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Dr Malachi z York - Exodus Introduction

Dr Malachi z York - Exodus Introduction


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Dr Malachi z York
Dr Malachi z York

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I, Dr. Malachi Z. York, Am Translating The "Second Scroll Of The Law To The IsraelitesExodus'9 For The Holy Tabernacle Ministries. I Did Not Translate The "Second Scroll Of The Law To The Israelites- Exodus" Based On The Pro-Christian Propaganda, And Their Particular Denominational Opinions With It's Many Denominations And Their Own Customs. Then They Tell The Whole World That, "They Are To Follow These Customs", Meaning The Whole World Is Supposed To Change 1000'S Of Years Of Culture, For A 2,000 Year Old, Christian Culture? What Foolishness! Stop From Being An Egyptian, With All Of Her Gigantic Pyramids, Maps, And All Of Her Other Achievements, And Stop Being A Sumerian, And All Of Her Glorious Astronomy, Laws, And Architecture, Or A Native American, With All Of Her Mighty Pyramids, Mounds, Arts, Or A Chinese, With All Of The Silk, Great Wall, Or A Yoruba, With Their Many Deities, That Goes Way Back, Thousands Of Years Before The Christian Culture?

You Mean To Tell Me, That I Am Supposed To Forget Many, Many, Thousands Of Years, Of How We Lived, What We Ate, What We Wore, Why We Respect Them, And Follow Your Culture That Does Not Even Fit In, With The Environment, Or Climate I Live In? I I'm Not Interested In These Opinions. I Am ! Interested With The Facts, Translating Strictly From The Scriptural And Literal, Unbiased Aramic (Hebrew), Which Was Taken From The Original Aramic (Hebrew) And Syriac (Arabic) And What It Says; Making It The Most Accurate And Clearest Translation Of The "Second Scroll Of The Law To The Israelites- Exodus" Because I Overstand All The Cultures That Were Before The Christian Way.


So With That, You Now Will Know Where The Name Yahuwa (God) Really Came From? Who The Angels Really Were? No Additions; Just Clear Historic Explanations - Facts You Can't Hide From. Just Exactly What It Says. Before You Begin To Read The "Second Scroll Of The Law To The Israelites- Exodus", It Is A

Check It Out! Read The King James Version. Etc. The Ryrie Study Bible.Exodus" To Help Break That Spell Of Sleep. Translations. The Sacred Scriptures.. Today's English Version. Scroll lato Cxofcu* Presented To From Occasion Date Don't try to change the wind or the sea.Exodus".Must That You Purchase The Introduction To The "Second Scroll Of The Law To The Israelites. Don't Believe Me. Fighting Under The Spell Of Kingu. just change the sail! .Exodus". Here's My Translation Of The "Second Scroll Of The Law To The Israelites. A Whole Lot Of People Have Been Mislead. With Better Overstanding. These Words Can Only Be Found Translated Correctly In My Translation. Religious Wars. Now. And Right Knowledge. It Basically Gives You The Meaning Of Important Words Used In And Throughout The Whole Book Of Prophecies To Christians Revelation. Thus Causing Uncalled For Sectisms. And See The Difference For Yourself Due To All Of These Mistranslations. Wisdom. Christians At Muslims. Within The "Second Scroll Of The Law To The Israelites.

Georgia 31024 P. Malachi 2. York The Holy Tabernacle Ministries Eatonton. Malachi Z. York For SHIMUT Right Translation By: The Good Reverend Dr. Box 4490 Known to us through the years as: El Sayyid Issa El Haady El Mahdi Rabboni: Y'shua Bar El Haady Amunnubi Rooakhptah .O.Second Scroll Of The Exit Of The Israelites Second Scroll Of The Law To The Israelites EXODUS EXODUS Translated By Dr.

Box 4490 Eatonton. THE ALL The Holy Tabernacle Ministries P.Second Scroll Of The Law To The Israelites Exodus ~ Is Dedicated To Facts Beyond Any Doubts.Second Scroll Of The Law To The Israelites Exodus ~ Translated By: Dr. Georgia 31024 Came Giving You What You Want So You Would Want What I Have To Give . 1995 A. York For The Holy Tabernacle Ministries.D.O. Malachi Z. . Thus Begin All Acts And Thinking By Using EL KULUWM.

EGYPT DR..I Introduction things You Should Know i&econb Scroll lato Co Wfje 3teraelite* "^Things You Should Know" Was Created In Order To Help And Guide You Through This Scroll Entitled The "Second Scroll Of The Law To The Israelites. Capital Words Indicate .: (Exodus 3:2). Exodus".e. ELOHEEM.Words Or Subjects That You Should Pay Close Attention To. Cxolm* Revealed.YORK . MALACHI Z. i.Is At The Beginning And Title Of Each Chapter. The Explanation Of I The General Format Of This Scroll Is As Follows: Deader .e. (J^uote References Are In Bold And Italicized And In Parenthesis i. Then Translated From The Original Aramic\Hebrew Into English By: important Names And Places Are All Capitalized And Bold.

T.13. &NUNNAQI €LOHEEM (DViVx) Exodus R. 23-24 Che Word "ANUNNAQF Means "Those Who ANU Sent Down. The Word "ELOHEEM" Is Found Throughout The Scroll Of Exodus And Is Falsely Translated As "God".28.16.8. The ANUNNAQI In The Bible Are Called ELOHEEM.4. 34:15-17. Tiamat Is Also Called Terra.T. And Was Also Referred To As Tamtu And Tiwawat. 3:2. 7:1." Words That Are In Quotation Marks Are The Right Translation Of The Word That Precedes It. Not Spooks Or Spirits Or Ghosts They Are A Host Of Beings That Do The f Works Of EL (Vv) Or While On The Planet Earth Under An Appointed Being. (Right Translation) And K. The Name . The Word ANUNNAQI Is | Used Within The Ancient Tablets. They Are Physical Angelic Beings. (King James Version) Indicates Where The Quotes Under The Titles Of Subjects Spoken Of. V. 9:1. Then They Are Called EL (Vx) Who Is Under AL Or EL 1 I ?}?).23.J.17. Example: MOSES "Drawing Forth Or Out Of The\ Water.23. Or "A Group Of ELOHS". They Changed It To Ge (ye).27. They Got Their Name ANUNNAQI When They Were Coming To Earth. From Heaven To Earth".: 1:17.31. Che Letter Abbreviations. Which Is Where The Word Geo (yeoo) Comes From. And Qi. Or Ard. 6:7. ELOHEEMS Are Angels Of EL (Vtf) Or Messengers Of EL ELOH Who Is ANU.21.20. 32:1. Arduwt. Orb. The ANUNNAQI Are A Race Of Supreme Beings. 10:16. They Came From The Skies To The Planet Earth Which Was Originally Called Tiamat Meaning 'Maiden Of Life". R.Che Words That Are In Quotation Marks "Bold And Italicized" Are The Definitions. The Word ELOHEEM (DTlVx) Means "These Beings". In The "Things You Should Know" Are To Be Found. Ki. When The Greeks Came Across The Word Qi.11. 8:26. 31:18.

9:9-10. 33:20 (!The Word ADAMITES Came From The Root Word ADAMAH (TWIX). The ADAMITES Were Bred For The Purpose Of Working The Gold Mines For The ANUNNAQI SHADOW HOURS Exodus R.21. The ANUNNAQI Can Be Both TOBE plD) Or TAYYIB (C-L^) Meaning "Agreeable Or Benevolent Beings".T. Meaning "Of The Ground. And When It Was Out Of View. For The Sun Is Always Shining. Which Is The 8Th Planet In The 19Th Galaxy Illyuwn. Present.ELOHEEM Is Used For Both Agreeable And Disagreeable Beings And Even Humans As In Exodus 7:1. 12:8. Or Malevolent Beings" The Bible Also Calls Them NEPHILIM Meaning "Those Who Fell Down" From The Root Word NAFALA (VD3) Meaning "Superagatory.Calling | It Day. Or When You Are Standing In Its Shadow And Wrongfully Refer To It. 13:2. Gift.42. 40:38 .22. 12:12." The ADAMITES Are The Descendants Of ADAM And EVE. Performance.30. And RAH (in) Or SHAR1YR Cw>i) Meaning "Disagreeable. When YAHUWA (HIPP) Told MOSES That He Will Make Him An ELOHEEM For The PHARAOH The ANUNNAQI. It Left A Shadow. Beings Above. Not Night. 30:32. 14:20. And Has Three Suns. 8:17-18. : 4:11.: 10:13. Be It On The Side Of The Planet Where You See It .12.T. As Night Instead Of The Correct LAH-YIL (V»V) Meaning "Shadow Hours" (Genesis 1:5) . Or A Gift Over And Above What Is Asked" First Thousand Years Called The 1st Day Was Spent Bringing The Sun's Light Back Into View And Naming It Daytime. 13:21. ELOHEEM Originally Came To The Planet Earth To Mine For Natural Resources For The Protection Of Their Planet RIZQ. ADAMITES (D1X) ExodusR.31.

They Decided To Breed A LULU AMELU Meaning "Primitive Worker. In The Island Of KOMODO. ^ D Y ' ^ t »Shuru^wi r 8ulaw'.r. Meaning "Slave". ^ •••_. Diagram 1 Zimbabwe .Q ij t . ' * '' 'if'1'1 11 ' " C ^ •' i-'*!1^ .H.10. TANEEN Was EVE'S Gift. ^t. A '. Originally Called MONODAPPA.W"E<J> :Kwe we f u. *s'irvdura CANEEN (fan) Exodus K. ' (' Mhanciura.J.. ("QI7) Or In Ashuric/Syriac (Arabic) (j-^). MONODAPPA Is Known Today As ZIMBABWE. Therefore. The Ancient Name Of South Africa.•-•V-J. . Who Was The Daughter Of UDUM And MAMI. Marrrnder K .• -s^t'i "^A.v."." You Were Created To Be Their 'ABD. From THE ELOHEEM ANAT.M fc.12 VANGl- Z > ' -</ 4.-idem a* Eiffel * : <?. That Stood Erect Like A Man. "'% \<*> \ f~' 1 u/V"!l. V. ** CANEEN (fin) or TANEEM (D'ln) was A Lizard Serpent That Is Referred To As A Reptilian Like Creature. It Can Be Compared To The KOMODO DRAGON That Still Exists Today.ELOHEEM. & R.N « .? * • X -QWOM. T. Which Was Located In RAPHALI. TANEEN Was The Queen Of The Beasts..' MAS'HON-A Chinhoyi. Which Is Located In Indonesia. Which Is Located In RHODESIA Southern Africa.V. AA * •-' Y ' !OPDSv • ' u^n '•"'' ' ' ' 7' '•^•iiiiti:' ••" "^"^ * * • -v '-»'' v '''•' -• S ..T ^••....: 7:9.*7&. ' l v!The Work Was Too Hard And Backbreaking For The ANUNNAQI.. •v IP .'.66# Xs ^edctiff ^ k (> •.

This Is Called "NAAR" Or "Fire". &R. Whose Other Titles Were IBLIYS. y. They Are A Reflection Of Amber Colored Light. Two Hundred (200) Of These CHERUBEEM Fell From Grace With SAMA'EL (Revelation 12:7-9).J. JI>ODOQITES Exodus K.: 9:27. It Succeeded And Wiped Out Two-Thirds Of The Inhabitants Of The Planet Earth By Way Of A Thick Dust Cloud Blocking The Sun's Light. HAYLAL OR SATAN Because Of Their Revolt Against The Creation Of ADAM.: 25: 1 8-20.T. TANEEN). ANUNNAQI ELOHEEM Of The Lesser Light.8 CHERUBEEM (DTD) Exodus K. (Refer To Garden Of Eden Scroll #49 And Revelation Part 1 &2 Scroll #64).8 Che Meaning Of The Word SODOQITE Is "The Just Ones" Or "The .J.22. The Heavenly Sky. 36:8.35. 26: 1 . 37:7-9 CHERUBEEM Figure 1 (tmj) Are A Statue Of The Dragon Taneen On The Ishtar Gate Chese Creatures Such As TANEEN. The Meteorite Shower Killed Most Of The Human Beings And The Dinosaurs Who Were Referred To As The Great DRAGONS (ptfl. V.3 1 . Some Of The CHERUBEEM'S Repented To Serve The Heavenly Father ANU And Now Guard The Gates Of Paradise. Became Extinct When The Plan Of The Second Meteorite Shower Was Completed. 23:7.

22:5. I Will Bring A Sword Upon Thee. And The Word Being Used For BEAST.T. Life. 12:12. 20:10.: 8:17. 23:29. Creature.19. 8:13.7.21. 13:2.T. J&AWDEH (rrw) Exodus K. They Were Also The Elders-Scientist ANUNNAQI. Or Living Thing. 16:25. It Is Also Spelled ZODOKITES And ZODOQITES. Cattle.. The Aramic (Hebrew) Word For BEAST In The Sense Of An Animal As Used In Genesis 7:14. 12:29. To Be Mute". As Game".22 H>AW-DEH (TTW) Meaning "Outer Field" Is Also The Same Word For The Syraic (Arabic) Word SUDAN (J-ij-) Today. The Original Land Of Nubia. EHAYMAW Exodus K. 9:3. Wild Beast..19. 19:13. This Quote Is Clearly Making A Distinction Between MAN And BEAST. 11:5. 22:19 Word BEHAYMAW (TlSTti) Means ' "Beast. They Were The Disciples Of MURDOQ Who Is Also Called ZODOK Or MALACHI ZODOQ. And Cut Off Man And Beast Out Of Thee".V.Behold. 9:9. Animal. The Word BEHAYMAW (rm:) Is Used For A Beast Man Of The Field As In Ezekiel 29:8 Where It States And I Quote: ".) In The Syraic (Arabic) Language And SAD ("W) In The Aramic (Hebrew).10. R. Because In The Aramic (Hebrew) Language. In Northeast Africa. 13:2. 22:19. 19:13..: 1:13. In The Aramic (Hebrew) Language Is BEHAYMAW (TOT3) Meaning "Beast Of The Field"." .V. In The Bible.J.: 8:17. 9:3. 10:5.: 1:14.J. They Are Both SERAPHEEM And CHERUBEEM. Is A KHAY (77) Meaning "Raw lesh. R. The Word Being Used For MAN Is ADAMAH (HOIK) Meaning "Those Of The Ground".10 Righteous". 11:5. From The Same Root Word SAD (AM. 20:10. In The Greek Language. The Word For BEHAYMAW Or BEAST Is THAY-REE-ON (Sypeixo) Which Comes From The Root Word THERA (0ypa) Meaning "A Wild Animal.

