Agent Orange Legacy is advocating for the services, support and rights for the children of Vietnam veterans

exposed to Agent Orange and their families.
WHO WE ARE: Agent Orange Legacy was founded in 2007 by a widow of a Vietnam veteran, Sharon L. Perry and their daughter, Dee Reyes. Dee has been plagued and has suffered from unexplained illnesses most of her life. She continues to suffer from debilitating muscle spasms which have left her disabled and rated as a Helpless Child by the VA. She also suffers from 28 illnesses and was recently diagnosed with gastroparesis, hiatus hernia, Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction Disorder. Dee currently awaits genetic testing and is a viable candidate for Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS). TESTIFIED BEFORE IOM AGENT ORANGE UPDATE COMMITTEE: In 2012 Dee traveled to Washington, D.C. and testified before the Institute of Medicine, Ninth Biennial, Agent Orange Update Committee Meeting on June 28. Learn More at this link: CLOSED SUPPORT GROUP: Agent Orange Legacy offers a closed support group for families of veterans exposed to Agent Orange. Please join us:

WHERE TO FIND US ONLINE  FACEBOOK: Like us on facebook  ONLINE MEMORIAL: Honor your veteran and their children lost to Agent Orange (online memorial)  WEBSITE/BLOG: Check out our blog/website for information about Agent Orange  YOUTUBE: Subscribe to our YouTube channel


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