By Courtney Campbell

I decided to compile a little document that would help me when preparing my games. There’s this cool list of items. what do I find? Wait. wait for it. . Now you can actually *know* how difficult to move whatever they find actually is. or try to figure out how to move their 500 pounds of iron ingots. If there isn’t a table for something. Where are the tables for these things? Well. Now you can roll up an 800 gp armoire that the players will walk right past when you roll that 20 for room contents. Goods. No really. Most of the following should be fairly self-explanatory. All values are vaguely accurate and are designed to not break the suspension of disbelief in play. and only 20% of the rooms contain treasure of any sort. Gems. (Unguarded treasure?!) Now you can put more than enough treasure in the game for the players. And what did historical looters find of value? Art. simulationist. Magic Items. How do I generate an appropriate list of items and treasure for an area without favoring certain PC’s? How can I match the treasure with the approximate danger in the area? How can I randomly generate treasure that doesn’t instantly unbalance my game because of a bad random roll (1% chance of an artifact I’m looking at you).Treasure tables suck. pick. I don’t know. The tables in this document are assuming that 60% or so of rooms are empty. completely unsatisfied with every hodgepodge treasure table scattered all over the universe. Enjoy. Or roll 1d20 and count words. Gold. There is little description. Furnishings. with an extensive random table that doesn’t take into account the power level of your group or the environment at all. I open the chest. Every time. and leave it up to them if they want to sell their diamond bells. it’s like a video game. cycling around till you run out of numbers. So I like to run a game that feels.

The average guardian level is ((8*4) + (34*2))/42 = 2. (You may round this value to 1000 gp. M. it Base Value of the Hoard (1d100) 01 1% 02-03 10% 04-08 25% 09-14 50% 15-24 75% 25-76 100% 77-86 150% 78-92 200% 93-97 300% 98-99 500% 00 1000% is easily worked around by allowing results using “Gems”. Average TREASURE UNIT 850 gp. Average Treasure unit 250 gp. To determine the treasure level. Average TREASURE UNIT 4000 gp. The randomness of discovering an artifact or a gem worth 1 million gold pieces is removed. a 2nd level magic-user.38. and 1 TREASURE UNIT of Art. and subtracting 1 if you roll 10 or under. modifying the Types of Treasure table by adding 1 if you roll 11 or over. Take this modifier and multiply it by the base treasure unit above. C: Huge Hoard. If magic items are present. Average TREASURE UNIT 5000 gp. T: Produces 1 TREASURE UNIT of scrolls.Determine Average Treasure Value: To determine your treasure unit value. Alternately you may use the values given on the Treasure Type Conversion table. dungeon level (use the level as a multiplier). Average TREASURE UNIT 1000 gp. and a 3rd level fighter. 1 TREASURE UNIT of Gems. adding +50% to the base value of the hoard and modifying the Types of Treasure table by adding 2 if you roll 13 or higher. F: Huge Hoard. First your game system and its treasure requirements and second the treasure level of your game. In systems where 1 gold piece is equal to an experience point higher treasure values are given then in systems where 5 gold pieces are equal to an experience point. You may further modify this number by rolling on the Base Value of the Hoard table below. G: Large Hoard. Q: Produces 1 TREASURE UNIT of Gems. Low treasure games work well with a base value of 100-300 gold pieces per treasure unit. we will consider several things. If a value is rolled on this table lower than 1 or higher then 20. This hoard will not contain any copper. a 3rd level cleric. Average TREASURE UNIT 1200 gp. L.8. This is just our base treasure value we use to determine specific treasure values for encounters. 1 2-3 4-7 8-13 14-17 18-19 20 Types of Treasure (1d20) Art Jeweled Items Goods Coins Furnishings and clothing Gems Special and Magic Items Hoard Size (1d20) 1 Individual Treasure 1 TREASURE UNIT 2-3 Small (Unguarded) Hoard 1-3 TREASURE UNITS 4-7 Small Hoard 3 + 1d6-2 TREASURE UNITS (2-7) 8-13 Medium Hoard 4 + 1d4-1 TREASURE UNITS (4-7) 14-16 Large Hoard 6 + 1d4 TREASURE UNITS (7-10) 17-18 Huge Hoard 6 + 2d4 TREASURE UNITS (8-14) 19 Massive Hoard 6 + 3d4 TREASURE UNITS (9-18) 20 Gargantuan Hoard 4*1d4+2 TREASURE UNITS (12-24) . A treasure is guarded by 8 Advanced Bullywugs and 34 Normal Bullywugs. and “Magic Items” to cascade to increasing values. Average TREASURE UNIT 2000 gp. (Do not increase this value if you use it). B: Huge Hoard.5+. consider it a 1 or 20. J. H: Gargantuan Hoard. Electrum or Gold. The average party level is (1+2+3+3+3+. and P are all Individual treasure results. total the hit dice and divide by the number of opponents. Average TREASURE UNIT 500 gp. In some modern systems little to no experience is given for treasure and there are specific expectations of how much wealth by level should be acquired. 1 scroll will be guaranteed. R: Produces 1 TREASURE UNITS of potions. Then roll on the appropriate tables on the following pages. Middle value treasure games and games that give reduced experience for gold work well with treasure units from 400800 gold pieces per treasure unit. This is a low treasure campaign so a TREASURE UNIT is equal to 2. Silver. Average TREASURE UNIT 750 gp. Average TREASURE UNIT 1500 gp. Z: is a Medium Hoard with all money types present. and subtracting 1 if you roll 10 or under. “Jeweled items”.5)/5 = 2. E: Large Hoard With a +2 bonus on one roll of the Types of Treasure Table. Average TREASURE UNIT 750 gp. or roll on the Hoard Size table.8*200 or 560 gp. roll on the Types of Treasure Table. (You may round this value to 600. Example 1: We will determine the TREASURE UNIT size by enemy hit die totals. W: is a small hoard. This is a mid-value treasure campaign so a TREASURE UNIT is equal to 2. 1 potion will be guaranteed. Average TREASURE UNIT 2000 gp (Do not increase this value if you use it). and a 3rd level thief. Average TREASURE UNIT 2500 gp. You should calculate a modifier to this base value from monster hit dice (Example 1). K.5+. D: Large Hoard. Slavish devotion to the tables is NOT encouraged) Example 2: We determine the TREASURE UNIT size by party level. Average TREASURE UNIT 250 gp. I: Small Hoard that does not contain any Copper. doubling all TREASURE UNIT results. Average TREASURE UNIT 700 gp. “Art”. of course forgo rolling on any of these tables and simply select rational values for all choices. Slavish devotion to the tables is NOT encouraged) Note: Henchmen are considered an aspect of the character and are not used to reduce the average party level. Note that this treasure method (of determining the unit value) does cap the value of treasure discovered before rolling. If magic items are present. This hoard will not contain any Gold or Hard Silver. For each treasure unit. Y: Produces 1 TREASURE UNIT of gold. Average TREASURE UNIT 500 gp. Average TREASURE UNIT 1000 gp. Treasure Type Conversion A: Massive Hoard. This hoard will not contain any copper or silver.38*500 or around 1190 gold pieces (gp). You may. To determine the number of units you may use the Treasure Type Conversion table to find the size of the hoard.5+. Average TREASURE UNIT of 1-100 gp. Henchmen levels count as half. High treasure games that give even experience points for gold work well with 1000+ gold piece value treasure units. S: Produces 2 TREASURE UNITS of potions. Average TREASURE UNIT 175 gp. N. Note that if this randomness is desired. Average TREASURE UNIT 2000 gp. V: Produces 2 TREASURE UNITS of magic items. Advanced Bullywugs have 4 HD. They have 4 1st level henchmen. A party consists of a 1st level monk. and Bullywugs have 2 HD. U: Produces 1 TREASURE UNIT of Gems. This Hoard will not contain any Hard Silver. and 1 TREASURE UNIT of magic items. X: Produces 1 TREASURE UNIT of Potions. 1 TREASURE UNIT of Art. and subtracting 2 if you roll 9 or lower. O. modifying the Types of Treasure table by adding 1 if you roll 11 or over. or party level (Example 2).

