VIBRATION ORIGINAL Orixalá Ogun Oxossi Shango Yorimá Yori Yemanjá Exús SIGN Lion Aries Scorpio Taurus FLOWER Sunflower Amala White bread, sweet oil Corn cooked in salted water, palm oil and DRINK Juice grapes Wine palm (palm) or jurubeba

Red carnations Capuchin Red Palm Flowers of the Libra field Sagittarius White Carnations Pisces Lilies Capricorn Violets Aquarius Dahlias Gemini Chrysanthemums Virgo Daisies Cancer Every White roses

Cassava cooked in unsalted ALUA (matt mixed water, palm oil and with honey). Sweet potatoes cooked in unsalted water, palm oil, Mush of corn, palm oil and Dark beer Coffee with liqueur wine.

Rice pudding, honey bees, Natural guarana Rice cooked without salt, sweet oil Flour with palm oil White wine

Subtle forces
ORIXÁ Orixalá SIGN Lion Aries Ogun Scorpio Taurus Oxossi Libra Sagittarius Shango Pisces igneous Wind Water SUBTLE POWER Spiritual

Capricorn Yorimá Aquarius Gemini Yori Virgo Yemanjá Cancer Natural Etheric Telluric With vows of deep peace in your thoughts. and my blessing. strength. prosperity. your feelings radiating joy and harmony in their shares. .

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