The Angels of Saturn

Reconstructed, corrected, completed and sigilised by Asterion

Romania, 2008

General pentacle of Saturn For hosting the seal of the angel while calling either by evocation or by scrying .

Densifies saturnine energies and lifts the Earth-based consciousness to a more Saturn-vibrating resonance.Solomonic Pentacle of Saturn For evoking saturnine intelligences and keeping them under control. .

Liber Salomonis: Sepher Raziel (1) “The names of angels of the day of Saturne These be the names of angels that serveth in the day of Saturne or Sabat. Micraton pacryton pepilon capeiel themiton alsfiton chenyon Sandalson panion almyon expion papon calipon horrion melifon aurion temelion refacbilion ononiteon boxoraylon paxilon lelalion onoxion quilon quiron vixalimon relion cassilon titomon Murion dedion dapsion leuainon foylylon monichion gabion paxonion xysuylion lepiron belon memitilon Saron salion pion Macgron acciriron felyypon ymnybron raconeal zalibron These holy angells and blessed be they names in all thy very workes and keepe thee wth them cleane and thou shalt profitt. .

aaron . unryon . relyon . trying to put the correct forms back in use and re-transliterate them in Hebrew in order to sigillize them correctly. panyon . dapsyon . The following tables compare the morphological changes in the angelic names from one work to the other. sandalson . monychyon . loeloon . orleunyon . paxonyon . selyypon . horryon . refaebylyon . paxon . quybon . quyron . almyon . zelybron . paxylon . alfyton . . pinmybron . salyon . cheryon . pacrifon . nargeron . pyon . raconcall . degyon . tonelyn . lelalyon . monyteon . erpyon . vyxasmyon . myeraton . calyrxon . melyson . muryon . onoxyon . lepyron . cassylon . capeyell . tyfonyon . saron . ehenyton . [26r] gabyon . polypon . lenayon . pynsylon .Liber Juratus: The Sworn Book of Honorius(2) ye names of ye angells in ye daye of be these. bornaylon . foylyon .

but I would incline to dismiss the theory of zodiacal angels. Written with a double S. it would read ALSFITON. . such as SS. the endings –IEL (aleph iod lamed) that are common in angelic nomenclature. There is no way of knowing the original system. Some mistakes were pretty obvious. tio name but a few. Neither the average numbers of 48. The perfect number for them would be 48 angels for each day. sometimes even SF. MELIFON-MELISON and SANDALSON-SANDALFON are other examples. in Raziel. A good example is ALSITON. In many cases such as Liber Juratus the letter I is completely replaced by Y. 52 or 54 cannot be fitted into the 360 degrees scheme. The double letters . I have kept the Y only as an initial letter. In Juratus. like the long s or double s SS rendered oftentimes F or FF. we find the form ALFITON. I m more inclined to think they are part of an horary angelic system. as other planetary intellingences have other endings as well. with a few exceptions. one normal and one long. Since they are called angels of the days. are often rendered – YEYL or –EYL. FF. Also. One major characteristic of the saturnine names are the endings in –ON.I have followed along with trial and error procedures until I reached a satisfying result. About the numbers All seven lists of planetary angels range from the minimum of 46 to the maximum of 54. LL are simplified. as there are not often seen in Hebraic script.

ruling one half of every hour. so the exact number varies. I have devised a composite chart of all of them. 48 X 30 = 1440 . and missing angels in Juratus that Raziel mentions. The first column is from Liber Juratus. Angels of the day of Saturn I 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 myeraton pacrifon polypon capeyell ehenyton alfyton cheryon sandalson panyon almyon erpyon Micraton Pacryton Pepilon capeiel themiton alsfiton Chenyon Sandalson Panion Almyon expion Micraton Pakriton Pepilon Kapiel Alsiton Sandalson??? Panion Almion . that is. the second column is from Cephar Raziel. There are missing angels in Raziel that Juratus mentions.s more to come. while others are missed. This is only a fist humble attempt at correcting this wonderful theugic system. There. Some are repeated or written together as one name. the third is the final result of correction. 24 hours.

12 13 14 15 16 paxon calyrxon horryon melyson unryon Papon Calipon Horrion Melifon Aurion temelion refacbilion ononiteon boxoraylon paxilon lelalion onoxion quilon quiron vixalimon relion cassilon titomon Murion dedion Murion Paxilon Lelalion Onoxion Quilon Quibon Relion Kasilon Horion Melison Aurion Temelion Refacbilion 17 tonelyn 18 refaebylyon 19 20 21 22 23 24 monyteon bornaylon paxylon lelalyon onoxyon quybon Angels of the day of Saturn II 25 quyron 26 vyxasmyon 27 28 29 30 31 relyon cassylon tyfonyon muryon degyon .

32 33 34 dapsyon lenayon orleunyon dapsion leuainon foylylon monichion gabion paxonion xysuylion lepiron belon memitilon Saron salion pion Macgron acciriron felyypon ymnybron raconeal zalibron Dapsion 35 foylyon 36 monychyon 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 gabyon paxonyon pynsylon lepyron loeloon saron salyon pyon nargeron aaron selyypon pinmybron raconcall zelybron Monichion Gabion Paxonion Lepiron Belon Memitilon Saron Salion Pion Margeron? Selipon Rakonael Zalibron Angels of the day of Saturn III .

along with the letter correspondents. .Seals of the angels I have took liberty with sigilising the names of the angels using the qamea method. This is the Qamea of Saturn.

or the Aurum solis presigillae. The possibilities are endless. like PseudoAgrippa advises in his Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy(3) : “Now these celestial characters do consist of lines and heads(…)The third holdeth with Saturn.” This is. . only one way of rendering qameic seals of Saturn. or acute. and the ending with a curved line. or the astrological glyph of Saturn itself: the first letter marked with the cross and the last marked with the semicircle. of course.The beginning is marked with a triangle. either crooked. a triangle. round. a semicircle. You could use the old circle-t line method.



for the glory of His Name and benefit of all students in magic. age 23 Bucharest Romania asterionmage@yahoo. May the lord keep me on this plain until my work is done. of what is yet to come. except from the Solomonic Pentacle and the excerpt from Agrippa. This work is a first draft. including the 366 angels of the days and 120 angels of the altitudes.These are merely 8 of the total of 51 (?) angels of the day of Saturn. All graphic material is the author s original work. Asterion. incomplete and crippled. also mentioned in the . Furthermore. every angel shall be evoked (or at least half) to obtain the true seal that they respond to. all angels in the two mentioned treatises will be dealt thusly. to illustrate my future endeavor. After being finished. with help of his ministering angels and celestial powers. Please do not reproduce this material under your own authorship. and only one day of the seven.

3853 (designated S3).3854 (designated S2).pdf 2. and Sl. annotated. Edited by Joseph Peterson. Html version: Html version: http://www. Peterson.3885 (abbreviated S).esotericarchives. All rights reserved.esoteric.digitalbrilliance.htm .Notes: 1.msu. Liber Salomonis: Sepher Raziel British Library Sloane MS 3826: 27v-57r Transcribed.Karr 2003 Html version: http://www. copyright © 1998. Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa: his Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy This digital edition by Joseph H.html downloadable pdf version: All rights reserved. Karr © D. Sl. and introduced by D.htm 3. Copyright © 2000. Liber Juratus or The Sworne Booke of Honorius Royal MS (abbreviated R) with variant readings from Sl.

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