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Freedom of information and civic culture

International experience has shown that the adoption of the law on freedom of information worldwide does not lead necessarily to the respect of the right to information. The access in the right time to information makes the man stronger than others, he can to participate in an well informed way to decissions. The important informations can’t reached at the disadvantage people. Freedom of information could fight agains corruption and can makes the government responsible. I.C.T (Information and Communication Technology ) has produced a major change in the mass-media and in transmission of information. In terms of Governments, I.C.T made possible the electronic governance. Information and Communication Technology for us, is the internet. But what we don’t realize is the fact of that technology has her traps. Should be a way to make our personal dates to be safes on the internet. Let’s talk a little about media. The right to know can’t be without an independent media, free, which to spread the information. Right, sometimes media is too much in „the family”, and this with it’s a trap for information. Regarding the media, Information and Communication Technology (I.C.T) still presents risks. Those who do not have access to technology may be even more marginalized. The access to technology must be proportioned with social and human development, as well as a more efficient government.

C.Information and Communication Technology ( I. diminuation at the income from advertisment. . Despite of the possibilities.T ) allows access for a great number of people to informations. but it creates at the same time an imprecedented implication of ordinary people in production of news.  The right to freedom of information  The right to expresion  The right to knowledge Those are just some of our rights.C. the development of I. broaden the themes for any subjects and opinions.T (Information and Communication Technology) is seen by some people as a threat at the traditional bussines models.