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This is a stand alone Maran mantra to kill enemies.Maran means to kill.

This is a secret Aghori [fearsome]Mantra from the Rudrayamala Tantra.These are essentially Protection Mantra and have to be used for protection purposes only; when there is no other option left. The procedure for the use of this mantra is In the period of Ashlesha Nakshatra [Alpha Hydrae constellation] make a nail from the bone of a snake. Taking this bone in your hand you have to chant this mantra 7 times all the while remembering the name of your enemy. Then bury this bone in the residence of your enemy. Mantra Om shurshure swaha ll ll Please note this is given for information and educational purposes only. I do not advocate the use of these methods
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Read more: This is a most powerful Maran and Uchchatan Mantra.Maran means to kill and Uchchatan means to remove from your life permanently. This is said to be a Mantra which does both. This is a mantra to kill and destroy an enemy. This mantra is a Rudra Mantra [fierce mantra] from the Rudrayamala Tantra. The Siddhi [mastery] over this mantra is acquired by standing naked in water and reciting this mantra 1000 times. After this one has to perform Dashansh Havan.This means 1/10 th of the total recitations, which are 100 Havans.This Havan is picking up some water in your folded palms and releasing it back into the water while reciting the mantra. This has to be done 100 times. A Havan means an offering which is in this case to the presiding deity of this mantra. All the time while doing this Sadhana [practice] one has to keep in mind the name/names of the enemy/enemies for whom this is being done. This knowledge should be used with caution and for purposes of protection of the self and family, which is why I am putting all these mantras in the category of Protection Mantras .I do not practice or endorse any of these methods, but I believe no knowledge should remain hidden or secret. So please note that this article is written for educational purposes only. Mantra Om visvaaya naam gandharvalochni naami lousatikarnai tasmai vishwaya swaha ll ll

Read more: mantra prescribed to control the mind of your enemy. This is a Protection Mantra,which is to be used for self protection only and not to trouble anyone. To acquire Siddhi [ mastery ] this mantra has to be recited 10,000 times replacing the word [ amuk ] with the name of the enemy you wish to control.

Mantra Om namo bagwate [ amuk ] sya buddhi stambhaya shatru phat swaha ll [ ] ll Read more:

This is a very powerful Ganesh Uchatan mantra or the Ganesh mantra to stop an enemy from troubling you. This mantra like all Ganesh mantras is Satvik [pure].Hence the practitioner need not worry about any malefic effects coming his way. This Ganesh Uchatan mantra has to be recited 108 times whenever one senses that his enemies are plotting to do harm to him.

This mantra is said to ensure that enemies are removed from ones path and one is not harmed in any way. Read more:

The mantra given below is from the Phetkarini Tantra; a secretive Tantrik ritual which forms a part of Shakti worship. This mantra which is a Stambhan Mantra find a mention in the ancient Indian work the Agni Purana. Stambhan as already explained in previous post is the immobilization of enemies . These mantras are rare and the end effects of practicing them have not been documented fully; hence they should be

practiced with caution as they are basically Tamsik [destructive] in nature. This mantra is said to put a full stop to enemy activity and redirect the harmful schemes back to them. The Tantra says that the process of Siddhi [mastery] has to be commenced from midnight on any Saturday. The mastery is obtained when you remember and the mantra and pronounce is correctly.

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This is a most powerful mantra to defeat enemies from the Rig Veda. The Rig Veda is believed to have been composed about 3100 to 3700 years back. This particular mantra which I have given here is from the 10th Mandala or the 10th Book of the Rig Veda. This Mandala deals with Hymns addresses to Vedic deities like Agni. This ancient mantra has been attributed to the defeat of enemies and victory in wars and conflicts. The continuous chanting of this Vedic enemy Mantra is said to give the desired results.

Read more: There are eight or Ashta Siddhis which are spoken about in the ancient Indian scripture the Rig Veda. The Siddhis spoken here are those of super human abilities. These Ashta Siddhi are Anima -The ability to reduce yourself to the size to the tinniest particle and turn invisible. Mahima- The ability to grow to the size of the largest thing in existence. Garima becoming the heaviest thing in existence.

Laghima -The ability to become like the lightest particle and fly. Prapti - Being in any or all places at the same time. Parakamya -The ability to manifest your thoughts into reality. Istva -The ability to make all act as per your wishes. Vastva -The ability to attain the absolute. These Siddhis have also been spoken about as being the ability to make your consciousness do absolutely anything; the expansion and contraction of the consciousness. The abilities to become a Superman on the mental level. These abilities I have noted are on the mental plane similar to the state of Non -Duality. The mantra which is given is a Shakti Mantra the meaning of which is I seek the blessings of the Goddess who grants the eight Siddhis.

Ashta Siddhi Mantra This mantra will work on the deepest levels; the person chanting the mantra has to be a Spiritual person in the advanced stages of evolution. Read more: In this age of the Kali Yuga; which the world is at this moment of time, more and more people are troubled by destructive energies; like trouble from enemies. In this post today I have given a Strong and most powerful Hanuman Shabar mantra for protection against enemies. The mantra not only invokes Bajrang Bali; but also Bhairav .This mantra will clear your aura and the surrounding areas of all destructive energies and enemies. The worship of Hanuman is Satvik [pure] in nature but at the same time most powerful against destructive energies like enemies; including hidden enemies. This Shabar mantra is in the form of a Prarthana [prayer]. The Siddhi [mastery] over the Mantra has to be acquired during the auspicious occasion of Holi, Diwali or during the period of any eclipse; Solar or Lunar by chanting the mantra 10,000 times. When you have attained Siddhi chant the mantra 21 times and then blow your breath over your body. If it is another person whom you want to free from enemy troubles make him sit in front of you and chant the mantra 21 times and then blow your breath over the body of that person.

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Reciting a relevant Mantra while bathing is considered to have significance in the Hindu religion. It is considered as a means to wash away the sins and impurities accumulated during the course of the day. This is one more such Mantra to recite while bathing.This mantra signifies that just as the Demon Shankasur who stole the Vedas was killed by Vishnu and the Vedas returned to Earth so also would the impurities accumulated during the day signified by Shankasur disappear while bathing. Mantra Om snan Kari nirgun dev budi maari sagari shankasur marun gela chaari ved uddhari namo gurudevaya namah adesh ll : ll Read more: