EVA BRAUN • • • • Born: 6 February 1912 Died: 30 April 1945 (suicide by cyanide) Birthplace: Munich. Germany Best known as: Mistress and last-minute wife of Adolf Hitler .

met Adolf Hitler the first time when she was working in Munich in 1929 as the assistant of Hitler's personal photographer Heinrich Hoffmann. at 17. .EVA BRAUN • Fresh out of the convent school Eva Braun.

living in his Munich flat. Hitler's niece. . near to his own home. Hitler bought her a villa in a Munich suburb.EVA BRAUN • After the death of Geli Raubal. she became his mistress. after an abortive suicide attempt. • In 1935.


" . ending: "From our first meeting I swore to follow you anywhere--even unto death--I live only for your love. After he survived the July 1944 plot she wrote Hitler an emotional letter.EVA BRAUN • In 1936 she moved to Hitler's Berghof at Berchtesgaden where she acted as his hostess. • Her loyalty to Hitler never flagged.

both bodies were cremated with petrol in the Reich Chancellery garden above the bunker. On Hitler's orders. two minutes before Hitler took his own life. .EVA BRAUN • In April 1945 she joined Hitler in the Fuhrerbunker • On 29 April 1945 Hitler and Eva Braun were finally married. The next day she committed suicide by swallowing poison.


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