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BYZ2550 00.

Icon of the Virgin Psychosostria Byzantine (Thessalonike or Ohrid), mid-14th century Tempera on wood, silver-gilt revetment 158 x 122 x 4 cm (621/4 x 481/8 x 15/8 in.)

Flanking the halo in the roundels, Μ(ΗΤΗ)Ρ

Θ(ΕΟ)Υ (Mother of God), in the plaques: Η ΨΥΧΟCΩ(CΤ)ΡΙΑ (Savior of souls)

Church of the Virgin Peribleptos, Ohrid.


The icon was repainted in the nineteenth

century by the artist Dicho, from the village of Tresonche, who intervened only on the Virgin's .rnaphoriion, leaving her face and the figure of Christ intact. This layer was removed several years ago. Icon Gallery-Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia (82) The icon corresponds closely to the icon of Christ Pantokrator (BYZ2540) in size, treatment, and style, so it is not difficult to hypothesize that they originated with the same workshop or the same artist. The background is covered with a silver-gilt revetment composed mainly of a geometric pattern of interlacing circles, framed by foliate decoration and relief figures. Busts of Saint John the Baptist and the Virgin and the archangels Michael and Gabriel adorn the frame along the top, and a relief plaque of the Virgin Episkepsis (Shelter) supplants the missing bust of Christ in the center. Along the sides, the frame contains busts of the prophets Moses, Aaron, Zechariah, Isaiah, and Habakkuk and the figure of Nicholas, archbishop of Ohrid. The presence of the image of this archbishop and the inscription are a reliable reference for a more precise dating of this icon.
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