buckles or padlocks Jars and Urns: These may be made from the following materials: Glass. Security: Jars and Urns may be sealed by wax seals. Cheap. but will tend to fall apart if overloaded. Niches: These may be found in either the floors. braided. they may be warped. Corduroy. Burlap. Leather. Steel. Denim. Sturdy). Oxford. Lace Bags and sacks may be woven. Large Box (Per cubic foot) Chests (Per cubic foot) Ship (Per ton) Cart (Small) Cart (Large) Chariot (Small) Chariot (Large) Wagon (Small) Wagon (Large) Wagon (Large. How much can I carry? A great deal of the value in providing unique treasure is forcing the characters to find ways to transport it out of the dungeon. walls. They are bound by wooden or metal hoops. Wood. or lids. Giant Sheep Yak 200/400 300/600 400/600 300/600 150/250 500/1000 400/800 300/500 400/650 500/750 300/600 500/750 200/300 250/400 25/50 225/350 . or ceilings. and Trunks may be sealed by latches. and Trunks: These may be composed of the following materials: Bronze. underneath a blanket. Crape. Small Saddlebag. All weights are in pounds.Treasure Containers: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Treasure is contained in Bags or Sacks Barrels or Cask Coffer or Kist Chest Huge Chest Trunk Urn Jar Niche Loose 1-2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Treasure is hidden by Concealed Invisible Secret space under container Secret compartment Inside an ordinary item in plain view Disguised to appear as something else Under a heap of trash or dung Under a loose stone in the floor or wall In a nearby secret or concealed room. Large Saddlebag. reptiles) Poison Gas released Trap door opens Stone block drops Magic Reference Appendix A for an extensive list of materials to aid in description (such as different types of woods and metals). Scarlet. or knots. They may be bound by any of the above substances. Silver. (You may apply a -4 modifier for chests with results equal or less than 1 indicating a trap). Huge Chests. Wood (Carved. or protected by latches. Tweed. Metals. Cambric. 1 2 3-4 4-6 7-8 9-10 11-12 13-14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Concealed: This indicates the treasure is hidden from sight. Brocade. stoppers. wild Mule Pony Ram. Cedar Bark. perhaps inside a drawer. Jewelry. or felted. buckles. There is a 1 in 20 chance of treasure being hidden. There is a 1 in 20 chance of a container having treasure being trapped. or shoved under a bed. Cloth of gold. Fleece. Loose treasure may be stacked. Security: Coffers. light war Horse. locks. Flannel. laced. Barrels and casks are found in a variety of sizes. Painted. Security: Barrels or Casks may be sealed by wax seals or brands. Pottery and Ceramics. snaps. Haircloth. Coffers. Cheesecloth. Wadmal Non-Woven: Felt. heavy war Horse. piled or scattered. Himroo. Moleskin.Herringbone. Treasure is trapped by Contact Poison on Treasure Contact Poison on Container Poisoned needles in lock Poisoned needles in handle Poisoned spring darts in front Poisoned spring darts on top Poisoned Spring darts from inside lid Poisoned spring darts from inside bottom Blade scything across top Poisonous vermin (insects. From the gallon (1 gallon) to the barrel (32 Gallons) to the hogshead (48-63 Gallons) to the tun (252 Gallons). Broadcloth. Stone or Magical Energy. Twill. Barrels or Casks: These are usually made from vertical wooden staves. Seersucker. Canvas. Marble. Security: They may be concealed. or they may be wrapped in chains or straps. Plush. Velveteen. Security: Bags and sacks may be sealed by a rope ties. rope ties. Calico. Backpack Small Belt Pouch Large Belt Pouch Sack. and Magic Items) are most rare. draft Horse. Gold. Chests. Copper. Numbers to the right of the slash indicate maximum loads. Hodden. Slate. How much can these reasonably carry without becoming useless? These containers may be able to physically hold more. Iron. organized. Velvet. 2-4 Horses) 40 10 20 10 40 25 100 20 650 100 400 600 400 550 850 1200 1500 Pack Ape Brown Bear Camel Dog Sled Donkey Elephant Horse. Muslin. Certain devices exist to assist adventurers with moving treasure. Chiffon. Huge Chests. Silk. Bags and Sacks: These constructed out of the following fabrics: Woven: Barkcloth. Chests. Samite. Small Sack. Oilskin. Valuable potable items (Gems. Khaki. medium war Horse. crocheted. locks. Longcloth. knitted. Terrycloth. and padlocks. Ottoman. Satin. Gauze. Sateen. Lead. clasps. Knitted: Velour Netted: Fishnet.

