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Classroom Procedures 1. Come to class prepared and on time. Always sit in your assigned seat. 2.

You are dismissed from class by the teacher, not the bell. 3. Pencils will be sharpened within the first (10) minutes of class. Any other use will be recognized only by raising your hand. 4. Grading system is based on 100% and in categories. The categories for AP classes include (1) Classwork 25%, (2) Notebook 25%, (3) Chapter Test and Essay 25% and (4) Unit Test 25%. For Honor classes the categories include (1) Classwork 25% (2) Notebook 25% and (3) Test 50%. Interim reports will be issued. 5. Homework will be assigned. It will be graded on the basis of completeness and correct answers. Late work will be accepted for half credit, only after one occurrence. 6. The roll will be taken by the seating chart. 7. All students are required to maintain a notebook of all returned work. Notebooks will be checked after each unit (for AP classes) or chapter (for Honor classes). 8. There will be a test given at the end of each chapter. Honor classes test will often be preceded by a review. Students absent on test day will take a makeup test, upon the day you return. If you are absent for more than one day prior to the test, students must discuss makeup with me. Make up test will be done, at some point, during the period upon your return. 9. Honor students will quiz practically every day. Each quiz will be directly related to most recent assignments. If you are absent on quiz day, makeup will be determined by me.