Sal-Guru by his implkll faith, devolion and seniee to
of the SOund producfd by a moving tram car or un aero~ 111m (the Sat Guru). A complete surrender of lhe aspirant
plane, not that of the engine or th~ trad, thut whieh to the Sat'Guru, will work \\onders.
is produced by Ihe smole erupting from the chimney Or the
De)'ond this, thtre nre Ihree routes of whieh the
force of movcment (on the tr3d). If at all, we may be able
simile is Ihe lRJVrNI (f'«m'T) of Prayag (lflnlT), a con­
to hear it, the SOund produced by the rOlalion or re\olutioD
fluence of three rhers, the Ganga, the Jamuna & the
of thc earlh, \\bicb is "'ithoul break, ('an be an appropriate Snrasvati (Which is inviSible). On this point is the true
example of it.
Triveni or the Saints. The \\3Y throurh the Ganga is
When lhe Atma (SOUl) travels above the Shivanetra
straighl. The way on the Icfl is usually adopted by the
II enters the TARAMANDAL (aTHqlJ:Ji'f)-the land of
yogies. There nre Riddhies & Siddhies prominent in this
slars-cosmos-where all the Suns, Moons and Slar stay. This
route and the yogies get entangled in them. Thus tbey are
Taram1l.ndal is to be crossed, and passage onwards is tbrough
oot atlc 10 nach the destiulian. The way On the right
42 The Secrf'l of ReaJitation

passes through Vast patches of lands. The way of saints is

the middle one (the Ganga). which gau s,raigln and should
never be abandoned.
The description of the six chakros of the PINDA­
physical body. ends here with the SOUl along with the Brahmandi
mana (~it ll'Of) lhc unhersal miLd-having crossed the fn the forgoing chapler, the crossinll of Ihe rirst sill:
MUKTIDWARA (~fffi C:rt). It gets liberation fron.. the Chakms (stages) of Pinda by the soul ha!> been explained. The
cycle of births & deaths. ascent orthe physicill Chal-ras ends here. the Angya Chakra
being the highest and the last of them. Asccl't to tbe minute
The hither chakra, transmit strcDgth and pOwer to the
lower cbakras of Pinda. The Aagya Chakra gives pOwer to and suhtle stages commenCes after crosslIlg the Muktidwara
all the three lower chahas viz the heart, the navel and the (llfQr'{), the door of liberation. After crossing UIC door
indriya chaklOS. tbe soul is relieved of lhe usual circle of births and deaths.
Dut still il has a lot of way to go, so as to reach the goal of
reumon with tbe Supreme-Soul.


("l'" .,. ""',)
The nexi Chakra now rCAched, is the Sahastra Dnl Kamal
the lotus of thousand petlh. It is scventh from belowanr!
i~ located above the AlI.g}n Chakra towards the bacl side' of
the head. The light herc is very profuse and dazzling, a... if
thousands of lamp~ are sheddmg their light. 1 he thousand
petals of the lotus nre emiting and spreading light all round,
nnd transmitting power for the maintenance of the three loku
of tlte pinda through the Aagya Chnkra.
Ten kinds of tunes llre being played here. Their sound is
very attractive and re!emblcs Ihnt of gongbclls and conohes.
With the help of this very louod, the soul crOSSeS the lOwer
Tellioos to reach this stage. The Deity of this Chakra is Lord
Triloki Natha (r".ll'l{)~) tbe master of the three lokas. He
is also named as Niralljana (f;r{S;jf;{).
Ch,lpler-11 (
44 Th~ Secrl:t of Re:dis:\tion 4l
The Kl,lI ('fiR) the timr, is the lord orthrce lobs of
The 5QllI feels deJj~hled by the vision of NiranJana
PIOda viz ShlVlok the hcart, Vishnu 10k-the Nabhl and Brahma
(f;r~). This is the bighest place, which au aSlJir.\nt, 10k-the reproductive. In Chri.tilln and Muslim literature
practising Pranayama (:nfITr~TIt) can r~ach, because lhe
(holybook~). It i~ named al> Satan, He has kcpt the souls­
Prana (breath) has no approach b~yolld Cnid"ka:>h imrri~jorld in Ihesc thrf'e IOka., a!l if connncd in the fonress.
(f"'<:T~M) cosmos-which ends here. Thl'Y arc, therefore. When the'ioul rC'cotlf'cts the real master-TilE SUPR[MB
not aWllle of the spheres above. The Sph~'re 01 Saha' GOO - il 1('lIrs th.. honl1are of Ma}a (mind) and lnd,iyas
Kamal is so vast tbat if I!l> de:>cnpti•.m b allempted, it Wit (l.fzq) - f~nse •. and trie~ to proceed 10 the land of the master
COver Ihou:>snds of book •. On re.tehing here, the aspirant nilo. in Dn\'al De~h (<nfm hI') the land of kindn:ss and
Ioclf is able (I) see everything in delail.
henevo'ence, leaving behind Ih\l lower loka~, it is Ihis K:'lal.
who prevents the SC1ul from doing so. He threauns and in
8. THE TRIKUTI eVf'rv way nersuaJC'~ by orrering incrntives lind making use of
(f':fi \) nil kind~ of subterfuge, (rcaus hurJln and does r,ot allow the
~oulto procf'ed towards its gonl. At some place, RhoSf and
The next to the Sahastra Oa! Kamal is tbe Trik\l'i,
evil spirit~ threall'n by awe·inspiring sceenes. AI other plact's.
eighth from below-a lotus of f, ur pelals with red light, like
benutiful damsels apj.Jear to pcrsund.: wirh several other ~Orts
tll!!.lof the rising sun. The recitation is 'OM' Nr-g:) and the
of indWI ments and so 011. But ir the aspirant chngs
sweet sound of Mridao{!D. (~<:~) and of low thunder finnly to the divine name llntl the Sat·Guru's guidance is
recite the WOrd OM continuously. The element prominent available to hirJ1, all rhe hurdles fade away and disappear in a
here is a mixture of waler, air and fire in an .lbslract form, moment. The Silt-Guru does not allow the aspirant even to
the location is above Ihe Sahasra-Dal-kamal. stC'al a glance towards Illese inJuccmcnrs and per.suations. He
The way to Triluti is very very narrow and passes lIh(luld po on reciting the divine name with implicit faith in
through II curved tubf', which the saints call Bunkanal the Sat-Guru and procted confidently tow~rds the goal with
(~) meaning a curued passage. According to the medical the perpetual assistance of the S"I.Guru
view, there is a semi-circular nerve in the inner part below the Lord Buddha, when silting under Ihe Bodhi lree for full
two eyes by which the two eyes are connected at the upper ei~hteeo days, without food and drmk and wilh a firm re!olve
end. It has its own light. It is (,. nown as Optic Nerve. If lor manifestation, also met similar inducement, and hurdles.
this is disturbed or there be any obstruction in it, the sight The heavy thur:der storms wilh torrential rain, evil spirits and
is lost. The saints have possibly Darned Ihis very nerve as ghosts, Ihe beautiul dllmsels, the orfer of Riddhis and Siddhis
Bunkanal (~;:friif). The new moon-being semi-eircular ctc. etc. could nol move him away from his resolve. Several
is a metaphor for the Bunkani:ll. Similarly the diamond Bhaktas (\lffi1 - devol ee" had to go undor similar trials and
studded bow of Lord Shiva (reference the Ram!l.yana) being their deseriplJOn is available in the religious books,
semi-circular is also a metaphor for the Hunkanal.
46 Chapter-Ill
The Secret of RClllisation 47