Just Like What 12 Ian Was Suppose To Be. The Aramic (Hebrew) Word Used In The Above Quote For MEAT Is OK-LAW (ntaX) Meaning "Food. Grass-Eating Animal With Limbs Like Bars Of Iron.Behold I Have Given You Every Herb Bearing Seed. Life. Consume. Thus. BEHAYMAWS Are The ENKIDUITES Also Called SHAGGIES From The 6Th Star Constellation Of Orion. They Were Herbivores (Herbivera) "A Group Of Mammals Feeding On Grass". Which I Made With Thee. This Word BEHAYMAW Is Said To Derive From The Egyptian Word "P-EHE-MAU" Meaning "Ox Of The Water". In The Which Is The Fruit Of A Tree Yielding Seed.11 Which Comes From The Word CHAYAH (TTT1) Meaning "To Live. Which Is KHAY An Animal. So You See There Is A Difference In The Bible Between The Beast Of The Field Which Is The BEHAYMAW And A Beast. Consume." The Word MAMMAL According To Science. Is KTENOS (KTHVOq) Meaning "A Beast Of Burden. Comes From The Word BEHEMOTH (mOPD) Meaning "A Huge Beast As Used In Job 40:15. To You It Shall Be For Meat". Devour. Is Defined As "An Animal With Hair And Mammary Glands On Its Body"." In The Greek. The Word BEHAYMAW Also Translates As "Non-Speaking Mammals.. And I Quote "Behold Now Behemoth. They Are . Devour. This Word BEHAYMAW. A Four Legged Animal." Which Clearly States That Man (Human Beings) Was Given Herbs For Meat. It States And I Quote "." The Word BEHEMOTH Is The Plural Of The Aramic (Hebrew) Word BEHAYMAH (HOrta) Meaning "Beast". A Hippopotamus. According To The Encyclopedia Britannica Volume /.. As Opposed To Fishes And Birds". Meat" Which Comes From The Aramic (Hebrew) Word AW-KAL (VDK) Meaning "To Eat. The Word Being Used For Beast In Luke 10:34. They Are Very Similar To Humans However. They Stand 7 To 9 Feet Tall And Range From Dark rown To Pink In Complexion. Women Are Mammals Because They Have Mammary Glands. BEHEMOTH Is Defined As "A Powerful. Herbivores As Stated Genesis 1:29 Where. He Eateth Grass As An Ox. Which Is Upon The Face Of All The Earth. Alive. And Every Tree.

4. Or Disagreeable. 40: 1 6 R. 3:19) (mrr) Exodus K. As Found In Exodus 23:29. Straight Hair. This Title Does Not Pertain To Any Individual.J. And "Weh" Evil. Which The Descendants Of ESAU Comes From. 5:2. Which Some Groups Pronounce As YAHWEH And Others Pronounce As JEHOVAH. 17:9. 18:21.7. : 3:2. Even A Mortal Can Be A YAHUWA And More Than One Is In Malachi Chapter 3 Verse 16. 3:2. 16:20. 27:2 1 . In Babylon. 21:18. "WEH".13 14 Covered With A Coat Of Thick. From The Word Naas (o^)\ AL INSAAN (ol-^l) In Koran 16:26 Which Comes From The Root Word Nasaa .4. And The First To Call On The Name Of YAHUWA (Genesis 4:26). It Is YHWH. Meaning "Those Who Forget". This Is The First Name Called On By ADAM And EVE's Children. ENOSITES Were Originally Created To Be Servants To Till The Ground (Genesis 2:5. 4:2.T. There CNOSITES (twx) ExodusR.: 2:13.15. It Meant "Yeh" Good.: 2:26.25. 7: 1 . V. Without Vowels. The Word "YAHUWA" Is A Title.16. 34: 1 . 22:31 Che ENOSITES Are Descendants From ENOS Son Of SETH Son Of ADAM.17 3Jn Aramic (Hebrew) The Word YAHUWA Translates As "He Who Is Who He Is. 10:7. 5:9. Some Are Civilized And Some Are Not.22. Shaggies Are Referred To As SEIRIANS. "YAH". They Are Also Referred To As KHAH'-EE (TT) "Living Things Of The Outer Field" Or "The Beast Of The Field". 1 8. ENOS Is Found In The Ashuric/Syraic (Arabic) As Al Naas (o»LJI) In Genesis 6:2. ENOS Or ENOSH Was The First Of All Mortal Man. " "YAHUWA" Can Be Used For An Agreeable.T. Being. It Can Be Passed On To Another Being.

EL SHAADI pTlP VX) Was Also A Title Used For TAMMUZ The Son Of ISHTAR And DUMMUZI. 40:22.) Meaning !"Dominion. Every. PANTOKRATOR i (TtaVTOKpocTGOp) Comes From The Greek Words |PAS (raxs) Meaning "All. He Was A Disagreeable SHAD (TIP) Meaning "Demon". And KRATOS (Kpatcx. 53:5. 16:7. I Am The Lord (Yahuwa) God (Eloheem). The Whole". In Greek The Word For ALMIGHTY Is PANTOKRATOR (TOCVTOKpOCTOOp) Meaning "All-Powerful" As Found In 2 Corinthians 6:18.". 15:3.. y. MATATRUN Is The llth Of The 24 Elders. This Quote Is Also Making A Distinction Between The ELOHEEM And YAHUWA The Head Of The ELOHEEM €L SHAADI (no? Vx) ExodusK. Power.. Clearly Making A Distinction Between ELOHEEM And YAHUWA Also In Genesis 28:12-13 It States ". A YAHUWA Whose Name Is MATATRUN Meaning "The Disputer".14. 11:17..".. DINNEER. And Said. EL SHAADI <*W ^K) In 1 Ashuric/Syriac (Arabic) Is EL SHADIYD rfjAJI) (Koran 13:13.15 16 Was 24 YAHWEH Or ELDERS Stated In The Bible. Any.J.T. 4:8.. MOSES Went Up To The Mountain And Spoke With YAHUWA In Exodus 19:3 It States "Moses Went Up Unto God (The Eloheem) And The Lord (Yahuwa) Called Unto Him Out Of The Mountain. The Head ELOHEEM Is Called YAHUWA Or YEHWEH. .And Behold The Angels (Messengers) Of God (Eloheem) Ascending And Descending On It. 1 19:6.15. Mighty. And Behold The Lord (Yahuwa) Stood Above It. Strength". Revelation 1:8. 21:22. TAMMUZ Was Assigned To The Planet Earth To Oversee TheENOSITES After : Their Transgression In The Garden.: 6:3 Che Word EL SHAADI (TIP Vtf) Means "The Almighty" He Is One Of The ELOHEEM. &R. Who Was Converted Into An [Agreeable ELOHEEM By The ELOHEEM NERGAL.. 8:52).

Any ELOHEEM Can Be An ELOH. 13:3." An ELOH (H^X) Is A Singular Or An Individual ELOHEEM. T. Job 5:17. 15:25. 22:3. When The Hebrew Letters Yod O And Miym (D) Are [ Added To ELOH As A Suffix.5. You Get The Word ELOHEEM (DTlVX) Which Is The Plural Form Of ELOH (TlVX).16. 6:4.14. It Is The Same As The Ashuric/Syriac (Arabic) Word ELAH Or ILAH (*J1) Which Is Short For ALLAH (JM). Each Man Is An ELOH.17.18. 5:3 = Che Word ELOH Means "Those Beings. [The Plural Is ALLAHUMA (^Jl) Meaning 'The Source And Those Beings".25. 8:3. 4:5.26). • 21:15.17 18 fn The Old Testament The Word ALMIGHTYEL SHAADI Is Also Found In (Ruth 1:20-21.20. €LOH (nVx) Exodus R. Each Figure 2 Matatrun .23.: 3:15.The HTh Of The 24 Elder . 11:7.

15:17. Archer. The ANUNNAQI Chose This Specie To Breed With. He Was Known As ATTIS.J. 22:8. 24:13 (Vltt) In Aramic (Hebrew) Has A Variety Of Meanings: "Lord. 22:8).28. &DONAI (TTX) Exodus K.: 14:9. 2.: 4:10.32.13.T. The Lar Monkeys Were The Head Monkeys Recognized For Their Intelligence. Household Deities".V. (Exodus 4:10).V. (Exodus 21:4.J. The Son Of ISHTAR And DUMMUZI. Exodus K. 5.5. They Are ELOHEEM. They Become EL (Vtf) Not An AL Or EL (Vy). It Is ADONIS (A8o>Vi<. Father (Genesis 31:35). 22:8. It Is Also Jsed For Recognizing The Supervisor Out Of Respect (Genesis 32:4). 21:34. ADONAI Was A Title And The Personal Name Used For TAMMUZ. 34:9 &DONAI CTIX) Is The Aramic (Hebrew) Word Meaning "Lord.1 1. And When They Are In A Group. Master (Of \ House). Husband.T. Master". Superintendent Of Household Affairs. .34. 23:17. 32:22.36.: 4:10. 5:22. Husband (Genesis 18:12). Chief Man. 3. In Aramic (Hebrew) The Word For LORD.) And To The People Of Frug-Gee'a ([Phrygia) A District In Asia Minor]).8.36. Because Of Their High Intelligence. The Word ADONAI (TO) Is Also Used In Reference To Common People As 1. Slave (Exodus 21:5-6). Captain (Genesis 39:8). 21:4. 22:18. Which Is The Plural For LAR.15.29. Governor (Genesis 42:30). 34:23 R. The Word LORD Comes From The Latin Word LAR Or LARES Which Is A Species Of Apeman. 34:9.19 20 ELOHEEM Is An Individual ELOH. Master. In The Phoenician And Greek Language.: 21:22. The Word LARES Means "Tutelary (Protection) Gods. If They Are Raised To A Supreme Being. 4. 6. Is ADONAI And Its Plural Is ADOWN . 24:14 R. Men. 5:22.

Like When The Israelites Turned Away From JEHOVAH. And ASET By The Egyptians And ISIS By The Greeks." Was Used As An Evil Idol. Named ISHKUR. Man . \ Mountainous". The Title BAAL Was Also Given To One Of The Sons Of ENLIL. The Plural For BAAL (ViD) As Found In I Kings 18:40. Who Is Also Known As The Sumerian Deity ISHTAR. There Were Many Deities That Bore The Title "BAAL. As Their Principal Female Deity. But For Regular • People Also. He Was Nicknamed HADAD. The Deity BAAL (Judges 2:13). The Term BAAL Has Been Used To Mean: Archer (Genesis 49:23). Chief Man (Leviticus 21:4). He Is Known As TESHUB Meaning "Storm Deity". ISHKUR Also Had Other Titles [Like AD AD Which In Sumerian Means "Beloved". Men (Joshua 24:11). Sharp". YEHWEH. To Own ". By The Time It Came To The Aramic (Hebrew) Language The Meaning Changed To "Might. . Which In The Sumerian Language Means "Far Mountain Land. It Is Merely A Title That Comes From The Root Word BAW-AL (VlD) Meaning "To Marry.21 22 Owner". Husband (Exodus 21:22). BAAL Became A Term Used For Some Canaanite Deities. His Female Counterpart Is ASHTORETH." . They Worshipped. The Word BAAL Is Not Only Used For A Deity. (Exodus 24:14). Is BAALIM (Q^ID) Which Is Mentioned In Judges 2:11. BAAL Is The Chief Male Deity Of The Phoenicians And Canaanites. In The Greek Language. (Judges 2:13). Meaning "Mighty One. To Rule.

To Pass Over".23 24 Owner (Exodus 21:28-29). 14:13). It Comes From The Root Word ABAR (12i7) Meaning "To Cross Over" And It's The Same In The Ashuric/Syriac (Arabic) Language. Crossing The Tigris-Euphrates River. And Referred To Him And His Family As IBRIY "One Who Passes Over". IBRIY (tfj-i*) Meaning "The Other Side Or Cross Over".J. HEBREW Exodus K. 2:7.R. Not What They Were.T.V.11.Euphrates. And Crossed A Strip Of Land Called Mesopotamia Nestled Between The Tigris And The Euphrates Rivers (Genesis 12:6.16.19.: 1:15. &. And Master Of House [Farmer] (Exodus 22:8). HEBREW Is Just A Title For What ABRAHAM And His People Did. 21:2 Che Word HEBREW In Aramic (Hebrew) Is IBRIY Onatf) Which Means "To Cross Over. The Word "Hebrew" Is A Title That Was Attributed To ABRAHAM When He Traveled From The Ur Of Chaldees. Where Abraham Crossed And Was Called A Hebrew: "One Who Passes Over" . The Canaanite Tribe Of Sidon Who Mixed In With The Assyrians Witnessed ABRAHAM Diagram 2 Tigris.

