Essences & Incense

I believe in a previous page, I mentioned something about the human senses. Not to be "raining wet", through the senses we have sensations, and blah, blah, blah. In turn, the essences perfume and incense, alam by stimulating sensations of smell, provide some interesting things in terms of energy Sutas, but precisely in relation to our body or etheric double our aura, involving reinforcement, protection, finally , while also acting as a balm for our needs.

Essences SIGN ARIES TAURUS TWINS Cancer LION VIRGIN LIBRA SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS FISH ESSENCE OTHERWISE Harpsichord Patchouli Lavender Rose Heliotrope Benzoin Jasmine Aloe Sandalwood Violet Jonquil Verbena

 The essences can be used in several ways: in the bath (put seven drops in dark bottle and fill with water), the environment (put seven drops on a cotton swab dipped in alcohol), for personal use (put back drops in a handkerchief).

benzoin .Rosemary Mirra . strength.Rosemary Mirra . Since interest is recommended for environments (spiritual works.Rosemary Mirra . Mix items refrigerate for one or two week (s) so that the molecules of the fastener to mix with the molecules of the essences.Lavender With vows of deep peace in your thoughts.Lavender Incense . put back in cambuquinhas camphor tablets with alcohol.Sandalwood .  Incense SIGN ARIES TAURUS TWINS Cancer LION VIRGIN LIBRA SCORPIO SAGITTARIUS CAPRICORN AQUARIUS FISH INCENSE OTHERWISE Incense .Lavender Incense .Lavender Incense .benzoin .Lavender Incense .benzoin .Sandalwood .Sandalwood .Rosemary Mirra . .Rosemary Mirra . let it sit for twenty days in a place with no light.Sandalwood .  In day-to-day. your feelings radiating joy and harmony in their shares. both in workplaces spiritual.benzoin . When removing from the refrigerator.Lavender Incense .benzoin .benzoin .Sandalwood .Sandalwood . material or domestic.Rosemary Mirra . materials or household environments) The following preparation for spraying with spray: 20 ml + 20 ml sandalwood verbena violet ml + 20 ml + 20 ml + 20 lavender fastener + 800 ml of alcohol + 200 ml of water. prosperity. to avoid unwanted approaches. and my blessing.

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