Saints have dead wilh this very subject in thclr own conlinue to progress onwards like the rising suo. The
peculiar way. They say Ihat the almighty God the a'pilsIH. who has reached t"is stage of Tlikuti, is a true
Father, is the lOrd of all creation and his Sbak Ii (mm-) _ power Sadhu (ff'~) - having completed his Sadhans (RfQOlT)­
The Mother Nature, directs th.: functioning of the penance and wl.>rship. JI is very very difficult 10 reach thIS
\lIliverse. She sees and examines, which of the Sons of The pillce.
Father trUly loves HIM. and dO<'s not wanl anything else Saint Kabir ha, described it as a fortress. In ordu to
except the ONLY ONE. She therefore, pUis the aspir,nt on reach h!"r~, the llSpUa/H has [0 cross nine gates. The tenth
hard trials 10 sec wh('ther he really loves lhe rf'al Masttr or gate -7 flkuti is locked. Thi, is the pla~ of 8rabmaod and
can be carried away by inducements and pcnuation~ or can re
beyond this is Parbrahm {lfltJtP'}. The 'iiectet of opening
scareri away from the Master by fear. But when the aspirant
thill gale viz the key, is 1cnown only to lhe Sat-GUill of the
prove~ himself a true Jov('r and passes succcs~fully Ihrou,l!h
hurdle, and lests, she comes to his help, moves aside (10m time and he arOne i~ competent to open tbe lock and point out
the secret 10 the disciple. He opens this gate. offers darshao
the path snd leaves the way for his advancement. All his
worldly requirement~ are ~ooked after ud fulfilled by the (crwor) - a glimpse, in a Kashfi manner to Ihat disciple only
Mother and he i~ not to worry on this aCCOUnt. He then On whom he is kind. Kashri means where the Sat-Guru has
proceeds srecdily towards the Supreme Father. used his own rower in lining the diciple 10 this stage and
offering dar~hiln. and without imolving Ihe effort 00 the part
According [0 saint Kahir, there is a small well in the or Ihe disciple. The disciple, then having karnt the secret of
sp ce of Trikuti, 01 which the mouth is downwards (i. e. o;l~nin~ the lenlh gate, reaches fhc "cry place by means of his
reverse), symbolising that the aSpIrant, who has reached lhl3 own efforts. This c(fOtl IS named by Ihe Sufics as Kasbi
Slate, has 00 desires for worldly objects. He drinks the nectar, (m'I) .
oozing OUI of the well to his fuJI saw~facllon, while Ibose who
The nin~ gnlcs referred 10 above arc ghcn as below'
have not accepled a Sat-Guru, or accepl(:d a false Guru, always (I) Lye3 _ Two
hanker fur this Godly bliss and their hearts ever remain shrou.
ded with darkness. (2) Earl _ Two
(3) Nostrils _ Two
He, who has reached this stage ofTrikuli, does nol return (4) MOUlh _ One
to thi, RhnvaS8E!Sr (1f<fflrn) - Ihe sea of misr.ries viz, (5) Reproductive _ One
this world nf ours. Hc goes on travelling upwards and asccnds orgnn
higher and higher from this very place.
(6) R~ctum
The place of Trikuti is the treasure of all knowledge.
All creation below this Trikuti is destroyer! at Ihe lime of
J rlllayn (ll\,<l) - the deluge. 1 he souls reaching here
-- NIne
Ch'l)ler~nl 49
48 The Secret of RC:llisatioll
SOll\e saints have deseribed the ~ates 8$ ekven Tney
include Nabbi, as one of the g tes+lhe Trikuh - come to ele"en ('!,q)
ID place of tcn. The next ChaKra above Trikuti and ninth from below is
Gates meao paSJI8ges from inside the physical body to the Shoonya ("!.Hr). Shoonya means zero or say vacuum.
outside. It is said that when (he 50u1 leaves Ihis body, II This Is a lotus of SIX pttal" The sound of this plan: is lbat of
pas~es through one of these gates. In case of salDls, it passes kinrery and Saran8 (fllfilftt l'fr~q')-Silar and Fiddle - and is
through the tenth gate named by the saiou lIS Oasham· very attr.ctive. It js continuously heard here. The recitation
Dwara (a:~) meaning the tenth gate. is RARANKAR (-n;'1fn:). The dazzle of the Atma (IOU I)
he~ inCreases 10 ~uch an extent that it is equal to twelve suns
Before the nu,t (molh) ehaha is reached, there is one blazing at a time.
mOIC stage afler Triklolti. ~nowo as the Shvet Sheon}a
SUfi saints call this stllRe as Khala (l'RT) _ empty.
(",J'f I!!..q) meaning the 'White zero. It is also known as
'They have explained it as ADAl\l(\ltlJ)-non-cxistent or Nest
Arndtsar (~) meaning the lakt: of nectar. 115 another (it'Hr),·nothing. Yel there is u.istence al this stage of 5hoonya.
name is Man S"tawar (OfT"," tr~),rt) where swans reSide necause it is d~void of the knowledge of existence. the word
and they IIrc fed on rearls. The speciality of these swans 1:1 Shoonya has been appropriately used and so are tbe alterna_
that if milk, 8du1tcrat~d wi.h water, is offered 10 them. theY livc names [livcn 10 it.
would sud.~ur t~e mil'" and leave: the water. When an aspirant The loul, lhough so much enlightened bere, can not
reaches this ~t8pe. i e. of Hansa (~«) swans or Param travel upwards of her own accord. The help of the Sat.Guru
Hansa ('nlJ ~"q). he developes Ihe quallty of discrimin:uioll is. therefore. necessary to reach the nellt slage Maha-Shoonya
and JlClcpts only "'hat is rcal Hc thu; luves all that is Ull~ ('IV '!"') .
WI!. This is whal is mtant hy s~paraling milk from water by
n swnn. On r~aehinll: this stage, the soul mixes up with other 10. THE MAliA SHOONYA
souls, who have earher reached this Slage of HaRsa or Param~ ('IV ,!",j
hansa. He is fed on nectar and allainsimmorlality. He bc(omes The next Chakra above Shoonys, and ttnth from below
Nirmal (fOfli 't) - th~ spotlcs; clean, and sh~ds all the auri­ Is the Maha ShoonYa (lfJf't.ot1) meaning absolute zero. Thc
butes of may" (ltTlff) - illu~ions. It i, the time. when he !otus of this place hal eisht petals. There are two islands also.
acquires true knowkdge. He now knows that there is a God Their nameS, liS given by the saint., lire Sabaj (~) - of ten
Almight) and [elS impatient 10 sec and get uniled with
petals on the left, and Aehinta (1ffimf)_ or twclvc petal.
on lhe right. 1 here is no light at 'his place, but tbc SOUls
ruidtr@ here hl\c Their own light (of twelve suns each) and
1bl'J hel DO diHitUlt). Here I, Ibt reilD of spotless clean Ml;4ya

so The Secret of R('ali~ation

(~.;mn). Such uquisite is the beauty of Ihis place Ihat tf"e '1
soul does nol "ant to leave it. The a~pirant can not PfOCCfd
olso to the s:tints. The sa;nh havt all powers and are capable
upward,. unles~ be fully merges his entily into Ihe Sat· Guru
of carrying up these sollis aha, if they M:C'.
alld tlansforms himself into SHABDA (w~) - recitation. 1 he
Sal-Guru, when kind, merges himself in Ih.:: aspirant, trans­ 11. TilE BHANWAR GUFA
forms hUll info Shabda (~) and leads him 10 the upper (>l~ ~..t)
rClions. The next chftk,. above Maha<;hClOnya anJ eleventh from
Mosl of Ihe Rishhis and Munie!,{~q~f~).ancit'ntrainls, below is Bhanwar Gufa ('Ii'n f{qjr)- the circUitous cave.
alfo all.ined Ihis slage of Parbrahma (tJTTq:J). }-.ul could "11m is the 88t~.way to enter Saehkhnnd. Saints call it the
nol [0 bc)ond. due fo tI e lack of guide to show them the way land of Soham (R)e:S=)-meaning "So am I". On seeing the
onwards. Th('y have no inconvenience here and are happy oc~an-the THl:. SlJPREME lJOO-the drop, the soul says
with the beauty of tbis place, which they enjoy most. But they "I alia Am a part of it-the difference is of~jze only". Sufi
can not p,o up. Their Guru could Jcad thC'm uptc this place ninu cull this land 811 of Anahoo ('f;:n~)- which ulso means
onh, for he himself had no approach beyond this stage. That 'So am I '. The sweet sound of flute is always heard here.
is \Vhy a Sat·Guru, who has approach upto SACHKl-JANDA
This is the plll:ce of MAHAMAYA (~nJlliT)_ the great
(8~ ~) - the twclveth stage - should be searched and mother- nature. Mother nature once again holds a tesf. The
accepted. Alma (~oul" which is part of ]'.rmatma, desires to
In addition to tbe two islands of Sabaj ..nd Achlnta, merpe in the Paramatma ~ the whole, its origin. the
there are five very t'!ig palChC3 of land, round in shape. Eath of
Supreme Being. But if there be the minuttst IbroUd of in.
them it bigger than the earth we live in known as MRlTYU
firmity left with it, the !K)ul can not erollS the barrier. Hero
LOKA (~ Rtifi) - the land of birtbs and death.· as com~
ulso the kind ilrace of Sat. Guru is needed in crossing over to
pared to them, is only a drop in the ocC'an, The five Mandai. the Sachkhunda. Hiph mountains stand on either side and the
(~) - as they are called have a Brahm (qr)_ paslBge is through them. 1 he liberated solll" devoid of all
director, in each. There arc four other mandals also, of which attachment (Of Maya) what '0 ever, roam here freely Inrt with
the secret has not been revealed so far, by the saints due to all ease. Here the Sat·Gurus hold theIr DARDAR (If''(i('H)
some reason. The aspirant who reaches the stage, will automa. celestial gathering.
tically know about them. The souls residing in thesC' pdlehes
of land are known as Bandiwans (orM:r.nll'), and as Slated AccordIng to saint Kahir this region has eighty eight
above. have 00 inconvenience here but they can DOt go up­ thousand (88,OuO) islands and many devotees live here. The
wards. They entreat and requesl the SOUls, beina carried up­ lIoub hert are compared by him with diamonds and emeralds
""llIeh shed light. For compatision nothing on Our earth
",aids flom Mltl)'u La". by saiots to help tbeir upltrtmcot
,. morc valuable than these i. c. diamod. and emerald
t" comp,arc wlIh. Hert tbo 50ul i. an effulgent (self.i1luminato)
Chaptrr -III 53
32 The Secret of Realisation
The HanS8.S (Swans)-meanig tbe liberated 5O:1ls
entity and being ",cry very pure and unstiachC'd it COflSlder.
iadf as the image of the Supreme Creator. without attachment, alway. remain in attendance and
service of the True Lord. The souls who desceDd from
this place 10 the MRIl YULOK (our earth) for liberating
(U<\..r.. - " " " , q )
the souls on eartb, arc the true saints. They are the
The next Chakra aboYe Bhanwar Gura and tWt'lvelh
liberated souls aod are capable of getting liberation for
from ~Iow is SATLOK or SACHKHAND (~1fi-tr'fWIl1")
others. Such Guru(, when kind to the disciples, lind love
!loth these .. ord!> Il"can ··the land of truth". Sufi saints ha\e
him, do s~lal favour to him, and lift bim (disciple) to this
named it 15 "Ml.QA.M.E·HAQ (~"i;lf;), which also mesn,
high sUlge of Darshan (m) - true vision in the WAHB[
tbe lame. Nothing can be compared ",·jlh it, and nO word­
can dClCril'c the buuty and grandeur of this place. The frag· (....{1'''I') way. The disciple, when he reaches these heights in
ranee emanating here is ovcr.""he1mingly sweet. Just as a the KASBlWAY (W) I. c. by his own eITorts,
sweet fragrance is pkasanl to the mind, similar is tbe pleasure himself becomes carable of raising people to tbese high
of this place - though this is an inept cJI.8mple. The place is Itll,llCS and reaches the stage of Sat-Guru himself.
so full of peaa-, love and affection that no instance can be
found in this world to compl'lc with h.
The Iigbt of the soul here increases the equal of .iAteen
suns blazing at a time. The sound of VEENA (;fhuT), beinl
played here, is so melodious tbat it is be}ond comparison.
Sainls like Guru Nanak anc' Guru N8mdeo.havealsodc:~crjbed
tbe place 8S the Darbar of the True Lord or Creation and
named it as SATlOK or SATDHAM (~)~-«fl1l1"') - lhe
place o( absolute truth.
Neither birth nor death, neither joy nor sorrow, eAists
here. 1 he Atma (soul) merKes in the Param - Alma (IJtatl'Rl)
the Supreme Soul. But the sainls say that even after this
union, the unall8ched entity of the Atma, continues. Saint.
have given the name of thr lord of this place 8B SATPUR USll
(tfc'l.:~q), meanIng the TRUE EVER EXJSTEJ\ T LORD.
Crares of suns ard equal number of Moons together, call 110t
equal Iho light eman.ting from obe tbin bair of tbe
True Lord.
Chapter-IV 55