33:1 KSAAC (prtT) Or YITSKHAQ Means "He Who Laughs". 3:1 6-20.25 26 MITSRAYIM Exodus K.K&R. That Is How MITSRAYIM Began Being Referred To As AIGYPTOS (AiyoOTO^) Meaning "Land Of The Burnt Faces".8. MITSRAYIM Was Originally Called KEMET By The Ancient Egyptians And Was Part Of Sudan Nubia. It The Greek Language It Is Spelled AIGYPTOS (Aiyuoiog). In Aramic (Hebrew) Is MITSRAYIM (OT3W) And In Ashuric/Syriac (Arabic) It Is MISR (>A. 38:31.V. JSAAC (JW) Exodus K. 6: 13.8. Which Is Another Name For PLEIADES.5.J. KIYMAH (Hat)) Meaning "Golden Ornament". The Prophet ISAAC Received The Covenant Of Promise Or Prophethood (Genesis 17:21) Was A Promise That Was Not Necessary To Be Fulfilled Because ABRAHAM Was Willing To Sacrifice His Son ISAAC (Genesis Chapter 22). That's Why They Were Called "Burnt Faces" Thus. 5: 1 2. 32:13. It Was A Term Used When Referring To The Hyksos Dynasty Who Were Light-Skinned Syrian Phoenicians Who Invaded And Took Over Egypt.: 1:1.16. Through Him Came The Israelites. The Sun Used To Burn Their Faces Red.T. 8:24 Che Word EGYPT Is Actually A Greek Word Meaning "Burnt Faces".15. In Ashuric/Syriac (Arabic) His Name Is ISHAAQ (^. The Promise That ABRAHAM'S Seed Were To Inherit The Land Of Canaan Was Also Part Of The Covenant Of Promise In Genesis 12:1-2. 7:5.J. 3:6. The Seven Star Constellation Which Can Be Found Right In The Bible In Job 9:9. Koran 2:136).: 2:24. & R. 6:3.) Both Meaning "Land Of The Two Rivers". He Is The Second Son Of ABRAHAM. By His First Wife/Sister SARAH.J. KEMET Was Derived From The Word .T.

MOUNTAIN. 4:5. She Also Put Goat Skin Around His Hands And Neck So His Father ISAAC Would Think That It Was ESAU (Genesis 27:15). The HAR. Was The Son Of ISAAC And REBECCA. Rebecca Overheard ESAU Talking. From JACOB. JACOB Was Running From ESAU (His Brother). Prevailing Over JACOB In A Fight. & R. After This Fight |At Peniel (Genesis 35:25). [ JACOB Wrestled With What Genesis 32:24 [Refers To As. Because ESAU Sold His Birthright To Him Over A Bowl Of Red Pottage Lentils And Bread. JACOB Meaning "Supplanter". Referred To In Exodus Is MOUNT SINAI.27 28 JACOB ISRAEL 19:3. V.J.T. BANEE [iSRAAIYL Or The Israelites Are Descendants Of JACOB/ISRAEL. ESAU Hated JACOB.: 19:11.: 1: 1. 3:6.J. V. ISAAC. Because His Mother REBECCA Took One Of ESAU'S Clothing And Put It On Him. JACOB Was The Beloved Of His Mother REBECCA. He Was Blessed And His Name Was Changed To ISRAEL Meaning l"YAHUWA Prevails" (Genesis 35:10). Called "An Angel" lat Was Obviously In Human Form In Order (For JACOB To Be Able To Wrestle With Him. In The Process Of frying To Run From His Brother ESAU. 35:11). JACOB Was Stopped By What "Followers Of ic King James Bible". The Word ISRAEL Is (Describing An Incident Of A Messenger Of [YAHUWA. Came The Nation Of Israel Or The ISRAELITES (25:23.&R. 6:3. In Genesis 25:30-34. In The Aramic (Hebrew) •Language An EESH (ttT»X) Meaning "Male {•Living Being. 2:24. SAR fin) Exodus K. So He Promised To Kill Him After His Father Died. Or Angels As You May Say.T. And Told Her Son To Go To Haran With Her Brother LABAN (Genesis 27:41-43). Physical Man ". Or . 32: 13 Exodus K. JACOB Then Received The Blessings From His Father. 24: 1 2 Word HAR (n) Means "Mountain" In lAramic (Hebrew). 17.



Ciynay (TD) In The Aramic (Hebrew) Meaning "Thorny" Located At The Southern End Of The Sinai Peninsula, Between The Horns Of The Red Sea. This Is Were MOSES Received The Tablets Of Stone, Laws, And Commandments From YAHUWA For The Children Of Israel Exodus 24:12. This Mountain Range Is Also Called HOREB (3TI) (Deuteronomy 1:2,6,19) Which Means "Desert".

AHUWA Came Down To The Israelites On MOUNT SINAI, But No One Were To Come Up To The Mountain Because It Was Holy Ground (Exodus 19:11,17) MOSES Went Up To The Craft For Forty Days, And Nights To Receive The Commandments Of YAHUWA For The Children Of Israel (Exodus 24:18)

Exodus K.J.V. &R.T.: 16:15,31,33,35 Is A Natural Mildew, That Grows In iMiddle Eastern Countries Such As Israel And [Arabia. It Was Given To The Israelites While [They Were Starving In The Wilderness Of Sinai, By The ELOHEEM. (Exodus 16:15, Numbers 11:6-9). It Is Flaky, Small, And White \ Resembling The Seed Of The Coriander Plant. lit Was Gathered Fresh, Early Every Morning By The Israelites. If Exposed To The Sun It Melted, And If It Was Kept Overnight, It Spoiled. (Hebrews 9:4) States That A Golden Jar Of MANNA Is Among The Contents Of The Ark Of The Covenant For A Memorial.

Diagram 3 Mount Sinai



Exodus K.J.V. &R.T.: 2:10,1 1; 3:13-15; 4:20; 5:1,4,20; 8:9,12; 9:23; 16:9,11; 19:10,14; 24:8,9; 33:8,9; 35:30; 36:2 jiloSES Or MOSHE (HIPO) Means "Drawing Out Of The Water. " He Is The Son Of IMRAM And JOCHEBED.

[OSES Is Also Known By His Pharaonic, igyptian Name THUTMOSE I. He Is lentioned Throughout Exodus As The One 10 Guided The Children Of Israel Out Of The CED, As Found In Exodus 23:31; Which Is Jeing Misinterpreted By The Religious World Ls The RED SEA. In Exodus 13:18, 15:4,22, !e Killed An Egyptian, Which Was Forbidden iFor A Pharaoh To Do By Their Law; Then He [Rebuked One Of Two Israelites Who Were (Fighting One Another; Thus Afterwards, He jFled To The Land Of MIDIAN And Dwelt With •The Midianites. There He Helped Seven )aughters Of The Priest Of MIDIAN, Or CTHRO To Water Their Flocks. Soon fterwards, He Married JETHRO'S Oldest )aughter, ZIPPORAH And Had One Son By ler Named GERSHOM (Exodus 2:22).

Figure 4 Moses Son Of Amran And Jochebed i£>ETI I AND RAMSES H ExodusK.J.V. & R.T.: 1:1,19,22; 3:11; 4:21; 5:2,5,6; 6:13,27; 7:9-11; 8:20; 9:8; 10:6



&EED (RED) SEA 3&AMSES H Meaning "Son Of The Sun" Is] Mentioned In Exodus 1:8 And 2:75. He Was The Son Of SETII Mentioned In Exodus 1:15 Who Ruled Sixty-Seven Years, And Lived To Be Ninety Years Of Age. One Of SETTS Daughters Had Adopted The Infant MOSES. In His Greed To Build And So-Call Immortalize Himself In Stone, RAMSES H Attempted To Ransack The Pyramids. He Broke Up The Pavements And Smashed Monuments To Get Materials For His Own Work. His Grandfather Was RAMSES I. SETI I Wished For A Son Other Than RAMSES II To Become His Successor. However, RAMSES n Had Other Plans. Before His Father's Death He Schemed To Take Over The Throne And Within Days After His Father's Death, RAMSES D Seized The Throne. RAMSES D Was Not Familiarized With Judah And The Children Of Israel (Exodus 1:8). There Were More Israelites In Egypt And They Seemed Mightier Than The Egyptians, So RAMSES n Burdened Them With Hard Labor, To Get Rid Of Them, But They Kept Multiplying (Exodus 1:12). ExodusK.J.V.: 10:19; 13:18; 15:4,22; 23:31 R.T.: 10:19; 13:18; 15:4,22; 22:31 \ 3&EED SEA Mentioned In Exodus 23:31, And [Which Is Being Misinterpreted By The Religious I World As The RED SEA Mentioned In Exodus \10:19; 13:18; 15:4,22.

Diagram 4 Reed (Red) Sea

39:14 Diagram 5 A Map Of The Exodus From Egypt Diagram 6 A Map Of The Twelve Tribes Of Israel . It Is The Body Of Water That Was Crossed By MOSES And The Children Of Israel On Their Exodus Out Of Egypt From The Pharaoh RAMSES n.T.: 1:1-4. 28:21. 12 TRIBES OF ISRAEL Exodus K. 24:4.V.J. Narrow Sea That Lies Between Asia And Africa. (Joshua 24:6). & R.35 36 Red Sea Is A Long.

Then There Is DINAH.37 38 12 TRIBES OF ISRAEL Mentioned In Chapter 1 Verses 1-4 Are As Follow. Elder Of The Two Born To Him By RACHEL Genesis 30:24. The TORAH Is Also Known In Latin As "Pentateuchus" From The Greek PENTATEUCH (TteVTOttE'DXCX. To 50. CORAH (mm) ExodusK. And The Sixth By LEAH Genesis 30:20. LEAH'S Maid Genesis 30:11. RACHEL'S Handmaid Genesis 30:7.28. 39. BENJAMIN Meaning "Son Of My Right Hand" The Younger Of The Two Sons Of RACHEL And JACOB Genesis 35:18. 37. RACHEL'S Handmaid Genesis 30:6. His Mother Was BILHAH. REUBEN Meaning "Behold A Son" Eldest Son Of JACOB. (Geneses 34:1) Which Completes The Twelve Tribes Of Israel Genesis 35:26. ISSACHAR Meaning "Will Bring Reward" Fifth Son Of JACOB And LEAH Genesis 30:17.V. And In Greek NOMMUS (VO|I(X. 13:9. LEAH'S Handmaid. Joshua 19:24. 8. And First Of ZILPAH. ZEBULUN Meaning "Habitation" JACOB'S Tenth Son. 18:16.) Meaning "Collection Of Five Rolls". Daughter Of LEAH And JACOB. GAD Meaning "GoodFortune" Seventh Son ! Of JACOB. And JUDAH Meaning "Guidance Celebrated" Fourth Son Of JACOB And LEAH Genesis 29:35. By LEAH Genesis 29:33. DAN Meaning "Judge" Fifth Son Of JACOB. 24:12 Che Word TORAH (miTl) In Aramic (Hebrew) Means "Law Or Teaching". It Is Made Up . 42. 46. 41. SIMEON Meaning "Hearing" Second Son Of JACOB. Or Rule Producing A State Approved Of God Of The Mosaic Law".20.: 12:49. It Is The Original Law. By LEAH Genesis 29:32. 16:4. JOSEPH Meaning "He Who YAHUWA Added To" A Son Of JACOB.T. And ASHER Meaning "Happy" JACOB'S Second Son By ZILPAH. & R.J. And NAPHTALI Meaning "My Wrestling" Sixth Son Of JACOB.) Meaning "The Law. LEVI Meaning "Attached To The Law" Third Son Of JACOB By LEAH Genesis 29:34. And Second Son Of JILHAH.

5. 50 Chapters Of Barashith (Genesis) (FnWTD) Meaning "The Reconstruction" Which Was Revealed In 1512 B.E. This Book Called Numbers. Che TORAH Contains 613 Commandments. This Book Called LEVITICUS (Aewu%0<. Which Was Revealed In 1473 B.39 40 From The Greek Word PENTA Meaning "Five". 2. This Book Called Exodus (e£o8(X.) Meaning "Second" And NOMOS (NojJXX. From The Greek Word EX (e£) Meaning "Out Of. Which Was Revealed In 1473 B.) Meaning "The Very Beginning".E.E. This Book Called Deuteronomy Is Latin From The Greek Word DEUTERONOMIUN (AeWEpOVOjiiOV) Meaning "Second Law".) Meaning "Departure. 27 Chapters Of Wayikra (Leviticus) (X~l|7»1) Meaning "And He Called". The Five Books Of The Torah "Law".C.) Meaning "Law". And TEUCH (tED%0<. Going Out". 34 Chapters Of Dibarim (Deuteronomy) (Dn2T) Meaning "Words".) Meaning "Tool.C. Which Most People Only Know About 10. From" And DOS (o8(X.C. Are: 1.C. This Book Called Genesis From The Greek Word GHEN'-NAY-SIS (yevvr)ai<. Is A Translation Of The Greek Word ARTTHMOI (apt9|iOt). 36 Chapters Of Bimidbar (Numbers) (*12"TO2) Meaning "In The Wilderness".E.) Meaning "Way". It Was Originally Written In The Ancient Aramic . Implement. Is Translated From The Latin Word "Numeri". 40 Chapters Of Shimut (Exodus) Meaning "Names".] 3. Later Book".E.) Meaning "Book Of TheLevites". 4. Which Was Revealed In 1512 B.C. It Is Made Up Of The Words DEUTERO (5eWEpO<. Which Was Revealed In 1512 B.

41 42 (Not The Hebrew) Language. The Tongue Is The Same. By TAMMUZ And His 46 Helpers.- Diagram 7 The Ancient Hebrew Script Che Ancient Hebrew Script Is PHOENICIAN Or BABYLONIAN. Unless Re-Confirmed In The Laws Of Leviticus? Then GENESIS Is Not The Laws Of The Israelites. The Language Is Adapted From Ancient Writings. H Z? ^ k r » «* * » Ji g b v «* 4 fc r 7 o » . p . The ASHURIC Language Is Also BABYLONIAN. Diagram 8 Ashuric Script Diagram 9 Exodus . However. From CUNEIFORM.WU*. To Bring It From The ENUMA ELISH And Water It Down To ARAMIC And SYRIAC For The ENOSITES. Below Is A Copy Of The Book Of Exodus 6:25-7:17. And The Aramic (Hebrew) Word There In The Scriptures Is TORAH (mVl) When The Torah Was Not In Existence Until The Time Of MOSES. From The Qumran Scrolls. Below Is The Original Ancient Hebrew Script. * . If The Torah Did Not Come Or Wasnft Collected Until After ABRAHAM.b r k I.From The Qumran Scroll . Then Why Does It State In Genesis 26:5 That ABRAHAM Followed The Law. By MOSES. Do They Know What The Suhuf Of ADAM Would Be Equivalent To The Law Of ABRAHAM.

Their Redemption And The Deliverance . YEHWEH Or ALLAH [Who Resides Up In The Heavens Somewhere lat Their Scholars Can?t Explain. The Book Of Exodus Focuses On Israel. I Have Put Exodus Into A Simple English Translation. Christianity. The (mOtt7) Which Means "Names" Is A Continuation Of The Record Of The Genealogy Of The ENOSH. All Which Are From The Sumer Period Thousands Of Years Before fThe Hebrew Bible (Torah). It Refers To The Most Important Event In Israeli History. lany Different Translations Of The Bible [Have People Thinking That The Bible Was fDivinely Sent By Some Single Mystical God. In Egypt Led By MOSES. The I Enuma Elish Tablets Also In Cuneiform. However. After Studying And Translating The Atra-Hasis [Tablets In The Cuneiform Language. You're A )evil Or An Evil Person. Which Is Easy Reading And Overstanding That Is Necessary In This Day And Time To Enlighten People On The Path To Truth About The Bible And The Three Monotheistic Religions Namely Judaism. [Named JEHOVAH. Cxodus Known Originally As SfflMUT Of The Children Of Israel From Bondage Of A [430 Year Period. When In Fact. Which Is Described In This Book. And Islam. ENOSITES Meaning "(Mortal) Man" Mentioned In Exodus /:/.43 44 3ntrobuctton QThis Is The Story Format Of The Second Scroll Of The Law To The Israelites -Exodus. Dr. Chis Story Format Of Exodus Is Taken From |My. York. Malachi Z. And [The Akkadian Tablets. Complete Word By |Word Transliteration From The Original Ancient iramic (Hebrew). Telling Them To Just Have Faith And If You Don?t. I Came About Translating le Second Scroll Of The Law Exodus.

Living In The Hot. Or Smell. i You Now Can Have All Of It Right Here On Earth. Like Hugh . Transparent Floor. As Found In Koran 16:67. And Suffer While On The Planet Earth. These Are Some Of The Things That The Koran Promised. jlust Like The Muhammadans. To Spellbind People Into Believing In A Being That They Can Not See. There Are | Beautiful Trees. In The Western World. You Have Maids Walking Around Serving Hugh. The Sweetest Honey. Then When I You Look Around His Mansion. And Who Does Nothing For Them. The Finest Grapes. And JAs You Can See It Was Written For The Poor [Desert Arabs. While They Lived Here On Planet Earth. . And A Variety Of Other Foods. And Real? Because No One Has Ever Come Back From The Dead To Confirm It. Hefner's Mansion. Then Hugh. Because People Need To Have Some Type Of Right Knowledge Of The Original Aramic (Hebrew) Language To Actually Know The Difference Between The True Meanings Of The Words In The Bible And The Koran From What Was Added Into Them. Has A Flowing River That Runs Throughout His House. But How Will They I Know. Leaders. Then They Will Have Paradise With All The Things They Wished For. That What They Call Paradise Is Not f Facts. And A Variety Of Different -Flowers All About. All That It Had Promised The Desert Arabs For 1. Koran 16:11. Nor I Mohammedan. In Their Koran.400 Years.45 46 Bible And Of Course. The Koran Were Made From Sumer Tablets By Men In Order To Create Religion To Control People. As Found In Koran 47:15. Hear. No Jew (Hebrew). The [Purest Milk. Not You. They Are Just Supposed To Wait Until They Die To Really Meet Him. With A Glass. And This Is What Their God Promised Them. Rabbis. knowledge Of The Original Languages Is Necessary. Touch. That Is Who Theyfre Calling ^ALLAH? Your Teachers. And His Guests The Best Of The Best Fruit. Running Out Through A | Cave. Lifeless Desert. \ 36:34. Koran 78:32. That They Could Have Had With Hard Work. As Found In Koran 2:25. Nor Christian.

In Order To Be Able To Show You The Difference Between The Truth And Lies. That Archeologists Have Found Tablets Dated Thousands Of Years Before Your Actual ADAM (DIN).The Language Of The Inhabitants Of Southern Mesopotamia And Chaldea. A Name Merely Meaning Of The "Dark Brownish Red. And Later From This Language Came The Languages Ashuric/Syriac (Arabic) And Aramic/Phoenician (Hebrew). " The Enuma Elish Is Named After The First Two Words Of The Narrative Of The . (HTl) EVE Which Means "Life Or Living". Centuries And Even Longer. The Enuma Elish.47 48 Pastors. 3)t Is A Scientific Fact. Tablets Of Etana. The Akkadian Tablets And Many More. Cuneiform: fclramic (Hebrew): "pi TDK lUshuric/Syriac (Arabic): "Che Enuma Elish" Means "When On High. Tablets Of Adapa. Reverends. And The Gilgamesh Epics. Ministers. Scholars. York Have Translated The Torah (Bible) And The Quran (Koran) To Give You A Better Overstanding Of What You Have Put Your Trust And Belief Into For Years. vIThese Documents Were Tablets Known As: The Atra-Hasis. Malachi Z. Chat's Why I Dr. Ground" And KHAWWAH. Cuneiform Was Used As A Script As Well As A Spoken Language By The ELOHEEM. The Earliest Known Documents In Cuneiform. Shaikhs And Imaams Do Not Have This Type Of Knowledge Of The Original Languages And Scripts That Exodus Was Originally Revealed In. Which Were Recorded In Sumerian . Tablets Of The Descents Of Ishtar To The Underworld. Tablets Of Nergal And Arishkegal.

Is The Babylonian Story Of Creation.amech Son Of 1 ethuselah Son Of ' noch Son Of fared Son Of JfUahalalel Son Of . These Tablets Were Recorded Way Before Aramic (Hebrew) Or Ashuric (Arabic) Ever Existed." The Enuma Elish. Just Like ARAM. A Son Of SHEM Who j Was The Son Of NOAH. &SSHURIC/SYRIAC (ARABIC) Genesis 10:22 !3i amic Comes From A Man Named ARAM. central Lineage Of Aram: Son Of Son Of ©eneSIS 10:22 (Genesis 5:32 Genesis 5:32 Genesis 5:28-29 ©enesis 5:25 Genesis 5:21 (Genesis 5:18 (Genesis 5:15 Diagram 10 The Enuma Elish Tablets Ashuric Language Spelled Asshur j Stemmed From Asshur.49 50 Babylonian Book. &RAMIC (HEBREW) Genesis 10:22 oah Son Of . The 5th Son Of SHEM As Mentioned In Genesis 10:22. Aramic (Hebrew) Was The Language Of The Aramaeans. The Descendants Of ARAM. "Enuchus.

" In The Aramic (Hebrew). The Aramic (Hebrew) Language Evolved Into Different Dialects And Are Labeled As Ancient.51 52 Genesis 5:12 (Genesis 5:9 (Genesis 5:6 Genesis 5:3 Genesis 25:20. They Were Sometimes Thought To Be The Same Language. Official. Middle. Proves That He Was A Leader. Or Paddan-Aram. You Might Ask Is Aramic (Hebrew) And Ashuric/Syriac Arabic The Same Language? What Is Called The Aramic (Hebrew) Tongue Is Translated As The Syriac (Arabic) Tongue. Where The Atumiy (Watusies. I&enan Son Of Cnosh Son Of H>eth Son Of &dam Son Of Che Country ARAM Settled In. Because It Was Located Between The Tigris (Idiglat) And Euphrates (Furattu) Rivers. Meaning "The Plain (Flatlands)" Of Aram In I . It Usually Was Named After The Most Powerful. Eastern And Modern Aramic (Hebrew). In This Case It Was ARAM. The Name Of The Country Of Aram Appears In The Hebrew Scripture Psalm 60:1 As ARAMNAHARAIM Meaning "Aram Of The Two Rivers. When A Dialect Evolved. Was Then Called "Aram. The Fact That The Language Was Named After ARAM Himself. Don't Confuse The Aramaeans. Written In A Number Of Flowing Scripts. Or Clan." Numbers 23:7. And The Assyrian Nation. ARAM Was Also Called Padan. However. And Comes From The Word PADDAH (TTTD). It Appears In The Feminine Form As PADANA Meaning "To Plow. Meaning "The People Are Called Aramaeans" Also. Late." (Luke 9:26. Ashuric/Syriac (Arabic) Was A Late Dialect Of Aramic (Hebrew). And They Sounded Similar." It Was Called This. Or Syrians Of The Past With The People Who Reside In These Areas Called Iraq And Syria Today. 17:7). But Speaking A Different Dialect. A Chief. Or Outstanding Member Of The Tribe. All Of The Syrians Are Aramaeans. Cuthites) Lived. And Because These Languages Were The Most Ancient. Or A Mighty Man In His Tribe. Which Means "To Plow.

The Oldest Accadian (Akkadian) Cuneiform Inscriptions Date From The Old Accadian Or Early Accadian Period During The Inscriptions Of The Great Ruler SARGON (2334-2279 B. In The Ashuric/Syriac (Arabic) e£j|5l . AND ARPHAXAD. AND ERECH. AND CALNEH. Gilgamesh. Ictlso The Torah Couldn't Originally Have Been Recorded In Ashuric/Syriac (Arabic) Or Aramic (Hebrew) If The First Time The Languages Were Mentioned Was In Genesis 10:22 Where It States And I Quote: "THE CHILDREN OF SHEM. In The Aramic (Hebrew) ACCAD TDK.E. Which Is Really The Muniyr Tablets Or Tablets Of . EPIC Means "Stories Or Fables". Is Considered One Of The Greatest Stories Of The Accadian Language. And Aramic. AND ASSHUR.E." The Accadian (Akkadian) Language. AND ACCAD. Written In Cuneiform. Of Accad.53 54 <§pou Can See That The Languages Aramic (Hebrew) And Ashuric (Arabic) Came From Accadian Also Spelled Akkadian. Comes From (Genesis 10:10). The Gilgamesh Epic. One Of The Languages Of Sumer. Arabic. It States And I Quote: "AND THE BEGINNING OF HIS KINGDOM WAS BABEL. Theologians Call These Writings "The Gilgamesh Epics". A City In Mesopotamia In Genesis 10:10 As ERECH (URUK) vZThe Tablets Themselves Are Not Named. AND LUD. Was A Semitic Tongue Related To Hebrew. ELAM. Is Said To Be The Fifth King Of URUK (Around 2600 B. Just The Story On The Tablets. Which Was Also A Form Of Cuneiform. VtThe Excerpts From The Bible Were Extracted From These Tablets Which Help To Prove That The Bible Wasn't Divinely Sent By Some All Powerful. Loving Deity Who Lives Up In Heaven. Isaiah 20:11). IN THE LAND OF SHINAR.C." The Gilgamesh Epic Pre-Dates The Bible.). Were Written.C. AND ARAM.

.000 (Christianity) Year Philosophy. Also Known As The Illumination Tablets. And It f s Just The Translators Who Want To Spook You Out. Because It Focuses On A King Whose Name Was GILGAMESH (IZ DUBAR). You Will Find It Is The Same As The Bible. And 6. Unlike The Translators Of The Bible Who Misinterpreted The Form Of The ELOHEEM By Making Them Into Spooks. The Great Ruler Of The Two Rivers Tigris (Idiglat) And Euphrates (Furattu) Who Was 2/3 ELOHEEM And 1/3 Human Diagram 11 The Gilgamesh Epic Tablets Another Epic Written In CUNEIFORM SCRIPT Is Called The ENUMA ELISH Which Is THE BABYLONIAN CREATION EPIC. And Believed That There Must Be Two Deities: Male And Female For Creation To Take Place.000 (Judaism) Year Philosophy Regardless Of What Facts Come Out. People Who Are Numb Enough To Stay In A 1. Modern Day Scholars Make You Think Of The Description Of ELOHEEM As Spooks And Not Human Beings. But If You Analyze The Description Of ELOHEEM In The ENUMA ELISH. Regardless Of What The Rest Of The World Says. The Story Has Similarities To The Biblical Story Of Creation.400 (Mohammedism) Year Philosophy. The Babylonians Perceived Their Deities In Human Terms. The Name GILGAMESH Is From Cuneiform Or Chaldean. Or 2. Will Stay In Religion.55 56 Light.