000 gp 6-13 Average (0) 6-13 Average (0) 2 Damaged (-2) 750 gp 1 Million gp 14-17 Large (+1) 14-17 Above Average (+1) 3-5 Worn (-1) 1000 gp Priceless 18 Very Large (+2) 18 Good (+2) 6-13 Average (0) 19 Huge (+3) 19 Excellent (+3) 14-17 Good (+1) 20 (1-14) Massive (+4) 20 (1-14) Brilliant (+4) 18 Excellent (+2) 20 (15-20) Gargantuan (+5) 20 (15-20) Masterpiece (+5) 19 Near Perfect (+3) 20 (1-14) Perfect (+4) 20 (15-20) Flawless (+5) Names of Artists: Bedlam Grosscraft. Ice. Fanaungi. Mosaic. Wood. from Brick. Mel Arden Mercado. birdbaths. Furnishings.Art: 1-2 3-4 5-6 7-8 9-10 11-12 13-14 15-17 18-19 20 Paper art (prints. Tableware/China. Ivory. The Unholy Earl That Eleanor Manuela Francis. Lapidary. Tob. Charcoal. you can select multiple pieces. Zoron Shroud. Zane Vondrak. Sumi. Age: Value Categories: 1 Avant-garde (-3) 1 copper 1500 gp 2 Current (-2) 1 silver 2000 gp 3-5 Recent (-1) 5 silver 3000 gp 6-13 Contemporary (0) 1 gold 4000 gp 14-17 Modern (+1) 10 gp 5000 gp 18 Old (+2) 25 gp 7500 gp 19 Antique (+3) 50 gp 10. The Ambassador Who Rexak Ghostcarver Greenpine. Painting: Acrylic. Lamps/Chandeliers. and Tableware. Slate. Malik Montgomery. ivory. Tiles. Cloth. Printing. embroidery. Lace. acrylics. decorative) Magical 1 2 3 4-5 6 7-9 10-12 13-17 18-19 20 Abstract (-2 Value) Monster (-1 Value) Humanoid Natural Supernatural Local Historical Religious Wealthy/Noble (+1 Value) Royalty (+2 Value) These two tables will give some indication as to the medium and subject of the art. illustrated manuscript) Fabric art (tapestry. Statues. Metalwork: Sculpture. Colored ink doing Calligraphy. Carvings. Textile printing. oils. Pipes. Lacquer. Bookbinding) Carving (woodwork. Clay. Crochet. Condati. Hazel Hudson. Cross-stitch. Dying. Gems.000 gp 1 Tiny (-3) 1 Awful (-3) 300 gp 250. If you wish more information about the piece roll on the following tables. Felting.000 gp 20 (15-19) Archaic (+5) 100 gp 40. Crayon. Patchwork. Fabric Arts: Applique. china) Glasswork (decanters. Granite. Pottery. Bowls. Egg Decorating. Travertine. Pietra dura. Hates the Dreamer Various Examples of Art: Paper Arts: Pastel chalk or oil. Rugmaking. goblets. Oil or Enamel Paint. Gourd. Decanters. Flowers. Metal. Tapestry. Carnage of the Mysterious Adam Von Bargen. Benedict Cobb. Ink. quilt) Painting (watercolor. Ernie Hays. windows) Stonework (Statues. Crafts: Bracelets. urns. Knitting. Weaving. Zar’tsokegorh. Stained. and Fountains. furnishings. Scrap-booking. Colored pencil. Bauaet. Renown of the artist: Quality of Materials: 1-3 Unknown (-3) 1 Awful (-3) 4-6 Obscure (-2) 2 Poor (-2) 7-10 Locally known (-1) 3-5 Below Average (-1) 11-14 Regionally known (0) 6-13 Average (0) 15-18 Nationally known (+1) 14-17 Above Average (+1) 19 Continentally known (+2) 18 Good (+2) 20 (1-16) World renowned (+3) 19 Excellent (+3) 20 (17-20) Ubiquitous (+4) 20 (1-14) Finest (+4) 20 (15-20) Unique (+5) These various factors can also modify the value of the art. scales) Ceramics (pottery. Engravings. pipes. chandeliers. bowls.000 gp (20)(1-18) Antediluvian (+6) 150 gp 80.000 gp Size of the Art Object: Quality of the work: (20)(19-20) Primordial (+7) 200 gp 150. Encaustic (wax).000 gp 20 (1-14) Venerable (+4) 75 gp 20. Woodwork is covered under Furnishings. Wood burning. Glass. or Metal. Sewing. Beadwork.000 gp 2 Very Small (-2) 2 Poor (-2) Condition of the work: 400 gp 400. Xavier Nix Vortex. Tiles. Rope. Windows. Carolina Eunice Lester. Canvas. . bone. Quilting. The base cost is set by the value of the TREASURE UNIT. statuary. Etched and Engraved. or alter their age or condition to reflect their value. Crystal. Michael Moreau. scrimshaw. Macrame. Glasswork: Beads. Merz Damnmuck. Paper. Cariloadsem. or drawing on Paper. Tools. Limestone and Sandstone. Wood. Passementerie. Watercolor on Buildings. Graphite. Fresco. plaques) Metalwork (sculpture. Scrimshaw. Origami. Conte. enamels) Crafts (Doll making. Prefers the Pretender. letter. Carving: Bone. Plaster. calligraphy. Canvas. Marble. Goblets. Glaze. Embroidery. Gesso. or Ceramic. Nadnozmaciel. Anadalong. Tempera. Gouache. Miniatures. or Illustrating a manuscript. Stone. Needlework. Ceramics: Figures/Statuary. Ink. Stonework: Sculpture. Wood. Nalebinding. Dacthamei. Lace. The Moolah Thief. Htarc Anvilworker.000 gp 3-5 Small (-1) 3-5 Below Average (-1) 1 Badly Damaged (-3) 500 gp 800.

Jeweled Items: 01-02 03-05 06-07 08-09 10-14 15-17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 Anklet Armband Belt Small Box Braclet Brooch Buckle Chain Chalice Choker Clasp Collar Coffer Comb Coronet Crown Decanter Diadem 34-35 36-37 38 39-40 41 42 43-45 46 47 48 49-53 54 55 56 57 58-59 60 61-62 Goblet Headband (fillet) Idol Locket Medal Medallion Necklace Pendant Pin Orb Ring Scepter Seal Statuette Tiara Mask Nose Ring/Stud Circlet 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82-85 86-89 90-93 94-99 Chatelaine Cuff link Lapel Pin Grill Bangles Body Piercing Prayer Beads Puzzle Aiguillette (decorative cord / ribbon tip) Cock Ring Pectoral Zierscheibe (ornamental disc) Icon (small animal. Coffin. Pen Case. Goblet. Thimble. Molds. Pitchfork. Fish-hooks. Knives. Drill. Pickaxe. Social factors can also play a role in value. Grindstone. Whitewash. Bowl. Chisel. Pliers. You may add things to it (Upholstering. Nails. You may remove things from it (ornate carving. Mortar & Pestle. Wheelbarrow. Kettle. Bellows. Stopper. There are many different types of utensils that can be enhanced as above. Corckscrew. Block and Tackle. fretwork). inlaying precious metals and gemstones. Shepherd’s Crook. Eye-patch. Cup. Sledge. Loom. Mug. coloring. Tongs. Bangles. Treasure container is bejeweled. Awl. Platters. Salt cellar. Spade. Dolls. 30-32 33 Earring Fob 63-64 65-67 Torc Utensils 00 Most jewelry are plain items enhanced by precious metals and gems. Tiles. embroidery). Game Pieces. Stein. some common methods are listed below: You can increase the quality of the material. Pouches and small boxes. Mirrors. Toys. Cards. Ewers. Bell. . you can increase the quality of the manufacture. dying. Scissors. as any urban setting value will be dictated by culture and fashion. Pulley. Mantle. Crowbar. finishing. or in lieu of the above list: Adhesive. Pots. symbol) Egg Weapon Armor Tool Roll on again on type of treasure table. Wire. Bow Drill. Auger. painting). Hollow Reed. Rake. Plow. Hilt. Things may be done to enhance the value of the object (Polishing. new item is bejeweled. Reroll coin results. Pan. Cauldron. Planner. Brush. Monocle. Ankus (to prod animals with). Carding Comb. relief. Branding Iron. Here is a list of some items that can be selected on a roll of utensils. Forge. adding a fur fringe. Mallet. Combs. Adze. Door Handles. encasing it in valuable skin. Hammer. Masks. Dice. Potters Wheel. Spoon. Vestments. Balls. Candelabra. Trays. Scepters. Buckle. Flagon. Spit. Ladle. Saw. Fingerpick. Key Ring. Drinking Horn. Bottle. Rope. Hoe. beveling. Pitcher. Fork. Whetstone. Whistle. There are many ways to enhance the value of an item. Drinking Jack. Drill bits. File. Peg-legs. Wedge. Candlestick. Carpenter’s square. Paint. Anvil.

