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Treaty of Amity (South America - Signed)

Treaty of Amity (South America - Signed)

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Published by: Fabio Sebastian Cruz on Aug 16, 2013
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ANCIENT & PRIMITIVE RITE OF MEMPHIS-MISRAIM Peace, Tolerance, Truth; Salutations on All Points of the Triangle; Respect to the

Order. To all Illustrious and Enlightened Masons throughout the World. Union, Prosperity, Friendship, Fraternity. Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. TREATY OF AMITY AND MUTUAL SUPPORT between: THE SOVEREIGN SANCTUARY OF THE A&PRMM FOR CANADA and THE SOVEREIGN SANCTUARY OF THE A&PRMM FOR SOUTH AMERICA Lineage: Jean Maine – Bertiaux - Cruz We the undersigned, by virtue of this letters patent, do HEREBY declare that a state of amity, mutual support, and recognition exists between our two august bodies. With this declaration, we formally avow and affirm reciprocal benevolence with one another, and establish the link between our two organizations representing the Authentic Tradition. Our two bodies declare themselves united in the service of Light, Life, Love, and Liberty, and the ceaseless quest for Universal Truth. Our two bodies further declare themselves willing to mutually receive each other’s honoured Brothers and Sisters in good standing, and to lend them help and assistance in case of need. Signed on this 16th day of July in the year 2013 in the Light of the Gnosis, under the hand and seal of:

The Most Rev. T Marc Viau 33° 90° 97°

Fabio Sebastian Cruz XVI° 33° 66°-90° 95° 97°

Grand Hierophant of the A&PRMM for Canada Grand Hierophant for South America Bishop & Prince in the Gnosis Lineage: Jean Maine – Bertiaux - Cruz

Love is the law, love under will.

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