Sun Microsystems; The Network is the Computer
2. Ernst and Young; Quality in Everything we Do 3. Barclays; Fluent in Finance; Its our business to know your business 4. Standard Chartered Bank; Your Right Partner 5. CNBC or NBC; Profit from it or Must See TV 6. Microsoft Office 2003; Microsoft Office has Evolved. Have You? Better, faster, and newer 7. AT&T; The World's Networking Company 8. Monster.com; Never Settle ICONS . 9. Texas Instruments; Technology for Innovators.




. 8. 6.5. 7.

(United Airlines) (United States of America) Going Beyond Expectations (Malaysian Airlines) (Malaysia) Fly the good times (Kingfisher Airlines) (India) Work Hard. (British Airways) (Britain) A breath of Fresh Air (Air Canada) (Canada) The spirit of Australia (Qantas) (Australia) The Reliable Airline (KLM)(Netherlands) Fly with friends. Fly Right (Continental Airlines) (United States of America) Your never forget your first time (Virgin Atlantic)( United States of America) . Simplifly (Air Deccan) (India) The Joy of Flying (Jet Airways) (India) There's no better to fly (Lufthansa) (Germany) The world's most refreshing airline. (Swiss Air) (Switzerland) The Way to Fly.9. (Sahara)(India) It's time to fly. (Austrian Airlines) (Austria) Emotionally yours.

Everytime. Food World 5.Taking on the World’s Toughest Energy Challenges (Exxon Mobil) Human Energy (Chevron Corporation) Growth is Life (Reliance Industries Limited) Beyond Petroleum (British Petroleum) Making Tomorrow Brighter (ONGC) Bringing Energy to Life (IOCL) Pure for Sure (BPCL) 10 Years in Formula One. Poora bhi (IBP) Gas and Beyond (GAIL) Always Moving Forward (LUKOIL) Trademark of Energy (Total) A positive a++itude (Essar Corp) High Performance Petrol (Hint: Brand of BPCL) (SPEED) 100 % Performance. The World is watching us. SANYO ICONS . Accenture 2. (Brand of IOCL) (SERVO) 1. (Petronas) Pure bhi. Himalaya Healthcare 3. Idea Cellular 4.

1. . 4. 3. 2.

5. 1. . Have a Kit Kat.DUNLOP 4. Born Tough – CEAT Don’t Just Book it. The future is bright. The best – run businesses run SAP.MICHELIN 3. Tyres with Muscle . Easy as DELL. Every FORTUNE Tells The Story. Have a break. Accelerate your soul . I think.BRIDGESTONE 2. therefore IBM. Think Kotak. (Hint: Name of a Bank) No FT (Financial Times) No Comments. The future is Orange. Thomas Cook It.MRF 5. The CITI never sleeps. My goodness. A better way forward . Think Investments. PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE . My Guiness.

The Power of Dreams 10. Computer Associates .High Performance. LEXUS – The Pursuit of Perfection 15. 11. TOYOTA . FIAT .Drive Your Way 8. Results. HP . Then There's KFC.The software that powers the E Business 5.Drivers wanted 12. Microsoft . The jeans that built America There are some things money can't buy. FORD – Built for the Road Ahead 2.Experience. Everything is Possible 4. GM – Only GM. HYUNDAI . HONDA . SKODA – Obsessed with Quality since 1897.Intel inside. Accenture . 1. VOLKSWAGEN . CSC . NISSAN . Windows XP .Do More with Less 3. TATA MOTORS – Even More Car per Car 1.Where Do You Want to Go Today .Driven by Passion. There's Fast Food. JAGUAR . Your Potential Our Passion 2. 3.Touch The Perfection 7. Delivered .Invent . DAIMLER CHRYSLER – The Future of Automobile 4. AUDI – Vorsprung Durch Technik 6. LEE. For everything else there's MASTERCARD.Shift_ 9.Born to Perform 14. 6. BMW – The Ultimate Driving Machine 5. FIAT 13.

McDonalds 7. Macromedia . Computer Sciences Corporation 9. 10.7. TCS .Think Different. .Applying Thought 13. Wikipedia 5. 1. Computer Associate 8. Unilever 4. 15. Price Waterhouse Coopers 3. Better by adobe. IBM . 14.ON DEMAND 8.We are building a new technology company. WIPRO . Sony Entertainment Television ICONS ============================= Punchliners Quiz # 11 ============================= 1. LENOVO . Improve your odds with Infosys Predictability 12. Adobe 6. Apple Macintosh . Infosys .Where Information Lives. Driven by Values. 9.Simplicity at work.Beyond the Obvious 11. EMC .Powered by Intellect. LG 2.What the web can be. Adobe .

7. 5. . 3. 6.2. 8. 4.

PFIZER 2. Today's medicines finance tomorrow's miracles . – (CENTRAL MALL) 6. REDDY'S LABORATORIES 8.(FORD MOTOR) 2.BIOCON 9. Hum Hain Na !!! – (ICICI BANK) 4. Life is our Life's work .GLAXO SMITHKLINE 4. – (TOYOTA INNOVA) 9. Because Health Matters . New you can Use.BRISTOL MYERS SQUIBB 6. Caring for life . Gain from our Perspective – (FRANKLIN TEMPLETON INVESTMENTS) 7. Make Every Day Exciting . The Edge is Efficiency . Celebrate. Hope .(Bombay Stock Exchange ) 2. Research.NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) 3.MERCK 5. 1. Life Inspiring Ideas . The world puts its stock in us . Stock market for the digital world (NASDAQ) . Shop. Where Patients come first . Eat. Extending and enhancing human life . Keep Discovering – (EMIRATES AIR) 3.CIPLA 1. All you Desire. – (NDTV Profit) 8. The difference lies in our DNA .9. We know your game – (STAR SPORTS) 1. Life. SURPRISINGLY – (SBI) 5.DR.SANOFI AVENTIS 3.ASTRAZENECA 7.

