Notice 18th June, 2013

This is to to all eligible students for Seventh Semester, SOT Batch 2010, to pay the fees as given below on or before 3rd July, 2013: Particulars Fees (w/o Day Scholar Hostelite(PDPU) mess) Tuition Fee 60000/60000/ 60000/ Registration Fee 3,000/3,000/3,000/Students Welfare Activities 3,000/3,000/3,000/Fee Training & Placement Fee 1000/1000/1000/Convocation Fee 2000/2000/2000/Insurance Charges 2000/2000/2000/Hostel Fee 55000/Mess Fee 10000/15000/Total Fees in Rs. : 71000/81000/141000/Note: Mess Fee is compulsorily to all hostelite students. Payment is to be made as per above table.No part payment to be made/shall be accepted. SBI (I-Collect) A/c No.32366300625 There option to is topay the fees.

Students going to pay online payment of fees having account with SBI Go to  Personal Banking  Login  Payment/Transfer  Select I-collect  Make Payment  Gujarat  Educational Institute  Go by Dragging institution’s name you will found PDPU’s name  Submit then Choose the option for respective batch Fees(w/o mess)/ Day Scholar/Hostelite(PDPU) as per the above table and fee slip will display. Student should fill up his/her Roll No, Name, Mobile No, and Submit for Payment. After Successful payment a receipt is generated. Which is to be kept with student and its photocopy to be given to account secion on the 3rd July,2013.

Students Going to Pay Offline Payment of fees having account with SBI or Other banks.

You should get printout of applicable receipt(Three counter foil) and fill up the same to deposit cash at any branch of State Bank of India before due date. After due date fees shall be payable with fine. Students have to submit counter foil of fee deposit slip (school copy) at the time of registration at School. (Bank will Charge Rs.50/-(cash) or 20/-( payorder) per Transaction)
Transportation Service: The transportation charge is to be directly paid to M/s. Yogi Services as mentioned below. For mode of payment students may directly contact on 9723812837 or 9924112837.

For, School of Technology, By Order

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