Katherine Fernández Mata / A62189 IO-5440.

Oral Communication V March 27th, 2009 Outline: “Risks and Consequences of Vigorexy” Attention Getting-Opener: As we had heard, vigorexy is an addiction to exercise or a disorder in which people do exercise or sports continuously without considering the consequences of this, because these people are always forcing their bodies to the maximum and it is very dangerous. Preview Today, we will be able to know the risks and consequences of vigorexy. I. Risks. II. Consequences. Transition: Now, I will start by explaining you about the risks of Vigorexy. Body I. Risks that Vigorexy has. a) Depression. b) Suicide. c) Insomnia. d) Infertility (women) Transition: Now, we know about the risks that a vigorexic person can suffer. Let’s continue by explaining to you about the consequences of vigorexy. II. Consequences of Vigorexy. a) Several health problems and injuries. b) Disproportion between body parts is common. c) The diet people who are experiencing Vigorexy consume. d) The use of anabolic steroids. e) Symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Transition: Now, we are aware about the consequences of Vigorexy in our body and in our health and how this disorder can be dangerous in our life. Summary We should now understand that Vigorexy has: I. Risks. II. Consequences. Memorable Concluding Remarks As a conclusion, it is important to say that this disorder has many dangerous risks and consequences, not only for our body but also for our health, so we should think about if to damage our body is necessary to be accepted in this world or not.

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