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• • • • • • • • • • • • • • To complete the tasks at hand in an effective and appropriate manner. Give the full cooperation, discipline and amanah in fulfill the task. To maintain a healthy working condition among group members. To achieve maximum efficiency through unity between the different personal involved. To build group teamwork and enthusiasm in work. Help each other in finding the solution and hare the problems together To serve our purpose in fulfilling the client’s need in meaningful ways To fully utilize the potential of each member within the group in order to achieve these objective Inculcating god fearing, integrity, objectivity and accountability. To utilize and apply Islamic qualities and manners in our daily activities for the sake of Allah. Search for continuous excellence and enhancement in life and the group. Lifelong quest for knowledge for sake of personal development to serve others. Giving advise and always consult to each other about the problem occur. Free to give opinion and suggestion to the group in order to enhance the performance of the members and the group.

Mission “To be an active group with full of enthusiasm and spirit to achieve

excellence in the tasks”.

Vision  Translate knowledge and information to complete the task and also apply in our life.  Conduct ourselves in accordance with good manner and with Islamic qualities.  Deliver our works innovatively and creatively and accordingly with the requirements.  Proactive and sensitive to our lecturer expectations.