("." ''''OJ

The fourteenth Cbakra from below and above the Alakhll

is Agama Lokll (trqq" mll'i'). Agalll3 means unappro.lchable.
(~-<mqr) Th~ Lord of this place is \onown as AGAMA PURUSHA
(trrrq--l~;lf). The Slunts say that if tens of lhousand crore"
Saims have been able to drscribe tbe low::r Chakras, yet suns and moons !ihinc at 11 time:, their radiance clln not equal
the: detail' of Ihe !a§t three Chakra! in chapler III. could not the radiJ.nce emanating from one single hair of the Agama
be furnished as clearly and in a detail as In case of tbe culter Purusha.
Cbakru. It should have heen poniblc to gi~ more details,
if we have had words in our language 10 expru, them. The 15. THE AI(.AHA LOKA
description of the subsequent three Chal..rns of Brahmand and ("'"{ ';;0)
Par Brahms (1'l\fTl'T-lfTl; qJ) viz the thirteenth, rourl~nttl
and fiflecnth is ~1111 shorter, our laoluage being deficient. In Tt-e fifltenth ehakra from below and above tile Agama
case of the last three Cbakras viz the sixteeotb, ~yenteenth toka is Ahha Loka ($fq:~~). The word Akahn mean.
and eighteenth, the sa;nl! have not been ahle to say anything at undescribe3ble. This is the abode of Akaha Purusba (~~'f)
all and have, therefore, declared them as '!"Cre!.
or Anami purusha (Wfrsft-if:'f)· 'Anami' means without
13. TilE ALAKIIA LOKA name. The only one who reaches there, can know and expe­
rienoc tbis stage. It has nCllher a beginning nor an end.
(""" <ffi>)
The thirteenth Chnkra from below, next higher to S"ch 'The SldeeD, Senntecn & Efahteen Cbakru :
\:and is Alaklta taka (~« ""'ti). The word Alakba mcaD.
M already stated above. the next three stagel viz the
invisiblc. It is the place of Alakha Purush ('lA'~""1l"8'). Whcn sixteenth. seventeenth and eighteenth from below, have been
the a'pirant reaches Sachkhand, the True Lord sends him described by the saints as ,cercI. No information about them
upwards by givinl him powel'1 to llscend The light of the is available.
Alnkha Puru~h is so bright thnt even if thousands of crores
OrSlInS, and moons shine at l'l time, their radiance could not In these three cbapters. n.
111," IV. II detaned descript­
compare with the light emanating from oDe single hair of the ion of the Cb!lkru, has been attempted. For the facility 0 r
Alakha Purush, our Raders. a statement in Table form, has been compiled and
appended as a part of tbis chapter IV.
36 37

Statement !!howing the !!tages of the upliflment of the a I, lout frorn the lower gran levels to tbe highest level of

columnar form

S,. Name of Lacs- No. Colo- Recita· Ele- Funct· Deity Mantra Remark.
No. the lot us tioo of b' tion ment ion
or Chakra pets· •

1 2 3 4 3 6 7 8 '1 9 10 11

1. The Guda The 4 Rcil Kling Earth- Elimina-

Lo,d oil~ When this Chukra is subdued by reciting the
Chakra· Rectum
(~.lMud tion
Ganesh ~: word Kling, the deity. Lord Ganesb, his con·

and his sorlS Riddbi (abundance) and Siddbi (invi­
two con- .ible powers) arc also SUbdued. The aspirant
sort•• lets a good .tart.
• aDd

2. The Indri· The

aya or
6 Black Om Water CreatJoD
mixed ('1"ls.)
i' Lord
Lord Brabma is the deity of creation. Wben
tbis Cbakra is subdued by tho recltat!on or
tbe word 'Om' - celibacy b perpetuated
whicb gives .trength for the ascent. Whcn
(ligbt 1­ 000"" the KundaUni, situated bthlnd tbis Chatra
black) I Savitri in the lower intestine, i. awakcned (by .ub­
duing these lint two ebabas) invlliblo
powers aro doveloped automatically.


The coil of intestines represcots She,h Nag

(1 he buge serpent) functioning as a bed for
Lord Vishnu aod hIS consort Lekshmi
dire;ls fhe operation of mAIntenance of the
universe (Ihe body'. ThiS 10lus is dJzzling
with white light. All living being!. in crcaliol.
except humal s live on these three Chukras
ooly and never go above them.

4. The Hradya The 12 BlUe Soham A loms· Onlruc­

• Lord
Shiv. '"~
By reciting the word Soham, as in previous
Chakras, this Chaha is al~o subdued. Tbe
Chakra Heart and result of subduing it is that .11 the sense
(')~'J ph", tion Gaud organs come under direct control. This
Control helps in concentratinll the mind for
funher developments. Lord Shivll is said to
hnve burnt down all deliru "ad bas full
control on his universal mind - tbe Drab·
mandi Mana.
Accl)rding to tbe Sunes, there are four addi.
tional points of meditation hele viz Roob.
Sar, Khari and Aqfa•

s. The Kantha The

Dur!!a .wr Goddess Durga i, said 10 be the mother of

Cbatra. throat
16 Dark
Shrinp: Sp:tce
Control • or
"": the three deities Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.
The Sufies name for this Chakra is Aqfi·
of sound
aay waVCI (il1oora• Aqfa. ]t is the abode of Malin Maya, or
Blackish nee) Durga.

It i. also named as Shiva Netra or the Third
~ I Tit. Sufies name it as Nukla-e-Suweda. It
6. The Aalya
ehakra. Fye.
he 2 Dark Anhad
Brown (""l')
'"'' is the Headquarter of the lotI, while awake,
from where Ihe current of life nows down­
brow. wards all over the phy ical body. 1l is Ihe
terminus for the Pranllyam Yogis, because
P,an i. e. breath is dilQlvcd in Cbidakasb
(cosmos) here and docs Dol go beyond.

60 61

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
, 1 he Ftndi Mana (physical mind) beiog gross,
has its highest approach upto this place.
For journey onwards it cannot go. The
Brahmandi Mana takes its place. It is
minute. The gross elements end here and
above it is all minute.

7. The Sahas­ Above 1000 White Sound Minute Triloki Here tbe soul gets darshan (glimpse) of
radalor the dazzling of big of earth • Nath or Triloki Nath, the lord of the three Lokas
Virat Aagya light bells Jyoti below, viz the Hradya, Nabhi and Indliya
Chakra. Chakra ('<l"~ Niranjan Chakras, also named as Jyoti Niranjan. The
in the serfOf) followers of the various religious beliefs
head. felt satisfied on reaching thi5 stage on
seeing the profuse light and thought that it
is the highest stage and discontinued further
a'tcent. Just above it is a very thin route to
be crossed for onward journey, for which
the Pindi Man, as big as an elephant has to
be converted into minute Brahmandi Mana
to cross it- known as Bunknal. The sufies
call it Aalam-e-Jabroot. Brahmand begins

from here.