!Hs You Will See By Researching Or Comparing The Original Hebrew With The English Bible Translation. With No True Knowledge Wisdom Or Overstanding." In The Greek Language The Word BIBLION (pipXlOv) Is Also Falsely Translated And Interpreted For Modern Use As Book. Long Before The Bible History Ever Existed. A Contract. Malachi Z. Will Give You A Better Overstanding Because Of The Selection Of The Right Words That Have Been Translated Straight From The Aramic (Hebrew) Which I Have Also Broken Down Into More Depth And Detail That Was Hidden By The Creators Or The Fabricators Of Religion. And Intentionally Translated For Modern Use. It Has To Be Thoroughly Researched And Studied Or Else You Will Remain In Ignorance Being Misinformed. That Cannot Be Seen Just By Having It Sit On Your Shelf Only To Be Taken Out On Sundays For Christians And Friday For Muslims. . When It Really Means "Writing. A Record. Which Are Not Clearly Overstood And I Hope This Will Bring You More Inspiration And Enthusiasm To Want To Further Overstand The Truth Or Lies That Are Found In The Bible. Complete Book.57 58 iy Translation Of Exodus. Or A Deed. \ZLhis Is My Verse By Verse Translation By Myself. Or Scroll" Everyone Of These Words Would Imply That The Scroll Is One. You Will Find That I Have Brought It A Step Further And Brought Out All The Hidden Secrets Behind The So-Called Holy Bible And The So-Called Holy Koran. lat Is A Book? A Book As Defined In The Ashuric/Syriac (Arabic) Is The Word KETAAB (L-»Li5) Which Is Also Falsely. York. Right Wisdom ^ Overstanding Of Your True Creator And The Master's Plan. When It Means "Bible" . Dr. Which Will Help Clear Up Many Questions That People Have On Some Of The Verses And Chapters In Exodus. As "BOOK"."The Writings. Which Will Lead You To Right Knowledge.

Right Translation In Aramic (Hebrews) By: Dr.59 60 And Not Individual Scrolls Recorded Or Received By Different Beings. And TEUCH Meant "Book". Malachi Z. The Word PENTA Means "Five".D.. Which Came Into Egypt. EVERY EESH (MALE LIVING BEING) AND HIS BAH'-YEETH (HOUSEHOLD) BO (CAME) WITH YAK-AQ-OBE (JACOB) . Leviticus. And Angelic. York Mistranslation For King James 1611 A. WHICH CAME INTO EGYPT. Exodus 1:1 And These Beings Are The Names Of The Son's Of Israel. WHICH BO (CAME) INTO MITS-RAH'-YEEM (EGYPT). EXODUS Starts Out By Telling You. Did Not Record The Entire BOOK OF EXODUS! It Is A Continuation Of The Record Of The Genealogy (Genesis) Of The ENOSH (tWX) (Mortal) Man As Found In Exodus 1:1. Numbers And Deuteronomy. So They nx TWTXB man V*aur> TQ NOW EL-LEH (THESE BEINGS) ARE THE SHAME (NAMES) OF THE BANE (CHILDREN) OF YIS-RAW-ALE (ISRAEL). The So-Called BOOKS OF MOSES Are Known As The PENTATEUCH.. I NOW THESE ARE THE NAME OF THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL. Both Human. Exodus. jfJlOSES Did Not Receive 5 Books Which Consist Of Genesis. EVERY MAN AND HIS HOUSEHOLD CAME WITH JACOB.". Every Male Living Being And His Household Came With Jacob. "AND THESE BEINGS ARE THE NAMES OF THE SON'S OF ISRAEL.

And The Law That They Lived By. It's No More Than THE FIVE BOOKS OF MOSES As.61 62 Say PENTATEUCH. Luke. And The Levites Which Is The Tribe MOSES Came From. Inside The Hebrew Israelite Doctrine. „ e Received The Laws For The Children Of Israel Within That History. And Revelation. Or "Rules Producing A State Approved Of God Of The Mosaic Law". People Think MOSES Received The Whole Torah. Not The Genealogy Of Man "GENESIS". That Had To Happen After The Translation. Which Would Have Been A Book About Him. And Then You Have The Levitical Law. "The Law". There Is A Constant Reference To The Word TORAH As "The Law". Are THE FIVE BOOKS OF JESUS. And That Means The "Five Books" And They Added MOSES. They Call It In Greek NOMMUS (vo^cx. They Are About JESUS. Which Means "And He Called" The Law. Leviticus 1:1 VTIXD rVx mrr nura-Vx x-pn AND YAHVWA KAW-RAW (CALLED) UNTO MO-SHEH (MOSES). Because You Don't Find That In The Torah. . But MOSES Became A Prominent Character In The Last Part Of Genesis To Go Into Exodus. And John. MOSES Only Received EXODUS And LEVITICUS (WAYIQRA XTjTn). That's Why The Jews. Five Books Of Moses. AND DAW-BAR (SPOKE) UNTO HIM OUT OF THE O-HEL (TENT) OF THE MO-ADE (MEETING). When In Actuality. Not Meaning He Received It. And Yahuwa Called Unto Moses And Spoke Unto Him Out Of The Tent Of Meeting Saying. iW-MAR (SAYING). MOSES Received The Law. Leviticus. Leviticus And Exodus. Called It PENTATEUCH. So MOSES' Book Would Really Be. Mark. Matthew. Levitical Law. See.). Hebrews. Israelites. Because He's The Most Prominent Character In Them. Or "The Instructions".

SPEAK UNTO . Malachi Z. That Was Not A Scripture. Back With The ELOHEEM. And By The Time You Get To Exodus Chapter 7. And Save Every Female Child. Out Of Those Levite Tribes. Men And Women.. In Your Bible Exodus 1:1 Where It States And I Quote: "NOW THESE ARE THE NAMES OF THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL WHICH CAME INTO EGYPT. And It States And I Quote: "AND THE LORD CALLED UNTO MOSES AND SPAKE TO HIM OUT OF THE TABERNACLE OF THE CONGREGATION SAYING. But They Started Out By Telling You. He Got Introduced To YAHUWA All Through Exodus.. And By The Time You Get To Leviticus 1:1. That Begins Right Into Exodus 2:1." Chat's The Story Of MOSES. that's Where The Torah Began. It Represents That Levite Egyptian Period. York Mistranslation For King James Version AND THE LORD CALLED UNTO MOSES AND SPAKE UNTO HIM OUT OF THE TABERNA CLE OF CONGREGA TION SA YING. And In Exodus 1:16 Pharaoh RAMSES II Ordered His Two Hebrew Midwives Named SHIPHRAH Meaning "Brightness": And PUAH Meaning "To Glitter" To Kill Every Male Hebrew Child. These Are The Tribes Who Went Into Egypt.63 64 Right Translation In Aramic (Hebrews) By: Dr. The Book Of Genesis Is The Gilgamesh Epics And Exodus Is The Story Of The Children Of Israel Leaving Out Of Egypt. Because MOSES Was A Hebrew Child Born To AMRAM (Dl?^) and JOCHEBED ("DDT). So That's Why It's Called Exodus Meaning "To Depart". He Gets Taught Again. exodus Goes Through The Whole Story Of MOSES. This Is Where Moses Receives His Two Books [EXODUS AND LEVITICUS] JIIOSES Mother And Father Gave Birth To A Son. And It Goes Into The Whole Problem With MOSES.

. Meaning "The Book Of Exodus And The Book Of Numbers Are The Two Books That He Has Received". vThen If You Take A Look At Deuteronomy 1:1 Where It States And I Quote: "THESE BE THE WORDS WHICH MOSES SPARED UNTO ALL ISRAEL. 28:4-8)..". So These Are MOSES1 Books. It Falls Through On The Leviticus Point. How To Dress Up A Priest (Exodus 28:2.. iut Notice As You Go Down In Numbers 1. len The LORD (YAHUWA) Started Telling Him. ut Then In Numbers 1:1 It States And I Quote: "AND THE LORD SPEAK UNTO MOSES IN THE WILDERNESS OF SINAI". And All The Different Things To Prepare Them For This Incident In The Books Of Exodus. This Is Not Saying That The LORD Spoke To MOSES. That's Why He's Only . And That's Where The LORD (YAHUWA) Speaks To Him Talking About How To Put The Tribes Together Again. How To Give Law And Instruction In Exodus 3:16-18.". That's Called Instructions. It's Second In The Set Of Instructions. These Two Tablets Created What You Know As Genesis Chapters 1 And 2 Of The Five Books Of MOSES. Taught Him How To Build A Tabernacle (Exodus Chapter 26-27).65 66 THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL AND SAY UNTO THEM.. The Enuma Elish And Gilgamesh Epics Were Given To MOSES. And Leviticus Starts With MOSES1 Teachings. That's When MOSES Had His Call And YAHUWA Called Out To MOSES And Spoke Unto Him Out Of The Tabernacle Of The Congregation Numbers 1:1. The Two Tablets He Is Holding In His Hands Are Leviticus And Numbers. Chat's Why Whenever They Depict MOSES Standing On A Mountain Holding The Tablets With The Ten Commandments. Although There Were 7 Tablets Only 2 Were Used. But AARON Received It. It's Saying.

Where MOSES Is Speaking To A Physical Being Such As In Exodus 19:11 It States And I Quote: "AND BE READY THE THIRD DA Y: FOR THE THIRD DAY YAHUWA WILL COME DOWN IN THE SIGHT OF ALL THE NATION OF PEOPLE ON HAR THE MOUNTAIN SINAI" Also Mentioned In Exodus 19:18 Where It Also Says And I Quote: "AND HAR THE MOUNTAIN SINAI WAS COVERED ALL OVER BY SMOKE. There Are Countless Places In The Book Of Exodus Where It Is Obvious. Which Were Symbolic Of The Two Books That He Received." And In Exodus 19:4 Where It States And I Quote: "YOU HA VE SEEN WHICH I DID TO THE EGYPTIAN.. AND BROUGHT YOU TO MYSELF. AND THE WHOLE HAR MOUNTAIN SHOOK GREATLY." And Many Many More." kd After His Death In The Book Of Deuteronomy 34:10 It Mentions How MOSES Knew The LORD Face To Face. (Refer To 360 Question To Ask A Hebrew Israelites. Che ELOHEEM As We Know.. Scroll #101) Also Found In Koran Chapter 18:60-82. Enuma Elish (Also Known As The 7 Tablets) And Gilgamesh Epics Are The Same Tablets That Were Given To MOSES In Exodus 7:1 Where MOSES Was Made An ELOHEEM By YAHUWA In A Direct Conversation. . Are All Angelic Beings As Mentioned In Genesis Chapter 1:26.67 68 Holding Two Tablets And Not Five books of MOSES. WHOM THE LORD KNEW FACE TO FACE. As GOD (ELOHEEM). Said. Where MUHAMMAD Is Made An ELOHEEM By GABRIEL The Angelic Being Who Brings The Revelations Down From EL. That Means MOSES Was Speaking With fA Face To Face. It States And I Quote: "AND THERE AROSE NOT A PROPHET SINCE IN ISRAEL LIKE UNTO MOSES. AND HOW I CARRIED YOU UPON THE WINGS LIKE A EAGLES. Let US Make Man In OUR Image After OUR . BECAUSE YAHUWA CAME DOWN UPON IT IN FIRE AND THE SMOKE THEREOF ASCENDED AS THE SMOKE OF A FURNACE.

Serapheems And Cherubeems Look At Adam "Zakar". AND LAW-QAKH (TAKE) GAM TOD nT! DTXn fl DTiVtf HTTP "TOm Dr. Genesis 3:22 (ALSO) OF THE ATES (TREE) OF KHAY-EE (SUPREME LIFE). And Live Forever. TO YAW-DAH (KNOW) TOBE (AGREEABLE THINGS) AND RAH (DISAGREEABLE THINGS): AND AT-TAW (NOW). York Mistranslation For King James Version . Clairvoyance. Because It States And I Quote: "AND THE LORD (YAHWEH) GOD (ELOHEEM} SAID. Telepathy And Now At This Point We Must Be Aware Or He Will Take. BEHOLD. Intuition. To The Eloheem Anunnaqi. FANE (BEWARE) OR HE WILL SHAW-LAKH (STRETCH OUT) HIS YAWD (HAND). Right Translation In Aramic (Hebrews) By: npVi IT nVur>-p nnm im mt> ronV TTI VDXI D"nn poo* YAHUWA OF THE ELOHEEM AM-MAR (SAID). Then As We Turn To Genesis Chapter 3:22. Malachi Z. AND AW-KAL (EAT). He Knows Will. So Lets Remove His Barathary Gland And Maim Him And His Seed After Him With The Spell Of Kingu "Leviathan". He Has Become Just Like Us. ADAMITES) IS YEH-HE (BECOME) JUST LIKE EKH-AWD (ONE) OF US. HANE (BEHOLD). And Eat Also Of The Tree Of Divine Life. HA (THE) AW-DAWM (THOSE OF THE GROUND. Having The Ability To Make Decisions Between That Which Is Agreeable And Disagreeable: Using His Four Higher Senses Psychometry. THE MAN IS BECOME AS ONE OF US".69 70 Likeness. AND KHAW-YAH'EE (TO LIVE) O-LAWM (ETERNITY): Yahuwa Of The Eloheem Said. It Becomes Clear Who This We Or Us Is.

