God’s Word How can I express this in a poem, Just what the Bible means to me, Blood flows from

Genesis to Revelation, Every single word inspired by our God, As I read the Spirit is breathing life into me, And Jesus my Saviour brings healing. God our creator had a plan, From the fall of the first Adam, It was planned from the beginning, To bring about salvation, Sacrificial lambs were sacrificed, It had to be a sacrifice of blood. The pre- Incarnate Word was present in creation, For Jesus is the living word who died for us, Only His blood could wash away my sins, The once for all sacrifice of the spotless, He arose from the grave, ascended into heaven, The Word who became flesh is alive, gloriously alive. God’s Word reveals his love for me, I open the Bible and it’s exciting, The Holy Spirit speaks to me, In the Word I find direction, I open a passage I’ve read many times, And I find something new. Fresh revelation is given to me, As the Word I read and study, The Word reveals His glory, It’s much more than just stories, It’s alive and a two edged sword, There is nothing quite like God’s Word. The Word is a lamp for my feet, And it is healing for my body, I need to eat the words I read, Leading me today and every day, Oh Lord, let me never neglect reading your Word, Holy Spirit lead and guide me as I read. I am so thankful to have your written Word, Lord, many in various countries cannot afford a Bible, There are people, who have yet to hear the gospel, Yet in many homes here the Bible is shelved, Never taken down from bookshelves, And there are people so hungry for your Word.

Forgive me Lord for not appreciating, How privileged I am to have your Word, And especially to know you Jesus as Lord, I give thanks for the wonderful message of salvation, For this is surely something I need to other’s impart, The message of my Father’s heart. Love is the message I’ve found within, Love, grace and mercy in salvation, I have found his promises to be yes and amen, What a wonderful message for the world of men, The living Word is hope for all mankind, He can even heal the deaf and the blind. What can I say about the Word? I can’t put it all into words, Value your Bible dear friends, It’s a book that’s a must read. If you really want to know Jesus dig deep, Seek the Holy Spirit’s help. Irene McGough © 2013