8. The Nett g More tow Subtle • The Sufi name of this phce is MUSLASI.
TRIKUTI above light sweet form Triangular in shape, it is the place of Brahm.
or Brahma the than thunder of
Chakra. Sahsra.. The soul enjoys a lot of pleasure here and
the of watct
dal­ S. D. clouds air and stays here for some time in comfort. Another
Kamal Kamal with fire name of the Sufi is Aalam-e·Lahoot. It is
io tho
tion of • the place of saints, not of the yogies.
OM at
9 10 11
1 2 3 4 5 o 7 Th:: place Its Sufi name is AaJam-e-Ha hOOl. It is a
8 place heyond Par Brahma where the soul
9. Th::: N.:xt 6 M,)re Onkar Ab,lYe Brahmandi £els rid of even Ihe Kaarana (the subtle
SHOONYA "bove light (~1'tin:) the ele­ Mana+Beei most) element. Also known as Man Sarover
Chakra. the than ments Brahma . or A mritsar - where Nectar oozes out pro~
Trikuti the the fuselv and the souls, the Hansas (Swans)
Trikuti three are fcd with it. It is the place of Par-Brahma
Sthool and is aho named by sainls as the tenth
SUkshma gate. The soul enjoys the- stay here very
and much and dances in ecstacy. The pleasur:
Kaarana is un.describablc.

The sou) gets all comfort!! here, but it can

10. Maha Next not go upwards of it!l Clwn & has to be lifted
8 All Again
Sboonya above dark by the Sal-Guru. Liberated souls of many
a place
the here of par pepole, who could nol get a Guru for regions
Shoonya but Brahma above, stay here and request the upgoin~
tht or'ihaad souls to recommend their up-lift to the
souls B'ahma
have & resi­ saints, to carry them up. The saints have
·their dence powers to liberate such souls also. There
own of Brahman­ are four points of meditation here in this
light di soul region of which the secret hal'l not been
"f disclosed by thc saints. Those who reach
each here, will automatically know about them.
&. do The Sufies name of this place is also Aalam­
nol feel e-Hahoot.
in conve·
ni.:nccd Its Sufi namc is Alam-e-Hoot Alahoot. Souls
11. Bhanwar Next reaching here are filled with ecstacy & sw ing
Gura abollc or with divine pleasure and get irnpalient to
the Anahoo gel a glimpse of the Supreme Creator.
Maha (persi&n) Fragrance emanating here is very vefY pro­
Shoonya resoun­ fuse and pleasing to the soul.
is heard
64 65

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
.­ ~------

12.Sucb Next The The This is the place of Eternal, ever· existent
Kband above land sweet SATPURSHA-the TRUE LORD or TRUTH
Sat.Lok the of all sound
REAL, or that of the CREATOR. Its Sufi
BLanwar of
Gula pure Veena name is Alam-e·Hoot. It is all spritual and
spri. resoun­ not a tin 'e of Maya exists here. Souls are
tuality. ding at fed with pure nectar and feel very very com­
The SAT­ artable and are known as HAN SAS (Swans).
place SAT
of the (or 1 hey can go to the upward regions from here
TRUE HAQ and arc assist~d by the SATPVRSHA. The
LORD.HAQ SATGURtJS stay here and descend from
as per here, when entrusted with some assignment
and return here after completing the assign­

(2) MAKARI (1Tll1T) -that of spider,

CHAPTER V (3) MEEN (U'1) -that ofa fish, and
(4)VIHANGUM (f<f~lIl1l{) -tha.t or a bird.
'fIlE SPEfD OF ASC EN The'surat' (soul) startbg from the lower chakras of
pinda takes a lot of time and energy to ascend. because man's
According to the saints, all this creal ion from first to
mind IS badly entangled ill the bonds of worldly attachments.
the last, eighteen! h, Chak ra, o:ists in the human body. The 1 hc~e attac'hmenl do nol aliow the aspirant to proceed on the
highest stage can be reached by the man during his life time,
hy a compkte surrender to the Sat-Guru. The need of Satguru
path of r ARMAR 1 I-JA (rn:+lT~)-the grca!cst goal. He tries to
is apparent, for he has passed through these stages and !!n upwards LUi the storms (diIUrbances) cause hiS JownfalJ. He
reached the highest, by his own efforts, and is conversant with trics again, hut again falls down, and in this way the cycle of
the secrets of the MANDALS (~) or Centres the inner ,1scents and fa lis continues. Later. by the gra~e and help of the
stag tS of ascent. He is also competent to help the aspirants to Sat-Guru, he transcends the lower chakras SOme day. Because of
the slow sJ=ecd of ascent and rep~ated falls, like that of an ant,
reach the higher stages. The saints are the only secret-knowing
which does not lo~e courage at any stag~ whatsoever, this path
Gurus and unless the secret is learnt from them, the higher
IlaS been named as PI PEELJ KA MARG (Fpft/1:r<ti'l-llTljo).
stages cannot be reached.
P ipeeJika means an ant in Sanskl it.
The mother NATURE (Maya, as we caB it in Sanskrit).
the power of the initial CKEATOR, (is I the greatest of the The neXl is t.he Makari Marg CI1<ti'~~n;f). Makari (l{~T)
craftsmen (say crafts-woman) l:md bas created the body of man means a ~pider. When the surat rises over the six chakras or
with g.reat wi~dom and in such a form that the shadow of the the pincla, its speed becomes that of a spider. A spider descen­
six chakras of Brahmanda (and par-Brahm) falls on the lower ds from the ceiling above to the ground with the help of the
chakras of the Annda nnd it is further reflected from tbe six thread produced in the mouth and after picking up its prey,
chakras of Annda on the lower six chakras of the pinda-the ascendl; up to the ceiling with the help of that very thread.
phy~ical body, Thus the strength of functioning of the lower The aspirant obtains this vcr~ stage after ascending above the
chakras is obtained from the next six chakra~ above. lower six chakras, which he had gone throu~h by the Pipeelika
According to the saints, the upwards movement in the margo Then the shackles of th<: world do not bind him so fast,
and he become ip.depcndcnt in his <'etion. The ascent above
~ant-Mat (~Fn-IH;T)-lhe way of ascent of the saints has
the Aagya Chakra up to Trikuti tseventh and eighth from the
been divided into four kinds: ­ I~elow) fall& under this Makari Marg,
{I) nH]:L1KA (fq'.iH~{'f.r) -that of an ant-a creeping
On reachrng Trikuti, the speed of ascent become like that
iusect, or a fishin known as MEEN MARG (;fA ;rTfT). Meen (l{T"f)
68 The Secret of Realisation

means fish in Sanskrit. The fi~h ascends against 1 he current of

water for hundereds of miles. Water is its element and it has CHAPTER VI

love for water. Similarly the surat ascends with the speed of a
fish, of course, with the assistance of the Guru and along with CONCLUSION

the current of the Shabda ('!1T~). This speed continues till (~q«~~)
the soul crOS'ies the DASHAMDWAR (~!1Tl{ irr~) the tenth
Beyond Dashamdwar, the speed of ascent become that
of VEHANG UM (f'l~~) - meaning a bird. The seat, rather
From the foregoing description of the stages of ascent of
horne of the saints is in Sachkhand, which is also termed as
the soul from its grossest form of its present existence in this
DAYAL DESH (~~r~ ~'!1T)-the home of The Kmd) by the pllysi,;al world, to the subtle and most abstract and minute
saints. They have the power to descend from Sachkhand at stage of life, it will be seen that the way to acend tbe hights
their discretion for completing their assignment in the world of consciousness, is not simple and C.lS y, and that it cannot be
and go up to their home above, just as a bird flies down from achieved without the guidance of one, who knows the secrets
the top of the hill and flies back to its home OD the top of the of the stages of ascent. It will also he sean that ~he saints,
hill. who arc the only secret knowing persons, are conversant wIth
According to Saint Kabir, (the first of the saints to the way and are competent to lead people to the higher stages
declare categorically the stages of upliftment of the soul to of consciousness. The need of the guide, the Sat-Guru is,
the highest level of spiritual consciousne~8.) the ruo\ements therefore, apparent and indispensable for an aspirant. It is
of ~aints (the Sat-Guru) is like that of a bird. Their way is the not possible to get this guidance from the books.
SHABDHA ('!1Ta) the divine name, and their place of abode Because these heights cannot be reached by any other
is beyond pinda (physical) and Anda (Ethereal and Subtle), means-physical or otherwise, and also because one has no
that is the Sat Loka or Saehkhand and beyond, that the knowledge of the ups and downs of the stclges, as also means
Sal - GUIU hal' given them the keys of the d00rs to Sachkhand. and ways of ascent to them, we have to approach an expert for
lhe key dcnoles the SHABDHA - the divine name, given by his advice and help. This expert is only One whom the saints
the Sat-Guru. and with the resound of the Shabdha. the doors give the name of Sat-Gur ....
are flung open for entry in the Daal Desh - the home of the It might have also been seen by our readers, as to how
kiud. important it is for everyone of us to get himself relieved of the
scheduled repetition of pain and misery in birth, sickness, old
age and death, every time our return to this earthly life, in any
'orm whatsoever, an insect. a reptile. an animal, a bird or even
human being. Un~ess the standud of the soul is raised from
70 Ctapfer VI
Secrat of Rdisatioil 71
gross and even subtle levels, the relief is not possible. This
There have been saini, of high calibre in tnc past and
rising from lower gross and subtle levels is only possible when
we are in the human body. All Yonies (tiff'flH) other than ihat they have lifted men from lo,,:~r ~r\}ss level to the highest
of human being, are BHOG YONIES ('IlI'1' ll1f'1~f), in which the ~evel of consc1oumess, but th.eir p.:rsonal guidance is not

