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Aur Allah jise Chahta hai Izzat deta hai aur jise Chahta hai zillat deta hai

.(Surah Imran ) Part-III: General Knowledge (weightage 15x3 = 45%) a) Everyday Science (15%) b) Current Affairs (15%) c) Pakistan Affairs (15%) a) Everyday Science (15%) Well, for Everyday Science, go for Abbreviations, Inventions, Discoveries, Devices, and other such objective type of stuff. I am going to share a file containing information in this regard. Furthermore, you may practice the past papers of Everyday Science. b) Current Affairs (15%) For Current Affairs, prepare the Nobel prize winners , Academy awards , Presidents and Prime Ministers, Foreign Ministers of different countries ,the Capitals of different countries, Election in Pakistan ( Provincial seats, National Seats, etc ) WHO IS WHO< WHAT IS WHAT is the book best in this regard. And also have an eye at current National and International Events. Don’t forget having a look at the first and the last, the smallest and the biggest, the shortest and the longest type of questions. c) Pakistan Affairs (15%) Well, for Pakistan Affairs, try and go for the MCQ’s of past papers. Prime focus should be on dates and events. Keep a close eye at the books by the renowned writers and scholars of the past. Have a thoughly detailed study of the lives and Services of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Allama Muhammad Iqbal. I am going to share a file containing MCQ’s in this regard.

Well, Islamiat portion must be the easiest one for all of you. You must practice the past papers of CSS. And I am going to share a very detailed and effective file that contains loads of knowledge of Islamiat. It will help you all immensely.