Directions: Answers the questions below and then place the tick (√) next to the number in the boxes

. 1 I can easily describe about myself by writing. 2 English/Nepali is easier than maths/science. 3 Recently, I have written something that I am especially proud of. 4 Clearly spoken words (metaphors) help me learn better.

5 I am good at science/math.
6 I can work and solve complex problems. 7 Mental arithmetic/calculation is easy for me. 8 I am good at logical games (like chess, path-finders, Sudoku, etc) 9 Geometry is easier than algebra. 10 I can easily understand complex objects/figures/patterns. 11 I can easily imagine how a ground looks from a high-up/sky. 12 While reading I form pictures/maps in my mind. 13 I feel easy in doing handworks like counting, gesturing, pointing etc. 14 I can easily do things like knitting, woodwork, pottery etc. 15 I am good at showing various bodily activities/ demos/ dance etc. 16 I am good at handicrafts & athletics. 17 I am able to sing or whistle accurately after hearing a tune. 18 I am able to recognize music & instruments while listening. 19 I can keep the rhythm when beating a Tom-tom/Madal/Drum. 20 I notice immediately if a melody/music is out of tune. 21 Even in unknown group, I easily find someone to talk to. 22 I can easily make my group/company. 23 I easily make contact with friends. 24 During group work, I support the group to bring a common thing.

33 I like to meditate/concentrate. 36 It like to share a quiet/happy moments with others. 31 I pay attention to my habits in order to protect environment. 29 I enjoy the time spent in nature (parks & gardens). 35 I often reflect on the meaning of life. 30 Protecting the nature (national park) is important to me. . 26 I try to understand my own feelings & why they are. 32 I enjoy studying biology (plants & animals). 34 Even ordinary every-day life is full of surprising things.25 I am able to know/analyze my own interest/ action. 28 I like to read moral/psychological books to increase my self knowledge. 27 I give time regularly reflecting on the important issues in life.

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