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the story of collaboration.

Dedicated to
The memory of Sister Patrice Murray, Who, in 2003, asked me to write about Rosalie Rendu. Heres to you, Sister Patrice, who believed in me as no other friend ever has believed in me and my talents. Sister Patrice Murray, gone to God in 2009, this is in your honor. -Alma/gh

This is the story of re,

that settles in the soul, and will not leave.

This is the story of


Meet a Daughter of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul. Meet a Daughter of Charity on re. Meet:


S!ter Rosalie Rendu

How did you do it, Sister Rosalie? How did you make it happen--

The chid care center,

The clinic, The pharmacy, The school, The orphanage, The youth club

How did you make it happen? Who were you, Sister Rosalie Rendu? Just who were you?

No one, just a simple Daughter of Charity, she would say, No one else. But the power you had, such force, such reach--

Not me, she would say, all of us, all of us.

It is we the people who help the people: We Daughters of Charity, We the Vincent de Paul Society, We the Ladies of Charity. It is We who serve; it is we who support; it is we who reach.

It is all of us together and none of us apart.

is everything!


Our service began simply Rosalie would say...

There were only two or three sisters in the beginning... Yet...

We have built a Community of Service.

All of us together is ever so much stronger than any one of us apart.

WE are an Army of Charity

reaching everywhere, across the barricades, within the houses, down the streets, Bringing the wealth of the rich to help and become the

Hope of the Poor.

presentation by Georgia Hedrick

used with permission