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3 Languages Video a Eng

3 Languages Video a Eng

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Published by: kalashkamita on Aug 18, 2013
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Languages: video A The Berrow family left Scotland to come and live in France here in Lyons.

Today they are playing the Happy Families game. Lloyd: “Lucca, the grandfather, number five. Sylvie, in the Family “That Starts Everything”, do you have the father, the three?” Sylvie: “Yes.” Nat: “So Sylvie, could you introduce your family to me?” Sylvie: “Yes, well then I’ll start with me. I am the mother, I’m called Sylvie.” Nat: “And how many languages do you speak?” Sylvie: “I speak three languages pretty well, very well even. French is my mother tongue, English I speak fluently, Italian I speak very well and then a little bit of Spanish and a little bit of German.” Nat: “Shall we carry on?” Sylvie: “Yes let me introduce you to my husband Lloyd.” Lloyd: “Hello.” Nat: “So Lloyd, how do you spell that?” Lloyd: “L L O Y D.” Nat: “And where do you come from Lloyd?” Lloyd: “Me, I come from Aberdeen, in Scotland.” Sylvie: “And now let me introduce you to my son, the older one.” Lucca : “Lucca.” Sylvie: “Lucca.” Nat: “So Lucca, how do you spell that?” Lucca: “L.U. Two Cs. A.” Sylvie: “And now let me introduce you to my younger son, Rocco.”

Nat: “Rocco.” Sylvie: “Yes.” Sylvie: “Shall we play something else? Shall we play hangman? OK?” Everybody: “Yes!” Sylvie is a language teacher and likes to play with words. so how do you spell that?” Rocco: “R O C C O. the grandmother? Yes. work it out.” Lloyd: “Oh no!” Sylvie: “You have a family? (yes)” Lloyd: “I don’t believe it!” Rocco: “The son.” Lucca: “I. Consonant or vowel? Sylvie: “One letter.” Lucca: “Squirrel!” .” Sylvie: “Yes.” Nat: “Are you sure?” Rocco: “Yes. We have a word with 8 letters. the father. the mother.” Rocco: “Yes. the daughter.” Nat: “And how many languages do you speak Rocco?” Rocco: “I speak English and French. Somebody suggest a letter?” Rocco: “An R. the grandfather and the grandmother.” Rocco: “Do you have number six. you do!” Lucca: “I’m joking.

Brilliant!” Sylvie: “Well done!” Lloyd: “We didn’t get hanged.” Lucca: “Yes. Brilliant.” Rocco: “U.” Sylvie: “And another vowel.” .” Lloyd: “O.” Rocco: “Friend. Please.” Lucca: “No.Sylvie: “Yes that’s it.” Sylvie: “Yes.” Lloyd: “Oh fantastic!” Lucca: “6 letters. i?” Lucca: “Yes.” Rocco: “P.” Sylvie: “A.” Lloyd: “Yes.

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