Beer and will be in casks or barrels.Goods: Low Value Goods Cotton/Wool/Flax Furs/Hides/Skins Ingots: Iron/Copper/Lead/Tin Lumber Wine/Ale/Beer/Liquor Grain/Foodstuffs Livestock/Slaves Sugar/Spices/Hemp/Jute/Pipeweed/Herbs/Salt* Dressed Stone Cloth/Fabric* Leather Goods Pewter/Bronze/Copperware/Ceramics Wooden Items Steel Bar Stock High Value Goods Armor/Weapons Coffee/Tea Exotic Fruits Leathers/Silks/Fabrics Gold/Silver/Electrum/Platinum Bars Ivory Narcotics/Medicine Perfumes Ingots. if you want them to walk past the treasure in the adventure. young. Electrum/Silver/Gold/Platinum Laboratory Items Magical Components the appendix for a list of creatures furs. Each cubic foot of stone weighs 100 pounds. Bronze is 6 copper pieces per pound. 1 pound of material is approximately 2 square yards. There are literally dozens of different types of fabric. or certain specific situations in higher level campaigns. It takes up approximately 1/4 a ton of space in a ship. Ingots Iron/Copper/Bronze/Lead/Tin: An Ingot is a pound. the value of these varies wildly. The worth starts at 1 copper piece per pound and increases to a maximum of 10 gold pieces per pound. Pipeweed goes for 20-500 gold pieces a pound (and is usually found in ounce and quarter-ounce quantities). The value to weight of low value goods means that the low value goods table should be restricted to the lower character levels. 1 pound of material is approximately 2 square yards. Larger Common animals have furs valued at 1 . Low value goods: Cotton/Wool/Flax: Cotton is 1 gold piece per pound. From the Gallon (1 gallon) to the barrel (32 Gallons) to the hogshead (48-63 Gallons) to the tun (252 Gallons). Wool is 3 copper pieces per pound. See clothing for worked fur clothing. Use the value for beasts of burden in your role-playing system for more detail. Barrels and casks are found in a variety of sizes. skins and hides. Copper is 1 silver pieces per pound.10 silver pieces per pound. Flax is worth 5 silver pieces a pound. Exotic animals and monsters have hides valued at 10 . It varies in price between 1 gold piece and 30 gold pieces per pound. This value varies from 2 gold pieces to 500 gold pieces or more. there are things of value in there. or if they desperately need natural resources. Cows will sell for 10 gold pieces. or beer made by a dwarf over one thousand years old might be more difficult to procure and more expensive as a result. and weighs between 2000 and 4000 pounds a cord. These are particularly effective if you are looking to screw your party out of treasure. (Sugar may be found in cane form which cuts it’s value by 1/2 per pound). Wine/Ale/Beer/Liquor: A gallon of liquid will weigh between 8 and 10 pounds. Sugar/Spices/Hemp/Jute/Pipeweed/Herbs/Salt: Sugar and Salt are 1 gold piece per pound. caravans. Rare Metals Rare Woods Religious Artifacts Scrolls/Books Ingots. merchants and general goods. The value can range from 5-100 gold pieces per pound for more exotic leathers. whereas a Chicken is worth a copper piece. followed by cloth made from the soft fur of animals.5 gold pieces per pound. It has a value of 10 gold pieces per pound for cow leather.500 gold pieces per pound. It has a value of 10 gold pieces a cord. (i. Grain/Foodstuffs: Foodstuffs and grain vary wildly in cost and weight. A full cord measures 4 feet high by 4 feet wide by 8 feet long (4’x4’x8’) and has a volume of 128 cubic feet. The most common are cotton and wool. Spices and Herbs range from 1 copper piece to 20 gold pieces a pound. If they are skilled. See the appendix for a full listing. Lead is 6 copper pieces per pound. 01-08 09-18 19-22 23-26 27-35 36-48 49-52 53-65 66-69 70-73 74-79 80-87 88-95 96-00 01-12 13-16 17-20 21-30 31-33 34. Lumber: lumber is found in cords.5 silver pieces a cubic foot. Hemp and Jute run approximately 2 silver pieces a pound. Livestock varies by the beast.”) These tables are also very useful for determining the contents of ships.2 gold pieces per pound. healthy or of an unusual race they are worth much more. Furs/Hides/Skins: Depending on the animal and the quality of the fur. Leather Goods: These can vary in price depending on the actual source of leather. and Tin is 1 gold piece per pound. See . The alcoholic liquid inside will be valued at 1 copper piece to 300 gold pieces a pound (or 10 copper pieces to 3000 gold pieces a gallon) based on the rarity and difficulty of manufacture in your setting. Livestock/Slaves: Assuming slavery is legal.e. Iron is 2 copper pieces per pound. Small common animals have furs valued between 3 . These refer to the un-worked tanned furs hides and skins of animals. Wine and Liquor will be in bottles or casks. “Yes. Wine made from grapes crushed by the feet of young elven female virgins.37 38-40 41-46 47-48 49-50 51-63 64-85 86-90 91-98 99-00 Low value goods are useful to the Dungeon Master in several situations. but it’s not worth your time to retrieve. (Good luck) Cloth/Fabric: This also varies in price. Dressed Stone: This is worth between 2 . talented. Rare animals have skins valued at 3 . They are usually sold for the approximate value to rent their services for 2 years. the value of a slave depends on the local market and their condition.

