20 Famous Americans

1) Alexander
Graham Bell
He invented the telephone.
2) Benjamin Franklin Colonial founder-of-all-trades— scientist, printer, writer, diplomat,
inventor, and more; like his country, he contained multitudes.
3) Dwight
He helped win WW II as a general. As the 34
president, he won two
elections, and made everybody like Ike.
4) Elvis Presley The fifties king of rock and roll.
5) Ernest
Famous writer. His spare style defined American modernism, and his
life made machismo a cliché.
6) Franklin Delano
President. He said, "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,"
and then he proved it.
7) Frederick
After escaping from slavery, he pricked the nation's conscience with an
eloquent accounting of its crimes.
8) Harriet Beecher
She wroteUncle Tom's Cabinand inspired a generation of abolitionists
and set the stage for civil war.
9) Harry Truman The 33
president, this machine politician ushered in the Atomic Age
and then the Cold War.
10) Henry Ford He gave us the assembly line and the Model T, and sparked America's
love affair with the automobile.
11) J . P. Morgan The great financier and banker was the prototype for all the Wall Street
barons who followed.
12) J ames D. Watson He co-discovered DNA's double helix, revealing the code of life to
scientists and entrepreneurs alike.
13) J ohn D.
The man behind Standard Oil set the mold for our tycoons—first by
making money, then by giving it away.
14) J ohn Quincy
The 6
president. The Monroe Doctrine's real author, he set nineteenth-
century America's diplomatic course.
15) Lyndon Baines
J ohnson
The 36
president. His brilliance gave us civil-rights laws; his
stubbornness gave us Vietnam.
16) Mark Twain He wrote The Adventures of Tom Sawyer.

17) Martin Luther
King J r.
His dream of racial equality is still elusive, but no one did more to make
it real.
18) Richard Nixon 37
President. Opened relations with China and resigned due to
Watergate scandal.
19) Robert E. Lee Civil War general. He was a good general but a better symbol,
embodying conciliation in defeat.
20) Robert
The father of the atomic bomb.

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