AND THEY WERE FULL OF EYES WITHIN: AND THEY REST NOT DAY AND NIGHT. Is First Used In This Manner. Ezekiel 1:5. BEHOLD. Revelation 4:6. HOLY. Nearest".. AND IS TO COME. Another Group Of Angelic Beings That Are Being Refer To. AND IS. AND EAT. Numbers 7:89.. LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. This US Is Referring To CHERUBEEMS Which Are Angelic Beings Which Also Can Be Found In Exodus 25:18-20. These Beings Are Singing To The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. As It States And I Quote: "AND THE FOUR BEAST HAD EACH OF THEM SIX WINGS ABOUT HIM. AND LIVE FOR EVER. IS THE LORD OF HOST. Where The Term LORD GOD. TO KNOW GOOD AND EVIL: AND NOW. THE MAN IS BECOME AS ONE OF US. AND TAKE ALSO OF THE TREE OF LIFE. That Would Be The Same As What We Found In Genesis Chapter 2 Verse 4. HOLY. It States And I Quote "SO HE DROVE OUT THE MAN: AND HE PLACED AT THE EAST OF THE GARDEN OF EDEN CHERUBIMS. ^ The US Is Finally Defined And The Answer Is Found In Verse 24. HOLY.. We Have To Turn To Isaiah 6:2 And It States And I Quote: "ABOVE IT STOOD THE SERAPHIMS: EACH ONE HAD SIX WINGS.71 72 AND THE LORD GOD SAID. So." To Confirm These Are SERAPHEEMS (D^DIU?) Meaning "Those Who Burn".. And I Quote: THESE ARE THE GENERATIONS OF THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH WHEN THEY WERE CREATED IN THE DAY THAT THE LORD GOD MADE THE EARTH AND ." The Word CHERUBEEMS (DTD) Meaning "Those Who Are Close. SAYING. Is Found In Revelation 4:8. LEST HE PUT FORTH HIS HAND. HOLY. WHICH WAS.. HOLY." S>o It Is Clear From The Depiction In Revelation 4:8. These CHERUBEEMS Must Have Been With The LORD (YAHWEH) In The Beginning As GODS (ELOHEEMS).. AND SAID." And In Chapter 6 Verse 3 Of Isaiah It States And I Quote: "AND ONE CRIED UNTO ANOTHER. HOLY. lUlso...

Malachi Z. This ABDULLAH YUSUF ALI New Revised Edition Translation 1989 Out Of Washington D. Correct Translation By Dr. VlThe Proper Word For Word Translation And I Quote Is: Eoran 68:4 ». ^ lA e* jl* ^ dLal J A'dhiym Khuluqin La 'Ala Innaka Wa Supreme (Great) Verily Surely And Created (Created You Are You Being) For The Most High Would Be The Word For Word Translation Of Koran 68:4 Which Was Originally The Second Chapter Revealed To MUHAMMAD.73 74 THE HEA YENS." owever. Called The Almighty And The Heavenly Host Are Being Referred To As CHERUBEEMS (DTD) And SERAPHEEMS QFffW) Being Equivalent To ELOHEEMS (DTlVX) In The Torah And ALIHAAT (cA^O In The Koran. Che Koran 96:1 Further Uses The Term RABB («_jj) For Lord As A Single And Koran 3:146 RABBIYUWNA (uj-rfj) For Godly Men (Lords) As Well As Koran 3:64 Where We Find The Plural Word ARBAABAAN (L. York From The Ashuric/Syriac (Arabic).LJ) Meaning "Lords" Is Being Used. It Is Clear That The Word 'AZIYM . And New Testament And The Koran Is Referring To The Most High. So It Is Clear That Us And The We As Found In The Old.C Of The Holy Qur'an Page 1506 Is A Mistranslation. 3fn Koran 68:4 And I Quote: "Wa Innaka La A'ala Khuluqin A'dhiym" Which Translates "And Thou (Standest) On A Exalted Standard Of Character.

And This Verse Is Pertaining To MUHAMMAD." In The Last Two Words In The Sentence Is In Arabic AL 'ALIYU (JjJI) Meaning "The Most High. It States And I Quote: "TO HIM BELONGS ALL THAT IS IN THE HEAVENS AND ON EARTH: AND HE IS MOST HIGH. And It Clearly States He Is 'AZYIM. Yet When We Go Back To The Koran Chapter 68 Verse 4.75 76 Which Comes From The 33rd Attribute Of ALLAH Which The Koran Itself Says In Chapter 59:24 And I Quote "HE IS ALLAH THE CREATOR. THE EVOLVER. DOETH DECLARE HIS PRAISES AND GLORY.. And The 33rd Bead Is The Name AL 'AZIYM (j. . The Same Way It Is Found In The Koran In Chapter 38 Verse 5 Where We Find The Word ALIHAAT (oLJI) Meaning "The Sources. We Find The Word LA 'ALA (^*J) Which Is From The Word AL 'ALIYU (J*JI) And We Find 'AZIYM (^e^) Which Is From AL 'AZIYMU The 33rd Attribute Of ALLAH. Either These Are Contradictions Or MUHAMMAD Was Given The Title 'AZIYM As Found In Koran 68:4. THE BESTOWER OF FORMS (OR COLOURS) TO HIM BELONG THE MOST BEAUTIFUL NAMES: WHATEVER IS IN THE HEAVENS AND ON EARTH. "The Great Or The Supreme" And The Koran In The 42nd Chapter The 4th Verse." The 33rd Of The 99 Attributes. Which They Use In Each Prayer Daily As They Thumb Through What They Refer To As 99 Prayer Beads. Or Allahs" Which Is The Plural Of ALLAH (M) Meaning "The Source".." Clears The Attribute Known To All Muslims As The 99 Names Of ALLAH. It Is Very Clear By These Facts And True Translation That MUHAMMAD Was Made 'AZIYM Which Is Equivalent To ELOHEEM (DVlVX) In Aramic/Hebrew Found In Genesis 1:1 Which Is The Plural Of ELOH (HI7X) As Found In Daniel 6:26 The Single Word. Which They Refer To As. And This Is Referring To ALLAH Whom They Say Has No Partners And No One Shares His Power Or Glory. And Carries A Title . And AL 'AZIYMU (p-JiaJl) Meaning "The Supreme.ht II). THE WISE. AND HE IS THE EXALTED IN MIGHT." Which Is The 36th Of The 99 Attributes. MOST GREAT.

Where YAHWE Or YEHWE ((TliT) The Word Being Translated As The LORD Makes Himself Seen To ABRAHAM Along With Two Other Men. Also Refer To As MALAAIKA C|X7ft) And MALIK Meaning "Ruler." Whose Name Translates MELEK Meaning "Angel. And We Find The Word ADONAI (TIX) According To Genesis 19:1. Of ABRAHAM We Would Have To Go To (Genesis 14:18)..".. The Word In The Quote Is ENOSH (UHJX) Meaning "Mortal". It States In Verse 3 And I Quote: "MY LORD. Which They Have ELOHEEM (trnVX) Ascending ' And Descending.. As Well As Genesis 28:12. And Later ABRAHAM Refers To Him As. Identified In The Scriptures Refer To The Book Of Malachi Scroll #111. That As JACOB Laid Asleep He Saw A Ladder Set Up On The Earth And Reached Into The Heavens And He Beheld The Angels MAL'AK ("JXVE) Of GOD. These ELOHEEMS And In The Case Of Genesis 18:1-2. icn The Statement Was Made That A Person Is Being Transformed To An ELOHEEM Which Is Proven. It States And I Quote: "THE SUN . Where We Read "AND MELCHISEDEK KING OF SALEM BROUGHT FORTH BREAD AND WINE. One Of Them Is Being Called YAHWEH In Verse 1. Stood Above It And Made The Statement. In Malachi 4:2. That They Are Angelic Beings. So We Have Three Mortals Appearing In A Physical Form To ABRAHAM..77 78 Of ALLAH Or He Like MOSES Was Made One The ALIHAAT Plural For ALLAH And MOSES Was Made In Exodus 7:1 An ELOHEEM (DVlVX) A Plural For ELOH As Found In Ezra 4:24. "/ AM THE YAHUWA OF THE ELOHEEMS OF ABRAHAM YOUR FATHER AND THOSE ELOHEEMS OF ISAAC. Ruler" Of ZODOQ Meaning "Justice". Messenger". That These Two Men With ADONAI Were Angels And The Word Being Used Is MAL'AK 3ft Is Clear In This Case. He Also Noticed The YAHUWA (HYP) Which Is Being Translated As The LORD. " If We Want To Know Who This YAHUWA Is.

And In Malachi Chapter 1:9. Ruler". WITHOUT MOTHER. MURDOQ OR MURDUK Meaning "Leader Of The Deities.WHO RECEIVETH TITHES. H>o For MOSES Or MUHAMMAD To Be Made Into An ELOHEEM Would Mean." In Verse 3.. Which Means "Genes" Of His Father. And Is Beseeching EL (Vtf). And Who Will Be Gracious Unto The YAHUWA (miT)? This Book Malachi Opens With The Verse The Burden Of The Word Of YAHWEH To Israel By MALACHI ("0*70) Meaning "My Angel.. We Find JESUS Who Is Referred To As GOD By Man. It Clearly States And I Quote: "FOR THIS MELCHISEDEK. So This MELCHISEDEK Was "The Angel Of Justice. WITHOUT DESCENT.79 80 OF RIGHTEOUSNESS ARISE WITH HEALING IN HIS WINGS. Son Of GOD By Many Others. Is Being Referred To As The LORD In That Verse." Verse 9-10 Picks It Up Again And Clearly States And I Quote: ". TERAH. HAVING NEITHER BEGINNING OF DAYS. BESEEECH GOD THAT HE WILL BE GRACIOUS UNTO US. I PRAY YOU. And The MESSIAH By Others Which Says In Hebrews Chapter 5:5.". If You Add The Book Of Hebrews Chapter 7 Verse 1. While He Was Still In The Loins. ABIDETH A PRIEST CONTINUALLY." In That Verse. It Says And I Quote: 'WITHOUT FATHER.. Appointed Over The ANUNNAQI Meaning "Those Who ANU Sent Down From Heaven To Qi (Earth) ". KING OF SALEM PRIEST OF THE MOST HIGH GOD WHO MET ABRAHAM RETURNING FROM THE SLAUGHTER OF THE KINGS AND BLESSED HIM. BUT MADE LIKE UNTO THE SON OF GOD." Also Referred To As A YAHUWA Over The ELOHEEM Or In Ancient Times. NOR END OF LIFE. Supreme Deity". It Is Clear That One Of The YAHUWA.. WHEN MELCHISEDEK MET HIM..". MELCHISEDEK First Met ABRAHAM Before He Was Born.. As It States And I Quote "AND NOW. PAYED TITHES IN ABRAHAM: FOR HE WAS YET IN THE LOINS OF HIS FATHER. And I Quote: "SO ALSO \ CHRIST GLORIFIED NOT HIMSELF TO BE .

He Died ".81 82 MADE AN HIGH PRIEST: BUT HE THAT SAID UNTO HIM THOU ART MY SON.. He Could Not Have Received This Portion Of The Scripture!! J$>o This Book Here Is JOSHUA Writing About MOSES And AARON Because AARON And MOSES Are Dead By This Point. In Deuteronomy 1:3. "THOU ARE A PRIEST FOREVER. And . Books Of Deuteronomy Starts To Go Into These Are The Words Which MOSES Spake Unto All Israel On The Side Of The Jordan... Not GOD (ELOHEEM).. AARON Dies In Numbers 33:38 Where It States And I Quote: "AND AARON THE PRIEST WENT UP INTO MOUNT HOR." So To Be Made An ELOHEEM Is To Be Made After The Order Of MELCHISEDEK." Meaning "The Mountain" Coming From The Root Word HAR fTi) Meaning A "Hill." And Then Not Only Did He Go Up In The Mountain To Die.". Then In Deuteronomy 34:5 Where It States And I Quote: "SO MOSES THE SERVANT OF THE LORD DIED THERE IN THE LAND OF MOAB". (Refer To "The Koran" Scroll #2). AT THE COMMANDMENT OF THE LORD. So According To Deuteronomy 34:5 He Was Dead. It States. In Deuteronomy 34:8 It States I Quote: "AND THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL WEPT FOR MOSES IN THE PLAINS OF MOAB THIRTY DAYS SO THE DAYS OF WEEPING AND MOANING FOR MOSES WAS ENDED".. Because Deuteronomy Is Just Another Book That They Claim That MOSES Received.. And Now In Deuteronomy He's Speaking About This Law. Hill Country Or Mount.THAT MOSES SPAKE TO THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL. however.. " And If We Look At Verse 10 It Repeats And I Quote: "CALLED OF GOD AN HIGH PRIEST AFTER THE ORDER OF MELCHISEDEK. This Means He Was Already Given His Law.. And I Quote: ". " As He Said Also In Another Place. Therefore..