soul has to nndergo sufferings as a re,ult at' the p 'st deeds and tWailnele nOW for new entrants OR tltis path, wilen they are not
it eann01 do an,·thing else to imorove Its Jot. The Yoni of a physically present bdore us, But saints of the Calibre of
man is both KARMA YONI ('f;.q ~Tf'f)-i.e. of aClIon, as will Sat·-Gufu have always been avaHable on this earth. and it is
as RHOG YON I ('11'1' r.hf'1) i e enjoying the results of the good il'ecessary to find them out and. acc'~p1: a liv i l1g Sat--uulU in tIle
or bad deeds. If ore was cs his present time and lets the human human form, who only cat1 ('Cad the so1l1 to the divine
body be destroyed in due course, as is usual in most cases. his lOf ascent. TI\is guidance cannot be had from th()se Sat·-GLlrul>
turn for the human being may come after a continued suftering who are not present. The old discip4es, who have accepted
for years and years-may be hundreds and even thousands of him as theil' Sat-Guru, during the life time of the Sat-Guru,
years, or more. The circumstances when he may t;omc to the will however, continue to set ~uid~n(,.'e of the ~arne Sat-Guru,
human hrdy. mayor may not be favourab'e to him for raising even when he is Dot phySically present, New entrants afttt
himself from gross levels, The saint" therefore advise every their physical dis &ppCardRce, can not get gllid:mce from
human being, without distinltion of caste, creed, nationality, them,
language etc, etc. not to waste any more time-so preciolls, It may also be pointed Out at this stage that the SANS~
which is now available to him, but to lit li~e it in ascending from KAR (~)-<:umulativcresult of the past actions-of all human
the gross levels and get relieved of the reperition of pain and b'eings are not similar and diffoer from person to person. The
misery for good. A search fOl a suitable guide, a Sat-Guru 'circumstances in which they are pbced are also not similar.
for the purpose, shall be necessary and this search may be It is therefore, not necessary that each and every aspirant may
commenced immediately with per~ever,tnce and determination. cross all the st:1ges of physical, Ethereal, and Subtle, during
~he sh.'.>rt span of his life. There are So many hurdle" obs­
The saints say tha~ if an aspiJant goes out for the search
of a Sal-Guru with all sincerity at his command God Alml~ 'tructions and hindcrances in tbis path of PARMARATH
('r{IlT~)-the greatest goal, BUt if a Sat-Guru is found out and
ghty comes to his help and makes available the Sat-Guru to
him. Wh~n this Sat-Guru is obtained and accepled, he (he accepts the aspiran1 a'S his disciple, he (the Sat-Guru) will get
aspirant) should act on his advice and guidance, He will have him across the initial gross levels atleast, and relieve him of
to depend on him (the Sat-Guru). because the Sat-Guru knows tIle ordeal of birth, misery, old age and death, and he (the
the way leading above the gross levels which neithe the aspi­ uspirant) will nol re1urn tlJ this earth f,.r the sufferings. This
rant knows. nor it is given in any book available to humanity is possible if nne crosses the first six chakras and rt:,aches
till now. The ultimate stage of complete surrender to the beyond the AagY1 Chakra- sixth from below. For journe
Sat-Guru will automatically come and the aspirant will be beyond, the same Sat-Guru will be availallle to him, who will
convinced before-hand that this surrender will bring hIm the read him IJpto the final stage. But the speed of ascent, after
richest reward. his physical body is lost, becomes very very slow and the
work which can be completed in human body in days and
72 Chapter VI

weeks IDlY take hunJered~ of years even, during which several

human souls will surpass him over and go ahead of him with
the help of the Sat-Guru. SHABAD (Verses) of Saint Kabir
FinaJJy. one important aspect is also to be kept carefully with Literal Translation in English
in view. The stages enumerated in Cha~ters II to IV are the
normal stages of ascent and the description given about them,
is based on the exprience of the past saints. It is oot necessary
for every aspirant to pass euctly through each and everyone
of these stages. It is solely at the discretion of the Sat-Guru HINDI VERSION ENGLISH TRANSLATION
to give him vision and knowledge of every stage or omit one,
more or even all the stage and rdise the aspirant to fhe highest -!lti- Burden of the song:
level direct by his Own puwers and at his own discretion. But IR ;1;i'i lftm.~ it ttmr t f Behold your beloved with
in case of those, who are assigned with the responsibility of your eyes present in the
acting as Sat-Guru, have surely to be acquaio ed with all the palace (your own body).
stages, so that tbey may be able to help the aspirants of all
calibres and at all stages of development, as per requirment 10 1. lfiT'Il', 'J!iTa, ~, ~)1r r"linT:, Forget KAMA (!lcx),KRODH
each case. ~f<;r. 8'6TQ, elm ~'l: fln:T I (anger), MADA (Ego) and
It may also be Doted that the individual aDd persona) ll;;:q lli~ nTQ.fT ~~ .-r,T, lOBHA (Greed), Adopt
contact and guidance of the Sat-Guru is necessary in each it mif Sfl;f ilTij'n, ¥Hl1 ~ SHEEL (Purny), SAN10SH
case. And although tbe capacity of the Sat-GuTu, can not be ilTHT t " (Contentment), KSHAMA
challanged, the time and circumstance may not permit him to (Forgiveness) in the mind.
pay individual attention in case the Dumber of disciples is Abandon the use of meat and
'unlimitcd. It is nccessary for him (the Sat-Guru) to have wine and also the habit of
personal contact with each and everyone of bis disciples and telling lies. Ride on the horse
human capacities and circumstances may, therefore, limit the of knowledge which carries
Dumber of disciples under his guidance. One beyond all doubt s.

2, titift, ~, cmr"t 00, Perform DROTI (cleansing

mmr ~ 311m' « OIf'T3{T I intestines), NET[ (Cleansing
~ ~ 1:...", 1flro3ft, nose and throat) and VASTI
Cffqi!t 'l<'l' ljQT~ IfiH~ i ' urn ~ II (Cleansing the rectum). Sit
on the Padmun8 pose by the
correct method. Perform
K U MBH I\AK (Respiration
74 Secrft of Realisation 75
Appendix t

in and its retention.) RECH~ 6. ifTern lfl'<r<:r ~q ~ IiTt, HRADAY A (heart) has a
AKA (Release of br, ath). ~~ fIR) mlf ~ i;f'fr{ I lotus of twelve petals. SHIV A
m~ ~ <fll:Y '{if ~n~, and GAURI (his consort) SIt
First control fI.100LA"
DHARA (Reclum), so that .. if1f ~ ~ ~ If>T~' ~ II in meditation there. The
Shabda of this place is
furTher performances may
be successful. SOHAM, The GANAS
atlendants of Lord Shiva)
3. I!t:f ij\"q'Of ~ ~ <J'lilT~), The LOTUS at MOOLeli A~
are praising tucir Lord,
1l1f<;r1t' 'OT'T ;;mr ';'f JfT,ir I KRA (Rectum) has four