Mathmatics. Electrum is 5 gold pieces per pound. Ichthyological. carafes. inkwells. Trees. Oceanography. candles. alchemical materials. Arachnids. Gold is 10 gold pieces per pound. Cold Iron is 1 gold pieces a pound. Rare Woods: These are 2x . Coffee/Tea: Coffees and teas vary between 1 gold piece and 5 gold pieces a pound.25 gold pieces per pound depending on availability. stands. Ichthyoids. sheets. depressants. Avians. equal to 25 pounds. Medicine. snuffing bells. jugs. To determine the item. flasks. Lecterns (20-150 pounds) and Reliquaries (5-50 pounds). Biology. There is a (1%) possibility of spell books or scrolls within the cache. Botanical. paper. furnaces. dishes. Sociology. Elven. Heraldry. and it may be difficult to procure a purchaser. poisons. hallucinogens. A list of topics follows: Autobiographies. mosaics.100 gold pieces Items made from rare woods are 10 gold pieces to the pound. Dwarven Iron. and potions. Mammals. Zoological and Sage (For each race. vials. euphoriants. chimes. caldrons. hourglasses. Philosophy & Ethics. scroll tubes. crystal balls. Trade Secrets. They are worth between 50 and 5000 gold pieces a pound. pentacles. They are worth between 2 silver pieces and 20 gold pieces an ounce. The value of ivory increases as the size of the piece increases. wood. triple or quadruple the price per pound. you can use the utensil entry in the appendix. crafting magic items. These items are usually made of glass. mortar and pestle. Laboratory Items: These include a wide variety of items. Most of these items weigh a few pounds or less except for altars (10-2000 pounds). stirring or mixing rods. Scrolls /Books: These include a wide variety of items. Amphibians. kneeling bench. Ivory from fantastic creatures is most valuable. tubes. fertility drugs. screens. tripods. holy/unholy symbols. Gold/Silver/Electrum/Platinum Bars: Each bar is 400 ounces. A list of some fabrics may be found in the Appendix. Physics. as well as spell components. Dweomercraft. Fungi. There is a 5% chance one of the documents is a map or puzzle that leads to some sort of treasure. vials of blood. Steel Bar Stock: Standard bars are 400 ounces. ladles. Reptiles. Geography. A Steel Bar is worth 250 gold pieces. Alchemical Silver is 15 gold pieces a pound. Ivory from hippos. bladders. Legal Texts (Contracts. Herbs. brass. phials. velvet. pots. see the utensil entry in the Appendix. quills. stuffed animals. Languages. alembics. Braziers (5-200 pounds). History. Gnome. thuribles. Poetry). Erotica (Stories. Kneeling benches (3-20 pounds). Inner Planes. Common (Accounting. pipettes. Mosses & Ferns. Religious Artifacts: These include a variety of items. parchments. useful in creating scrolls. boxes. fonts. Letters. crucible. candelabras. spatulas. The source of the ivory may also be a factor. bloodstained cloths)idols. altar cloth. an Electrum bar is worth 625 gold pieces. Obviously goblin blood is a little more common then a dozen basilisk eyes. A gold bar is worth 1250 gold pieces. Signs & SIglis. 375 gold pieces per steel bar). bronze. astrolabes. There is a 25% chance of the books or scrolls having value towards an Arcane library. Outer Planes). Hymnals). censers. vellum. pans.10x the cost of normal wooden items. decanters. Warfare. Tracts. antibacterials. Historical. Writs. These items can be made from or covered by linen. Metaphysics. reliquaries. a silver bar is worth 125 gold pieces. followed by that from elephants. Divination. pentagrams. stools. and researching spells. candlesticks. Theology & Myth. Perfume: Perfumes are priced by the ounce. desks. tanks. Magical Components: These are magical components. Insects. Weeds. such as altars. tripods. Engineering. iron. Again 1 pound is equal to 2 square yards of material. Specifics are left to the Dungeon Master. beakers. cassocks. skins. Astrology & Numerology. altar cloths. incense. Ingots Electrum/Silver/Gold/Platinum: An Ingot is a pound. Biographies. lecterns. Fine steel is worth 15 gold pieces a pound (or as it is more likely to be found. Entomological. bowls. Pictures. marsupials. and potions among the supplies. Cephalopods & Echinoderms. Psychology. hypnotics/sedatives. and stimulants.Pewter/Bronze/Copperware/Ceramics: These functional items fetch approximately 1 silver piece to 2 gold pieces a pound. votive lights. braziers. iron. such as adhesives. Lists). Crustaceans & Mollusks. The prices on these items range from 20-40 gold pieces a pound. and whistles. dyed cloth. kettles. platinum. Orc: Art & Music. gold. Mithral is 75 gold pieces per pound. The writings on these documents can cover any conceivable topic. Politics & Genealogy. incense burners. bottles. Flowers. maps. or embroidered or enhanced leathers and fabrics. Exotic Fruits: Fruits vary between 1 silver piece and 10 gold pieces a pound. weighing approximately 25 pounds. Ingots. prisms. Demography. Assume a cord of rare wood has a value between 20 . gold brocade. Orichalcum is 500 gold pieces a pound. silver. Halfling. chalk. To determine the item. offertory containers. Herpetological. and steel. Adamantine is 750 gold pieces per pound. Topography & Cartography. Chemistry. funnels. tweezers. jars. High value goods: Armor/Weapons: Refer to the costs and weights of armor and weapons in your gaming system. Many of these can be used to make magical weapons and armors. drums. Physical and Supernatural Universe: Architecture. papyrus. This also includes poisons. Ornithological. Spellcraft. retorts. Rare Metals: An ingot is a pound. braziers. waterclocks. and workbenches. holy relics (bones. or granite. Bushes and Shrubs. They may be illegal. wires. lenses. shrines. Wooden Items: These items average approximately 1 gold piece a pound. Platinum is 50 gold pieces per pound. Leathers/Silks/Fabrics: These refer to expensive or rare fabrics. candlestick holders. Each pound of steel is equivalent to 10 gold pieces. Grasses & Grains. measuring spoons. Some examples include vitamins. bellows. Literature (Epics. Plays. walruses and such is less so. and a Platinum Bar is worth 6250 gold pieces Ivory: has a value of 5 . horns. lamps. Poetry). Novels. silk. ink. large pieces may double. Meterorology & Climatology. cages. tongs. Letters of credit. and Subpoenas). lamps. Law & Customs. skulls. Cryptography. bells. wax. . Dwarven. cruet. There may well be alchemical materials. vestments. Astronomy. Lyrics. is 10 gold pieces per pound. Human. chalices. candles. Silver is 1 gold pieces per pound. Their cost (increased by the lack of a need to kill the monster to retrieve them) varies greatly. Geology & Mineralogy. balances and weights. Religious (Scriptures. Planar. Legends & Folklore. Narcotics/Medicine: Narcotics vary wildly in price.

