Bautista-Dizon 1 Emmanuel Bautista-Dizon Mr. Valencich AP Lang and Comp Per.

1 March 7, 2013 ISS Through Metamorphosis Reasons: • The ISS is going nowhere • Research that scientist claim the ISS will achieve has already been explored by other countries such as Russia • It has the potential to be a spacecraft Claim: So “Send the ISS somewhere” (412) Warrant: Since this will put the ISS to better use, and use its capabilities Outline: Claim: Send the ISS somewhere else other than the generic places such as the moon Reasons: Other spacecrafts have already gone to the moon to test gravitational effects on humans It is not doing anything, yet it has the potential to do anything with some technical setbacks Warrants: Since anything not utilized by our government should be employed, otherwise, wasting $156 billion Backing: The ISS was designed for space travel and research; however it is not being used at all, not even as a research platform Evidence: Research on zero gravity is already in Russian archives Rather than spending money on two different spacecrafts, invest in the ISS Cannot put a $156 billion spacecraft to waste Conditions of Rebuttal: “The new Constellation program is already supposed to have at least the beginnings of interplanetary ability” ISS will need to be resupplied frequently Worry about the amount of propellant needed to push the ISS Response:

the ARES V could send supplies and storage For propellant.Bautista-Dizon 2 For the Constellation program the ISS can be used as a living area and lab core For resupplying the craft. ion drives have been proven to produce acceleration and deceleration appropriate for the space craft .

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