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MUST BRING Hiking Backpack Hiking Shoe Specs Compass Map of the area Money Headlamp (LED) Whistle Tent Lighter Mobile Phone

Clothes Ankle Guard Cap Gloves Handkerchief Jacket x2 Knee Guard Raincoat Sleeping bag Sleeping Mat Slipper Socks x3 Towel - Bath Towel - small Track pant T-shirt - Dry Fit x3 Underwear x7 Short pant

First Aid Paracetamol Ant Antibiotic Antiseptic towelettes Bandage Bee Burn cream Cold/Flu medicine Cough drops Insect repellent Iodine Lib Balm w/Sunscreen Lip sunscreen Lotion Medical tape Needle, Tweezers Plaster Sprain/Muscle relief Stomach ache

Cleaning Biodegradable soap Comb, Brush Pot scrubber Shampoo+Soap Toilet Paper Tooth brush Tooth paste

Cooking Gas Stove Bowl / Plate Cooking pot Cup Fork, Spoon, Stick Fuel container Fuel/Gas

Gatorade Powder Mess Can (ONE EACH!) Oats/Milo Oil + Salt Oral Rehydration Salt (ORS) Snacks Optional Binoculars Book Camp game(s) Emergency blanket Entertainment Fly sheet Global Positioning System MP3 player Notebook and pen/pencil Repair kit Scarf or neck gaiter Sewing kit Sunglasses Tent patch kit Walking poles Watch Water purification system Water Treatment Tablets .Cleaning Cooking Others Empty bottle Batteries Camera Can Opener Garbage bag Knife Nylon cord Rags Resealable plastic bags Safety Pins Scissors Trowel Foods & Drink Extra food Almonds + Raisins Drinking water Energy/Power Bar Food.

glove socks x3 tower bath tower small 2 plate fork nylon cord chopstick? rags knife resealable plastic bags trowel safety pins can opener batteries compass lighter hiking shoe sanitisor plaster bandage .