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VERBS FOLLOWED BY THE GERUND FORM Avoid Deny Detest Enjoy Finish Hate Evitar Negar Detestar Disfrutar

Finalizar Odiar Keep Like Love Mind Regret Suggest Mantener Gustar Amar Importar Arrepentirse Sugerir

VERBS FOLLOWED BY THE INFINITIVE FORM Afford Agree Decide Expect Hope Afrontar Estar De Acuerdo Decidir Esperar Esperar VERBS FOLLOWED BY THE GERUND OR INFINITIVE FORM WITH NO CHANGE IN MEANING Begin Continue Neglect Comenzar Continuar Negligencia INFINITIVE Olvidar hacer la accin Recordar hacer la accin Parar de hacer algo para hacer la accin WE ALSO USE THE INFINITIVES After Adjectives After Some Nouns After Verb + Object To Express The Purpose Of Something GERUNDS How The Subject By (Mode/How) + Gerund For (Purpose/What For)+ Gerund After/Before + Gerund After Other Prepositions GERUND olvidar que se hizo la accin Recordad que se hizo la accin Parar de hacer la accin Prefer Start Preferir Comenzar Offer Pretend Refuse Want Ofrecer Pretender/Fingir Reusarse/Negarse Querer


PHRASAL VERBS Bring so/st Back Carry on st Cheer so up Drop out of st Figure so/st out Fill st in Give st up Hand st in Devolver, traer a la memoria Continuar Alegrar Abandoner Entender/Pensar Completar con info Renunciar Presentar trabajo Look st up Put st on Run into so Blow up Break out Get along Look out Show up ORDER OF ADJECTIVES OPINION SIZE (tamao) AGE SHAPE (forma) COLOR ORIGEN MATERIAL MODAL VERBS Obligation Present Past Have/Has to Must/Mustnt Had to Deduction Must Cant Have + Past Participle Necessity Need to Needed to PAST MODAL VERBS Speculation May Might Could Have + Past Participle Lack of Obligation Dont/Doesnt have to Neednt Didnt have/need to Buscar Cubrir cuerpo/Usar Toparse con persona Explotar Descomponerse Llevarse bien Ser cuidadoso Aparecer

TAG QUESTIONS Affirmative Statement Negative Statement EXCEPTIONS That/This These/those Am It They Are Negative Tag Affirmative Tag

EXCLAMATIONS What What What Subject subject subject a/an adjective adjective adjective Adjective adjective Singular countable noun Plural countable noun Uncountable noun Adjective Singular countable noun Plural o uncountable noun

So Such a/an Such