h 'foT11I' ,,~ <)lfr 'WI), petalr., The reeil ation ill

7. q)nr <t<f<f <to iii lfli, KANTHA (Throat has a
v.f!T fea ~CR ~~T t II 'KLING' and colour RED, .~
afil: lf~ QfU ilT~llT iint I lotus of sixteen petals. The
Install deity GANESH there.
~~. ~wr ;f~ ~~T~, deity AVlOY A (lgnorance­
RIDHI (bountifulness) and
;OY~ .~q 1fllf ~'OqnT ~ II as opposed to knowled~e)
SInHI (invisible po\\ers) are
lesides here. Vishnu, Shiva
in service (of the deity).
ar.d Brahma stay in her
attendance. The Shabad of
4. ~I'l ~ lfeGt:f ~~cm), sw ADU (reproductive Or.. this place is SRAYAM.
WW ~rflJi;if ~ f1f~r<:r I gan) chakra has a lotus of
~ 1fTflTil'\' If>T f~ lln), six petals, Find there the 8. ffi'R lfl';;r 'i\'<T<f ~ mfj Above it is AGYA Chakra-a
~ ~ 3lTlfom ~II deitIes, BRAHMA (DeIty iiI''f llRl g~ ~ ~ri I lotus of two petalS. Bag
of creation) and SAVITRI f;r3l' lfif If><:a' <f~t oliut, (dove) and Bhounra (Black­
(his consort). Turn back and ~) ;:f'A' fqW<l"1U ~ II wa~p) both are visible here.
strike on head of the serpent N IJM AN (Physical mind)
(KUNDALlNl). The SHA.. reigns her e. Its location is
BOA (recitation) of this behind tbe e)-es.
place is O.'lKAR.
9. lfl'q<;fif 'llG f~ R<riU, This is the description of
5. IfT1ft' ate! lfi<r.r ~ ~T, NABHI (NAVEL) has a
ll'~ mr"l: "{'tifT fqq 1tID-cr I lotuses. All this creation is
ttif ~"" f~~1l! f'<m~ I lotus of eight petals. The
¥~ il'Tlf IJT~ ff,J/f 1f~T, deity VISHNU adores white "ffi1T If>"( ~ fmllHT, contained in the PINO·the
~ e<FfTlf ~qm ~ II physi::al body. Associa'e
~ fwcr ammT ~ II Royal throne. The word
with Saints and accept a
'HRING' is being recited by
SATGURU (as your suide)
the deity. LAKSHMI
and recit~ SATNAM (the
( Vi~hnu's consort) lmd
divine Name).
SHIVA arc in attendance.
76 AppendiX I Secret of RealisatioD 77
10. Clfhl '!iT;; lili (;~ ~T>rT, Close the eyes, the ears and has been given by the Sat­
Clfii&i'i ~lTT 1lT'~ lffTorT I the mouth. Hear Af'iHAD
~T;ff fffif t:1:'licrn: fl'f<'TT3{T, (limitless whistiing sound)
ail" ~lill trOf~n:r ~ I' Bring nearel the l:ye balls. 4. 'f11~ ~ f'q'q" ~!!'l ~~. There is a small well in the
Then behold the (Cele~tial) '!~~ ;rra;, \H; 'IT': q'T~ T midst of the space of skks,
garden. f.rtJ.'t CliHf ;r~ fir{ f.iI;ln', of which the bead is down­
\ilTt ~ Clf~falir~r ~ II wards. The Sadhus, who
11. ;f~ ~ ~1fi ~ ~3fr, Bring Ihe sun and Ihe moon have acc~pted a Guru drink
~~'l' ~;:ft Pn<r OflTT31T I (both eye.balls) at one place (nectar) out of it to their
f1;fif;ft ;it ~'1:1' ~3fr, (i.e. nearest), Meditate wi1h full. Those, who have no
'"~ ~'{ ~~ q~T ~ II all ease (without straining), Guru, are without penance
Enter TRIVENI (the conflu­ and die with thirst. There is
nCe of three rivers). The darkness in their hearts.
way onwards is aCross the
flow of water. 15. f;;r~'!r ;r~ it fom m-u, At the place of TRIKUTI
~ 1fl:;;f' or;;f ;mu I exists ~11 knowledge. The
12. ~er tfli §iir qit c:)f, Hear the sounds both of the o:rn:r cruT ~~ ~.Ilm:r , sound here is that of sweet
~liI'lfi<ffl' ~ 'itTlTtT ~Tt I big gong-bells and of the ~ ~ 1\'.m: ~ allifiro ~ I thunder ana of a big drum.
m lff;lf ~t f'f':{iJT lJTf, counch here. The Sahasra­ The red Sun spreads its light.
i1'~ trn qT~T a II Dal-Kamal (lotus of a thou­ The lotus has four petals and
sand petals) shines with· among them the sound is
dazzling light. Behold the "ONKAR".
creator. in their midst. The
way onwards is through j 6. m9" ri't"{ f::lR ~ 1fi!: oft-ill.
Only he is the Sadhu, who
BUNKA - NAL (curved '1) ~~~ tT<:lTi! ;;rr'~T I
conquers this fort, who
~~<rt ijfT;;r 'lITl< f1f'l' C{frQT.
understands clearly the
;oj ~ f"l<l <:~t 1\'T<:T aII
NINE GATES and who
opens the tenth door which
13. wf.t;;r) mf'fii'l'''r ~ fif;;;r'IiT~, Evil spirits threaten with
is locked.
;;r~ flli~ ~ ~ ~if;r~ I hideous cries. The messen­
~tIr ~ 1fn'T" rn, gers of Yama (the deity of 17. 3n~ ~ff ~ t mf. Next is Swet.Shoonya (the
lII1I' ~~ 9ftII' nro'" death) are calling on. They mot;r~l~ qfo ar~ I White Zero) where a dip is
run away when they hear ~,,'f ~ ~T ~ 13\'r{, taken in the MANSARO­
SATNAM (The divine ~ ~T al"lfT ~ til WAR LAKE. Then the
name), the very name which soul mixes up with the Swans
Ci~ c' ()f Realisation 79
78 App~ndix \

and becomes a Swan (Immor .11 7 ll'r.Tlf ~ ;f~ ~r. RRI\HMS are un perishable.
tall and feeds on the neclar "'1 I'l~ ;;i~\qrif Til{ ,n:orf'U ~ II There arc four other places
available here. which are secret. Among5t
these is the Darbar of the
18. flfotn'T ~I~tf Of'" fmfrn, Musical instrumcnts-Fidl1k, PU RUSHA of Ihe Baodivans
orm ijf&f ~O<f ~u I Sitar etc., are being plaY~'d (the name vf residents here).
~l~~ 'llTif, ii~ '3f31tm:f, here. At this SHOONYA :t 'TeTa t ~~ f;r~T, Now come to the confIurnce
'Ie ~ '1i<rn ~iill\ ~~ ~~<f,T\f ~ II (Zero) there is the D.arIJ:lr "1 ,r ~q;T a'li: «;iJ ~'forft I of the two mountains, which
(Court) of the A KSII R A :lIT '!i,a ~;;r 3{lfn:), the Saints call BHANWAR
(Imperishable) llRAH ~I. .i ~"{if G,Ofl;:r ~ 1\ GUFA (The circuitous cave).
Here the Iight of the SOli I I Swans play freel) here. Her
equal to twelve Suns. 1 hl" the GURUS hold their
lotus is of silt petals here al1l\ DARBAR.
the sound is RARANKAR.
\ 'IWI 31On1') ~'fq ;:..-ro:, He re is the Creation of eighty~
19. lf~IW'f fl1o'g f~'T tm'T. The way to MAHASHOO It rr';; t'ff\i ;;r~, eight thousand i-lands
f,pr ~ffll~ 'iIi\' GfTeT I if~T NY A (absolute zero) is vel Y !rlHf <nfff 3l[;/Q~ ~, dec, rated with diamonds,
illTl:t1: fe~ ~<f qg '!iT2T, difl ieult. It cannot be reaclwd ~\\! ~if'forn ~ II em"ralds and rubies. Murli
~~ ~;;r 3ff~ ~n:T ~ II without the help of SA'\ (Celestial flute) is conti~
OUR U. Tigers, Lions Pyth nually sounded here, The
ODS are present here. 1 hI" tune of SOHAM is resoun.
are the Islands of SAIIA I ded here.
and ACHINT spread ull
over. 1M g~ a;;r'T 'll'ijf '11ft. When the limit of SOHAM
II 1\01; 'l' T ~~~ ~f'l' ani I
is crossed, tbe territory of
20. 31~~ 1fiCf<:f 'milfW 'I11{, The lotus at the place 01 f 'T1"U ~T atfUliTt,
SATLOK is entlred. The
~lf~ IT~~ orf'ifi'f ;:~1'~ I PARBRAHAM has ch'hl I ":1 ~l\ if 1t1\r aII
fragrance here is so abun~
ilTtf ,m ~\'f~;;r ~mt, petals. On the right dant and profu<e that it
It 'Ii cr\iif fif lfr'(r ~ II ACHINT·of twelve pcl'i1~. cannot be measured.
On the left·SAHAJ ha~ I'~II
1111 "'1'1 ~'1 '!iT ~f, The light of the soul here
petals. This is the pOSII.""
fld ~if an1 ai'!'l'f I resembles that of 6ixteen
(distribution) of lotusr~ 1'1"
HI 'Htl <;f<f;: f{f;: "lIlT. Suns. The unparalled sound
21. ~ qJ It; ~T ~ IIT31T, There are five BRAH M" III of VEENA is heard here.
~~T ~II
qj;r ijf iP' fif :al'~'f'{ ~'J~) I the five ANNDAS. 'I ht' 11\
80 Appendix I Secret of Realisation
The HANSAS (liberated 30. lIm:Tf ~ ~,
The Secret of the physical
souls) stay in the service of ~ " ~ f'N-Qml
Body has (thus) been explai.
the King THE SAT PURU, ImJT ammr 1mf 'nmJ, ned. All this creation exists
SHA (the ever ex.istent
* ~llR 11m t II within this PINDA (physical
hody). Maya (nature) lhe
26. '1\"Wc;;f 1fT'! ~~:it ~, Crores of Suns with equal great craftsman has created
~ T': 'lR <'l'lirt I number of Moons together, all this intricate NET.
~ 'tIlT fllf Q;q;" ff ~Tt, cannot equal a thin hair of
j 1. anf;: 1tPfT if>i~ ~rf. THE ADIMA VA (intial
~ TiTf l;~m ~ II the PURUSHA. Such is the
It0T ~ f'Jq ~ 1 Mother Nature) has used
sight and light of the PURU·
arll1Tfu ~ "(f;f arq 1fT~, wisdom by showing tbis false
m IfI\ ~fuf~ ~m t .. creation in the PINDA
27. arm ~ ~Ri ~ mf, Beyond (this) is the Loka of (Physicai Body), Initial
ar<'fl:~ ~ q <til 1l1t ~'f>{rt I THE ALAKH (invisble). creation produced in the
aror;r ~ 'tIlT fllf 'J~r. The master of this place is ANNDA bas been reflected
~I1T iSR'fflf R\!T'U ~ II ALAKH.PURUSHA. (Even) io the PINDA.
hundreds of crorts of Suns
32. ~c;: ~ ~ ~, Saint KABIR says that our
cannot be equal to HIS 0110
w~ ~~ ;:t em) t
IIit movement ia that or a bird
thin hair. Such is the sight
and light of THE ALAKH. ~ ~ ~ ~ru, (represented by the SHA.
~~'mw)tw~tll BOA); and tbat the Satguru
28. GI~ lfmi 3T1flT ~ l11':;rT. Above this exists an un-apy·
has given Us the key. With
ar'll1' ~q GTi:tr <f.t 'U:;rr, roaeh3ble PALACE. The
tbe resound of 'SHABDAt
<If"{iA' W -UII ~~ m:;rr, AGAMA.PURUSH is the king
tbe doors have been flung
~~T llllTlf am<:t ~ II or it. Thousands of crores of
open that this Desh (place of
suns do not equo.1 HIS thin
residence), beyond this
hair. SUCH is this unfa1ho.
29. O'm ar~ (ofT'1\" t Over it is AKAHA (undes­
~!f aRT"') (flfT "{~l tI cribable) LOKA. where rosi·
;jf) lf~",r 'llrit'lT ~r, des ANAMI (without name)
tt-;;T "''Tlr ~'H<r ~ II PURUSHA. The only one,
who reaches there, wlll kno
it. It cannot be explained.
Secret of Realisation 83
Anahat ~rn0 - Continuous sound-witbout
(Shabda) (1T~) break.
GLOSSARY Anahoo llfiftR - Persian name of the I1tb
Technical words explained point of meditation, The
(Alphabatlcally arranged) Bbanwar Gufa-meaning "So
am 1"_
Anami aRnft - Without name.
Anhad ~ - Corruption of Sanskrit
ANAHA T, literally, without
Aagya arfm (fl - The point of meditation bet­ limit.
(Chlkra) ween the eyebrows in the Anda ~ ~ Seed-egg. The Second major
division of creation.
anamr - Space, sky.
Aakash Aqfa lImiT - The point of meditation or
Aalam-e­ amr1f _ The persian name of points the Sulies just below the
Lahoot '"Rtf of meditation known 8S throat.
Shoonya and Maba Sboonya Aqfa aqfa ~~ - The Sufi point of meditation
(Nos,9 & 10) of the Indian 00 the tbroat. Persian name
Saints. of Kantha Chakra-Slb from
Abbyasi 1ff7ffift - Aspirant, one who practise. below,
yoga. Atma lIfTm - Soul.
Achin1 If~ - Name of an Island in Maha Avidya 8Iflnr1'
Shoonya (No. 10) a lotus of - Ignorance as Opposed to
VIOYA, meaning knowledge.
ten petals.
Adam ~ - Non-existent.
Agni ~ftif - Fire.
-Ego. Baga ~
- White crane, dove or pigeon.
Ahankar al~~"
Abba ~ - Undescribable. Bandiwan ~ - Residents of tile rour maudals
Alakha IrQ - Invisible. in Maba Shoonya.
- Lake of Nectar-Name of a anka Naal