But If You Look In Numbers 33:1 It States And I Quote. Grant And H. Malachi Z. Its Location Is Quite Uncertain. WHICH WENT FORTH OUT OF THE LAND OF EGYPT WITH THEIR ARMIES UNDER THE HAND OF MOSES AND AARON. AND ENCAMPED A T MOSEROTH. And In The Dictionary Of The Bible By Frederick C." As A Stopping Place On The Route To Mount Horeb.. MOSEROTH In Numbers 33:30 It States And I Quote: "AND THEY DEPARTED FROM HASHMONAH." Also. AND THERE HE WAS BURIED.H.. Or Did GOD? Was MOSES Using Some Kind Of Magical Rod To . I Ask You. Or Two. "THESE ARE THE JOURNEYS OF THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL. Either Your Bible Is Wrong.". Was It Your Bible That Made This Mistake Or Was It Your Deity? Refer To "The God Series" Written By Dr. So Again. York. Cveryone Is Inquiring About Who Parted THE REED (RED) SEA (Exodus 14:16)1 Did MOSES Part The Sea.. Then Explain Why Your Bible States That AARON Died In Two Different Places? One." You Will See That It Was "The Egyptians With Their Armies Under The Hand Of Moses And Aaron " Who Were In Route. however. Where It States And I Quote: "AND THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL TOOK THEIR JOURNEY FROM BEEROTH OF THE CHILDREN OF JAAKAN TO MOSERA: THERE AARON DIED. Hor Where Aaron Died". A Place Near Mt. Which Is The Place Where AARON Died And Was Buried. And The Word Used For MOSERA (mOTB) Also Spelled MOSEROTH (flTTDTS) And MOSERAH And According To The Logos Concordance Means "Bonds. It States And I Quote "AND THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL TOOK THEIR JOURNEY FROM BEEROTH OF THE CHILDREN OF JAAKAN TO MOSERA. Rowley On Page 675 It States That MOSERAH. MOSEROTH Is Named In Deuteronomy 10:6. Your GOD Makes Mistakes!: Because In Deuteronomy 10:6.83 84 The Word Here Used For LORD Is YAHUWA (HTP) Meaning "The Existing One". If Aaron Died At The Commandment Of The Lord And The LORD Is All Knowing..

22. Malachi Z. AND NAW-TAW (STRETCH OUT) YOUR YAWD (HAND) AL (OVER) HA (THE) YAWM(SEA). AND DIVIDE IT: AND THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL SHALL GO ON DRY GROUND THROUGH THE MIDST OF THE SEA. The Red Or Reed Sea Is A Long Gulf Between Western Arabia And Northeastern Africa. 15:4. The BUT ROOM (LIFT) YOU UP YOURMAT-TEH (STAFF). Her1 s Take A Look At This. AND STRETCH OUT THINE HAND OVER THE SEA. So MOSES Was Holding Some Type Of Staff Or Rod In His Hand And Divided The REED SEA Mentioned In Exodus 23:31 Which Is Being Misinterpreted By The Religious World As The RED SEA In Exodus 13:18. York Mistranslation For King James -nx ntm DTI "pro DTI nnxi D TXT1 BUT LIFT THOU UP THY ROD. And Stretch Out Your Hand Over The Sea. Meaning "Sea Of Reeds" Which Is Of Egyptian Origin. Cxodus 14:16 Dr. The Word For Hand In This Quote Is YAD (T) Which Is Referring To A Physical Hand. The Hebrew Name For This Sea Is YAM SUF (*pD CT). Right Translation In Aramic (Hebrew) By: Part The Reed (Red) Sea? The Aramic (Hebrew) Word Used For ROD In Exodus 14:16 Is MATTAH (HUE) Which Means "Staff. WA (AND) BAW-QAH (DIVIDE) IT: WA (AND) THE BANE (CHILDREN) OF YIS-RAW-ALE (ISRAEL) WILL BO (GO) ON . And Divide It: And The Children Of Israel Will Go On Dry Land Through The Midst OfThe Sea.85 86 YAB-BAW-SHAW (DRY GROUND) TAW'-WEK (THROUGH THE MIDST) OF HA (THE) YAWM(SEA) But Lift Up Your Staff. Branch" From The Root Word NATAH (ITO3) Which Means "To Stretch Or Spread Out".

31 "AND MOSES STRETCHED FORTH HIS HAND OVER THE SEA. AND ISRAEL SAW THAT OLD GREAT WORK WHICH YAHUWA DID UNTO THE EGYPTIANS: AND THE NATION OF PEOPLE FEARED YAHUWA AND HAD FAITH IN YAHUWA. According To Exodus 14:16. The Reed (Red) Sea Is Also Referred To As The Egyptian Sea In Isaiah 11:15. AND COVERED THE CHARIOTS. YAHUWA'S Power Is Too Great For Any Mortal Man To Obtain. If They Try To Use An Explanation Such As YAHUWA Gave Him The Power. AND THE LORD CAUSED THE SEA TO GO BACK" Now. Cxodus 14:27-28. Wouldn't That Be Taking Away From Himself Which Would Be Making Him Less Than The All Powerful? Was It Necessary To Drown The Egyptians? Now That The Israelites Have Safely Crossed The Red Reed Sea And Are Journeying To The Land Of Canaan. AND HIS SLA VE MOSES." . MOSES Parted Or Divided Nearly 10.580 Feet Deep. And If YAHUWA Gave MOSES His Power. It Says The Lord Caused The Sea To Divide. And Is One Of The First Large Bodies Of Water Mentioned In Recorded History.000 Feet Of Water With The Wave Of A Wand Or Rod!!! Let's Be For Real. AND THE SEA RETURNED TO HIS STRENGTH WHEN THE BEGINNING OF A NEW DAY APPEARED. YAHUWA Didn't Have To Drown The Egyptians He Could Have Stopped The Egyptians In Their Tracks And The Israelites Would Have Still Been Able To Appreciate His Power.87 88 Red Sea Contains Some Of The World's Hottest And Saltiest Seawater. AND HORSEMEN. THERE REMAINED NOT SO AS MUCH AS ONE OF THEM. In Exodus 14:21 MOSES "STRETCHED OUT HIS HAND OVER THE SEA. AND THE EGYPTIANS FLED AGAINST IT: AND YAHUWA OVER THREW THE EGYPTIANS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SEA: AND THE WATERS RETURNED. AND ALL THE FORCE OF PHARAOH THAT CAME INTO THE SEA AFTER THEM. The Width Of The Reed (Red) Sea Extends 190 Miles And Is 9.

To Utter". 31. Which Means "To Speak. Which All Mean To "Speak Words". Was Made A "PROPHET". It Clearly States In Exodus 7:1 MOSES Himself Was Made A "GOD" Or "ELOHEEM" And AARON. Exodus 7:1 pnxi ranoV DTiVx fTira rmra-Vx mrr "pnx AND YAHUWA AW-MAR (SAID) AL (TO) MO-SHEH (MOSES) RA W-A W (SEE). In Exodus 14:27-28. To Converse. To Command. To Speak With One Another. I HAVE NAW-THAN (PERMITTED) YOU TO BE A . To Talk.89 90 Sind As You Can See In Exodus 14:11." Nowhere In The Definition Of These Words Does It Imply Anything That Mystical Or Magical Was Being Done. It Implies That He Was Speaking Out Loud And Not Disguised In A Flame From The Midst Or The Middle Of A Bush Like He Did In Exodus 3:2. Then I Ask The Question Again." So. To Speak. Now That YAHUWA Has Killed The Pharaoh And His Horsemen. It Seems That The Israelites Were Impressed When They "Saw The Egyptians Dead Upon The Sea Shore. His Brother. Then Why Didn't Anyone Else Respond To The Voice Of YAHUWA? And Please Don't Say Out Of Respect!! Was Not A Prophet. All Come From The Same Root Word AMAR (TOX) Meaning "To Say. And If YAHUWA Was Speaking Where He Could Be Heard. So. Say And Saying" That Are Used In Exodus Chapter 14. To Declare. In Exodus Chapter 14 When It States That The Lord "SAID OR SPAKE" Or That He Was "Saying Or Said" Anything To MOSES. The Israelites Didn't Have Any Real Faith In YAHUWA Or MOSES Because They Were In Doubt And Questioned MOSES. Was It Really Necessary To Drown The Egyptians? Wasn't It Bad Enough That YAHUWA "Smote" Or Killed All Of The Firstborn In The Land Of Egypt? Why Doesn't Anyone Else Hear The Voice Of YAHUWA When He Is Speaking To Moses At The Red Reed Sea? The Words "Said. The Word SPAKE Comes From The Root Word DAWBAR (121).

AND THE LORD SAID UNTO MOSES. (Refer To "Is God A Wimp" Scroll #86. I Have Permitted You The Right To Be A ELoheem For The Pharaoh. The Word TAMMUZ Meaning "Sprout Of Life" Is Spelled: T-A-M-M-U-Z. Right Translation In Aramic (Hebrew) By: Had Not Been Revealed. Of Course You All Know ISHTAR Is Another Name For: DINAH Or DINA.) Meaning "To Draw Out". nor To MOSES Being An ELOHEEM. And Your Brother Aaron. MOSES Is Short For THUTMOSE. The Israelites Brought Ancient Babylon Teachings Over Into Egypt. In Fact One Of The Months You Can Write Out Is Called TAMMUZ.D. SEE.91 92 ELOHEEM (THESE BEINGS) TO PAR-O (PHARAOH) WA (AND) A-HAR-ONE (AARON) YOUR AWKH (BROTHER) YEH-HE (WILL BE) YOUR NAW-BEE (SPOKESMAN. The TORAH . Malachi Z. So MOSES And His Brother AARON Were Of The Egyptian Teachings. And Israelites Didn't Have Any Teachings Yet. NEWSBEARER OF THINGS TO COME) And Yahuwa Said To Moses. You'll Find Out That The Original Jewish Calendar Is A Babylonian Calendar. He Was The Son Of ISHTAR Meaning "Star". To The Mohammadites His Name Is MUSA (^j-. He Will Be Your Prophet. He Was Known As The Egyptian Pharaoh THUTMOSE I. If You Research. Look At Yourself. And They Named A Mountain After Him Called JEBEL MUSA Which Means "Mount Dr. York Mistranslation For King James 1611 A. THE ONE WHO GIVES THE NEWS. Who Is Egyptian. The First Being THOTMOSE. I HAVE MADE THEE A GOD TO PHAR'AOH: AND AARON THY BROTHER SHALL BE THY PROPHET. The Demon Deity Of Ancient Babylon.) MOSES Is Spelled Many Different Ways Throughout Different Scriptures.

So "MOSE11 Became THOTHMOSE I. Which Is Where He Received His Revelations Mentioned In (Koran 19:51-52)." MOSES Was Born In Egypt As Mentioned In Exodus 2:1-10 Which Would Make Him By Nationality. Then Called Goshen.93 94 Of Moses". Their Deity Was Called THOTH.. As You See The Name Of Their Deity Is Combined As Their Personal Name. Just As The Man AMON Added His Family Deity Name Onto His Name And Became AMON-RA. Egyptian. And As The Mohammedans Are Called ABD-ALLAH And The Israelites Are Called ELIYAH.) Meaning "Drawing Out" John 1:17 Where It States And I Quote: . Che Nation Of People He Belonged To Was Egyptians And The People In Egypt That He Lived With. TROTH Was Known As HERMES By The Greeks. Just Like Many Nubians Leaders In America Do Diagram 12 Jebel Musa Supposed Place Where Moses Received His Revelations (The Commandments) Co The Israelites He Was Called MOSHEH (TTO») Which Means "Drawing Out Of The Water" As Found In The Old Testament MOSES Son Of AMRAM And Exodus 1:7." All Coming From The Ancient Egyptian Word MOSE In Your Bible Which Means To Be "Drawn Out. And The Name SIN Was Known By The Babylonians. MOSES Felt The Pain Of The Abuse Of His People By His Egyptian Brother Who Were Living In The Ghetto. Being A Descendant Of The Ancient Israelites By JACOB'S Son LEVI. In The New Testament In Greek His Name Is MOSEUS (Mcoixrecoc. "FOR THE LAW WAS GIVEN BY MOSES..

And Take Their Side Like The Great Judge "Cut Them Loose Bruce".. And The Murder. Scent" Exodus 2:15-21. THE PRIEST OF MIDIAN. There He Took A Wife Named ZIPPORAH (TIDX) Meaning "Bird" In Exodus 2:21 Of JETHRO (T1TP) "His Excellence" In Exodus 3:1 Also Called REUEL." A Midian Priest And A Descendant From ABRAHAM (OTOX) And QETURAH (!TfiDp) Meaning "Fragrance. See The Abuse.95 96 Today That Have Worked Their Way Up To Government Jobs. And POPPI Had Help From Canannite Invaders Called Syrians Or Phoenicians. The Lower Egypt Was Ruled By MOSES While Another Pharaoh Name POPPI Of The Hyksos Or Pale Syrians Who Conquered Lower Egypt Which Is Nearest To The Mediterranean Sea Battled. There Was A War Between Upper And Lower Egypt During MOSES Rule As THOTHMOSE I. So MOSES Was Put Into Banishment And Dethroned And Lived In The Land Of Midian. Where It States And I Quote: "NOW MOSES KEPT THE FLOCK OF JETHRO HIS FATHER IN LAW. Diagram 13 The Continent Africa Is In The Shape Of The Horse's Head Which Is Symbolic Of The "River Horse" The Hippopotamus . And The Oppression Of Their People. He Held A Sacrifice To EL YAHUWA In Thanksgiving For The Deliverance Of Israel And He Advised MOSES To Represent The Administration Of Justice (Exodus 18). MOSES Rose Up With His Personal Hand And Killed An Egyptian Which Was Forbidden For MOSES As For All Egyptian Pharaohs Who Were Considered Deities. MOSES Had To Unite The Kuwshites Of Ethiopia With His People The Mizramites Because Of His Fear Of Defeat..

