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(insert date)

(insert name)
(insert address)

Dear (insert name)

Re: Formal Appeal Hearing – Outcome.

I write to confirm the outcome of the Disciplinary Appeal Hearing held on (insert date) at
(insert time).

The hearing was held by (insert name) and (insert name, job title) as management witness.

In line with the discipline procedure, you were given the opportunity of being accompanied by
a Trade Union Representative or work colleague and (insert name attended as your
companion) or (you declined the offer of having a companion present).

The hearing had been arranged to consider your appeal against the decision to (insert

You were given every opportunity to explain why you were appealing against the decision of
the Disciplinary Hearing.

I have considered carefully all the facts presented and listened to and taken account of your

I am satisfied that the matter was dealt with properly and thoroughly at the Disciplinary
Hearing and that the correct decision was made at the Hearing and consequently I am unable
to uphold your appeal.


Based on the facts presented I have decided to uphold your appeal, therefore details of the
proposed disciplinary action will be removed from your permanent record.

This has now completed the Company Disciplinary Procedure and there are no further stages

Yours sincerely

(insert name)
(Insert job title)