Amritsar ~n
- Curved passage of AsceDt­
lako in the Shweta Shoon)'. the passage from Sahasra­
after Trikuti (8tb from
Oal-Kamal to TRIKUTI-7th
below). and 8th from below.
84 Appendix I Secret of Realisation
Bhakta - Devotee. Dhouti tffift
Bbanwara '""
.r~T - Black wasp.
- System of cleansing tbe
stomacb by swallowing a 2
Bbanwar .r~ ,!lJit - Circuitous route or cave. ~;I incb wide muslin wet cloth
Gufa point of meditation at No. by mouth and pulling it out
11th from below. after some time.
- Our world. sea of miseries. Durga ~ - The Deity - Goddess worshi.
Bbava Sagar ~

Bbo8 yoni ,,)If Il1fir - The species in which Lbe soul pped universally all over

is to live according to its past India-Bengal in particular.
deeds. Dwapar ~ - Tbe third or the ¥ugas.
Brahm ~ - Director•
Brahmaa qn - Tbe Lord of creation F
Brahmanda qnq - Universe-The second major
Faqiron ki ~'l",) - The se~D stages of tbe
division of creation.
Sat manzileo mif ll'f.." jouroey of Saints from Aagya
Brahma­ ~ - Celebacy.
cbarya chakra (6th) to Sachkltand
Brahmandi­ qTT'fllA - Universal mind (12th). The name of the book
Mana On meditation by Param-saiot

Brabm Randbra - Medula Oblongata.

Mahatma Dr. Krishna
Swaroop Qf Jaipur.

c G
Chakra 'iflfi _ Circle, Kamal (Lotus) or a l,
halting place of 80ul. Ganas 'I\t - Army of Lord Shiv•.:
Ganga VIff - The River Ganges.
Chidakasb fw1mr - Cosmos.
Gauri 'Ita' - Lord Shiv.'s consort.
Guda ~~r - Rectum.
D Guna '1" - Element (abstract).
Darbar ~ - Celestial gathering.

Darsban ~ - Glimple, vision.

Dayal Dcsb ~ - The land of tbe "All kind".
Hatha ~ - Insistence.
Deent. 'Ifr;m - Humility.
Hatha Yoga ~N - The Yoga or physical body.
Dewata ~ - Deity.
Hatba Yogi ~lil1f\' - Aspirant practising Hath
86 Appendix II Secret of Realisation 81

Bradaya ~ - Heut.
Khafi lil'ti't - A Sufi point of meditation
Bring f~ -Recitation on Nabbi Chatra.
above the ribs on the right
side of the chest.
I Khala l.nfI -- Empty space. Sufi name of
_ The king of Deities. The lord Shoonya and Mahashoonya.
Indra ~
of thunder, rain clouds etC. Kingri Sarang f'lirn:r ll'~'" -- Sitar and fiddle, musical ins­
In dri ya ~m
__ Reproductive organ. truments.
lndriyas ~i{if
__ Body organs-physical and r'l.tlf -- Recitation on Guda (Rectum
sense organs. Chakra.
Krodha ~Q' - Anger.
J Kshama t1lIT -- Forgiveness.
Jap ~ - Recitation. Kumbhaka f~'if~ -- Retension of brea~h.
Kundalni :r'~ - Sitting pose of a serpent-
K round and round.
Kunda)ni ~~ -- The nerve running from the
~ - Time, death.

back of the neck to a place

~ -- Sex, lust.

betwcelt the Indriya and the

i4iI"lVf -- Subtle absolute.

Guda Chakra alongwith the

Kalyug ifif<':f!!1f __ The fourth and last of the

four Yugas.
Katpa iii;';" _ Period of hundreds of thoul·
and years. L
Kamal 1Ii1i~
__ Lotus, Chatra. halting place
Lakshmi l;fll;>ft" _ Consort of Lord Vishnu-the
of the soul, point of medita­
goddess of wl:alth and pro­
tion. sperity.
Kanth. !li0?J - Throat.

Lataef-e­ ;;rnJ1f"li-~­ - Persian (Sufis) name of the

Karma !liq - ActioD.

satta ~l first six. poiots of meditation

Karm yODi !lilt ~)A _ The yoni (spec)es) of man, in

(Chakras) of the Pinda.

which action (for new Sans­
kan) il possible. Latifa ~ - Persian name of Chakra.
point of meditation.
Kasbi iii'.) - Aspirantg, earning ascent by
his own efforts. Lobh m - Greed.
86 Appendix II Secret of Realisation 87

Hradaya ~ - Heut.
Khafi lAf - A Sufi point of meditation
Hring ~~ -Recitation on Nabhi Chakra.
above the ribs on the right
side of the chest.
Khala ~T - Empty space. Sufi name of
Indra ~ - The king of Deities. The lord Shoonya and Mahashoonya.
of thunder, rain clouds etc. K.ngri Sarang fili~ lrTllf - Sitar and fiddle, musical ins­
lndriya ~m
-- Reproductive organ. truments.
Indriyas ~~tl
_ Body organs-physical and
KIiDg m'tr - Recitation on Guda (Rectum
sense organs. Chakra.
Krodha '!liTII - Anger.
J Kshama llf1fT -- Forgiveness.
lap ;m - Recitation. Kumbhaka :F1I'~ -- Retension of bIea~h.
Kundalni ~ - Sitting pose of a serpent­
K rouod and round.
- Time, death. Kundalni ~ -- The nerve running from the
Kaat ~
back of the neck to a place
Kaama ltif1f -- Sex, lust.
-- Subtle absolute. between the Indriya and the
Kaaran ~roJr

--The fourth and last of the Guds Chakra alongwith the

Kalyug ~f~" spine.
four Yugas.
Kalpa ~q -- Period of hundreds of thoul­
and years. L
Kamal llim:!' -- Lotus, Chatra, halting place
of the soul, point of medita­ Lakshmi ~lft - Consort of Lord Vishnu-the
goddess of wealth and pro­
Kantha If,OQ
- Throat.
- Action. Lataef-e­ <;f<fr~-v;­ - Persian (Sufis) name of the
Karma If,lf

_ The yoni (specIes) of man, in satta mIT first six points of meditation
Karm youi i1>* zr)f.r
(Chakras) of the Pinda.
which action (for new Sanl..
kaTS) il possible. Latifa ~ - Persian name of Chakra,
point of meditation.
Kasbi lti~) - Aspirants, earning ascent by
his own efforts. Lobh m - Greed.

88 Appendix II Secret of Realisation 89

M Nabhi ;nN - Navel.

