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Introduction to Engineering Reading Working Drawings

Agenda Introduction to reading and developing a basic set of working drawings

 Generally consists of multiple drawings.Mechanical Working Drawings  Working drawings are the complete set of drawings specifying the manufacture and assembly of a product.  May contain written instructions called specifications. on multiple sheets. .

A bill of materials (BOM). This is essentially a parts list. It is often with the assembly drawing.Contents of a Set of Working Drawings 1. Usually one part per “sheet”. An assembly drawing (or subassembly drawings) showing how the parts fit together. 3. A title block on each sheet. 2. . 4. Detail drawings of each nonstandard part.

 Example: simple fingernail clipper .Reading Working Drawings  Our first goal is to learn how to read a set of working drawings.

Example 1 .Assembly Drawing .

Full Section View .

Detailed Part Drawing: Rivet .

Detailed Part Drawing: Bottom Clipper .

Example 2 .Butterfly Valve .

Individual Part Drawing .

In-Class Exercise  Teams answer questions on Worksheet 1 .

Assignment DWG 9 – Working Drawing Worksheet .