Social Media For Advocacy Lessons Learned Over The Year
Shweta Krishnan Asia Safe Abortion Partnership

A Quick Recap
15 minutes


In Last Year’s Sessions…

Content creation : curating, creating and sharing using social media tools

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Setting Up Profiles on social media platforms
The importance of the social network Best Practices for Social Media


Best Practices
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Post at least one story a day Visit other pages and look at their stories Like Pages / People Interact with at least one post everyday Join groups and post actively in them.

Post at least four times a day Schedule interesting news stories if you have nothing interesting to say When you share an opinion, be respectful but emphatic

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Thank people who interact with you.
Follow people and organizations that are potential offline connections.

Sharing Experiences
1 hour 15 minutes


Rola – Setting up an interactive website + blog Shreejana – Blogging about field work Dakshitha – Twitter as a networking tool, achievements and lessons learned Nikki – Using Facebook in Iran, restrictions and barriers Preet – Social media for rural youth, challenges and barriers Yu Yang – Microblogging in China, challenges of using social media under censorship.

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What We Achieved and What Barriers Remain
Each speaker gets 5 minutes to present. We will spend 10 minutes for discussions.


Think of times where you have felt stumped because of what you did not know or because of other challenges like time, opposition, censorship. We will take a look at the big picture, and we’ll brainstorm ideas for overcoming barriers.

35 minutes

For example, an anti-choice person responded to my tweet from my personal profile two weeks ago, and said I don’t seem to care that babies are being killed. I decided not to respond, because I did not want a fight, and was also not willing to engage with opposition from my personal profile Is this the best response? How else could I have tackled this? Using this can we come up with ideas for tackling anti-choice messages?

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