Business Development Services

BDS Success Stories

Mamit Habtie, Metal works, Gonder, Ethiopia

Problems: Limited funds; Inconvenient working premise; Poor market. Support given by BDS facilitator and BDS providers: Facilitated credit; Changed business site on facilitator s advice; Assisted in tender winning. Impact: Expanded business; Employed 3 more workers; Increased income.
Contact: Dieter Gagel, freelance consultant - more success stories on

Andinet Car Wash Service Association, Addis Ababa

Problems: 12 unemployed 12th grade complete students looking for jobs; No business idea; no start-up capital; no working premises. Support given by BDS facilitators and BDS providers: Supported in business idea generation; Organizing in cooperative; Sub-city provided premises and cleaned space; Linked to micro finance and got credit; Bought some equipment and built premises; Opened car wash and shop for oil etc. Record keeping provided. Impact: 12 cooperative members employed; regular income.

No working premises. Addis Ababa Women Association for local Food Processing. Impact: Owner got self-employed. Advised for savings to buy facilities for events like weddings. because of low production costs. good quality and marketing support. Income is good. Linked to micro finance and got credit. Entrepreneurship training provided. Assets grown (facilities for cooking and food/beverage services) . Market-link to the municipality for sales of blocs for public toilets. Impact: 22 women employed with regular wages. Support given by BDS facilitators and BDS providers: City administration provided land for production. No premises. business is to be extended and more workers will be employed. 12 workers employed. Problems: 22 women without regular job. Linked to institutions like sub-city agriculture office for sales. Linked to micro finance and got credit. Production of hollow-blocs.Dawit Ejigou. Addis Ababa Problems: Construction graduate without job. No start-up capital. City administration provided space for production. No start-up capital. Shop constructed by the women. Minimising costs by using waste water from the hill. Bought hollow-bloc machine from Selam technical center. Based on sales and savings. Support given by BDS facilitators and BDS providers: Organised in cooperative.

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