Nandi oR\' - The Sacred Bull mount of
Mada ~ - Ego, Ahankara. Lord Shiva.
Maha Kalpa ~ - Period consisting of several Nest ;mr - Persian word of Sufis' mea4
Kalpas. ning non~xistent or Nothing•
. Maha Maya ~TlfTlJT - The great mother-NATURE. Ned iRft - The yogic system of clean­
Maha Shoonya 'J~ ~~ - Tenth Chakra Irom below- sing the nose and throat by
point of meditation, Zero passing a wet thread through
absolute. II -
the nostrils.
Malin Maya
~ lJTtR
- Spider.
- The dirty aspect of nature.
I r Niranjan f;R~ - Another name of Lord Trilo­
ki Nath in Sahasra-Dal
Mandai .mT -- Circle. Kamal.
Mansarovar "R~ -- The sacred lake. Nirmal mr.r - Spotless.
Manushya yODi ~~ q)fiJ -- The speci es of human being. Nishkaam ~ - Without desire or attach4
Marg 'fT1l - The route of ascent. ment.
Maya JmJT -- Nature, Illusions. Nukta-e­ llm-~ - Persian name of the Aagya
Meen 1fA -­ Fish. Suweda 'jim Chakra-6th from below.
Moha ~ -- Attachment.
Mratyu 10k 1[~~ -- The land of birth, death and o
misery, The world in which
we live. Om anll - Sanskrit name of the Sup­
Murshid 't~ - Sat Guru. reme father.
Muqam-e­ '!'tiA-~­ -- Persian name of the eleventh
Anahoo ~0JTfl point,of meditation-Bhanwar I p
Muqame-e­ 1{lfT1r-lt­ - Persian name of the twelfth Paaras qmr - The legendry touch stone
Haq point of meditation-Sach which converts iron into
~ II
khand. I gold by touch only.
Paar Brahm IrR ,~ - Beyond the place of Brah­
II mand.
N - A litting pose with folded
PadmalaD ~Ilm
Naam ifPI' - The divine name for rceita. legl in which 801el and beel.
tion. face upwards and spine kept
Nadi ~ - Nerve. straight.
90 Appendix II Secret of Realisation 91
Parmarth lf~ The greatest goal. Ruh \i{ - 80ut-a Sufi point of medita.
Parmatma ~ - The Supreme Universal God. tion opposite to the heart 00
Pashupati Nath If'fITo 'fT'l - The lord of the anima) king­ the right side.
dom, alternative name of

Pinda f'iiu~
Lord Shiva. s
- The physical body.
Pindi Mana f'iiunlR - The physical mind. Saadhana muon - Penance, worship.~
f'l"'ftfiiJifiT - Ant, a creeping insect.
- Worship.


- One engaged in penance and
- Verse.
~ - Breathing in, in pranayam.
Pralaya ~ - Deluge, doomsday. Saavitri ~nf<f~ -- Lord Brahma's consort.
Pranayam lJTllTTlflll' - Superior breathing excercisCl Sach khand ~~ -- The land of Truth. A point
of meditation-12th from
and control of breath.
Prayag below.
5JlWT - The sacred place of Triveni..
Sahaj ~ -- Name of an lstand in Maha
confluence of three divine
Shoonya Chakra.
Puraana Sahasra-Dat­ ~~~ -- Lotus of thousand petals, a
~ - The Epic.
Kamal point of meditation above
the Aagya Chakra and 7th
Q from below.
Qalb 'lll."il' - Heart. Sanshar ~nm: - Impressions and cumulative
result of deeds carried with
R the soul in past birth.
Sanskrit u~~o - The ancient Saered language
Rajas ~l - One of the three elements of
Raja or ~ I­ creation. of India, in which the epics
Rajoguna ~P!"J were originally written.
Rarankar ~~om: - Sound like that of fiddle, or Sant mat ucrrnr - The system and beliefs ot
instrument played with a Saints.
bow. Santosh ~If -- Contentment.
Recbak lW - Release of breatb in pra· Sanyasi ~NfT~ -- Recluse.
nayam. Sapt Darshan A~~ -- Tlie philosophy of seven
Riddhi ~ - Abundance-name of one of points of meditation from
the two consorts of Lord Aagya (6th) to Sych khand
Ganesh. (12th).
92 Appendix n
Secret of Realhation 93
Sat «'t -- A Sufi point of meditation,
4-5 inches above. the heart 8t,001 t'{~ - Gross.
on the lefr. Sciam - "So am 1" Recitation on
Satdham ~

- Same as Sachkband.
Hradaya Chakra.
Sat-Guru ~~
- The divine teacher.
Sookshama ~e:ll - Subtle
Sarloka ~lJ
- The land of Truth-same as
Sufi ~ - Followers of the muslim sys..
Sach khand. tem of meditation.
Sat purusha ~lf -- The ever existent Lord. Sushamra ~ - Another Sanskrit name of
mf 1 - One of the three elements of Kundalini.
~~ I-­ creation-considered to bo
Satva ~~. J pure and divine. Swadu ffi! - A Chakra-2nd from below,
Bame as Indriya Chakra.
Satyuga ~tf - The first of the four yugas­ T
period of pure saintly living. Tamas ~Tlrn I - One of the three elements of
!lit - Divine name. The WORD. Tamog'.1Da 01J~1IJ r creatioo-considered to be
~ - Power. Tama ij'lf J dark, impure and Satanic
Shanti mf.:tr - Solace-peace of mind. Tara Mandai (flUl:f."" - The land of stars-Cosmos.
Sheel m - Pure living. Tirtha tftri - Holy place.
Shiva fw~ -- The lord of disintegration Treta m -The secood of the four Yugas.
destruct ion. Trikuti fcr¢ - A point of meditation, above
Shiva Netta A1,,~
the Sahasra-dal-kamal and
--The third eye, self-enlightered eighth from below.
eye in the inside of the fore
Trilokinath feIln~ -The lord of the three lokal viz
Sbiva Loka (heart) Vishnu
Shoonya -IN{ -- Zero, point of meditation­ Loka (Nabhi) and Brabma
above Trikuti 9th stage from (tbe reproduction).
below. Triveni ~~ - Confluence of three rivers.
Sbrin. fo:.n: -Recitation on the fifth Chakra V
the tbroat.
Shuddba Maya ~I{JlfJ
Vakra ,,~ - Curved-crooked.
- Tbe clean .,pect/side of
Maya, Spotless Maya. Varuna ~lIJ - The Lord of seas and oceans.
SYltem of cJeansins tho
Sbwet Sboonya ,q 1l;lf - Tbe whito z.r•. Vaati 1ffiJ)
bowels by lucking water thr­
Siddhi fn - Invisible luper power. One ough the rectum-a lort of
of tbe consorts of L9rd enema.
94 Appendix II

Vayu .
ifTlf - The Lord of atmosphere,
wind etc.
Veena ifrvrr - Musical instrument like Sitar BIBLIOGRAPHY
with two drums on either
Vidya fcrvT - Knowledge.

Vihangama ~ - Bird.

Vishnu ~ - The Lord of maintenance.

1. Bhagwad Geeta-Published by the Geeta Press Gorakhpur.
Viveka ~ - Discrimination.

'2. Ghat-Mar!!-by Param Sant Dr. Srikrishna Lalji,

W Ramaqhram Sat sang, Sikanderabad (UP)-lst Edition
Wabbi ~ - Gift of the divine.
3. Kamal-e-Insani-by Samartha Guru Mahatma Ram
chandraji-Sadhan Press-Mathura u. p.
4, RAMCHARIT MANAS by Goswami Tulsidas, Published
by tbe the Geeta press, Oorakhpur.
5. Sant Mat Darsban by Samartb Guru Mahatma Rom
chandraji, of Fatehgarh, published by Aadhyatma Ohara
Prakashan Fatebgarh (UP).
6. Sant Mat Sadhana by Param Sant Dr. Sbyamlal Saksen.
of 7 Ramakrishna Colony O. T. Road Gbaziabad UP­
Published by bim.
7. Sapt Darshan or Faqiron lei Sat Manzilen, by Paramsant
Dr. K.rishnaswarupji of Jaipur, Published by Ramashram
Satsang, Sikanderabad (UP).
PYARA HAl (KABIR SAHIB) Commentry by the
Mabaraj Sawan Singhji, Published by Radhaswami
Satsang Beas-2nd Edition 1980.
9. Sbreemad Bbagwad Purana.
96 The Secret of Realisation
Pege lin ' .... cormet Correct SATGURU PARAMSANT MAHATMA SRI RAM
6 5 the this CHANDRAJI) Translated by the same author ill
6 intimae intimate English.
8 16 iheir Their
1 26 sha shanti WHAT IS PLEASURE AND HOW
14 29 secluse recluse
esual usual
33 4 the wants (the wants
40 21 chimney chimney (2) - ~-IN HINDI INDICATING HOW ATTACHMENT
46 1 deael dealt
the The delete the
59 28 sotl soul ALSO
30 phyical physical
6S 5 tin e tinge
annda anda
29 becoms
becomes SYSTEM.
30 in
68 11 ~ tt (3) HINDI Iw~r 'qUi' INDICATING HOW BHAKTA
26 Doal Dayal
4 hights heights
7 will well
28 neithe neither
30 him him

72 11 Stage Stages

14 aequaine<:t lJequainted
75 3 • t .it

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