With The Power That MOSES Acquired In Uniting The Whole Horses Head (Africa) The RAMSES . The HIPPOPOTAMUS Deity That Was Also Called In Egypt "THEORIS" Was Worshipped By The Syrians Who Were Influenced By The Greeks. For Not Long After. Whoever Ruled The Northeast Coast Of Africa Ruled All The Cushites. MOSES Attempted To Re-Enter Egypt As A GOD (Exodus 7:1) Where EL YAHUWA Sends Him As An ELOHEEM To Pharaoh. Jctfter The Hyksos Dynasty Was Conquered. The Word HIPPOPOTAMUS Which Became The Greek Word THEHOS (8eo<. The Word HIPPOPOTAMUS Meaning "River Horse" Is Symbolic Of The Continent Of Africa. By This Time Two Other THOTHMOSE Had Passed Before RAMSES H Had Come In. Mizramites And Hamites. MOSES Reign Was Short Lived.) or DIGS From Which They Get The Word THEOS (GOD) And Their School Of Learning Became Theologian Seminaries (Cemeteries). So The Cushites And The Mizramites United With MOSES And The Hyksos Were Defeated And The Contract Of Peace Was Sealed By MOSES Taking A Cushite Wife Of Which His Sister MIRIAM Objected. MOSES Killed The Egyptian And Was Banished To The Wilderness. Figure S The Ancient Hippopotamus Figure 6 The Egyptian Deity T hut mo so I 0fter Understudying A Man Named JETHRO.97 98 This Fighting Took Place For The Rule Of The "Horses Head" Or "River Horse" Which Is Symbolic Of The HIPPOPOTAMUS.

The Power Used By MOSES And His Brother AARON To Transform Their Staff Of Wood Into Living Snakes Had To Be An Egyptian Science Because RAMSES II Performed The Same Act. Was The Serpent Used By MOSES. Che "KUNDALEVI" Called By The Hindus.99 100 After Him And The Second One Shared A Forty Year Rule Bringing Egypt To Its Riches And A Powerful State. MOSES Never Regained Power As A Pharaoh In Egypt So He Demanded That He Take His People Out Of The Land And Ghettos Of Goshen And Back To The Land Called Canaan. The Powers That MOSES Presented Before RAMSES n Was The Same Egyptian Science. They Passed Through An Area Called Sin In The Sinai Peninsula On Down To A Place Called SERBID EL KHADEM Where The Temple Of HAGAR Was Where He Went . No Israelite Used The Serpent Power. JESUS. JETHRO The Midianite Priest Taught Him His Israelite History And Told Him About The Figure? Promise Of His Forefather The "Cadeus" Or ABRAHAM. Is The Staff With The Two Serpents Which Is Symbolic Of Healing Powers. "Kundalini" Medical Symbol Of Today Thothmose I (Moses) And Ramses II Using The Egyptian Science Of Serpents icn MOSES And The Egyptian Israelites Left Egypt. This Was A Science Used Only By The Pharaohs In Eygpt And Worshipped By The Hindus Called "SERPENTINE" Which Is Symbolic Of The Devil BAAL (VlD) Meaning "Lord And Master". And That ELIYAH (ELIJAH) Also Used. MOSES Was Sent By YAHUWA To Regain The Throne In Egypt. The Science Was Called Transfiguration Or Alchemy That THE PRIEST OF EGYPT. So. His Staff Was Called The "CADEUS" The Medical Symbol.

Not In Aramic Or Hebrew Or Phoenician. (The Commandments). But When They Wrote EL In The Caves At SERABD) EL KHADIM They Were Writing In Hieroglyphics. They Told The Israelites. A Form Of Egyptian (Picture Writing).101 102 To Receive The 613 Commandments (The Law). And That's Why You'll Find Stories On The Walls Of The Deity EL. These Are The Ancient Phoenician People. SODOQ. ABRAHAM'S Seed. SAADIYQEV (6-3 jU) KOHANE. So Egyptian Kohane (Priests) Were Teaching Them That The EL (VX) And HU Q*) Were One And The Same. Mentioned In Koran 18:56. And HATHOR Was The Highest Of Goddesses. This Is The Same Son. They All Were Converted Including The Levite Kohane (Priests). It Wasn't Difficult To Convert Them Because They Were Telling Them The Stories Of ABRAHAM And This Is Your Link. The Levitical KOHANE Who Were Up Under The ZODOK Or ZEDEK. His People Had Been Totally Converted Over To The Worship Of The Golden Calf HATHOR. This Is Your Pathway Back To The Land Of Canaan Because This Is HAGAR And ISHMAEL. Figure 8 The Egyptian Goddess Hathor I Che Order Of MELCHISEDEK And These len Converted To The Worship Of HATHOR . From Which The Book Of Leviticus Comes From And The Levites Were What AARON Was And That Was Another Order Of MELCHISEDEK. When MOSES Came Down With The Tablets Of YAHUWA.

Which Is The Same Word Used When Refering To The Prophet "NABIY ABRAHAM In Genesis 20:7.. He Then Sang A Song Celebrating God's Faithfulness. And Saying A Blessing On The Tribe Of Israel. Meaning "These Beings". Which Is In "Plural Form"... jiloSES' Life Ended When He Was 120 Years Old Being Mentioned In Deuteronomy 34:7. East Of The Jordan River After Receiving His Final Instructions From YAHUWA In Deuteronomy 32:48-52. After MOSES' Death In The Valley Of Moab. AND BE GATHERED UNTO THY PEOPLE: AS AARON THY BROTHER DIED IN MOUNT HOR. In Deuteronomy 32:48-52 YAHUWA Himself Prepares MOSES' Death Where It States And I Quote: ".AND DIE IN THE MOUNT WHITHER THOU GOEST UP. Where He Was Buried As Mentioned In Deuteronomy 34:6 It States "AND HE BURIED HIM IN A VALLEY IN . AND WAS GATHERED UNTO HIS PEOPLE. Thus.SLAY EVERY MAN HIS BROTHER. It States And I Quote: "AND MOSES WAS AN HUNDRED AND TWENTY YEARS OLD WHEN HE DIED: HIS EYE WAS NOT DIM. AND EVERY MAN HIS COMPANION. Which NOAH Became A Part Of.". A CCORDING TO THE WORD OF THE LORD".". Or One Of The MEH-LEKIYM (DOV/D) "Rulers". And That's Why MOSES Said. Meaning He Became One Of The ELOHEEM (D^nVX) "These Beings". NOR HIS NATURAL FORCE ABATED" In Moab In Deuteronomy 34:5 "SO MOSES THE SERVANT OF THE LORD DIED THERE IN THE LAND OF MOAB. Because They Were Not Suppose To Be That Easily Persuaded... The Aramic (Hebrew) Word Used For AARON When He Became A Prophet Is NABIY (K^23). Or Meaning That There Is More Than One "God" In Existence. When MOSES Was Made A "God" The Aramic (Hebrew) Word That Is Used Is ELOHEEM (QYlVX). AND EVERY MAN HIS NEIGHBOUR. Go And Kill All Of The Levite Priest In Exodus 32:27 Where It States And I Quote: ". Or One Of The MEH-LEK Cl^tt) Meaning "Rulers".103 104 And AMON-RA..

. o ap%ayyeA. ". The ELOHEEM Buried Moses In The Valley Of Moab. The Archangel Or The Chief Angel And The DEVIL (DIABLOS [8iapoA. YET MICHAEL THE ARCHANGEL.Cfl] Meaning "The False Accuser"). Railing Accusation. THE KOO'-REE-OS (MASTER) EP-EE-TEE-MAH (REBUKE) YOU. oxe TOO 8iafk)A. Diablos Not Bring Against Him A Blasphemous. There Is A Dispute Over MOSES1 Burial Place Between MICHAEL (Mi%ar|k) Meaning "Who Is Like EL". 8ieA.eyeTO Tiepi tern Monxyeax. HOT-EH Dr. Right Translation In Greek By: O 8e Mixat]A.. RAILING) KREE'-SIS (ACCUSATION). When Contending With The Diablos. But Said. The Master Rebuke You. ODK eToA|ir|CTev Kpiaiv erceveyKeiv pXaa^rptca. Where To This Day No One Can Find His Tombstone Deuteronomy 34:6. . Also In Jude 1:9. Jude 1:9 (WHEN) DEE-AK-REE'-NO (CONTENDING) WITH THE DEE-AB'-OL-OS (DIABLOS) HE DEE-AL-EG'-OM-AHEE (DISPUTED) PER-EE (ABOUT) THESO-MAH (BODY) OF MOCE-YOOS (MOSES). aX. York Mistranslation For King James 1611 A.ca Siaicpivo|j£vo<.D.cx. BUT EP-O (SAID). acofioctcx. Malachi Z. WHEN CONTENDING WITH THE DEVIL HE DISPUTED ABOUT THE BODY OF MOSES. He Disputed About The Body Of Moses. Yet "Who Deares To Be Like El" Michael The Archangel. This Quote Will Bring Up The Question Who Is The He Being Mentioned? Is It The LORD (YAHUWA) That Buried MOSES Himself? The He Being Mentioned In This Quote Is The ELOHEEM. DURST) NOT EP-EE-FER'-O (BRING AGAINST) HIM A BLAS-FA Y-ME'-AH (BLASPHEMOUS.Xa E7n/u|a/r|aai DEH (YET) MIKH-AH-ALE ("WHO DEARES TO BE LIKE EL" MICHAEL) THE AR-KHANG'-EL-OS (ARCHANGEL).105 106 THE LAND OF MOAB. TOL-MAH'-O (DIABLOS.

WHERE HE . Even Though It States In Genesis 14. MOSES Journeyed With MICHAEL (Mixarjl) (MALACffl-ZODOQ) Mentioned In Koran 18:60-82.[Ptahites]) Back With EL. MALACHI-ZODOQ. 75). 30 It States And I Quote: "THEN FLED MOSES AT THIS SAYING. He Sent A Representative. At The End Koran 18:78-82. (Koran 18:67. Thus. His Telepathic (Tele. As I Refer To It. And It Now Makes Sense To MOSES. To Teach MOSES. AND WAS A STRANGER IN THE LAND OF MADIAN. Is Simply Stating That MALACffl-ZODOQ Came To Help MOSES And MOSES Questioned Him All The Way To The End. That MALACffl-ZODOQ Went On A Quest With ABRAM And He Did Not Question Him. Could Not Endure Until The End. MOSES' First Forty Years Were Spent In Egypt In Pharaoh's Household As A Member As Mentioned In Acts 7:21-23. And Upon YAHUWA'S Mercy. As We Divide MOSES Life Into Three Periods Of Forty Years. BUT SAID. The Islaamic Faith Calls Him AL KHTDR (>o*JI) Or NABI KHTDR DURST NOT BRING AGAINST HIM A RAILING ACCUSATION. Where He Lived A Private Family Life In The Land Of Midian Mentioned In Acts 7:29. jftflALACffl-ZODOQ Was Sent To MOSES To Teach MOSES The Knowledge Of The ELOHEEM. This Is One Of The Reasons Why He Did Not Reach The Promised Land. It States That MOSES Prayed To or Thirty Days The Children Of Israel Wept For MOSES In The Land Of Moab Mentioned In Deuteronomy 34:8 Where It States And I Quote: "AND THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL WEPT FOR MOSES IN THE PLAINS OF MOAB THIRTY DAYS: SO THE DAYS OF WEEPING AND MOURNING FOR MOSES WERE ENDED". Koran 18:60-82. THE LORD REBUKE THEE. 720 Degrees Of Knowledge. MALACffl-ZODOQ Explains His Reasons To MOSES For Doing What He Did.107 108 Reconnect. And MOSES Being Impatient. The Land Of Canaanites. And Doubtful. In The Koran 18:65. In Which He Was Put Through A Trial. As His Telephone Wire. His Second Forty Years. 72.

ly Translation Of Exodus Will Give You A Better Overstanding Because Of The Selection Of The Right Words That Have Been Translated Straight Form The Aramic (Hebrew) Which I Have Also Broken Down Into More Depth And Detail That Which Was Hidden By The Creators Or The Fabricators Of Religion Long Before The Bible History Ever Existed. Which Will Help Clear Up Many Questions That People Have On Some Of The Verses And Chapters In Genesis Which Are Not Clearly Overstood And I Hope This Will Bring You More Inspiration And Enthusiasm To Want To Further Overstand The Truth Or Lies That Are Found In The Bible. To The Holy Tabernacle Ministries At P. Then Write In. Dr. Verse By Verse Transliteration And Translation By Myself. Eatonton Georgia 31024. York. Qflte jiefftnmnff . Box 4490. As You Will See By Researching Or Comparing The Original Hebrew With The English Bible Translation You Will Find That I Have Brought It A Step Further And Brought Out All The Hidden Secrets Behind The So-Called Holy Bible And The Holy Koran. Malachi Z. It Has To Be Thoroughly Researched And Studied Or Else You Will Remain In Ignorance Being Misinformed With No True Knowledge Wisdom Or Overstanding Which Will Lead You To Right Knowledge. And If This Book Of Exodus Has Touched You In Any Way.109 110 BEGAT TWO SONS: AND WHEN FORTY YEARS WERE EXPIRED.O. Also. He Finally Lived His Last Forty Years Where He Led The Children Of Israel Out Of Egypt. That Cannot Be Seen Just By Having It Sitting On Your Shelf Only To Be Taken Out On Sundays. There Will Be Available To You Soon. When GOD (ELOHEEM) Called Him At The Burning Bush Until His Death. Right Wisdom And Overstanding Of Your True Creator And The Master's Plan. THERE APPEARED TO HIM IN THE WILDERNESS OF MOUNT SINAI AN ANGEL OF THE LORD IN A FLAME OF FIRE IN A BUSH" .

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