assume proportionately smaller coins. cape. Elephant. This will often increase the price and value of clothing. Walrus Giant. Containers (excepting chests) can not hold their maximum physical capacity of weight in solid mass. Padded Armchair. Knotted. These values are subject to two major factors.v. gems. Their weight in comparison to their value very rarely makes them worth taking in any fantasy game you might be playing in. Hippopotamus. If this is the case. Pakistani. Ermine. Bench: These may be upholstered with valuable fabrics (and expensive nails or tacks). Oliphant. Turkmen. Otyugh. Mastodon. Mammoth. Needlefelt. but any attempt to move them when they are overfull. and furs to create . Chest of Drawers. increase the value accordingly Valuable Furs: Aurumvorax. a volume of approximately . Owlbear. skins. Quality: Poor. the frequency of appearance of the animal. linens. Furs generally have a given value for a pelt in the range of 1 silver piece . Devil Dogs. Mammoths. be upholstered or be made more valuable in a variety of ways. beveled. and the difficulty in acquiring usable fur for large garments. engraved. but are not limited to: Woven. inlaid with precious metals. Persian. It may also have gems and rare metals for buttons and decoration which may also increase the value. Examine the lists of fabrics. metals. Hollyphant. Padded Chest of drawers Closet (Wardrobe) Couch Cresset Cupboard Cushion 52 53-56 57 58 59-60 61-63 64 65-68 69-70 71-73 74-75 76-78 79-80 81-84 85-86 87-88 89 90 91-93 94-96 97 98 99 00 Dais Desk Fountain Fresco Hamper Idol Loom Mat Mattress Pallet Pedestal Pillow Quilt Rug Screen Shelves Shrine Sofa Stool Table Throne Tub Wall Basin Work Bench the value of the clothing. Wolverine. Fox (hoar/red/silver). Reptiles (Snake. robe or blanket is made from the fur. Zebra Valuable skins: Bulk Hides (Cattle. If you do not use Hard Silver in your game. Fine. Behemoth. Panther Sable. Azerbaijani. Lizard. Beaver. Average. by 100 if a cape or jacket is made from the fur(s) or skin(s). Bobcat. and coat respectively).). and English. The base price for clothing is a few slivers. Armoire and Closets: This may contain a selection of clothing as part of it’s value (or other items). A cubic foot can hold approximately 6400 coins. Lynx. Blink Dog. It may be made out of a variety of valuable woods. have a diameter of 1. simply read all Hard Silver results as Gold. Marten.18 cubic inches. There is no issue with changing this to 50 or 100 coins to the pound. and Embroidered. Mink. Bed: Do not forget the value of the mattress. Otter. It is this reason. Snow leopard. burned. Turkish. crack and break. Muskrat. Superior and Royal Furnishings: Furniture may be ornate. Chinchilla. and a specific gravity of 15. Ki-rin. Mastodons. Walrus. If an animal is both small and rare. Catoblepas. Flatweaved. and 1800 times it’s base value (for trimming. will cause them to rip.10 gold pieces. Giraffe. and metals (q. Crocodile. tear. Clothing: Clothing may be made out of expensive fabrics (silk) or rare furs. due to impurities. Neo-otyugh. Notes on individual furnishings are below. Tiger. fabrics. Tufted. Yeti.Coins & Furnishings: 1-2 3-5 6-7 8-10 11 12 Copper Silver Electrum Gold Hard Silver Platinum Coins: Copper coins in particular. and coins in general are a trap. and by 200 if a coat. and sheets. Dragonfly. Fisher. Dragonne. For purposes of calculation. all coins weigh . Gorgon. Caterwaul. a thickness of . have fretwork. Spanish. These values give you 4 loose coins to the cubic inch. Turtles. Dinosaurs) *Dragon hides have many special qualities Ivory Producing animals: Baku. 01 02 03-05 06 07-10 11-12 13-15 16-17 18-19 20 21 22-23 24-25 26-27 28-30 31 32-36 37-38 39 40-42 43-45 46 47 48-49 50-51 Altar Armchair Armoire Arras Bed Bench Blanket Box Braizer Bucket Buffet Bunks Cabinet Candelabrum Carpet Chandelier Chair Chair. Hooked.1 inch. mink is worth 30. Musk-ox. say. Narwhal. and Desk: May double as a treasure container. This value is multiplied by 10 if the fur is used to trim an item. Items will hold more then their listed capacity of weight. Caribou) Behemoth. Hippopotamus. French. Dragon*. Dragon Horse.1 pounds. Oriental. or made of a certain quality will also greatly increase or decrease the cost. Types of rugs are often associated with earth cultures and include Chinese. Methods of rug and carpet making include.66. Wolf.5 inches. Winter Wolf. References are in the Appendix. Spotted cats. (Hard Silver is a mix of Platinum and Gold). Seal. Clothing from a specific designer. Nonafel. Carpet and Rug: There are a huge variety of types of these. carved. Cupboard. Bear. 900. Bison. Displaced Tentacle Cat. Bunyip.

Eye Agate. Human. Tiger Eye. Amethyst.001800. Tapered. 1 silver piece. Obsidian. Fluted. Jasper. Picture Carvings. Bloodstone. Materials: They may be constructed from any Metal. Blade shapes: Straight. Oriental Topaz. Garnet. Treasure Maps. 20. Fancy Stones (Value 76-250 gold pieces): Amber. Glass. Brilliant Full Cut. Black Pearl. Heads (Monster. 10. Stones lower in value by these increments. Metal). Cabochon Cut (round). Coral. 5 silver pieces. Garnet. These gemstones may be found cut or uncut. Gods Handle: Organic (Ivory. Notches. Moss Agate.) by these increments. Topaz. Spinel. Chalcedony. value. Fur. Jewels (2.001-80. Alexandrite. Garnet. Short Blade. Turquoise. and can often lead to many other adventures. Grooves (Straight/Spiral). Jacinth. Precious stones (Value 251-750 gold pieces): Aquamarine. Kunzite.000. appearance. Oriental Amethyst. In the case of Special. 800.000. The value for many of these things is in the thousands of gold pieces and dictated more by campaign considerations so set your prices accordingly.000. Morganite. consider such options as Deeds. or Stone listed in the Appendix. Inorganic (Stone. Bone. Idicolite. Peridot. 200. Malachite. Opal. 80. . Fancy. Carnelian. Pommel Materials and Shapes: (Reference Appendix for Materials). Semi-Precious Stones (Value 25-75 gold pieces): Amazon Stones.001-400. Ruby Types of Gemstone Cuts: Step Cut. Scissors Cut.000 coin for a baby Thessalhydra to guard your fortress?). alignment. Tapered. Alamandines.000+. 1 copper piece. Blue Quartz. Weapons: Magical weapons are a special consideration. Fauna. Rhodochrosite. et. Wrapped in Fabric. Sapphire. Jet. Crosses. Diopside. Wood. Cut gemstones will rise in value to the next category of value. Saw. Wavy (Kris). Hollow. Nephrite. Skulls. Fire Opal. Table Cut. Obsidian. Ebony. Emerald Cut.000. you have the value. Smoky Quartz.001-40. These are not only excellent rewards more valuable than gold (would you trade 12. Hand or Paw. Rose Cut. Body parts. Black Sapphire. Prism. High Carbon.501-10. Zoisite (Tanzanite). Jewels and Gems. Monster Eggs. Animals. Variscite. Ceramic. There are extensive magic item lists for every game systems. Metal Inlays. combat statistics. magical abilities. Wood.000 gold pieces) Ammolite. To describe magical weapons give them a name. Serpentine. Stones that have a value of 1 copper piece or less are known as ‘rocks’. Spessarite. Eight Cut. Bone. Star Sapphire. Spikes/Protrusions. Gods).001-1.000. 1 gold piece. Antler). Pyrite.000. intelligence. method of communication. Oriental Emerald. Semi-Precious. Flora. legend. Hematite. Gems & Magic Items: Instead of rolling randomly for gems. Limbs. Star Rose Quartz. Spinel. al. Monster Carcasses. Ornamental Stones (value 1-25 gold pieces): Azurite. Use the TREASURE UNIT value to select an appropriate item. Gems (751-2. Star Ruby. Moonstone. Accents: Word Engravings. Diamond. Monster Guards. Handle Shapes: Straight. 400. and Layered Steel. so select the gems based on their core value.000. Citrine. Sardonyx. Zircon. Holy Symbols. Rubellite Tourmaline. ego.500 gold pieces): Black Opal.01 02-03 04-05 06-07 07-08 09 10-11 12-13 14-15 16-17 18-19 20-21 22-23 24-25 26-27 28 29-30 31-32 33-34 35-36 37-38 39-40 41-42 43-44 45-46 47-48 49-50 Apron Belt Blouse / Chemise Bodkin Boots Braies Buskins Cap Cape Caul / Barbette & Fillet Cloak Coat Coif Doublet Dress Fez Frock/Pinafore Garter Gauntlets Girdle Gloves Gorget Gown Hat Habit Hood Hose 51-52 53 54-55 56 57-58 59-60 61-62 63 64-65 66-67 68-69 70-71 72-73 74-75 76-77 78-79 80-81 82-83 84-85 86-87 88 89-91 92-94 95-96 97-98 99 00 Jerkin Jupon Kerchief Kirtle Leggings Linen (drawers) Linen (Undershirt) Mantle Pantaloons Petticoat Pouch/Purse Robe Sandals Scarf Shawl Shift Slippers Smock Stockings Surcoat Toga Trousers Tunic Veil Vest Wallet Wrapper Size of the Gem: 1 Tiny (-3) 2 Very Small (-2) 3-5 Small (-1) 6-13 Average (0) 14-17 Large (+1) 18 Very Large (+2) 19 Huge (+3) 20 (1-14) Massive (+4) 20 (15-20) Gargantuan (+5) Quality of the Gem: 1 Badly Flawed (-3) 2 Flawed (-2) 3-5 Minor Inclusions (-1) 6-13 Average (0) 14-17 Good (+1) 18 Excellent (+2) 19 Near Perfect (+3) 20 (1-14) Perfect (+4) 20 (15-20) Flawless (+5) Each of the above modifiers will increase or decrease the value of the stones by 1 category each. 40. Here are some details and alterations to create unique magical weapon descriptions. Blood grooves (Fullers). Sugilite (luvulite). Runes. Crystal. Lapis Lazuli. Onyx. and personality. Rock Crystal. modified by their size and quality. Jagged Hand Guards: (Reference Appendix for Materials) Arched. Stainless. Chrysoprase. Stones increase in value past the category values (Ornamental.001-20. and Bone. Mother of Pearl. Damascus.001-200. Monster Servants. Hand Imprint. Emerald. Hiddenite. Chrysoberyl. Banded Agate. or Leather. Curved. Pearl. Jade.