Your Partner for life . 1. Growing and Protecting your wealth . It's Your Hollywood (Hollywood Stock Exchange) 6.CITIGROUP or CITIBANK 6. Higher Standards -. The Index Company (FTSE) 5.UBS 5. SGX) 7. (AMEX) 9. The Citi Never Sleeps -.4.We know Money .Metropolitan Life Insurance Company or Metlife.AIG or American International Group Insurance Company 5. Positively Different. The World's Local Bank -.Bank of America 4. The Power on your side . You and Us -. India's International Bank -. Options. Good People to Bank with -.HSBC 8.(The fill in the blank itself is the name of the organization) LIC 6. Where Vision Gets Built -. Tomorrow Market's Today.Standard Insurance Company Limited.Prudential Insurance Company 4. You are in good hands . Equities. Making More Possible -.Deutsche Bank 9. ETFs.AXA UK 7.Allianz Group 3. Have You Met Life Today .ABN AMRO Bank .Trust thy name is ------. The World's Center for Non Ferrous Metal Trading (London Metal Exchange) 8.Bank of Baroda 2.Union Bank of India 3. Be Life Confident .Max NewYork Life Insurance 9. Go for Growth (EURONEXT) 1. .Allstate Insurance Company 8.Lehman Brothers 7. 2. A Passion to Perform -. (Singapore Stock Exchange.

Target .SONY 2. Like. . Everyone's Invited or Its hard to Imagine . The Name India trusts for News .HAIER 7. The Indian Multinational . Life's Good .SAMSUNG 3. Saint Gobain 5. Choose Freedom . Other.HINDUSTAN TIMES 9. Intelligent Computing . The Magazine of the Corporate World . Play the Game . Mind Tree Consulting 4. Inspired Living . For Managing Tomorrow . Born in Japan Entertaining The World . Read a Bestseller everyday . Bacardi 3. Monsanto 6.CHIP 4.PHILLIPS 8.JVC 9.BUSINESS INDIA 2.LG 4.THE ECONOMIC TIMES 8.BUSINESS WORLD 6. The Power of Knowledge . Journalism of Courage .1.SANSUI 6. Sense and Simplicity .VIDEOCON 5. The Perfect Experience .THE DAILY TELEGRAPH 1.DIGIT 5.BUSINESS TODAY 3. Audi 2. No. Your Technology Navigator .The Indian EXPRESS 7.TOSHIBA 1.

Satyam 8. 3. 2. Total Petroleum 9.7. . World Space ICONS 1.

5.4. . 6.

METRO . 1. . Always. Like no other store in the world .BLOOMINGDALES 3. You can do it. Every Little Helps . Always low prices. 9.TESCO 5. . 8.7. The spirit of Commerce . We can Help.WALMART 2.HOME DEPOT 4.

CHEVROLET AVEO 2.6.COMPTRON and GREAVES 8.WALLET365. We make things which make India proud .DUPONT 7. The Miracles of Science . Exceed Your Vision (EPSON) 8. Earth's Biggest BookStore .MITTAL STEEL 3. The stuff of life. Celebrate – CENTRAL 1. with YOU in focus. Shaping the future of steel .MCX 3.McDowells Signature 4. Welcome to a Cashless World. (SBI DEBIT CARD) 7.COM 3.BIG BAZAAR 8. Everyday Solutions .BANK OF RAJASTHAN 5.AMAZON.KMART 9. Improved Daily . Is se sasta aur Achcha kahee nahee milenga .LARSEN and TOUBRO 5.BOEING 6. Costs less to get more .SUZLON ENERGY 1. Pride of Steel . . Forever new Frontiers . . The World's Online Market Place . Pay Anyone Online . When Good is not good enough.KROGER 7. The New Sign of Success.DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY 2. Powering a Greener Tomorrow. Trade with Trust.com . Steel solutions for a better world . .ARCELOR 4. Much more to do. . . Dare to Dream . There is a little bit of ( SAIL) in everyone's life (Answer lies in the blank) 6. (ANDHRA BANK) 1.VIZAG STEEL 9.EBAY 2. Eat. Be Fearless. Living. (SYMANTEC) 9. Shop.

"The Uncola"---Philips ----." Forever Sport"----7-up ----."Just do it" ---Adidas -----. REID AND TAYLOR 5. Honestly Impressive 2."Lets make things better" ----1) Pepsi--. PETER ENGLAND 2. If you have a reason. therefore IBM"---Nike ----. LOUIS PHILLIPS 3. Push Button Publishing .4. 1. The Complete Man 4. The Upper Crest 3.BLOGGER.TIMESJOBS.COM 5. Bond with the Best 5." Thanda Matlab Coca Cola" ----4) Birla Mutual Fund ----." Made For Each Other" --- .COM 1." I think."Yeh dil maange more"----2) Raymond ---. we have the job . WILLS LIFESTYLE IBM ThinkPad----. Enjoy the Change 2."The name inspires Trust" ----5) Wills Navy Cut ----."The Complete man"--3) Coca Cola ---. RAYMONDS 4.

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