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ShoreTel 565g Features & Functions ShoreTel 565g User Guide ShoreTel 565g Quick Reference ShoreTel 565g Voicemail Quick Reference ShoreTel 565g Training Tutorial  On the Training Tutorial website, there are buttons at the bottom of the screen

You can click on the last button

to find the Table of Contents so you can find to skip through parts

what you need. You can also click on the forward button

of a lesson, or the backs button to go back over parts of a lesson. Listed below are the key points of each lesson. 6. Lesson 2 – Logging In shows how to:  Log on to the phone system and your voice mail, create a password, record your name, and configure voicemail options. 7. Lesson 3 – Managing Calls  Place Calls  Answer Calls o Double ring signals internal call o Single ring signals external call  Answer Additional Calls

Lesson 4 – Audio Controls  Adjust the Ring Tone Volume  Adjust the Handset Volume  Adjust the Headset Volume  Adjust the Speakerphone Volume  Mute an Active Call 9. Lesson 6 – Directory  Use the Directory Key to display a list of system extensions  Speed dial numbers and employees you may want to call . Lesson 5 – Options  Change Call Handling Modes o Standard (default) o In a Meeting o Out of Office o Extended Absence o Custom  Change the Call Forward Destination  Change Automatic Off Hook Preference (for headset users)  Change Ring Tones  Program Custom Buttons  Change the Agent State (not applicable for ASPA)  Enable or Disable Hands Free Mode  Pairing with a Bluetooth Wireless Headset 10. Transfer a Call  Make a Conference Call  Use the Intercom  Place a Call On or Off Hold  Redial and Check Missed Calls 8.