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Uberwords Power Words Verbs Listing

Uberwords Power Words Verbs Listing

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Cheatsheet of power words and vocabulary to improve your speaking skills and style.
Cheatsheet of power words and vocabulary to improve your speaking skills and style.

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Published by: James on Jun 03, 2009
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Power Verbs

TIPS ON EFFECTIVELY USING POWER VERBS: Choose the present, present form (move) over the past or future tenses (moved, will move). Avoid clauses starting with a verb Use elementary subject predicate sentence construct. Stress the verb over subject or object by pausing before the verb and clearly enunciating the verb. Of course, watch for subject verb agreement Use these verbs as part of you vocabulary.

Power Level I: High Impact
Answer Ascertain Act Are Aid Adapt Accelerate Adjust Amplify Audit Articulate Boost Build Balance Communicate Convince Cooperate Collaborate Construct Connect Coordinate Clarify Correct Capture Consolidate Care Choose Cultivate Control Convert Commence Contact Divorce Earn Enlist Enlighten Employ Engage Enrich Encourage Explain Exchange Eliminate Enhance Exercise Express Establish Frame Facilitate Focus Fund Finalize Foster Govern Generate Help Identify Interact Inspect Improve Is Join Justify Judge Listen Lead List Launch Learn Master Motivate Maximize Merge Map Minimize Market Mobilize Nurse Negotiate Nullify Negate Orient Order Obtain Organize Qualify Quantify Reduce Reinforce Report Rectify Render Respond Restore Retain Replace Resist Regulate Reason Repair Resolve Retreat Serve Solve Shape Sustain Stimulate Secure Support Subscribe Test Testify Threaten Target Track Terminate Treat Transform Unify Utilize Use Undermine Verify Validate View Value Win Withdraw

Power Level II: Medium Impact Address Administer Avert Approve Advise Anticipate Budget Chart Confirm Calibrate Check Compile Conserve Compose Consider Coach Conduct Centralize Customize Conceptualize Estimate Educate Expedite Explore Furnish Fashion Guide Grade Gauge Hire Host Highlight Handle Incorporate Innovate Increase Investigate Identify Instruct Import Introduce Install Intervene Label Maintain Mentor Modify Monitor Notify Outline Offset Represent Recruit Relate Remodel Refer Route Refine Rehabilitate Retrieve Run Reconcile Suggest Supervise Settle Submit Select Substitute Time Troubleshoot Trade Taught Transmit Uncover Update Visualize Volunteer Weigh Power Level III: Low Impact Advocate Appraise Augment Align Authorize Arbitrate Assign Bolster Calculate Catalog Canvass Correlate Convey Catalogue Consult Correspond Elect Examine Exhibit Elicit Fabricate Fortify Forecast Filter Head Innovate Impart Interpret Implement Inventory Interface Improvise Initiate Inform Illustrate Label Lighten Localize Lobby Locate Manage Moderate Measure Modernize Manufacture Narrate Navigate Observe Orchestrate Quote Reserve Refer Recall Recommend Research Review Rank Streamline Schedule Solicit Scrutinize Survey Settle Specialize Search Show Sketch Summarize Transport Tabulate Travel Trace Transpose Tail Tour Uphold Witness Wide .

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