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The Eagles
G G7 C C m6 G
D .Henley G. Frey Arr: A Ramsell Em


With pedal throughout





Des - pe - ra



why don't you


C m6



E m7







you've been


rid - in'





in' you.mon . Em C C m6 G/D B/D E m7 you got your reas - ons. Don't you Pno. I know that Pno. . Oh. You know the Pno. A7 D7 G D/F hurt you some - how. can Pno. She'll beat you if she's able. boy. so long now. you're a hard one.ds. Em B m7 C G G/F 3 draw the queen of dia .A7 2 D7 G G 11 8fr. these things that are pleas .

you ain't Pno. Em B m7 C G seems to me some fine things have been laid up .er. Des . Now it Pno. Em A7 D 11 3fr. but you Pno. 3 Your pain and your hung - er. D7 G G9 on . oh. Em C 3 G D/F 3 get .E m7 C G D/F 3 queen of hearts is al - ways your best bet. 3 they're want the ones that you can't get.tin' no young . .on your - do.

. G D/F Em B m7 Don't your feet get cold in the wint . the Pno. oh. C E m/G D/F Em C sky wont snow and the sun wont shine.dom. .ple talk - in'.lone. free -dom.time from the Pno. oh free .4 A7 D7 G G9 driv . C G B 7/F Em A7 D7 some peo .' you home. that's just Pno.on is walk - ing through this world all a . It's hard to tell the night . your pris .time.

3 You're loos . 3 op . Em G D/F 3 6 A7 D7 down from your fenc - es.en the 6' all your highs and lows. . C G A m7 fun . D 11 3fr. It may be Pno. ain't it Pno. D7 G G9 C C m6 Des - pe-ra - do. why don't you come to your sens .es.ny how that fee - lin' goes a .G 3 Em B m7 5 day.way? Pno. oh. come Pno.

bow a . rit. but there's a rain . You bet . . be- Pno.ter let some-bo-dy love you rit. You bet . Em G B7 Em C G/B A m7 G/D B 7/D let some-bo-dy love you. G Pno.6 G G9 C C m6 rain . Pno. G7 C C m6 fore it's to late. a tempo rit.C. G'.ter Pno. D 11 3fr.bove you.

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