Grindstone. Hurdy-Gurdy’s Lutes. Rabbit (angora). Plant: Grass. Chisel. Bell. Salt cellar. Redwood. Rimefire) Stones: Marble. File. David Howery (September 1988) “Treasures of the Wilds” Dragon Magazine TSR. Donkeys. Dolphins. Silver. Teak. uh. Wedge. Ewers. Falcons. Wolverine. Camel (Alpaca). Rope. Corckscrew. or the tree fabrics. Kettle. Khaki. Sassafras. Whistle. Key Ring. Larch. Pots. Apes. Dolls. Vicuna. Ed Greenwood (December 1983) “Treasures Rare and Wondrous” Dragon Magazine TSR. Straw. Cymbals. Wyvern. Chickens. Pan. Anvil. Door Handles. Fingerpick. Blackwood. Lace Metals: Bronze. He wishes you would visit his web page. Cards. Sheep. Oxford. Hiexel (Bark is useful as paper). finishing. Fifes. Camels. Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master’s Guide. Mammoth. resilient durable wood). Shadowtop (strong fibrous wood. Hemlock. Buckeye. Flax. Sphinx (4000+) Unicorn (No egg. Plush. Eucalyptus. Auger. brittle weak wood). Tweed. Planner. Elephant. Pumice. Hoe. Shale. Cup. Goat (Cashmere. and check out some of his other downloads. Applewood. Wheelbarrow. Ankus (to prod animals with). Whistle. Charles Rodgers (April 1992) “Not Another Magical Sword!?!” Dragon Magazine TSR. Mark Plemmons and Brian Jelke (2004). There are a *large* number of ways to increase the value of an item. Lizard. Fantasy Woods: Realms Bluewood (errie blue leaves. Sandstone. Mantle. Calico. Spit. Pheasant. Rat. Eye-patch. Roc (4000). Social factors can also play a role in value. Starmetal. Crowbar. Oilskin. burns bright blue. Ferrets. Sateen. Candelabra. Ramie. Hare. Cobalt. Flagon. . Stein. Lead. Jute (Burlap). Raven. Ebony.000 gp for live young). Steed Monsters and Eggs: Camel. Hawk. Morghuth Iron/daemon. Cows. Mammoth. Satin. Ironwood. Pen Case. Saw. Balsa Beech. You may add things to it (Upholstering. Swan. Flannel. Mohair). good for ropemaking. Bears. Trumpet. Bulls. Ram. Scarlet. Llama. Model. Xylophone. Gygax. Cloth of gold. Electrum. Songbird. Pina. Pony. Sea Horse. Scepters. Horse. Quartz. Chiffon. Gold piece value for eggs is given in parenthesis. Game Pieces. Haircloth. Ladle. Zabunter (black bark and wood. encasing it in valuable skin. Mandolins. Drill bits.blogspot. Boars. Drums. beveling. Bangles. Musical Instruments: Flute. Elephants. but worth 10. Goblet. Rooster. Spoon. Dice. Pouches and small boxes. Appendix B: David F . Cauldron. Nails. Longcloth. Utensils: Adhesive. you can increase the quality of the manufacture. Dragonnel (2500) Eel. Lignite. Scissors. Bellows. Dulcimers. Driftmetal). Fish-hooks. And. Elm. Wollen Wool. Pitcher. Tungsten. (2500). Knives. Cold Iron. Forge. Ice metals (Blue. Tambourine. Things may be done to enhance the value of the object (Polishing. Hardwoods: Alder. it splits). Himroo. Locust. Iron. Bagpipes. Poplar. Pliers. Blocks. Obsidian. Coffin. A list of some of the most common follow: You can increase the quality of the material. Cotton. Coal. Block and Tackle. Drill. Goats. fire resistant). Rake. Inc. Gongs. Gum. Pan Pipes. Potters Wheel. Toad. Courtney lives in Arkansas. Hemp. Inc. Stopper. Masks. Platters. Basalt. Nickel. Fleece. Thimble. Giant Strider (1500). Hippogriff (1000). Goods and Gear: The Ultimate Adventurers Guide. Partridge. Fir. Spider). Spade. Orichalcum. Deer. Weasel. http://hackslashmaster. Bloodiron/demon). Carpenter’s square. Pig. Oliphant. Bats. Steel. Silverbark (dry. Coconut (Coir). Snake. Rush. adding a fur fringe. Duskwood (smoky gray wood. Buckle. Fiddles. Combs. Crape. Toys. Wolf. llama. Harp. Organ. Suth (hard durable wood. Mortar & Pestle. Eagles. unsuitable for carving or loadbearing. Rhinoceros. Trays. Paint. Sandalwood. Plow. Corduroy. Inc. Muslin. dying. Oak. Giant (2000). Stygian. Laspar (golden yellow wood). Gold. Cherry. Triangle. Baboons. Boxwood. Shepherd’s Crook. Monkey. Maple. Brocade. Cedar. Dogwood. Cambric. Candlestick. Walnut. Twill. Astral metals (Ferroplasm. Brush. Silk. Linen. Velveteen. Tiles. Vestments. Basswood. Ironbark (as strong as metal) Fabrics: Animal: Wool. Sledge. Pegasus (3000). Broadcloth. as any urban setting value will be dictated by culture and fashion. Hen. Pigeon. Bowl. Copper. Slate. Flint. Kapok. Fabrics: Woven: Barkcloth. Inc. Weirwood (will not burn in a normal fire. fretwork). Livestock: Alpacas. Dogs. Phendar (green-brown wood with thin black grain lines). Denim. Awl. Coral (It doesn’t really fit in anywhere) Fantasy Metals: Mithral. Cats. Drinking Jack. Whitewash. Cottonwood. Hell Metals (Green Steel/devil. Bison. Ottoman. Pitchfork. Birch. very strong). silver hue to wood). Mallet. Peacock. Alpaca. Peg-legs. Hollow Reed. Sisal. hard to work with. Terrycloth. Wire. Giraffe. Ocarina. Hickory. Godwin (December 1983) “How Many Coins in a Coffer?” Dragon Magazine TSR. Branding Iron. Chimes. Molds. Samite. Tongs. Mug. Hodden. Drinking Horn. painting). Willow. Worsted Wool. Gary (1979). double this value (at least) for live young. Kenzer and Co. Bells. Brass. Inc. Titanium. Seersucker. Mirrors. Vundwood (red-brown with a spicy smell). Pulley. Hammer. Ducks. Adamantine. Bow Drill. Adze. Otter. Palladium. Redcedar. Carding Comb. Hilt. Griffon (2000). Organs. Mastodon. Spruce. Bottle. Recorder. Monocle. Velvet. or Silk (Worm. Cypress. TSR. Aspen. Lyres. Hippocampus (1500). Chalk. Pickaxe. Yew. Platinum. Loom. Mule. You may remove things from it (ornate carving. Bamboo. hard as iron. relief. Horns. Chestnut. coloring. Balls.Herringbone. Foxes. Cheesecloth. Ash. Burlap. Owl. Lamb.Appendix A: Woods: softwoods: Pine. Fork. Ox. Wild Horse. strong. easily worked) Other Darkwood (weighs half as much as normal wood). Wadmal. Whetstone. embroidery). Wadmal Non-Woven: Felt. Geese. Cedar Bark Knitted: Velour Netted: Fishnet. inlaying precious metals and gemstones. Canvas. Gauze.

