1. Sharon and Mike __________ to music now. 2.Pamela __________ a letter to her aunt. 3.

Two elephants __________ in the forest. 4. Mr.Temper __________ to work right now. 5. Jessica and Thomas __________ at a party. 6. Mr.Talent __________ a clock at the moment. 7. Steve and Brian __________ book in the living room at the moment. 8. The children __________ in the park together. 9. Fanny's granmother __________ her hair now. 10. A tourist __________ at an antique statue in the museum at the moment. 11. Joseph __________ in the sea right now. 12. Mr.Peak __________ a very big rock now. 13. The engineer __________ the new school building on his desk at the moment. 14. Diana and Thomas __________ their horses. 15. Larry __________ a hamburger in the school cafeteria at the moment. 16. The girls __________ about the surprise birthday party for Sammy now. 17. Mr.Tasteful __________ fish for his guests in the kitchen at the moment. 18. The father __________ his son how to play golf in the garden now.

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