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CCNA Lab Workbook | Free CCNA Workbook

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CCNA Routing & Switching


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CCNA Lab Workbook | Free CCNA Workbook

Section 1 Getting Started with your Cisco Lab

Lab 1-1 Lab 1-2 Lab 1-3 Lab 1-4 Lab 1-5 Lab 1-6 Lab 1-7 Lab 1-8 Identifying Router Components and Accessories Connecting to a Cisco Router or Switch via Console Identifying Router & Switch IOS Software Configuring a Cisco Access Server Installing Graphical Network Simulator v3 Basic Graphic Network Simulator v3 Configuration Configuring The FreeCCNAWorkbook GNS3 Topology Configuring a GNS3 Ethernet NIO Cloud

Section 2 Basic Cisco Router and Switch Management

Lab 2-1 Lab 2-2 Lab 2-3 Lab 2-4 Lab 2-5 Lab 2-6 Lab 2-7 Lab 2-8 Lab 2-9 Lab 2-10 Lab 2-11 Lab 2-12 Lab 2-13 Lab 2-14 Cisco 2500 Series Router Password Reset Cisco 2600 Series Router Password Reset Fixed Configuration Catalyst Switch Password Reset Cisco Device Initial Configuration Dialog Navigating the Cisco Command Line Interface Configuring an IP address on an Interface Interface Specific Configurations Configuring a Loopback Interface Upgrading the Cisco Internetwork Operating System Recovering a Corrupt Cisco IOS Image on a 2500 Series Router Recovering a Corrupt Cisco IOS Image on a 2600 Series Router Recovering a Corrupt Cisco IOS Image on a Catalyst Switch Configuring the Login, EXEC and MOTD Banners Reset Cisco IOS Configuration Specific Defaults

Section 3 Configuring Basic Cisco Device Security

Lab 3-1 Lab 3-2 Lab 3-3 Lab 3-4 Lab 3-5 Lab 3-6 Lab 3-7 Lab 3-8 Lab 3-9 Lab 3-10 Lab 3-11 Lab 3-12 Configuring Basic Password Authentication Configuring Local User Database Authentication Configuring AAA Authentication Lists Configuring AAA Authentication via TACACS+ Server Configuring Secure Shell Virtual Terminal Access (SSH) Configuring Numbered Access Control Lists Configuring Named Access Control Lists Configuring the VTY Line(s) Access Control List Configuring the Password Encryption Service Configuring an exec timeout and Login Failure Rate Configuring Cisco IOS Web Server Authentication Configure logging to a Remote SYSLog Server


CCNA Lab Workbook | Free CCNA Workbook

Section 4 Configuring Cisco Catalyst Series Switches

Lab 4-1 Lab 4-2 Lab 4-3 Lab 4-4 Lab 4-5 Lab 4-6 Lab 4-7 Lab 4-8 Lab 4-9 Lab 4-10 Lab 4-11 Lab 4-12 Lab 4-13 Lab 4-14 Lab 4-15 Lab 4-16 Lab 4-17 Lab 4-18 Lab 4-19 Lab 4-20 Lab 4-21 Configuring Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) Creating Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) Configuring a Management VLAN Interface Configuring Trunk Ports using ISL or 802.1q Configuring An EtherChannel Link Configuring EtherChannel Utilizing PAgP Configuring EtherChannel Utilizing LACP Configuring a Port Channel Interface Configuring a Static ARP Entry Configuring VLAN Trunking Protocol (VTP) Configuring VTP Transparent Mode and VTP Pruning Configuring Inter-VLAN Routing (Router-on-a-Stick) Configuring Per-VLAN Spanning Tree Protocol Configuring Rapid Per-VLAN Spanning Tree Protocol Configuring Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol (MSTP) Configuring Switchport Spanning Tree Portfast Configuring Switchport Spanning Tree BPDU Guard Configuring STP Interface Specific Attributes Configuring Dynamic Switchport Security Configuring Sticky Switchport Security Configuring a Switched Port Analyzer Session

Section 5 Configuring Wide Area Network Links

Lab 5-1 Lab 5-2 Lab 5-3 Lab 5-4 Lab 5-5 Configuring Point-to-Point T1 Links using PPP or HDLC Configuring Point-to-Point Frame Relay Links Configuring Point-to-Point Frame Relay Sub-Interfaces Configuring a Point-to-Multipoint Frame Relay WAN Configuring and Understanding Frame Relay Inverse ARP

Section 6 Configuring Static Routing

Lab 6-1 Lab 6-2 Lab 6-3 Configuring Static Routing Configuring a Floating Static Route Configuring a Static Default Route

Section 7 Configuring Routing Information Protocol (RIP)

Lab 7-1 Lab 7-2 Lab 7-3 Lab 7-4 Lab 7-5 Lab 7-6 Lab 7-7 Lab 7-8 Configuring Routing Information Protocol (RIP) Configuring RIP Versions 1 and 2 Configuring RIP Timers Configuring RIP Triggered Updates Configuring RIP Interface Options Configuring RIP Static Neighbors Configuring RIP Default Information Originate Configuring RIP Route Summarization


CCNA Lab Workbook | Free CCNA Workbook

Lab 7-9

Configuring RIP Route Metric Offset-Lists

Section 8 Configuring Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (EIGRP)

Lab 8-1 Lab 8-2 Lab 8-3 Lab 8-4 Lab 8-5 Lab 8-6 Lab 8-7 Lab 8-8 Lab 8-9 Configuring Basic EIGRP Configuring EIGRP Static Neighbors Configuring EIGRP Split Horizon Configuring EIGRP Stub Area Networks Configuring EIGRP Timers Configuring EIGRP Maximum Paths Configuring EIGRP Passive Interface Configuring EIGRP Route Summarization Configuring EIGRP Default Route Propagation

Free CCNA Workbook

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Section 9 Configuring Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)

Lab 9-1 Lab 9-2 Lab 9-3 Lab 9-4 Lab 9-5 Lab 9-6 Lab 9-7 Lab 9-8 Lab 9-9 Lab 9-10 Lab 9-11 Lab 9-12 Lab 9-13 Lab 9-14 Lab 9-15 Configuring Basic OSPF Configuring OSPF Priority Configuring OSPF Network Types Configuring OSPF Static Neighbors Configuring Multi-Area OSPF Configuring The OSPF Router-ID Configuring OSPF Timers Configuring Per Interface OSPF Configuring OSPF Stub Areas Configuring OSPF Interface Cost Configuring OSPF Auto Cost Reference Bandwidth Configuring OSPF Passive Interface Configuring OSPF Maximum Paths Configuring OSPF Route Summarization Configuring OSPF Default Route Propagation

Section 10 Configuring Route Redistribution

Lab 10-1 Lab 10-2 Lab 10-3 Lab 10-4 Configuring Static Route Redistribution Configuring Mutual OSPF and RIP Redistribution Configuring Mutual OSPF and EIGRP Redistribution Configuring Mutual EIGRP and RIP Redistribution

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Section 11 Configuring IP Services 4/7


CCNA Lab Workbook | Free CCNA Workbook

Lab 11-1 Lab 11-2 Lab 11-3 Lab 11-4 Lab 11-5 Lab 11-6 Lab 11-7 Lab 11-8 Lab 11-9

Configuring Network Address Translation (NAT) One-to-One Configuring a Network Address Translation (NAT) Pool Configuring Port Address Translation (PAT) Many-to-One Configuring the Cisco IOS DHCP Server Configuring an IOS DHCP Server IP Exclusion Range Configuring an IP DHCP Helper Address Configuring the Cisco IOS NTP Client Configuring the Cisco IOS NTP Server Configuring Cisco IOS DNS Name Servers

Section 12 Configuring IP Version 6 (IPv6)

Lab 12-1 Lab 12-2 Lab 12-3 Lab 12-4 Lab 12-5 Lab 12-6 The Basics of Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) Configuring IPv6 Interface Addressing Configuring IPv6 Static Routing Configuring Basic IPv6 RIPng Configuring Basic IPv6 OSPFv3 Configuring IPv6 Access List

Section 13 Installing and Configuring Cisco GUIs

Lab 13-1 Configuring SDM Minimum Requirements Lab 13-2 Installing Cisco Security Device Manager (SDM)

CCNA Pratice Exam(s)

Exam 1 CCNA Practice Exam #1 (72 Questions)

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CCNA Lab Workbook | Free CCNA Workbook

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Free CCNA Workbook

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CCNA Lab Workbook | Free CCNA Workbook

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