independent Agreement with the owner of such Trademark or Registered Trademark. translate and otherwise create Derivative Material of Open Game Content. judicial order. designs that are used by a Contributor to identify itself or its products or the associated products contributed to the Open Game License by the Contributor (g) “Use”. and You must add the title. “Used” or “Using” means to use. Wizards of the Coast. You represent that Your Contributions are Your original creation and/or You have sufficient rights to grant the rights conveyed by this License. artifacts. 5. procedures. formats. stories. and the copyright holder’s name to the COPYRIGHT NOTICE of any original Open Game Content you Distribute. modify and distribute any Open Game Content originally distributed under any version of this License. incidents. storylines. names and descriptions of characters. rent. correction. language. designs. and any other trademark or registered trademark clearly identified as Product identity by the owner of the Product Identity.0 Copyright 2000. Grant and Consideration: In consideration for agreeing to use this License. All sublicenses shall survive the termination of this License.0a The following text is the property of Wizards of the Coast. but specifically excludes Product Identity. (h) “You” or “Your” means the licensee in terms of this agreement. dialogue. logos and identifying marks including trade dress. You may use any authorized version of this License to copy. 10 Copy of this License: You MUST include a copy of this License with every copy of the Open Game Content You Distribute. likenesses. 13 Termination: This License will terminate automatically if You fail to comply with all terms herein and fail to cure such breach within 30 days of becoming aware of the breach. (d)”Open Game Content” means the game mechanic and includes the methods. plots. spells. license. non-exclusive license with the exact terms of this License to Use. 6. Inc. You agree not to indicate compatibility or co-adaptability with any Trademark or Registered Trademark in conjunction with a work containing Open Game Content except as expressly licensed in another. 11. (b)”Derivative Material” means copyrighted material including derivative works and translations (including into other computer languages).Offer and Acceptance: By Using the Open Game Content You indicate Your acceptance of the terms of this License. Updating the License: Wizards or its designated Agents may publish updated versions of this License. or governmental regulation then You may not Use any Open Game Material so affected. poses. format. including as an indication as to compatibility.Representation of Authority to Contribute: If You are contributing original material as Open Game Content. improvement. independent Agreement with the owner of each element of that Product Identity. modify. or graphic designs. thematic elements. You must affix such a notice to any Open Game Content that you Use. 9. Use of Product Identity: You agree not to Use any Product Identity.Notice of License Copyright: You must update the COPYRIGHT NOTICE portion of this License to include the exact text of the COPYRIGHT NOTICE of any Open Game Content You are copying. The use of any Product Identity in Open Game Content does not constitute a challenge to the ownership of that Product Identity. (f) “Trademark” means the logos. personas. depictions. compilation. symbols. addition. 1. potation. edit. teams. the Contributors grant You a perpetual. extension. magical or supernatural abilities or effects. places. processes and routines to the extent such content does not embody the Product Identity and is an enhancement over the prior art and any additional content clearly identified as Open Game Content by the Contributor. No other terms or conditions may be applied to any Open Game Content distributed using this License.OPEN GAME LICENSE Version 1. concepts. sell. and is Copyright 2000 Wizards of the Coast. 8. The owner of any Product Identity used in Open Game Content shall retain all rights. including translations and derivative works under copyright law. environments. abridgment or other form in which an existing work may be recast. 12 Inability to Comply: If it is impossible for You to comply with any of the terms of this License with respect to some or all of the Open Game Content due to statute. 3. upgrade. such provision shall be reformed only to the extent necessary to make it enforceable. creatures characters. title and interest in and to that Product Identity. themes and graphic. 15 COPYRIGHT NOTICE Open Game License v 1. and which specifically excludes the Open Game Content. worldwide. artwork. copy. mark. Inc. broadcast. symbols. All Rights Reserved. (c) “Distribute” means to reproduce. Definitions: (a)”Contributors” means the copyright and/or trademark owners who have contributed Open Game Content. modifying or distributing. except as expressly licensed in another. 7 . 2. logos. photographic and other visual or audio representations. (e) “Product Identity” means product and product line names. No terms may be added to or subtracted from this License except as described by the License itself. 14 Reformation: If any provision of this License is held to be unenforceable. names. equipment. Identification: If you distribute Open Game Content You must clearly indicate which portions of the work that you are distributing are Open Game Content. publicly display. Use of Contributor Credits: You may not market or advertise the Open Game Content using the name of any Contributor unless You have written permission from the Contributor to do so. sign. creatures. transformed or adapted. Distribute. enchantments. Inc (“Wizards”). The License: This License applies to any Open Game Content that contains a notice indicating that the Open Game Content may only be Used under and in terms of this License. transmit or otherwise distribute. royalty-free. and means any work covered by this License. personalities. lease. likenesses and special abilities. . locations. modification. motto. the Open Game Content. the copyright date. 4.

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